2011-04-24: I See Mutant People


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Summary: Franky can tell that Aiden's a mutant and Fiona isn't, but it's not because of how they look…

Date: April 24, 2011

Log Title: I See Mutant People.

Rating: PG

NYC - Mutant Town (Avenue A)

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

Aiden steps out of Four Arms Apartments and stretches his wings out behind him, being careful not to knock any pedestrians off their feet. He's dressed in a pair of tight black shiny pants tucked into a pair of boots with many buckles on them with a black t-shirt with several buckles across the front. His hair is styled and his eyes are lined with dark eyeliner as he looks like he's just getting a start on the night. He whistles to himself a bit as he walks down the street heading towards the intersection.

Franky wanders down the street in the opposite direction as Aiden, the hulking figure humming aimlessly as he pushes his shopping cart of various items in front of him. If not for the sheer size of the man he could easily be mistaken for just another of the city's homeless.

Fiona is also dressed in black! Well, that and purple, matching her eyes and the streaks in her hair. She usually looks this way though, so it's not as if she's wearing anything special. Of course… She looks a bit young to be going to any nightclubs or bars, but she might be planning on sneaking into a couple. The sight of both a man with wings, and well, Franky, gives her cause to pause and glance at them. Really, more of a subtle gawking.

As Aiden walks past Franky the man does get a double look then a smile and nod from Aiden. "Good evening." He says to the huge man, not terribly thrown off by seeing someone of his size in mutant town. "Need help with anything?" Noticing the shopping cart he's pushing. Aiden doesn't really care if Franky is homeless or not, he's been in that boat.

Franky looks over and smiles as Aiden speaks to him. Stopping and pushing the cart off to one side. "No hy em Hokay but tank hyu for azkin." He looks around for a moment and remarks "Iz a verry quviet night tonight yez? Weather iz gettink better, not zo cold und vet."

Fiona smiles a little, stifling a giggle as she hears Franky talk - she always did like that eastern european (or is it Russian?) accent. Approaches and joins the conversation, "Pretty soon though, it'll be so hot 'n muggy you can hardly breathe though."

"Yeah the weather is nice." Aiden says. "I don't have to wear a jacket which is nice." Since he's only wearing a t-shirt which shows all the various green tribal tattoo like markings on his arms and neck. "Eh, doesn't matter about the weather, though I think I prefer the summer cause more people are out and about and doing things then in the winter."

Franky nods, that dopey grin still on his face as he listens. His accent is all over the place, traces of german, russian, latverian, apparently european in nature but exactly where is anyone's guess. "Yah hy don't notiz the hot or cold much, hy em verry tuff und dozn't botherz me. Dats vhy I ken shtay outzide like hy do."

"Well that's true, I suppose," Fiona says, eyeing Franky thoughtfully for a moment. "Where're ya from, if you don't mind me asking? I've never heard someone talk quite like you do before." And, being a native of this city - she's heard just about every kind of accent there is.

"I wish I could say I don't notice hot or cold, with the wings summers can be brutal." Aiden says but at least it's bearable. "During the winter though they can act as sort of an insulation." He says shoving his hands in his pockets. He is curious to hear Franky's answer to Fiona's question so he doesn't elaborate any further.

Franky looks to Fiona and smiles "Hy em from ze shelter, down der street und take a left." He points off into the distance, those familiar with mutant town know there's a homeless shelter on a side street in that direction.

"Oh! That's not quite… what I meant…" Fiona looks down the street - she's familiar enough with that. "I mean before there. You didn't always live there, right?" she prys, as gently as she can manage.

Aiden stifles a chuckle at Franky's response and shakes his head in amusement. "Don't worry about it, if you don't want to tell us where you're from you don't have to. Some of us like to have mysterious pasts." He says it's more Franky being secretive then not knowing. "So do you live at the shelter?

Franky frowns and hmmmmms a moment, seemingly in thought. "Ken't rememberz anytink before der shelter, nize lady find me und takez me dere. Pipple dere give me my name, givez me clothink und food." he looks to Aiden and smiles again, nodding "Zometimez yez, ven de rooms all full I stayz outzide. Hy em verry tuff, ken shtay outzide ven odders ken't."

"Oh, well…" Fiona shrugs a little bit, "No big deal, I guess!" She looks slightly sadenned by that. Though Franky doesn't seem to mind it much, she'd mind quite a bit if she were to lose all her memories! Especially if the only ones that remained were of living at some shelter. "It's good that you have a place to stay, at least, though."

Aiden winces at that statement. "Sorry to hear that, I'd hate it if I were to lose my memories and not remember anything I've done. I mean not everything in my life's been sunshine and roses but some of it hasn't and I'd like to remember the good and bad." He says finding the thought of amnesia quite frightening. "At least people are helping you out. What name did they give you?"

Franky grins wide "Iz Hokay, zinz hy ken't rememberz vat hy forgot, hy don't knowz if hy should be upzet hy ken't rememberz it yah?" He straightens up a bit as his name is asked and brushes his hair back a little, though doing so reveals the metal bolts sticking out of his neck. "Dey callz me Franky, Franky Stein. Iz nize name yah?":'

Fiona grins a little. At least someone had a senseof humor right? "That's a nice name, it fits you pretty well, I'd say! Don't let anybody tell you it's not." Why not go with it, at least? She's certainly not going to tell him what it REALLY means if he's , rigit. Although, which would meaner? She's not sure.

"Nice to meet you Franky Stein, I'm Aiden." Aiden says offering a hand to the man. "And yes it's quite a fitting name. I like it." He says. "So you have any goals to find your memories Franky or are you just kind of going with this new life?

Franky takes the offered hand very loosely "Hy em verry stronk too, not vanting to hurtz youz hand." He smiles and motions to the shopping cart, some of the items in it are books. Sesame street, Dr. Seuss, Dick and Jane. "Hy em tryink to getz Schmotter, stronk und tuff not goot enuff, gots to be schmott to gets der job yah?"

Fiona offers her hand as well, "I'm Fiona, by the way!" she realizes only after the large man introduces himself that she forget to give him /her/ name. She curls her fingers up a little nervously after he mentions that he didn't want to hurt Aiden; she's probably even easier to hurt! "Yeah, brains are definitely important."

"I remember those Dr. Seuss books from when I was a kid. Green Eggs and Ham was great." Aiden says remember his Dr. Seuss days. "I read a bit still but I'm not that great of a reader." He admits. "And you don't need to be smart to get a job depending on the job. I don't really have an education and I wait tables. It's a living and it gets me an apartment."

Franky nods "Dunno vat kend uff job hy vant, jus vant to get schmotter now. Tink it's vorkink, but iz schlow.." He turns and leans against a nearby wall, nodding to Fiona "Iz nize to meet hyu Fiona." His eyes seem to glaze over for a moment and he looks to aiden. "Hmm.. hyu iz Mutent." He then looks to Fiona "Hyu iz not."

"Yeah, you couild be a senator!" Fiona jokes, grinning. "Really though, there are plenty of jobs that they're looking for big strong peoiple to do, yeah?" she shrugs a little, "I mean more seriously, you could be a bouncer-" she pauses, looking down at the ground and then back up at Franky, "Yep, I'm not. That's pretty interesting, how could you tell?" Of course, Aiden looks more like an obvious mutant, wwhat with the wings and all. And for all she knwos, Franky could think that her unusual colorations were normal or even just dye. But she has no reason to lie.

"Well it's not hard to tell I'm a mutant." Aiden says stretching a wing and then holding up a hand. "I don't make it a point to hide it, I'm fine with being one." He says as he's open about being a mutant. "Interesting that you seem so sure about Fiona though, but then…Howard could tell who was and who wasn't also." He says shrugging a shoulder.

Franky nods and taps the side of his head near his eyes. "Ken zee ven pipple are mutents an ven dey are not. Dunno vhy hy knowz, but hy knowz. Even if dey doz not look like vone."

"I have a friend with an ability like that, it's quite odd. But, then she can copy other people's abilities too… but not mine," Fiona smirks. "That's a useful thing to have, but I wouldn't rely on it as a crutch. People can surprise you sometimes! Though, with a body like that - I don't think you've got too much to worry about."

"That friend doesn't happen to look a bit like a rat does it?" Aiden asks as he thinks that's what Tabitha said her powers were. "I don't have an answer for that Franky. I can also tell what other people are feeling, it's like a sixth sense that us mutants might have when it comes to our powers. Any power can be a useful thing to have Fiona now matter how weird it might seem."

Franky nods "Hy haff zeen many pipple vit powerz in ze zity, all zortz uf pipple. Iz good ting yah? Need lotz uf pipple or ve'd be alone." He smiles, seemingly rather proud of that little bit of logic.

Fiona nods, "Didn't mean to say that it couldn't!" she replies to Aiden, "Yeah, she looks a little like a rat, I guess," she nods again. Understatement of the decade! "Yeah, I suppose it's a good thing. It can get a little dangerous at times but… that's people, not powers, I guess."

"Being along is rough, I'd rather be among people then alone." Aiden admits as he likes being noticed. "And I think I know that girl, Tabitha right? She's one of the few people I've met since I moved to Mutant Town and New York. And it's dangerous if you put yourself into danger, I try to stay out of it."

Franky nods and gives a yawn "Vell it vas nize to meet hyu both, but hy needz to go bek to der shelter und see uf a bed iz free for me. Mebbe ve see each odder anodder time yah?"

Aiden nods. "It was nice meeting you Franky. I'm becoming a fixture here in Mutant Town now that I live here so I'm sure I'll see you. Have a good night and good luck getting a bed." Aiden says as he gives a slight bow of a farewell and heads off so he can go to the club he's planning on going to tonight.

"Count on it, I hang around these parts pretty often," nods Fiona, glancing towards Aiden, and then back to Franky. "You ever need anything, just ask, okay?" she says, before heading off herself.

Franky nods and waves before starting to push his shopping cart back up the street. "Hokay hyu both have a goot night, I zee hyu anodder time." He begins humming that tuneless melody again, wandering back up the way he came.

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