2010-07-07: Ice Thing


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Summary: Felix is a bit over friendly, Travis is over cautious and Laura just is.

Date: July 7, 2010

Log Title: Ice Thing

Rating: PG

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.

It's morning in the city, most people are at work and those that aren't are either holed up in air conditioning or doing other things. There are a few kids playing in the park since school is out and a few others walking dogs but over all it's not terribly crowded. After a suggestion from his suitemate, Travis has decided to venture out to Mutant Town, he just couldn't stay walled up in Barnes any longer. Dispite the heat, he's in a jacket to hide his extra arms as he just kind of wanders the path with a nervous look. In one hand is a Dunkin Donuts large iced coffee that he sips on has he just kind of explores.

X-23 was one of those wandering down the path's of the small park. Emerald eyes eyes squinted, she scanned over those around the park, merely for something to do. It was hotter then she found comfortable, and the man in a jacket gave her pause a moment, before her gaze flitted elsewhere. She wore a charchol tanktop that stopped just above her navel, dark navy denim cutoffs and as always her battered, and worn looking combat boots. A small hand came up to push through the wild mass of noir that hung nearly down to ehr waist, tugging it up off her neck as she stopped at one of the dingy park benches and slid down into her seat.

It's too hot for Felix to wear his customary clothes. It's WAY too hot for fur. He's on the prowl for food though … nothing left in the freezer and far too hot to hunt pigeons, even though they're easier to catch in the heat. So he's searching for the elusive Ice Cream, and he's wearing nylon running shorts and sandals and a tee-shirt with the sleeves cut off. His hair has that 'dark hair bleached by sun' look and he's got almost Greek-Armenian levels of body hair showing on arms and shoulders, but it's not dark, it's more blond looking.
He also smells (for those with the nose for it) like he's been around some kind of big cat.
The second glance shows him to be somewhere between (probably) 18 and 22, and he's wearing sunglasses (as any sane person might in the brightness) … and there's a street vendor somewhere nearby with something made of ice, so he heads for that, sniffing unobtrusively to find the source of it.

After walking down the path for a bit, Travis evenutally finds a park bench to sit down, not to far from Laura. He's sweating somethign fierce from wearing the jacket but he's in Mutant Town, he should be safe right? So he takes off the jacket to reveal not two arms, but that he has six. He's wearing a custom Colordo Rockies t-shirt for his six arms over a pair of jeans. He looks around a bit and lets out a sigh.

Considering how many strays made their home around New York, she didn't think much of the strong scent as it caught in her sensative nose, though her chin does inch up slightly as she sniffs blatently at the air. Heard head swivels o the left as legs fold up towards her chest, follow the dircetion the scent was coming from. X spots travis again, and as he takes his jacket it, the smell of cat was momentarily forgotten. She stared openly, her head tilting to one side as emerals counted and recounted his extra arms. She shifted in her seat slightly, turning to face him more fully, mildly intrigued by the extra apendages (sp?).
Shave Ice! He closes on the street vendor with the slushy flavored not-a-snowcone treats. Despite the hunter's focus on his icy prey, Felix has been noticing people, and noticing that there are fairly few people in the park at the moment, and there ARE two … the guy with the arms, and the cute dark-haired girl. Generosity mixes with curiosity. Since the guy running the shave-ice cart is a friend, Felix drops a twenty and gets three baseball-sized shave-ices, each saturated with its own syrup: pineapple-coconut flavor, grape flavor, and lime flavor. He makes his way back towards the shaded bench where the other two are beginning the ritual of meeting, carefully keeping the paper cones upright, and offers them.
"Hi. It's too hot. Have an ice thing."

Noticing Laura looking at him, Travis can't help but blush a bit, it was to be expected, he doen't look normal, but it still doesn't mean he's comfortable with the "OMG SIX ARMS!" stares. Then some dude offers him an icey treat and Travis just gives him a "What the…?" look. "Sorry dude, I don't know who you so I gotta pass. Stranger Danger all that jazz." He says as he's not trusting food from somoene he doesn't even know. That's just..not wise.

X unfolded herself, standing in one smooth, almost languid movement. She padded over towards the six-armed guy and the other one, whow as offering ice cream or something. Green gaze still very much on Travis, she stops about a foot from the both of them. finally her gaze shifts to Felix, hr nose wrinkling slightly at the strong scent of 'cat' that clung to him. Perhaps he was a crazy cat-man, who had forty or so living in his house that he talked to like people. Getting distracted on this line of thought for a moment, her attention drifts to the icies. X bends slightly at the waist, her nostrils flaring out as she sniffs at the cones. "There are not posioned." she murmured, plucking the lime flavored one from Felix and giving a slight nod of thanks. "Do you always buy random people ice cream?" she asked, turning her slightly narrow-eyed stare on Felix, studying him for a moment giving Travis a moment's peace.

"Your loss, man," Felix says, with a slight bemusement, "but I guess your after-school-special has a good point. I could totally be slipping you a roofie. Hadn't thought of that. I'm Felix. I live over there," and he gestures with his head towards one of the brownstone apartments, "Fourth floor, apartment 421."
He doesn't stare at Travis, past the first (sunglasses-shielded) glance. He does, however, grin at the 'not poisoned' remark from the girl.
"No, Brudda Sammy doesn't poison his regular customers. Usually he has other Hawaiian stuff. Teriyaki, spam musubi, that kinda thing. Too hot to run the grill today I guess. And no, no cream in this, just shaved ice and flavored sugar syrup. I got 'em to break the ice, heh heh. Also cause it's hot." (Felix smells like one cat, perhaps an illegal exotic pet?)

Okay maybe coming to Mutant Town was a bad idea, he's going to let Jakob know about that later. "Dude, you're totally creeping me out. You're offering me ice stuff, telling me whre you live and your name? What are you like the creepy old dude from Family Guy?" What does it seem to Travis that barely anyone he meets can be 'normal' they all have to be weirdos. Well it serves him right for going into Mutant Town. Laura gets a look that says 'holy crap you trust this guy?'.

She brought the shaved ice up to her nose, and gave another quiet sniff. Turning her attention back to Travis as he speaks, a dark brow arches up slightly. "What is Family Guy?" a pause so she can poke her tongue out past her lips and give the lime icie an experimental taste. "And it is customary to give someone your name when you first meet them, is it not?" X started eating the shave ice in earnest now, shifting her attention back to Felix. "I am Laura. Thank you for the ice."

"Old dude?" Felix shrugs a 'whatever' shrug, and looks back at the girl instead. He's not old! OK, so his fake ID says he's 22, but wait, creepy? Fine. Hmf. He says, "You're welcome, Laura."
The ice thing in his right hand (grape) he tips up and sips the melted-off grape-flavored water from the cone, then bites off a mouthful of the ice itself, purple-tinted, showing a bit sharper canine than is normal and customary in a country with advanced dentistry.

"Fine, not old dude, I don't know your age, but you're like…creepy." Travis says as he stands up and starts to put his jacket back on so he can roast himself again. "What's Family Guy? It's a cartoon that's great, it's more…for an older audience it's not a kid show." He says as he doesn't know if he wants to be giving his name to either of them. Maybe he only decides to because Laura's kind of cute but this is just too weird for him. "Travis."

Laura rocks back on her heels slightly, still watching as Travis stands and puts on his jacket. "you know it is much too hot out to be wearing that. You sweat a lot." she bit off another mouthful of flavored ice as she murmured out her observation, a smile pulled at the corners of her mouth, though it didn't exactly meet her eyes. "I do not think he is creepy. A little strange for giving out his address and smelling like he has forty cats at home. But not creepy." Laura turned her attention to Felix once again, and she sniffed once more, not so subtly at at him. "Do you have a lot of cats?" she asked, head tilting to one side again, sending a spill of ebony over one shoulder.

"No, don't put on the hot coat please, you'll make me all sweaty just looking," Felix says. "I'm sorry I creep you out, but, you know, being a mutant in Mutant Town, it's not like we're all complete strangers, and we look out for each other. Nobody else will."
He's loathe to abandon his shady place near the bench, but steps back into the sun so he's not too close to Travis and thus may seem less threatening. Another bite of the purple ice, his sunglasses slip down to reveal yellow-bronze eyes, and he pushes back up with his other hand, trying not to spill the pineapple-coconut flavored ice, managing only to DOOF it against his forehead. Sticky but cold… "Dammit. Uh, no, I don't have any cats. Apparently I do need to buy a better deodorant."

Travis folds his arms over his chest and looks annoyed. "Well maybe I came here to get away for a bit, just..why does everyone whose a mutant seem to think it means you have to act weird? Almost everyone I know does. It's like Oh Gee! I'm a mutant, I have to act the role of being as weird as I am! We are complete strangers, I never met you before today. That's like saying everyone with brown hair isn't a stranger cause they have the same hair colour, and I don't need people looking out for me." Okay that last part might be a little bit of a lie but then Travis is still getting used to being a mutant and having a power he can't hide. "Sorry…I shouldn't have snapped like that." But sometimes the venting is needed.

Laura shrugged in Felix's direction. "I can smell that too. t s still working." she replied in refference to his deoderant. Her icie mostly finished now she slurped up the green sugar water that had collected in the bottom of the cone, rather loudly. She leaned back and away from Travis as he began his rant, her expression rearranging into a scowl as eyes narrowed and her brow furrowed over. "I do not act weird." She almost sounded slightly miffed.. almost. Laura had been working on hard on interracting more naturally with others, and she felt she was making progress. Weird her ass… she wasn't the one walking arond with six arm in a acket in one hundred degree weather!

"It's more like saying 'everyone who's Jewish has to live in this one part of town or they get killed by the other people'," Felix says drily. "That's kind of what this place is, the Mutant Ghetto. That's why we watch out for each other."
He shrugs again. "I never had a normal home, Travis. Abandoned at birth. Raised by nuns and shuffled between foster homes and kept as a housepet. Normal was what I saw on TV. Sorry, this is as not-weird as I can manage."
He considers the sticky spot on his forehead, and to free up a hand, tries to eat the grape shave-ice quickly, which results in the inevitable "Oh god, brain freeze!"

There's a mutter from Travis to Laura. "Sorry, I barely know you, so..you're right, you're not acting weird." He says rubbing his brow with two fingers before taking off the jacket and putting it on the bench. "Well I don't live here I just was told it was a good place to go looking….when you look, when you're mutant doesn't leave you the option to just blend in." There he said it without saying creepy, weird or freak.

Laura finished her icie, and crumpled the small paper cone, tossing it towards a trashbin that was behind and to the left of Felix. It circled the rim before calling in, "Why not just have your extra arms removed if you do not like them so much?" she asked. Laura contemplated offering to help with tht, but then it occurred to her that it might be taken the wrong way by someone so touchy. "You are the way you are. You cannot change that you are a mutant, so there is no point being embarassed over that fact. You should just get over it." This was meant to be comforting, though it probably came off kind of rude. Never the less, Laura shrugged up one thin shoulder, shifting in place slightly. "You are a mutant too Felix? Do you turn into a cat or something?" she asked, thinking that may have been where the smell was coming from. Her head tilted to one side then the other and she leaned forward again and sniffed at him.

"At the moment, I'd love to have the extra arms," Felix mutters, making that comical peanut-butter-on-roof-of-mouth face as he tries to make the cold-palate headache stop. Still not dropping the partly-face-crunched shave-ice in the left hand or the grape one in the right; in fact, he quickly bolts down the last of the grape and winces again, argh. It doesn't get better.
He answers Laura, "Sorta, yeah, I do. Too hot out, I'd just melt into a puddle if I did that. Humans handle the heat better."

"Figures he turns into a cat, he's noisey like one." Travis mutters before looking over at Laura. "You try not being able to go out in public and just 'blend in' and then I'll tell you to get over it." Yeah it was taken a bit rude but Travis just shakes his head and sits back down, hanging his head in two of his hands. "And no, having them removed won't solve anything."

Laura frowned slightly, but nodded. "It is good advice. I would follow it." came her very literal reply. "Feeling sorry for yourself does nothing but waste time." Laura looked between the two and then down at her own feet, lapsing back into silence. Clearly giving advice was not something she was very good at. "So a cat? That is… interesting." she fumbles for a change of topic.

Having a free hand, now, Felix licks the edge of it, wipes across his forehead, licks it clean, and does it again, before wiping his forehead dry with the hem of his tee-shirt. Still he manages not to spill the remaining ice cone.
"It's got its up and down sides," Felix says to Laura. "The fur looks cool, but the hairballs are a pain. And Travis is right, it's a little hard to just blend in, if you look different all the time. This is as human as I get and it still gets me some hassle. And I'd guess he's only had the arms for less than a year."
He licks the pineapple-coconut cone, and wrinkles his nose. "Huh. I think, new friends, that I shall have to leave you. This sugary stuff is nice but I need meat, and I want to get it before the lunchtime horde of office workers saturates the good places."

Travis nods to Laura and Felix and doesn't say much but slips on the coat again and just wanders off. It's just proving his theory that the super powers don't even give you abilities that aren't normal, but a personality that isn't as well. How long before he slips down the insanity pole himself? That's enough Mutant Town for him for now.

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