2011-08-24: Ice-Cream

Players: Franky, Kai, and Vance

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Summary: This follows Congrats. Vance takes Kai out for ice cream and they meet Frankky and Mr. Thomas, a man with an interesting power.

Date: August 24, 2011

Log Title: Ice-Cream

Rating: PG

NYC - Mutant Town (Avenue A)

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

It’s late in the evening as Vance dressed somewhat business casual in a black polo shirt and khaki dockers makes his way into Mutant Town, joined by his new mentee, Kai. As they reach Avenue A, Vance points, “There’s the ice-cream spot. It’s pretty good. Mutant-owned business trying to spruce up Mutant Town.” Vance moves closer down the street, “Not that it matters, but ice-cream is the perfect reward for getting into Barnes, Kai.”

Kai is walking next to Vance still acting a little absent minded, he's dressed in black shorts, a red t-shirt and dark blue converse, he's snaped out of his daze by Vance pointing out that they're at their desination, "Great, sounds good, why's it called ice-cream though, it's not just frozed cream is it?"
As the pair approach the ice cream shop a van parked in front of the building lurchs a moment and then raises off the ground. As they get closer they can see the form of Franky underneath holding the vehicle over his head as the shop's owner looks on. He carrys it about twenty feet up the road and sets it back down carefully before walking back. The shopkeeper giving a smile to the big mutant.

"Thanks Franky, I've told that guy he can't park here I don't know how many times, mabye this time he'll get the hint. Come on in and I'll get you that reward I promised."

Franky nods and follows the man inside, his shopping cart left outside of the door. "Hokay mizter Thomaz."

Stopping in his pace, Vance watches Franky’s strength demonstration, “Wow, Franky.” Vance lifts his hand to assist telekinetically but Franky is done and did not need any help. Instead he applauds, “Great job, Franky.” Vance moves over to the large man and smiles, “Twice in under 24 hours. How did you sleep last night? It was pretty hot outside?” Vance nods to Mr. Thomas. “Hello, sir. We were going to your fine establishment.” Gesturing to himself and to Kai.

Kai stops as he reckognises the man who informed him that he wasn't a mutant but was unable to give any useful information beyond that, he gives a nod to the man when Vance points to him, hmm maybe he'll know the answer to his question.

Mr. Thomas nods to the pair and smiles "Come in come in, we're still open and I owe Franky his payment for his help." The man slips into the shop. Franky smiles to Vance "Ho yez hy shleep verry good. Ze park haz many good plazes to shleep and nobody disturbz me." He turns to follow the other man into the shop.

The cool air of the ice cream shop is a relief from the heat outside as Mr. Thomas steps behind the counter "So what will you boys have?"

Following Mr. Thomas in and holding the door open for the other two, “I’ll just have some vanilla with colored sprinkles in a bowl.” So turning to Kai and back to Franky, “Hey, since you’ll be moving from your place soon. How would your uncle feel about having a helpful roommate?” He smiles to Franky.

Kai shrugs to Mr. Thomas, "I've not had it before what do you recomend?", he turns to look at Vance, "I'm not really sure, you'd have to ask him, he has some issues warming up to strangers though", back to Mr. Thomas, "why's it called ice-cream, it's not just frozen cream is it?".

Franky stands to one side to let the man do his business. As Mr. Thomas moves to fill Vance's order he remarks to Kai. "Basically yes, it's milk and some other ingredients mixed at a low temperature and ultimately frozen for storage." He comes up with a bowl of Vanilla with sprinkles for Vance. "We make about 25 different flavors by hand every day."

“Wow, that is great, Mr. Thomas.” Vance nods as he takes a spook and attacks the bowl of ice cream. He uses his telekinesis to levitate the bowl and spoon as he reaches for some cash in his pocket and goes to the counter, “For me and for Kai, whatever he orders.”

Franky waits patiently as the others get their orders. As he waits the phone rings and Mr. Thomas goes to answer it "yes.. yes he's here. Ok Sister I'll tell him." He looks to Franky "That was Sister Lisa, she says you can return to the shelter tonight they have a room for you. Run along and you can come back tomorrow for your treat." Franky smiles wide and nods "Hokay Mizter Thomaz, hy vill be beck tomorrow." He waves to Vance and Kai "Iz good to zee you again but hy need to get beck, mabye see you again zoon yez?" He jogs out of the shop, grabs his shopping cart and heads down the street quickly.

Kai nods listening to the explaination, "And what kind of flavors are there?, if you make it by hand does that make you a cyro?", these may sound like pointless questions but learning stuff tends to distract him, he watches as the large mutant leaves wondering about his background.

“Goodbye Franky. Be safe.” Vance waves and then turns to Kai and Mr. Thomas. Mr. Thomas looks over at Kai with a quirk in his brow, “Cryo?” He asks Kai. Vance shakes his head, “Mr. Thomas, we think it’s great that you as a mutant are bringing a business to Mutant Town.” Vance smiles and Mr. Thomas makes an expression of recognition, “Oh ok. You’re the Avenger.” Vance nods and Mr. Thomas offers them free ice-cream and he turns to Kai, “Oh ok. I’m sorta a cryo, but not really.” Mr. Thomas comes from behind the counter and then demonstrates his power. “I can turn into ice-cream.” He alters his form and suddenly he becomes chocolate ice-cream and then returns to his natural form. “But the ice-cream you are eating is real and not bits of me.” He assures them.

Kai actually jumps back in shock, freezing the floor behind him, slipping and falling onto his backside, "ygah?", of all the weird stuff he's seen in his lifethat was one of the freakiest.

“Well that was definitely one of the more interesting powers that I have ever seen, Mr. Thomas.” Vance looks at his ice-cream for a moment, “And thank you for sharing this is not you. That would have been not so appetizing.” Vance looks to Kai and notes his reaction and laughs, “Yep definitely interesting.”

Kai gets back up, "How is that even biologicaly possible?", he's having some trouble wrapping his head around Mr. Thomas' power, "even if the transformation is understandable, you turn into food, food can't think by all rights you should be stuck in that state, how do you do that?"

Mr. Thomas shrugs, “I don’t know much about science. I just know it’s what I can do. Aren’t there people who turn into sand or water. They shouldn’t be able to think in that state. I guess I become sentient ice-cream.” Vance laughs a bit, “This might be a good question to ask about at your new school.”

Kai is about to ask another question when his watch starts beeping, "Crap, sorry Vance but i gotta run, thanks though", with that he turns and jogs out of the shop.

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