2010-02-05: I've Got You In My Sight


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Summary: Wyatt brings his new creation to Rob.

Date: February 05, 2010

I've Got You In My Sight

Rating: PG

Westchester - Harry's Hideaway

The typical bar. Dim lighting, wooden tables, booths and, of course, the bar. It sits in the center of the room and wraps around the liquor cabinets and taps in a rectangular shape. Posters hang around the room, famous, older bands, such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and so forth. Music plays lightly through the room, upbeat melodies to aid in keeping the drunks from getting too depressed. The wait staff is at your service.

It's been a while since Wyatt's seen Rob. Ha. A joke in his mind without realizing. Either way, he called to ask Rob to meet him for lunch at one of the local places near the school. All he knows is that it's in Salem. So, sitting in a booth at Harry's Hideaway, he's waiting, casually. He doesn't recognize some of the barfood on the menu, but he'll ask for suggestions in a bit.

Happy to take a break for lunch from what turned out to be far more extra credit essays than he thought his students would actually write, Rob jumped at the chance to go have lunch with Wyatt. The door to the bar opened to admit a man in jeans and a leather jacket. A man with no visible head. Rob looks around the bar and starts to head over to Wyatt once spotting him. "You look a little lost," he remarks in regards to the menu.

Looking up, Wyatt offers a smile. YES! An actual smile. "I am. A bit. I know sushi. I know REAL food. But this stuff… it's a little bit beyond my area of knowledge." He says, patting the table. "Sit sit. Much to discuss!" He says, excited and enjoying the atmosphere. He's trying to… FIT IN!

Rob is a bit startled by the smile. He pauses a moment, looking Wyatt over carefully for signs of the doctor having been replaced by one of those skrull things one of his students had been babbling in the hallway about. Shaking it off, he sits. "The stuff's a bit simpler than it appears. You like spicy stuff?" he asks. "So what's up?"

"Love spicy. I just shared some spicy tuna sushi with Dallas last night. His first experience with the good stuff." Wyatt chuckles. He's almost bouncing in his seat. "And… I think I've made some success for you. Not a huge amount, but enough to help while I keep working."

Rob tenses slightly at the mention of Dallas. "You're just going out for food and movies and such with Dallas, right? Not doing any work with or on him? Sorry to bring it up but he's one of my students and you can understand why I and the other teachers would be concerned about it…" he trail off. "Here…I'll get us some spicy hot wings. Those are good," he says. Then there's a pause. "Wait…success…in making me visible?"

"Originally, we were discussing it. But…" Wyatt admits before he blushes suddenly. "My interests in Dallas are… not scientific. I haven't even done anything with him in those regards. I… don't really want to." He says, shaking his head. "That could be good." He nods, in regards to the hot wings. As Rob catches it, Wyatt nods. "I believe I have. The only thing we have left is testing it. It worked just fine on your skin samples. Not permanent. Short periods of time. But it worked."

Rob lets out a little breath of relief. He really didn't want to have to bring anything like that to Scott. Of course the blush brings a small pang to jealousy that Rob quickly kicks himself for. Shaking it off, he places the order for the food and sits back down. "Testing? Alright, I'm up for it. When and where?" he asks, eager and nervous at the same time.

"Here. Now. I brought everything, and double antidote, in case it didn't work." Wyatt says with a big grin. He hasn't taken his visual booster, because he wants to see the effects. "I've got an injectable version. But, like most injectables… it spreads through the body fast, but burns off faster. I also have a pill form. Pills are slow but longer-lasting. If we do the injectable… you'll have to inject yourself. I can't see you right now." He pulls out a pair of hypos and a couple of bottles of liquid. He also produces a bottle of pills. The pills are diamond shaped and blue. With a large V on them.

Rob blinks at the sight of the pills, bits of excitement flaking off to the side at a sheer 'huh' moment. "Viagra?" he asks as tge thought pops into his head. "Boner pills are gonna make me visible?" he asks. Shaking it off, he peers at the hypos. "Alright…lets give the shots a try," he says, heart hammering in his chest. "Where do I stick myself?"

"Viagra? What? No, I made these. They're Visibility pills." Wyatt says, looking a little confused. "Wherever you want. Preferably in a vein. It'll travel through your system quickly. It may burn a bit, but it's perfectly safe." He explains, prepping the hypo with fluid and offering it to Rob. He's anticipating the work. He wants to see success so badly.

Rob can't help but laugh a little as he takes off his jacket to reveal he's got a tank top on underneath. "Alright. They just look just like viagra…right down to the V," he teases. He takes the hypo carefully and stares at it for a moment. "Here goes nothing," he mutters, locating a vein in his arm and injecting himself slowly. His eyes are closed as he does this, almost as if he's afraid to see the results.

It'll run slowly. It'll take about ten minutes to flow through his body. But it starts at the injection site. The skin seems to start translucent before solidifying into true visibility. Wyatt's smile spreads across his face quickly.

Rob breaths quickly, keeping his teeth clenches. As he returns to visibility, Rob is revealed to be a tall and muscled man. He's got that nice caramel colored skin. His hair is cut short at the moment as he hasn't bothered to shave his head again and he's got some stubble on his cheeks. At the end of the ten minutes, Rob cracks an eye open. "Did…did it work?" he asks.

Wyatt pulls a small hand mirror out of the bag he's got. He holds it up for Rob. "Here. See for yourself." He offers, grinning.

Rob is hesitant at first. He's not seen himself in a mirror in years. When he sees himself in the mirror, Rob goes quiet. "Hot damn…" he breaths out. "I'm…visible. How…how long will it last?"

"I don't know. My estimates are about two hours or so. And as you get used to taking them, it'll happen faster. The pills will be slower, but last about twice as long." Wyatt explains. "And the nice thing… they're relatively cheap to make for future batches. The materials only cost about a hundred bucks for ten injections or for 30 pills. Easy to get."

Rob nods slowly, looking at himself in the mirror a few more moments. The cost is within the limits of his salary and savings so he doesn't need to worry about that. After a moment, Rob stands and moves over to Wyatt's side of the table. He pauses and then attempts to haul the man out of his seat and into a hug.

Wyatt goes willingly, unable to resist chuckling. "I take it you look like you're supposed to then?" He says, blushing at the sudden affection. "I'm glad you're happy. I… I was struggling and struggling until…" He blushes, changing the subject. "Yay. Wings."

Rob nods, squeezing Wyatt tighter for a moment. "YEah…it's me…" he trails off. "Until what?" he asks, not falling for the subject change.

"Dallas." Wyatt admits lightly. "He got my mind off of annoying details. Refreshed my thoughts." Well, it's true. "And he's just fun to be around." There's a definite pinkness to his cheeks. "But don't say anything to him about all of that. I don't want him to feel awkward."

Rob nods, setting Wyatt down. So he was right. If it weren't for the high of being visible again, Rob'd be a bit more grumpy. He'll deal with it later, probably take Van out drinking again. "Yeah, I won't say anything to him," he says.

Wyatt nods, firmly. "Thank you. And there. At least now… you can be seen. When you want to." He offers with a half-smile. "I'm sorry it took so long."

Rob sits back down. "No…thank you," he says, bandage wrapping around the injection sight as an afterthought. "And I'm sorry for not coming out more often. Just hard to get away from the school."

"I understand. It's hard to get away from working. From studying. From research." Wyatt says with a nod as he considers. "I hope it does well for you. I mean, I don't know why I didn't see it sooner. I'll keep looking for permanence though."

Rob nods, taking another deep breath. "I just…can't believe this. Never thought I'd be visible to anyone without some kind of power again," he says. "What was it you couldn't see?" he asks. It'll probably go over his head but he still wants to know.

"I was missing a chemical inhibitor in your blood. One that prevented overriding. I just had to make an inhibitor inhibitor. It burns away fast, but it works for a bit." Wyatt explains in closer to standard english.

Rob nods. "That actually makes sense," he's more surprised at himself for understanding it. "Alright…do you have a full batch ready? And is cash good as payment?"

"No charge for this one. Researching and finding it were time consuming, but you all helped me rescue my family." Wyatt says with a nod, sliding a small back of capped hypos and bottles of fluid over to Rob. Also, he slides the bottle of pills. "All yours. In the future, when you need more, just let me know when you're running low, and you can pay me for those when you pick them up. Takes a few days to make, but not that I have to stand over. I just have to let the processes go."

Rob nods, pulling his coat back on. He slips everything given into his breast pocket and pats them. "Alright. I'll call ya when I run low," he says. "I still can't believe I'm actually visible again," he says. A smirk forms on his face. "Think I should play a little prank on my students?"

Wyatt grins. "Go for it. What do you have in mind?" He asks, listening. He doesn't know for pranking, but he'll sure listen. He's always been a stick in the mud, but lately, he's learning to loosen up.

Rob chuckles. "Not entirely sure yet. None of them have ever seen me before," he says. "Maybe make them think they have a sub for the day and surprise them after seeing what they have to say about me when I'm not there…or something else. I'm not sure."

"Make sure you alter your voice if you do. Or if you've got someone with other sensory abilities, that you get something to alter that as well." Wyatt says with a nod.

Rob nods. "Good plan. I've got a few things back in my room," he says, rubbing his hands together. "Really…thank you. This…means a lot."

"Not a problem. It was the least I could do." Wyatt says with a nod. "For someone that helped me, and… even though Dallas got detention…" He laughs. "I do understand. I kept him out too late. I won't do that again, without permission."

Rob smirks. "Yeah, friend or not there's no curfew breaking," he says. "Especially not with what was going on at the time," he shakes his head. "You two be careful."

"It's over now, though." Wyatt says with a nod as he looks up. "We will. You know me. I'm not going to let something go over my head." Well, he doesn't KNOW him, but he knows him well enough.

Rob nods. "Just means he won't get as bad a punishment for breaking curfew. He's cleaning bathrooms for a week now," he says with a shrug. "Alright. Just don't want either of you hurt…physically or otherwise."

"Not happening on my watch. I'm always prepared." Wyatt says, standing. On his hips is a belt with pouches. He flips one open. Very recognizeable ampules. "I don't want anything happening to him either."

Rob blinks a few times and laughs a little. "That's good," he says, shaking his head. "Any new ones these days?"

"Same old same old. Just refining for now. I haven't mastered the art of plasmids yet." Wyatt says, actually using a pop culture reference. Or at least a video game reference he heard about.

Rob blinks again. "Someone get you an X-box?" he asks. He won't admit it but Rob did pick up the controller the other night and got hooked on one of the games.

"No, I have a PS3. Great for downloading movies. And Blu-Ray." Wyatt says with a shrug. "Easier than going to the video store." Hermit lives made easy.

Rob laughs. "Yeah. Video stores are a pain in the ass anyway. NEver have what you're looking for and the clerks are pests."

"They're nosy. They want to push what they want. I like strange things." Wyatt says with a nod. "And it's easier for someone else to pick movies you can agree on if you can read a synopsis together."

Rob nods. "Can't tell you how many times I've been tempted to just deck one after they kept trying to get me to look at the Employee Favorites section," he says, shaking his head. "Don't they have little preview clips to watch too?"

There's a nod from Wyatt. "Yeah, they do. That and it's fairly quick with a good connection." He admits. See! He's learning! And learning well.

"Good service," Rob says. "May sign up for it myself someone if I ever get the time to watch more movies."

Rising from his seat, Wyatt stretches. "I should probably head back down south. I just thought I'd come closer and bring those up. To save you some time and effort." He says.

Rob stands as well and offers a hand. "Sure. Need a ride to the train station or anything?"

Wyatt shakes his head. "Nah. I ran." He winks, opening a flap on one of the pouches. "I'm getting a lot of use out of that one lately."

Rob arches an eyebrow at the wink. "Alright then," he says. "Try not to trip. I imagine it'd be a lot worse than a skinned knee at high speeds."

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