2009-05-14: Ice Cream Ghost


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Summary: Do ghosts like ice cream? We don't find out as July meets an invisible man.

Date: May 14, 2009

Log Title: Ice Cream Ghost

Rating: PG-13

Westchester - Cold Stone Creamery

Coldstone Creamery is always chilly inside, even in the winter months, to accommodate for the variety of ice creams they offer. A big sign with all there ice cream specials sit on the wall, and all the different ice creams and toping can be seen in the counter windows. This Coldstone is unlike the rest with its red color scheme. A few tables sit inside the Creamery for customers to sit and enjoy their cold treats.

"I'm -right- here. How the bloody hell can you do that -every- time? Do you not see this?" Rob Weyrin demands to know, plucking at the t-shirt he's got on. He seems to be talking to a rather flustered clerk at the Cold Stone Creamery this pleasant evening. Of course…the fact that Rob seems to be nothing more than a pair of boots, a pair of jeans, and a t-shirt walking around in general 'person shape' may have something to do with the trouble. "Now that I've been found once more. Medium chocolate bowl, sprinkles. THat's it," he sighs for the third time since getting in there.

July blinks as she steps inside, having heard the man complaining, but doesn't see the man, only his clothes. She blinks again, and can't help but keep staring, watching the clothes move by themselves as if there was a man underneath them…

After a few minutes, Rob sighs when he finally gets his order. "All this hassle for some ice cream," he mutters. When he picks up the small paper bowl, it seems to just float in mid air as if held by nothing at all. Turning, he pauses when he sees July. "Yes?" he asks, wondering if this girl was another person that could see him like the guy from the city was.

July blinks again, even when confronted, and then blinks one more time, "… Who are you?" she finally manages to ask, her head tilting a bit, still perplexed at the fact there's a ghost about to eat some ice cream.

Rob rolls his eyes, gesture going unseen. He sits down at the table right next to him and sighs. "Robert Weyrin. I'd offer a hand to shake but you can't see me, can you?"

July just watches Rob's movements, still shocked. At the question, her only answer is a slow shake of her head, while still staring at him. Figuratively speaking, of course. "… what happened?"

Rob quirks an invisible, eyebrow. He starts to eat his icecream, food and the spoon vanishing when he puts in into his mouth. "Never seen a mutant before?" he jokes in a dry tone. "Long story short. Someone saw 'mutant' and 'lab experiment' was the first thing that popped into their heads. This is what happened."

July mutters softly, "Lab experiment…" she bites her lower lip for a moment, "They did experiences on you? And now you're invisible?" she asks, still standing at the door, hesitating in approaching the guy.

Rob nods. There's a pause when he realizes it's not able to be seen. "Yep. Usin' my blood to make some kind of drug and pumping me full of different ones to see what they'd do," he says. "And what are you so nervous about over there? It's not contagious or anything."

July blinks again, and then she abruptly shakes her head, "Ah, I'm sorry." she smiles a bit, embarrassed, rubbing the back of her head, "I wasn't nervous, just… surprised, that's all. I thought you were a ghost."

Rob looks up slowly, just giving July a flat look. "A ghost. That wanted ice cream?" he asks, tone just as flat and dry. "Seriously?"
July shrugs softly at that, "I've heard weirder stories." She says in reply to Rob's question, "And why wouldn't the ghost want ice cream? It's cold and tasty."

Rob sighs. "Ghosts are dead. They do not eat," he says simply. "What do they teach you in school?"

July chuckles softly, "Just because they don't have to eat, doesn't mean they don't WANT to eat." she says, smiling, "And, as for what they teach me at school, they teach me a lot of things, but, specially, they teach us to keep an open mind."

Rob continues to eat his ice cream. "And where would a ghost get money?" he wonders. "That so, eh? Where do you go to school then?"
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July shrugs softly, "His own stash after he or she died? I don't know." she says, smiling a bit, "And I attend Xavier's school here."

Rob perks up. "Xavier's…as in…The Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters founded by Charles Xavier?" he asks, tone getting a little more hushed. "I take it you're a mutant too then. Happen to know if the Headmaster's there? Been trying to get an appointment with him for awhile…"

July blinks a bit as she's called a mutant, and so she shakes her head, making warding gestures with her hand, "Uh.. no, no, I'm not a mutant." She says, chuckling a bit, trying to defuse this situation.

Rob shakes his head. "Oh relax, kid. I know what the school's for. The ones running it saved my ass back when I was still a kid and still visible. Got offered a place there…wanna see if the offer still stands and if they can use me for anything," he says. "What's your name anyway?"

July rubs the back of her head still, in doubt, "Um… I'm.. July." she says. 'Don't ask my last name. Don't ask my last name…' she bites her lower lip softly, "And you are…?"

"July what?" Rob asks flatly. "And I'm Robert Weyrin. Just like I told you before," he says. "And I've already bailed two of your little classmates out of trouble. Some big wolf and some jackass in black."

July says, "Damn it!' July berates herself in her mind, "July Lanford." she replies, her only hope now is that he doesn't connect her surname to the Lanford Industries' owner, her father. She'd rather remain incognito. 'The big wolf must be Pallaton…' she thinks, before asking, "Jackas in black?""

Rob nods. "Well, nice to meet you, Ms. Lanford," he says, not sounding like he means it. He doesn't seem to connect the name to anything else. "Yeah. Little punk that got into a pissing contest with this other jerk that was there. Wore sunglasses, seemed like he had some kind of psychic or computer based power…" he trails off.

July groans when the description of the Jack-in-black matches someone she knows, "Oh, I think I know him." she sighs softly, her shoulders slumping softly, "Well.. if you did pull them out of trouble, I guess I should thank you." she nods a bit, smiling lightly.

Rob lets out a little noise as he finishes off his ice cream. "I did. They decided to leap into a fight with these costumed whack-jobs and got whooped. I stepped in and held them off until they turned tail and ran. The hero type that was there -was- going to give me something to give to Summers…but the one in black started up and then the spandex-jockey did too and no one got the book. Now I gotta go hunt the guy down and get the thing…" he sighs. "First I wanna meet up with Summers though. Find out if that offer to live there still stands and if I can get a job. Can't live in a hotel forever…"

July rubs the back of her head again, her teeth digging lightly again on her lower lip, "I see. I can try to talk to Mr. Summers about you, Mr. Weyrin. What is that book you were talking about?"

Rob shrugs. "Heck if I know," he says. "Some book the badguys wanted and the hero-guy said should be given to some hero-group. And since Summers is in charge, I figured he'd qualify as the leader of those guys that saved me," he reasons, not quite realizing who 'Summers' is. He just has a name after all, nothing else to connect it to.

July nods a bit, "Like I said, I'll try to talk to him. He's a busy man, and a teacher too, so it's kind of tricky to get a hold of him." She smiles lightly, a bit, before adding, "Also, do you have any phone number he can use to contact you?"

Rob nods, reaching into his pocket. Pulling out a pen and paper, he scribbles down his cell number and hotel room number. "Thanks," he says, handing the paper over.

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