2009-03-21: Ich Bin Ein Hexenmeister?


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Summary: Cid goes to the roof to write his parents and meets… and bonds with…Kaji

Date: March 21, 2009

Ich Bin Ein Hexenmeister?

Rating: PG

NYC - Greenwich Village Apartments (Roof)

After climbing up the ladder and through the skylight to the roof it's almost a whole new world from the top of the 7-story building. A four foot brick wall lines all sides of the roof. Either the landlord or one of the long time residents seems to have an affinity for gardening and plants off all sorts are set around the roof creating an unorganized mess of beauty surrounding most of the edges of the roof. Different small trees sit in planters in a few of the corners. Depending on the season is what's in bloom up here. There is a small white garden table with four chairs and a bench for those who want to come up here and watch the city from above. The roof is open to all who live in the apartment.

At least the weather is being sane is helping with that has been happening in the city. Though Kaji doesn't take much notice of it as he doesn't go there that often. The teen is leaning back against the wall, his knees propped up as a makeshift table for his sketchbook; his eyes occasionally flicking up to glance at one of the plants in front of him. A pencil scrawling over the paper before he looks back down.

Notepad in hand, and pencil in the other, one of the recent transplants makes his way to the roof. It's time for a letter home. That's always a bit of a touchy time. He never knows what to write, especially to a family that can't come and see him. But, at least he still has contact. Moving across the roof, he sees the other person, and offers a quick, bashful smile while trying to find a place to sit.

Kaji raises his head up, tilting it slightly at the smile before he lets out a chuckle. "It's a bit chilly today, isn't it?" His voice just loud enough for casual conversation as he crosses his arms over his knees; letting the pencil hang from his fingers as he looks over at Cid.

There's a mild accent from Cid. Something different, but hard to place except by those that know his lineage. The Amish have a particular brand of German mixed with America's different locales. "Just a bit." He says, softly as he finds a seat not far from Kaji and opens the notepad. The college student offers a bit of a chuckle as he wrinkles his nose. "Not quite used to these temperatures, except closer into the winter."

Kaji laughs a bit. "I'm used to many kinds of weather." He flips the sketchbook closed and sets it next to him for the moment. He takes in a deep breath as he looks up at the sky, "Always seems to be a bit more peaceful up here." He looks back over at Cid with a soft hum. "You look a bit… familiar."

"My parents always said I needed to get my head out of the clouds." Cid admits, going into a bit of an impression. "If thee doesn't get thine head from yonder heavens, ye shall ne'er make it here." He shakes his head sadly as he chuckles. "Uhm, sorry. Maybe school? I go to ESU."

Kaji blinks a bit, his face pulling into a small smile before he says, "I go there as well. So, maybe somewhere in the hallways." He laughs at the impression, shaking his head a bit. "Your parents sound like some interesting people. Though I guess, other parents are different."

"Try being an Amish person who really did leave on Rumspringa." Cid offers, with a chuckle. "When you know you don't belong. But, anyway. They were normal. For their area. I suppose." He's a little short when discussing them, but nods. "Probably so, yeah. I've been there for the last semester and a half."

Kaji quirks a brow. "Amish? Now that's something I haven't heard of in a long time." He leans forward, smiling softly. "What made ya want to come to the city? If you don't mind me asking that is." Then he nods softly and lets out a soft ah, "I've been going there for a bit longer than you. But, the name is Kaji." He leans forward, reaching as far as he can offering his hand.

"Cid." he offers, extending his hand, and returning the shake. "I had to leave. Some of us go on Rumspringa." He starts. "They made a show about it, I've heard. Amish in the City? And, some of us decide that we don't really belong there. Me… there are too many things that keep me from properly fitting in amongst the others." Of course, some of those issues actually cause him to blush a little. "So, I got my GED and accepted a scholarship."

Kaji nods a bit, leaning back against the wall as he listens. "Aaah. I think I kinda get it. But, I'm sure I get the jist of it." His eyes flick down to his sketch book for a moment before he looks back at Cid, noticing the blush with causes the mutant to let out a soft chuckle. "Usually, it takes a bit of time to get used to society and such. It's kinda like how… hmm." He rubs his forehead slightly, "How mutants have to get used to society once more. If… that helps in understanding."

"Exactly. Differences. Changes. Oh, I've seen things since I was ten. When I went on Rumspringa, I did some studying. I still can't use a computer to save my life, or drive, but the other things, I'm getting used to." Cid chuckles slightly, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "But, That's how things go. And Mutants are not so new as people assume. There have been hexenmeisters amongst the people for years. But now that it becomes more common, it's scaring people."

Kaji tilts his head a bit. "Hexenmeisters? What're those?" He shifts to sit crosslegged as he leans forward, a curious look on his face and he then smiles a bit. "The mutant thing being common is rather interesting. Course, I can argue that some are frightened of it."

"More common than before." Cid takes a moment to think of how to phrase things. "Spielcraft. Hexencraft." He rolls his hands in front of his face, trying to get the right words. "More than people. They do things that make hearth and home flow better. Help the sick get better. Help the fields produce." Apparently, some kind of magic. "At least, that's what my people called them."

Kaji archs a brow and smiles a bit. "Now I'm intrigued by this. So, are you into this kind of spellcraft?" There's a slight glimmer in his eyes, apparently this is exciting him. Something new to know.

"Not really, though it runs in my blood." Cid admits that much. He doesn't know his own abilities truly, yet, but he knows that he tends to affect certain machinery. "I mean, I'm not a proper hexenmeister or anything. I just… I'm just different from most of my own people. That's all I know."

Kaji ahs a bit and then nods. "Why do you say that you're different than your people?" He leans back against the wall, his head tilting in a way a canine would when something perks their curiosity.

"Certain desires. Certain enjoyments. Certain learnings." Cid says, bashfully at the mention of desires. "I was too open minded for them. I liked my time in electricity. I liked seeing more people. I liked feeling free to speak."

Kaji says, "I can see why you'd want to come to the city. You can enjoy all of those things really." Kaji nods softly before he stands up, brushing his shorts off for a moment as he looks back at Cid. "When you said that you couldn't really do anything of the sort, can you do anything along that kind of stuff? Sorry if I'm prying a bit.""

"I… I really don't know." Cid says, holding the pencil tightly in his hands. There's an odd sound from somewhere in the air nearby… similar to the sound of the Super Mario Warp Zone sounds. Maybe some kid with a video game in the apartment underneath the roof. "I know that my mother could. But she never taught me the secrets." His blush has creeped up into his ears now.

Kaji chuckles softly. "Well, I guess time will tell. But, I gotta question. Since you seem to be at ease with that. How are you with mutants? I mean, you okay with them and such?" He stretches his arms above his head with a chuckle.

Cid looks up, turning away as he notices the arm stretching, blushing again. He seperates his hands, the pen remaining in one hand. "I've never met one. I'm sure some of them are good people, just like some of everyone is good people. It's who you are on the inside that matters. Not what you can do."

Kaji lets out a laugh. "Well, let's say that you've met a mutant." Kaji bows low, turning his head up as he smoothly shifts into his anthro wolf form, raising a hand up as he says, "Of the shifting variety." His tail swayed behind him as his shirts were a bit more tight due to the fur now underneath it.

Kaji lets out a laugh. "Well, let's say that you've met a mutant." Kaji bows low, turning his head up as he smoothly shifts into his anthro wolf form, raising a hand up as he says, "Of the shifting variety." His tail swayed behind him as his shirts were a bit more tight due to the fur now underneath it.

Cid looks at his hand briefly, confused by something. "I could have sworn I had a pencil." He mutters before looking up in time for Kaji's transformation. He gasps, softly. With the slightly enhanced vision, Kaji MIGHT notice some oddities about Cid himself. The light plays strangely around his hair, ears, and eyes. As if there's something under the light, being refracted. "That's… wow." He says simply, not getting up to run, but automatically starting to reach out for a bit of fur before he catches himself and pulls his hand away.

Kaji grins a bit, reaching out with his pawhand to grab at Cid's retracting hand. "See? Mutant. Just a bit furred." He lets out a small laugh, easily able to speak with a muzzle before he quirks a brow, noticing the light playing differently. He gives it a mental shrug before he crouches down to the ground; his digitgrade legs letting him do that easily. "Sorry if the sudden shift scared ya though."

As he watches things, Cid simply blushes. "Sorry, I find it… just… wow. A gift from whomever you believe in." He says with a firm nod. "No, I've… seen strange things. My mother is a hexenmeister. I've just never seen anything so blatant." He chuckles, looking over at the central a/c, heating unit nearby. The noise from it bothering him. As he looks back at Cid, there's a distant clinking sound, along with a sound similar to a work song as the noise of the heating unit suddenly gets a lot lesser. Along with it, there's like a wavery light moving from Cid to the unit itself. "It's all so… different."

Kaji laughs softly as he rubs the back of his head, glancing over at the machinery before he looks back at Cid. "Now that was interesting," mutters the anthro before his ears flick a bit. "Blatant? Maybe I should've done this as my Hello. 'Hi, I'm Kaji. I'm a wolf mutant. See?'"

If Kaji were to look closely at that movement, before it fades, he'd see what looks like a tiny gnome carrying a LARGE wrench, going to town on the unit. Of course, it vanishes in seconds. "Perhaps. But… I just…" He stops himself, holding back the words on his mouth. However, he does do something else. He reaches inside his shirt to pull out a small amulet on a chain, and whispers a word to it. Something germanic. "Entaktivieren" As he does so, the glimmer around his features vanishes. A veil is pulled away. His ears are longer, elven almost. His eyes are slit-pupilled. His hair is purple. He has an ethereal look to him, but still looks like himself underneath it all.

Kaji's brows raise a bit, his ears rising as well. "Well now. That's an interesting look you have." He sits back down on his rump; his tail laying between his legs as he tilts his head a bit. "I'm going to take a wild guess and say that's what you normally look like, hm?"

There's a brisk nod from Cid. "Aye. I figured that since thee shared thy gift of appearance, at least my own appearance should be shared as well." He slips into his natural lingo, with his natural form showing. "I mmust say, as well, that the form is rather… suited to you." The blush that passed before looks a bit more along the lines of purple as he does it now.

Kaji chuckles a bit. "ANd, I must ask. Why do you say that? Even if I've only had this form for at most eight years." His tail though, does flick in contentment with being in this form. He does feel more comfortable in it anyways. THe blush, still gets a chuckle from the mutant.

"You look comfortable." Cid explains. "I almost never see myself in this form, except at home. I spend most of my time hiding my natural appearance. I even had to do it at home. That was another reason I had to leave."

Kaji lets out a soft ah and he chuckles once more. "Well, I am comfortable like this. It's a form that's just… me I guess. It's a bit odd, but I feel more comfortable when I have a tail and ears than when I'm just a human. I can express myself easier." He nods a bit, "WHen I was with my family, I could only be like this in my own home, away from the windows. My parents were fine with it, but they didn't want the rest of the neighborhood to know."

"My mother and father knew. But not my sisters." Cid explains. "Though, if things run in families, who knows." He shrugs looking up. "Is it wrong to just… want to.. nevermind. I'm being silly. My thoughts since leaving the community and learning of a lot of the things that I never had as a child. You look like a big teddy… wolf?" He says, tilting his own head. He doesn't know the terminology, obviously. And… doesn't know how emasculating that could be to somme.

A soft pink blush runs up into Kaji's ears at the comment and he lets out a small laugh. "A Teddy wolf, eh? CAn't say I've been called that ever." He lets out a bright laugh as he says, "Well, I can understand that you're experiencing new things." That blush though shows very slightly under the fur of his cheeks.

"A… few things, yes." Cid nods, keeping himself looking in a different direction slightly, so as not to cause too much blushing. He blushes enough on his own. Amish in the City indeed. Poor kid may end up having some issues in the future. "I hadn't actually met anyone else with an abnormal appearance yet."

Kaji lets out a soft laugh, "Well, in this city. You're gonna notice a good mount of abnormal appearances. I mean, even at school, there're people who look odd. Know that one girl who has tattoos all over her arms and stomach? That's odd." He leans forward, putting his hands on the ground on either side of his tail as he tilts his head at Cid. ]

"Yes, but… I meant something like this." Cid chuckles, reaching up to rub the tip of his ear. The blush makes it extremely red and warm. "And other things that are just strange to me. ThingsI don't understand and such."

Kaji nods a bit. "Ah, that kind of odd. I'm pretty sure that there're people like that. They're just hiding like you were." He smiles warmly before he says, "What other things don't you understand? I might be able to help ya in some cases."

"I wouldn't want to burden thee with my problems." Cid says with a shake of his head, blushing intently. That's a bit more than he wants to dig into just yet. "My cousins explained a lot, but they said there were some thingsI had to just see for myself."

Kaji nods. "Most of it is learn by error in most cases. Other things is something you have to be taught. But it's different for each person." He brings a paw up and flexes a hand for a moment, the knuckles popping for a moment before he looks back at Cid.

"True." Cid nods softly as he bites his lip, looking upwards for a moment. "Unfortunately, it can take years to figure things out. Like why I blush every time I see…" He claps his hand over his mouth, before muttering something in stilted German.

Kaji quirks a brow, a wolfish grin forming over his muzzle. "Everytime you see… what." He snickers softly as he leans forward, crossing his legs as he smiles still.

Cid sighs softly. "I don't understand. Certain folks, I see them and I start blushing furiously. Not what I'm supposed to get bashful about either.

Kaji lets out a soft ah before he looks away for a moment. "Well, I do have an idea why. But, I'm not in the position to say." He shrugs for a moment. "That feeling is something you have to find out for yourself the reason why."

"Oh. I figured." That's one of the big problems in the Amish world. Certain things are never told them. And Cid… despite what he's learned, has never learned about those things.

Kaji bites his lower lip a bit as he shakes his head lightly. "Though, I must say one thing. You're probably going to be rather surprised when you find out the reason why."

"Not helping." Cid says with a blush… again… as he looks up. "So, how did you find out about… that?" He aks. "Mine just began to change one night. Slowly.

Kaji archs a brow, a smile creeping over his muzzle as he lets out a soft chuckle. "To be honest, mine came in waves really. First it was just small things, the arms and such. Then it went from there."

Now, one thing that Cid does know is animals. He grew up on a farm. Finally, he just gives in and attempts a behind the ear scratch. "My ears began to grow. My hair turned purple at the roots, and my eyes just changed in one day." He admits. "And… I've started noticing a few other strange things."

Kaji flicks an ear and then absently leans into the scratching. "Course, I never did a full body shift until I hit high school." His voice is now lowering to a softer volume. THe scratching relaxing him some.

Continuing the scratching, Cid nods softly. "Must be interesting. I mean, really. I've… been seeing strange things. And hearing weird sounds." He shrugs. "Like clanking hammers and weird laughter."

Kaji leans into the scratching more, his tail sliding out behind him, swaying contently as he hms. "That is weird…" He flicks his ear and scoots over to sit closer to Cid before he says, "What kind of things have you been seeing?"

"Like… creatures. They're not supposed to be real. But I've read a few books since coming here. When machinery isn't working right, I sometimes see little creatures with large wrenches." That's about the only thing Cid can describe, as he has yet to see the others. He continues scritching, moving a little lower on the head. He can't help it. It's comforting.

Kaji just lays his head onto Cid's lap, so it's within easier reach of him as the wolf lets out a small ruff of comfort. "I saw a glimpse of one… fixing the A/C over there…" His tail flicks and sways behind him as he smiles.

"Probably. I was getting annoyed because it was so loud." Cid nods. "They seem to… I think they're mine. I really don't know though. They're not supposed to be real." The wolf head in his lap, of course, causes another blush.

Kaji hms once more, his ears flicking against Cid's hand. "Least you quieted it, hm?" He lets out a lazy chuckle before he brings his arms up to rest under his head, more comfy for him as he says, "Maybe they are your's."

"Possibly. I just, don't know what they are or why they do things." Cid says, getting another odd feeling at the attractive boy-turned-wolf in his lap. It's strange, and that blush suddenly returns, just after it left.

Kaji shrugs his shoulders slightly as he smiles a bit. He's comfy right here, could that could be from the ear scratch. That'd make him comfy anywhere and everywhere that it'd happen. "Is it any wonder that they are your's? I mean… the A/C was annoying you. Then it was fixed."

"I just… it's strange. I'm Amish, but I accept electricity, computers, and the public. Must I accept something else as well." Cid laughs, at least he's making a joke about it. He adjusts his legs slightly before going back to the scratches. "You… live in this complex, too?"

Kaji lets out a soft bark once more, tilting his head in the direction of the scritches. "Yeah, I live on the fifth floor." He lets out a chuckle at the joke and he says, "You're a strange Amish then. But, still. Strange is good sometimes. Normality is boring."

"Seventh." Cid offers, as he grins. "Is this actually comfortable for you? I mean… I know you're… you, but I feel like I'm treating you like a dog doing this. I… this is so confusing." He shakes his head, but hasn't stopped scratrching.

Kaji flicks his ears a bit. "I'm me. And I'm also an anthro wolf at the moment. This feels great actually." He lets out a large content sigh as he shifts his arms slightly, tilting his head into Cid's hand a bit more. "I should come up and visit you sometime."

Laughing, Cid moves his hand where it seems to be wanted, adding a little more pressure to the scritches. "You're more than welcome. Especially if we have the same classes at different times. Studying and all is great for all parties."

Kaji chuckles. "Most of my classes are art classes." He rolls his shoulders a bit before he pushes his head slightly into your hand. "Though for basic… classes. Studying is helpful."

"I'm doing the basics right now. To make sure I know how to write how they want and all. I… have no idea what I want to do." Cid admits, suddenly blushing at a thought in his head. He turns to the side suddenly and shakes it out.

Kaji ahs a bit. "Well, Agriculture might be a good one? I dunno really." He tilts his head to the side, looking up at Cid's face with a grin. "And do I want to know."

"Nonono. I know how to farm, but it's not what I want to do with my life." Cid shakes his head. "If I wanted that, I'd stay there." He chuckles, blushing to his ears. "Uhm… just a random thought. You… would probably be a warm fur blanket. I mean, you you… not skinning… oh man." He claps a hand over his face.

Kaji lets out a bright laugh, snickering soon after he rests his head back down onto his arms before he says, "Fur does make a good blanket. Helps cut down on needing to turn the heat up in my room really." Avoidance~ He nods a bit and then, "Why not go with mechanics?"

"I'm sure." Cid nods, considering things. It's not avoidance, really. It's sheer lack of knowledge. He doesn't know these things. "Possibly. I'd have to figure things out. Someone suggested engineering, because I seem to be good at knowing how things are going to move."

Kaji lets out a soft sigh. Least he moved away from that topic. "Engineering might be a very big bonus to you. I mean, you can fix them without even touching them. Though, it might be odd to do that in class.* He snickers softly and then sighs contently.

Speaking of, suddenly, the noise comes back up. "It doesn't seem to last very long." Cid sighs, turning to stare at the machine again. The same thing as before happens again. The little gnome with the large wrench seems to walk FROM Cid's body to the unit, and begins banging on it, while singing, until it goes back to quiet. "Oh…"

Kaji smirks slightly as he watches the gnome. "See? Quick fix. And, I find those little guys kinda neat." His ears perk up for a moment and he looks back at the door back down into the building. "Oh that was close…"

"What was close?" Cid blinks, his attention wrapped up in the vanishing gnome. "Huh. I don't think they even really know what they're doing." He shrugs again. If he only knew how to use a computer, he might learn a little more.

Kaji lets out a laugh. "Heard footsteps coming up the stairs to the roof. They stopped and walked away." He looks back up at Cid with a smirk, "I think that it goes off of what you know it seems. Or something… I got no clue really."

"Me either. I guess I should add that in to the letter to mom. She'll be happy." Cid chuckles. "She always wondered if any of her children would follow her footsteps. Or if they'd be a natural hexen of some type." He moves from scritching to just stroking. Poor Kaji, being treated like a puppy.

Kaji smiles wide, not minding the stroking one bit. "That might be good to tell her. I usually send emails to my parents, letting them know how I'm doing and such." He rolls his shoulders a bit, trying to aim Cid's hand to his back.

"I only know how to turn a computer on. IF I can find the switch." As Kaji moves, Cid's hands go willingly, but cause another one of those confusing moments inside. He… you guessed it! BLUSHES! "They'd not know which part to look at."

Kaji grins a bit. "I could show… oh that's the spot…" He nearly slumps onto your lap as he sighs deeply. "I could show you how to work a computer. The ge… general stuff really."

"That… would definately be nice to learn." Cid says hopefully. He moves his other hand in and begins double rubbing/scratching where he's being maneuvered to. Wait. Head in lap, turning…

Kaji's tail is swaying behind him in bliss as he sits up and pulls both of his shirts off. They were getting annoying and in the way. He tosses the garments to the ground and moves back into his spot for the scritches on his now bareback. Thankfully, his fur is fluffy enough to not expose his physique in this form.

When the shirt comes off, there's an immediate turn of the head and a german muttering. Yes, Cid is confused. It's getting fairly obvious by now, that he doesn't have a clue. However, he can't stop the scratching. "Does it just feel better in that form? I mean… wondering… since you have multiple forms if things feel different."

Kaji grins a bit as he nods, a goofy smile over his muzzle. "It feels… amazing." He rolls his shoulders for a moment as he sighs happily. "I only have the two forms. This and my human state." Just be glad he's keeping his pants on. Not that he'd ever take them off.

"Why am I enjoying this so much?" Cid whispers to himself as he continues scratching, unable to resist a light chuckle. One hand moves underneath though, to scritch at the belly. Hey, it's what he'd do to a puppy, why not to someone fuzzy?

A sharp intake of breath as Kaji's ears shoot up and his eyes go wide for a moment before he lets out a soft mmmn and he slips off of Cid's legs, laying on his back. His arms stretched above his head as he has his eyes closed. THat put him into a slight little 'coma'.

The scritching gets rougher as the hexing mutant moves his way around to really get into the scritchies. He moves around, sliding a leg over Kaji's lower torso, in effect straddling him for a better grip. Cid starts laughing. "You really like this. It's so fun." Did he mean fun or funny? Maybe it's just his lingo.

Kaji writhes under the scritching, his only response to Cid was a soft growl of contentment. His tongue actually pokes out of his maw and lolls out a bit before his tail whaps the floor and Cid's back lazily.

Cid laughs at the lolling tongue. Where's a camera when he needs one. THOSE, he's learned how to use. He has a lot of pictures about his apartment… everywhere. "Awww… you're just like a big puppy sometimes. But, a knowledgeable puppy that's friendly."

Kaji would so have something to say about that statment, but his mind is halfway to shutting down from the attention he's getting. He lets out a soft Rrr as he writhes once more, this is just feeling too good.

Honestly, Cid just wants to collapse down onto the wolfish body, but he won't. After all, he doesn't want to offend the potential new friend. Someone willing to take pity and help the Amish Boy learn more about computers. However, he does slow down the scritching, laughing and leaning back, trying not to crush the man's pelvis with his own.

Kaji takes in a deep breath, bringing his hands up to cover his face for a moment and then he lets out a laugh. "Ooh… man. No one has ever done that…" He shakes his head, his tail going about a half a mile a minute, whacking against his own legs mostly.

"Is… is it alright? I didn't hurt you or anything, did I? I just got lost in the… it was fun and I…" Cid blushes brightly, but isn't quite moving away just yet. He looks at the tail behind him and chuckles.

Kaji shakes his head with a laugh. "No, no. You didn't harm me. You basically put me into a small… well coma of sheer pleasure." He takes a breath, and calms down a bit; though his tail doesn't.

"Oh, ok. I'm fine with that. Pleasure is good." Cid nods quickly. "I'll have to remember that, to thank you when you teach me things." He grins, giving a quick belly pat to the wolfman.

Kaji erfs at the bellypat and he brings a hand down to brush his fur down to it's all smooth and the like. "Remind me to head to your room to show you how to exactly use the computer. Or… do you not have one." He lets out a laugh, changing the subject.

"Uhm… I HAVE one. I… only know how to turn it on, really." Cid says bashfully. It's a nice nightlight." He admits, grinning. He gives a soft sigh as he crawls off of the other body, so as not to intrude too long.

Kaji sits up, crossing his arms over his knees as he tilts his head at Cid. "So you have one. You know how to turn it on. ANd you're wondering at how to exactly use it, right?" His tail slows down a bit, and he forcibly makes it curl around his waist to make it stop moving.

"Yeah. But… I think that'll have to wait for another time." Cid chuckles. "Thank you. For being up here. It made my night a little less lonely." He grins, flipping his notebook closed, with nothing written on it. "I have to get to sleep. I have an early class."

Kaji smiles a bit. "You're welcome, Cid." He stands up and picks up his shirts as he starts to put them back on; shifting into his human form after he pulls his shirts all the way down. "Guess I'll see you around school, hm?"

"Definitely. And… you're welcome up to my apartment anytime. It's only ever me there." Cid admits, giving the number. Hey, neighbors can be friends! Really!

Kaji returns with his number and he smiles. "Same with my apartment. Just don't come down before noon. I might still be sleeping." Late classes mean a late sleeper.

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