2010-03-16: Ignore The Elephant In The Room


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Summary: Even though they felt the Rise of the Pheonix, none want to talk about it for long.

Date: March 16, 2010

Ignore The Elephant In The Room

Rating: PG

Xavier's Mansion - Attic

Every wall is made of glass up to the domed ceiling. Storm has really done her work up here over time and turned it into quite the indoor garden. The room is separated into different parts for the different plants that are in there. There are flowers, vegetable plants, herbs, shrubs, small trees and much more. There are plants that shouldn't even be able to be found in this northern climate but they thrive up here. Anyone wanting to come up here for fresh herbs, fruit or vegetables are welcome to steal from the indoor garden. Depending on the time of year, various different species of flowers and different fruits and vegetables grow. In one area there are a few small fountains and a bench with some fresh dirt on the the ground with trees and plants all around. It seems like a good spot for meditation.

It's after dinner and Robyn's hiding up in the attic right now. He's sitting on the bench in the room with a black board in his lap that he seems to be working with some clay on. It's quiet up here, no music, no talking, just the sounds of the various fountains in the room. He's just needed some time to himself, to try to get his muse back. It's been a rough time for him but he's finally finding the urge to sculpt.

Cam has come up because he heard of the gardens up here. He's always found gardens, especially of the herbal and vegetable variety to be quite relaxing. And… useful. He needs to replenish a few spices downstairs anyway. With snippers in hand, he makes his way up, blinking at the sheer size of what's available. "Wow." He mutters softly.

Chezlie's been stuck in the medbay for the pass couple days, and after having been released, decided to go wander one of the few places she's still yet to visit in the institute. Two days really isn't that bad, but has left her with a rather stir-crazy feeling. Awkwardly entering the garden area, her left arm in a sling, a precaution just to make sure her shoulder is fully healed before it's back to regular use.

Jade is up here for… whatever reason. She's exploring generally and is doing a great deal of getting lost. Her cane comes tapping into the room and smelling the fresh ozone of growing things, her nostrils flare and her hair slithers lightly around her shoulders. "Hello?" she calls, switching cane from hand to hand.

Robyn stops what he's doing, his hands in the middle of forming what look like the start of a tree stump. He looks up and spots everyone and shakes his hair back. "Hey Cam, Jade…and?" He doesn't remember meeting Chezlie before. "How are you all doing?" He bends over looking for a cloth to wipe his hands on. He kinda wanted to be alone but he's not annoyed it was intertuped.

"Adjusting. You?" Cam asks as he goes to inspect some of the herbs around the garden with a bit of a grin. "Still a little off in the head, but getting better at things." That's the easiest way to put it, really. The large young man shrugs as he looks around to see the others coming up behind him.

"Chezlie." The little dark haired girl wearing the sling says as she approaches the kid sculpting at the bench. "You too?" She turns towards cam, in reference to his head being a little off. "If it's not bad enough I got my shoulder smashed, I just can't seem to think straight these days." Normally she'd shrug, but there's definitely a conscious effort to keeping shoulder movement to a minimum at this point. Looks like a simple smile will suffice.

Jade heads towards the voices. Robyn, that one she knows. Another boy. A girl. A name. She taps that way, feeling her way with the swinging tip of the cane. "Did you guys…. hear stuff?" she ventures, willing to be the weird one here. Her hair rustles, folding back behind her ears in an effort to look normal. "I thought it was just me."

"Hi, I'm Robyn." Robyn says trying to put away what he's working on and scoot over if anyone wants to join him. "You mean Addison the other night?" He asks since he definitely heard it. "Yeah, I did." He went down to see Addison earlier to day and was able to drain some of his psi-energy and all he has to say is….wow.

"That the redhead?" Cam asks, tilting his head at Robyn. "Uhm… I think I heard that, too. I was halfway out of it, listening to music and trying to sleep. But…" He coughs, blushing a little. He looks about. "What was that all about?"

"Nice to meet'cha." Chezlie says as her eyes dart between the three other teens. "I heard that too, but I guess after this happened…" she gestures with her good arm to the left shoulder, "… I haven't had much time to think about." Though you'd think getting stuck in the Med Bay would provide the perfect time for mental activity.

"Who's Addison?" Jade, being a sheltered kinda gal, is not generally used to people screaming on the inside of her head. She reaches up to smooth her hair behind her ear and adjust the rim of her dark glasses. "What would make someone freak out like that?"

"He's a telepath, he helps me with his powers." Robyn says turning to the others. "He's…the redhead, yeah. Addison helps with powers training and I rely on him…like Jono." Robyn says as the two of them are the only ones he knows with tons of psychic energy. "I'm not sure what made him freak out, I just know he's in the medbay now. I don't really know who this Phoenix is and why he is phoenix.

"Oh." Cam says, not having any idea about any of it. He blinks. "Isn't that one of the names they called the woman they built that memorial to?" He asks, as he coughs, looking to the others. "Sorry. I'm Cam." He says. That's explanation enough around here… isn't it?

Chezlie shakes her head, only really having met one of the two Robyn has mentioned; Jono. "Haven't met him, though I guess I do recall there being a red headed guy down in the med bay when I was there." She scratches at the back of her head with her good arm, her head tilted to the side as she thinks it through. "No idea though." She adds, before turning towards Cam with a soft smile. "In case you didn't hear earlier, I'm Chezlie."

"Oh, I'm Jade," she responds to the new-to-her gal. She licks her lips a little as she listens to the people talk. "Is he.. a kid, like us? Or is he a grown-up?" She asks cautiously. She makes a mental note to go peek at the inscription on the statue now. "He's not doing crazy stuff like Mr. Jonothon, is he?"

"Neither, he's Jono's age." To Robyn that's not quite adult but too old, and role-modelish for teen. "No…he wasn't taken by Sinister like Jono. He's…I don't know what's wrong. Jono's fighting it though, he's trying. And yeah, that would be Addison." As he doesn't know who else is red-headed in the medbay. "You're right Cam…oh shit, I hope this Phoenix doesn't kill people."

"I don't know him. Is he…" Cam starts, trying to figure things out. He doesn't really have a clue. "Uhm… ok?" He finishes, not too smoothly. Yeah, he's not mister social graces today. He's still out of it. Between that and finding out that new thing about himself…

"Nice meeting you too, Jade." Chezlie says before her thoughts fall back onto this Phoenix issue. Then a certain name is spoken that chills the little teen down to the bone, sending shivers up her spine. "Sinister got Jono too?" Yeah, she's been a little out of it lately and not quite up to date on all the happenings. Apparently. "Had a run in with another he got." Any trace of an earlier smile is now gone as her voice too takes on a hint of sadness.

Jade is practical. "Seems like everything here can kill people," she remarks somewhat tartly. "Maybe…. is he like, in some sort of transition?" She's heard that sort of thing can happen. She turns her head towards Chezlie. "How many did he get?" she asks with a smaller voice, being very out of the loop.

"Jono…and Jordan, and Skyler, Daisuke and Brian." Robyn says sounding glum about it. "Not everything Jade, I can't kill people." Which is a good thing to him. "Which one did you run into Chezlie?" Robyn asks curiously. "Cam, do you know anything about this Phoenix? I dunno, but I know Addison is a lot more powerful feeling."

"No, No clue. I just know what I read on the statue. I wanted to know about… people who… had died here." Says the non-combatant Cam, with a half-sigh. "Uhm… some people think I can kill, but I can't really. I just said that to prevent Lucas and James from starting junk with me. That if I concentrate too hard on someone, their heads explode." He says with a bit of a grin.

"It was Daisuke." Chezlie says before glancing down at her slinged arm. "The reason I've ended up in this. Barely got out alive, too. Kael took the brunt of it, unfortunately." She points to it with her good hand, shaking her head a little bit. "If you ask me, we're both lucky to still be alive." The idea that she could have been close to being offed is just enough reason to return that smile from earlier to her lips. "Meh, I couldn't accidentally kill someone. Have to do it intentionally." She quickly quips in with.

"I don't know any of those people," Jade remarks softly. "Except Jono, of course." She worries the fat of her lower lip with the point of one of her fangs. She starts a bit at Cam's words, her hair moving in a slow wave. "Oh, James. He's just really terrible."

"I…don't really want to know about people who died here, I don't want to think about that right now. I know Jono and Jordan really. Jono..I saw him last night." Robyn admits with a shrug. "And James, he's not too bad, he's nice. Lucas though, he'll start shit. What's so terrible about James?" His big eyes look up to Chezlie in surprise. "Kael? Is he okay?"

"I don't know any of them. Other than Jono." Cam says with a bit of a shrug. "I… had to find out what I could. Being that my powers don't do a thing for protection." He says, before shutting up. It's a depressing conversation. Cam doesn't want to further it.

"Kael? Yeah, he seems to be doing better." Chezlie says, her head tilting down, forcing her to stare at the floor. She kicks her left foot around, digging down with the tip of her shoe. "Got hit real bad is his side by some sort of spike. Was bleeding real bad and then Magneto showed up. Took both of us back here." The topic of powers is left as is by the little teen from Utah.

Jade shakes her head. "James is so not nice," she breathes with a long exhale. "You wouldn't say that if he did half the stuff to you that he does to me. I am just going to avoid that guy if I can help it. Fortunately, I can smell him," she twitches her nose. "So this Addison guy… how can we find out more? Is there anyone to ask?"

"I dunno, James has been helping me out a bit, deal with everything." James and Rashmi mostly for Robyn but then his roommate can't stand James either. "But anyway, I dunno. Maybe talk to Dr. McCoy or…Mr. Summers, or check to see if they know anything." He takes a deep breath and picks up his board as he starts to work somemore. "Cam..uh…what are you planing on cooking next?" Yeah change to subject to somethign less..depressing?

"No clue." Cam says with a shrug. "I mean, There's too much out there that I haven't tried. Don't worry, though, I WON'T put anyone through an aspic. That's just disgusting." He says, wincing and shaking his head.

Chezlie turns to face Cam, forcing a rather fainted smile to her lips. "Oh, you cook? Use to do tons of that back home, though all I learned was passed down from my mothers." She moves into an awkward looking one armed cross with her right arm. She's happy to go along with the topic change, not knowing most of the other kids being mentioned. "Any style specific you're interested in?"

"I've had aspic. It's sorta like meat jelly," Jade says quietly. Bewildered, she steps back. Okay, so we don't talk about the guy screaming in our heads. She is quiet after that, her brow slightly creased.

Yeah Robyn is worried about Addison, but maybe he's just become so stressed out about things that it's just another thing he's trying to push towards the back to preserve sanity. Addison will be fine…right? RIGHT?! "Oh man..that sounds disgusting. Meat jelly?! Please Cam, don't put us through that." Then Chezlie mentions something that Robyn catches. "Mohters?" Maybe she's from divorced parents? Jade gets a curious expression as she steps back. "Jade….you okay?"

"YEah, but meat jelly doesn't even sound halfway decent. I'll avoid that and stick with decent classics. Maybe a coq au vin." Cam says, considering. "Not any particular style. I just want to be a chef when I get older. It's about the only thing I'm really good at, and I enjoy it… so…"

Chezlie nods, her expression looking genuinely enthusiastic. "That's pretty awesome. I for one, have no clue what I'm going to do when I get older." There's a slight hesitation to her laugh as she briefly considers the black shoes worn beneath her. "Probably not an exception for someone my age though." Looking back to Robyn, the dark haired teen begins nodding her head. "Yeah, my moms. My Pops practices polygamy, so I got one blood mom and seven other… sort of like step-moms I guess." From the way this is stated, you'd swear all families were just like hers.

"Yeah, I'm fine, thanks," Jade chirps with a brightness that doesn't sink all the way in. Another step. "Being a Chef is a great idea, really." The cane drops, and she idly feels around the edge of the path, tracing the stones and where the flowerbeds join stone, just sorta defining her way.

"I have no clue what that is but let me know when you cook and I'll eat?" Robyn says as he likes Cam's food. It's really good. There's so many comments and questions he wants to shoot at Chezlie when he hears that but Robyn just nods. Knowing it'd be rude. "That's..wow. So you have eight Moms?" He looks at Jade and watches her for a bit. "I want to be a sculptor. Make stuff for movies."

"It's chicken cooked in wine." Cam explains. At Chezlie's explanation, he simply… waits. There's not really anything he can say or do, because it's all a little bit too much for him. But then again, nearly everything in this place is a bit too much for him of late.

Chezlie pauses to think this through, holding her right hand up to use her digits like an extremely simple abacus. "Let's see… 1… 2… 3…" Again she pauses, her head tilting upwards. "Yep, 8 sounds about right, though I guess there's one that I haven't really met, so not sure if she counts."

Six limbs. Eight Moms. A guy made out of car parts. A guy who's hands are as big as her face. A guy who is a giant hyena with a sense of humor about as rotten as his breath. Jade only wonders what it is that she is missing behind her glasses now. Of course, who is the snake girl to judge. She blows off the thought with a roll of her shoulders. "Cam, have you ever made a mushroom risotto? That's my favorite."

"That sounds really good Cam." Robyn likes chicken, well he likes most normal foods, well basically no rabbit, squid, anything that isn't 'common'. He continues to work on the clay a bit, until the tree stump is done. "Do you cook Jade?"

"I make a MEAN mushroom risotto." Cam says with a grin at Jade. "Especially if I can find the right kind of mushrooms for it. And… if anyone can find anything, I'M the guy that can do it." He says with a broad grin, not that Jade can see it. Of course, if he knew what Robyn's taste didn't run to, he'd cook something just to prove him wrong.

There's an obviously disconnection going on with Chezlie and all this talk of various food as she merely offers up the periodic smile and a nod. It would be hard to call the food she grew up with as fine cuisine or even cultured, but then again what's one to expect out of a southern Utah fundamentalist community? They secluded themselves off from the rest of the world, which included just about every aspect of life. Words like risotto just fly right over her head.

"If you make some, I sure wouldn't mind a dish of it," Jade smiles a little, her pointed teeth just poking beyond her lips. She catches herself and drops her toothy grin. "Um.. I should get going," she grins a little and lifts a hand to wave. "Nice meeting you, Cam and Chezlie."

Robyn doesn't know the word for various foods but he does like to eat them. "I'll eat anything you cook Cam, That blue chicken…gordon chicken…that was really good." Robyn didn't come from much of a culinary family. "It was nice seeing you Jade." He says giving her a smile she can't see before looking back down at his sculpture. "I don't know where to go…"

"Come to the kitchens instead of the Cafeteria. That's when you find me or Mr. Parker-Mayfair cooking. WE're better than what's in there." CAm says with a wink as Jade gets ready to leave. "Chicken Cordon Bleu." Cam says with a bit of a laugh at Robyn before nodding. "I'm probably going to get going soon, myself."

"Nice meeting you too Jade!" Chezlie shouts out before the disappearance of said teen. Biting down into her bottom lip, she gives the glass walled area a casual inspection before her eyes settle down across the partially finished sculpture in Robyn's hands. "Oh, I'll have to keep that in mind, though I must admit I haven't had too many issues with the cafeteria's food."

"The cookies are good in the cafeteria." Robyn says as he likes any cookie with oatmeal in it. "I should go too, gotta do a few things before bed." He says looking at his stuff and packing it up. "It was nice meeting you Chezlie, and I hope your arm gets better."

"It's not that the cafeteria food is bad. It's that ours is BETTER." CAm says with a little bit of an ego mixed into it. He grins brightly before nodding. "Ok."

"Thanks! And it was nice meeting both of you as well." Chezlie says, pushing a smile in the direction of both teens left. For the first time, she begins moving her shoulder around in a stretching motion, her face contorting into a light wince. "Meh, should probably stop off at the Med Bay before crashing out. Still feeling a little sore and all."

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