2010-02-23 If The Shoe Fits...


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Summary: Skyler wakes up in the medbay and gets clearance to leave. He also steals Doc's shoes.

Date: February 23, 2010

If the Shoe Fits…

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Hank has been working himself mercilessly to try and figure out what the heck Sinister was up to, to this end he's been working with Jono, but eager to see Skyler and the others as well. When he woke up from his short nap last night to discover Skyler had arrived and been overmedicated and put to bed. Well, that means a second test subject! Hank occasionally displays some signs of common sense, it is rare, but it DOES happen. So, he contacted Doc and asked the man's help…he may not be a geneticist by specialty, but he IS a fully qualified medical pro, and with his powers added into the mix he might very well be the difference between success and failure in stopping Sinister in his tracks.

"So…apparently Skyler is copying you right now, Doc." Hank starts the briefing. "His Mutant Gene is attached to his 24th chromosome pair, one more than most humans. When he touches someone he can take on their form, and stays that way. Last night he checked in under extreme pain…"

Doc is indeed there. In the Medical Bay. When is he ever not? He nods a little, cup of water in his hands as Hank begins to run things down. Never a bad time for a catch up on current events. "I couldn't figure out what specifically he was in pain over," he offers calmly, sipping his water. "I assume, if Jonothon's testimony a while ago is any indication, then it's probably the mark. I've been told it only returns if surgically removed, so I didn't bother with that.. otherwise, honestly, I'm not entirely sure if there's anything I can do to help remove the mark." Not to mention, it's a bit unnerving to see himself laying in that bed, sleeping. "I figured you'd have some ideas."

Skyler moans, his eyelids fluttering a bit. It seems like the meds that he was on are finally wearing off and he's returning to consciousness. "Nnggg," is all he's able to manage at the moment.

"Indeed. Jono is suffering incredible pain from his mark as well. I've been able to track the progress of what it is doing to his non-biology, the infection is actually mimicing the form of a type of tracer." He calls up some files, transfering them to Doc's account. "Here's everything I've found to date. Including a number of failed treatment options and what went wrong. Please, I'd appreciate you taking a look and seeing if I might have overlooked something." As soon as Skyler starts to come around, Hank moves to his bed side. "Easy, you're in medical…how do you feel?"

Doc nods a little and sips his glass. "Give me a second and I'll look it over," he offers, moving to step away.. at least, until Skyler begins to stir. "Be sure to ask him if he's still in pain," he pats Hank on the shoulder, moving over towards one of the computers there in the Medical Bay. May as well look over the stuff real quick and see. Still.. "So, by tracer, you mean this Sinister guy knows where they are?" He glances back at Hank.

"Mmmmm," answers Skyler, opening his eyes and wincing at the light. "Who put the cotton in my mouth?"

The research is pretty bizarre, but that might have something to do with the host genetics - after all, Jono is essentially a meat puppet driven by sheer stubborn. "Oh, about the surgery, that's correct — I actually removed Jono's mark and it grew back within a few hours." A grin at the shoulder pat. "Will do, Doc." And then at Skyler's question, Hank smiles and gets him a glass of water. "Here, drink this, it should help. And nobody put cotton in. Are you still in pain?"

Doc nods slightly. "Yeah, that's what Jonothon told me, unfortunately," he turns to look back at the screen, looking over the research. Indeed.. he knew Jonothon was definitely a unique specimen, so it sorta boggles him all the more. "The thing that makes it more interesting is that, if it truly is some kind of infection of some kind, it has to be either specially tailored to survive in a body that lacks all the necessities to allow for viral sustainment, or be designed to quickly and easily get used to diverse host conditions. Which I suppose could be the case, if you intended to infect aliens with different biology than humans."

Skyler takes the glass from Hank and manages to sit up to sip at the water. "Pain, no. My shoulder is really sore, though." He listens a little bit to Doc and shrugs. "Yeah. Well, Sinister's got a thing for messing with people's genes. Classic mad scientist."

"I believe it is tailored to his unique physiology, any organism that could adapt in the way you describe would probably be impossible to control, it would adapt to any serum or vaccine. Add to that the ability to mutate — I don't think even Sinister is good enough to control such a creation."

Hank helps Skyler sit up, even props him up with a few pillows. "Probably the after effects of what happened. I'd like to take a few samples and run some tests, Skyler, are you okay with that? It might help us to figure out what's going on if we could compare the research results of your tests with Jono's."

"I've read his file," Doc offers back to Skyler. "So, yes, that sounds about right. Classic mad scientist." He chuckles a bit at that, continuing to read. At Hank's explanation, he lets out a quiet 'ah', and nods, leaning back in his chair. "Shows how much I studied biology, eh?" He grins playfully, before he turns his chair back to face Skyler and Hank, before standing again. "Yes, that sounds like a good idea. If we can compare them, we can find out what's different between the two, at least, which might help." He nods slightly, moving back towards the two. "I couldn't think of anything that would honestly help, but.. cross referencing the infections could be a good start, at least."

Skyler takes another sip of his water. With a rueful chuckle he shrugs. "Sure thing. Anything to help you guys figure out what's going on."

Hank nods to Doc's confirmation of the viability of his plan, a smile to the other medico, the far more medical medico. "Thank you, Doctor." And then a smile to Skyler as he confirms his willingness to be a lab rat. "And thank YOU, Mister St James." Hank makes no bones about taking a bevy of readings and a small number of samples for study. The process is not in the least bit painful, and only moderately invasive due to the incredible technology present. "Well, that should get us started, if you're not in any pain I see no reason to keep you here, though we can surely give you some pain meds in case you have another flare up. Please don't leave the grounds, however. Can do?"

Doc observes Hank's testing. He figures it might be good to have an idea of what to do in case he runs into anyone else with the mark. Who knows, right? They had two here, why not more? He leans back against one of the beds and observes quietly for a time. Always nice to have a doctor on stand-by, right?

Skyler sits patiently and lets himself be poked, prodded, and otherwise lab-ratted on. Once given the all clear he looks dubious and chuckles. "I don't plan on leaving any time soon." He goes to slip off the table when he realizes that he's still in the swim trunks from the night before. He looks at his twin and blushes a bit. "I… um…."

Doc quirks an eyebrow slightly. Yeah, it's still kinda strange to see himself standing there. "Guess my powers didn't help, eh?" He chuckles, before patting Skyler on the shoulder. "Just go get some sleep. Hank might find something to test you on, I'm sure," he grins a bit at that.

Skyler shrugs at Doc, grabbing the sheet and wrapping it around himself to keep himself decent. "I don't know. It may have slowed this down some." He sighs and eyes the doorway. "Yeah. I just hope nobody sees me like this and thinks it's you as I head to my room."

Doc laughs a bit. "If you're that worried about being seen, then there's some street clothes you can wear around here somewhere," he muses, looking around. Where did they put those again..? "I wouldn't worry too much. Most everyone is in bed by this point." He glances down at his watch, bringing his wrist up and around to get a look at it. "Yeah. You'll be fine."

Skyler looks out the door suspiciously again and asks. "Well… at least let me borrow your shoes. I have to trudge through the quad to get back to the dorms."

"Oh, yeah." Doc leans down and plucks his shoes off of his feet, gently tossing them to Skyler. "Just leave 'em down here tomorrow." Doesn't seem that Doc minds wandering around with just socks on. "Guess it's convenient to be able to wear the same shoe, eh? Shines new light on the term 'walking a mile in someone else's shoes'." He grins playfully.

Skyler rolls his eyes at the Doctor as he takes the shoes from him. "Like I've never heard /that/ before." Good to see Skyler's kept his sense of humor. He slips on the shoes, wraps himself in the blanket and heads towards the door. "Thanks for the shoes! I'll make sure to give 'em back tomorrow."

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