2009-05-29: Icy Relaxation


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Summary: Aaron is relaxing in the park, and makes sure to take time to cheer Keith up.

Date: May 29, 2009

Icy Relaxation

Rating: PG

NYC - Central Park Lake

Bethesda fountain sits at the edge of the lake with a large terrace for people to hang out and relax. Benches sit under the trees creating a peaceful atmosphere. A dock stretches out into the lake for people to rent row boats to enjoy the entire lake. In the distance Bow Bridge can be scene crossing the man make lake.

Evenings are a nice time for a relaxing day in the park, when you're not working. As it is, Aaron's done his shift for the day, and is out of uniform wearing a black sweater and a pair of jeans as he sits on a park bench. Running his hands through his hair, he looks at the strands with a sigh. He's had green hair so long he couldn't remember that he was naturally black haired. It feels… strange to him.

"So much work just to get a little work done," Keith Flinn, currently mildly irritated, mutters to himself as he plugs some information into the hand-held device he's walking with. Eyes hidden behind sunglasses, he's in black pants and a button up shirt of the same color today. "What the hell, give me time to respond to your last message before sending three more," he growls at the little blackberry. This distraction causes him to miss the frisbee that clonks him in the back of the head. "Sorry!" someone yells as Keith stumbles and drops his device. Amazingly, the thing is unharmed but it skitters its way over towards Aaron's feet. "Oh…I'm mad now," the air spirit grumbles, glaring at the frisbee on the ground as he looks around for his little computer.

Reaching down, Aaron picks up the blackberry and holds it out towards Keith with a half-grin. He heard the remark and tilts his head. "It really looked like an accident, man. I highly doubt they meant to. Take a break. Relax. Get your head out of work-mode." He says with a grin as he leans back in his seat. He's… in a good mood. Sure, he's sniffly and sneezy without his normal powers, but his new ones are fairly fun.

Whipping the frisbee back at the kids playing with enough force to give a little sting but nothing more serious than that, Keith turns to Aaron. He's prepared to make some kind of comment when he actually sees Aaron and smiles instead. "Thanks," he says, glancing at the blackberry with faint amazement at it's survival. Heavy-Duty Meany Heavy Duty apparently. "Suppose I will relax. Mind if I join you?" he asks, not even waiting for an answer as he sits.

Actually, blackberrys are quite durable. All of them. "The country is free, so of course I don't mind." Aaron says with a grin as he looks at the air spirit. "Good. Relaxing is always good." He says with a nod as he looks at the guy. "Aaron." He says, offering a hand. There's no point in putting the rest of his knowledge out there right now.

Keith stuffs the blackberry into his pocket after a quick message of 'Taking a break - BUZZ OFF FOR A BIT!' to whoever he was talking to. Smirking slightly, he shakes the offered hand. "Keith. And yeah, relaxing is good. I need to do more," he decides.

"Always a good idea. I let work overwhelm me… while I'm AT work. If I'm not there, I'll still do something if I need to, but I'm also going to take my time." Aaron says with a grin. His hand reaches up to tug his hair down and sighs slightly again. "Stupid hair."

Keith quirks an eyebrow. "Oh? What do you do?" he wonders, looking Aaron over. He smiles as well, glancing to the sky and letting a light breeze blow by. "What's wrong with your hair?"

"NYPD." Aaron explains as he looks up at the breeze with a chuckle. "Oh, it's the wrong color. I'm… the special squad. The entire squad is me. There's supposed to be more in training. My hair is naturally green, but something screwed with me lately, and it's gone black. And… really messed up something else, too." He says, pausing to sneeze.

Keith perks up. "Man in uniform, eh? Must look pretty hot in it," he muses, smiling again. He quirks that eyebrow again and focuses his power on removing the allergens and irritants from the air around them. "So you normally have another color hair?" he white-haired air spirit echos. "Something to do with that green thing that exploded over the city?"

There's a gun-finger pointed at Keith. "Exactly. And… it fits. But I can't say how I look in it. I'm not my type." Aaron says with a blush. "It took my gifts. And now, I have something else. Though, it works as well as I could use my old one, so it's not so bad."

Keith grins at the blush. "Too bad you're not in it now," he muses. He the lets out a thoughtful noise. "So you're a mutant then? What did you used to do?" he wonders. This could help explain why Keith has been out of contact with his protege for awhile.

"Plants. They listened to me. They grew. They did anything I wished them to. And… I could nearly become one." Aaron says softly. "I could… feel green life all around me. But now, I don't feel it… and it's strange."

Keith blinks a few times, interested by this. "That's…gotta suck," he says. His thoughts flash back to the garden he's got behind a locked door back home. A door only himself, Jon, and Drew have been given a key to. Shaking it off, Keith stretches out on the bench. "So what can you do now?"

As he sits there, Aaron's body begins to change, his clothing as well, until he's made up of nothing but living ice. He tilts his neck to the side. It crackles, popping and moving with him as he chuckles. "The antithesis of my plants."

Keith jumps slightly but leans over to poke gently at Aaron's side. "I know someone who would find this form of yours very interesting…" he trails off, smiling to himself. "So you went from plants to ice. I suppose its better than going from plants to say…mucus."

Aaron winces. "I suppose." He melts back to his normal form. "I don't know what's going on with it, but Spider-Woman is supposed to keep me informed. I saved her butt, she's helping mine."

Keith blinks a few times. "Spider-Woman? As in…the chick in red and yellow with the Avengers?" he asks, a bit surprised by this. He glances down. "Such a nice butt to help…"

"Well, I don't know about that, but I do try to keep it in shape." Aaron says, with another light blush as he looks down. "I miss the green side of things, though, but hey. What can I do until we figure it out?"

Keith grins. "Trust me on this. From what I can see, you've got a nice one," he says, nodding. "Find ways to play around with ice?"

"It's weird. I seem to already know how to use it. Even… I can see how it would work to travel with it. It's like a subconscious knowledge that came with the power shift." Aaron says with a nod as he considers it, ignoring the flirt for now.

Keith shrugs. "Maybe whatever messed with your plant power took your mental instruction manual too and now you got another one," he offers. "And what do ya mean? Ice skating? Ice wings?"

"Nah, kinda like… a slide. A moist ice path that my body would just glide along." Aaron says with a shrug. "The knowledge is just there. And, that's what I guess happened. Maybe it's the same for everyone with them."

Keith looks up, trying to picture this. Smiling when he does, the air spirit shakes his head. "Everyone? With powers or you mean others that had something mess with them?"

"Everyone who got messed around like this." Aaron says with a nod. "Anyway…" He adds with a yawn. "I'm going to head home. And… I think I may give this transportation atry." He says with a chuckle.

Keith stretches and stands. "Oh, please do. I've gotta see this," he says, offering a hand to help Aaron up.

"Alright then." Aaron says as he ices over again. Taking a moment, he begins to create a slick, icy path beneath his feet. It moves up and down to give him momentum as he begins to slide in the air. The parts further away melt quickly as he gets away. He laughs loudly as he gains speed and begins heading towards his home.

Keith grins as he watches Aaron go, making sure there are no particularly strong winds in the area just in case. He echos Aaron's laugh with one of his own and offers a wolf-whistle before stuffing his hands into the pockets. Mood improved, he looks around before heading up, up, and away.

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