2011-08-17: Illusion In The Illusion


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Summary: Connor visits Robyn inside his mind to give him hope.

Date: August 17, 2011

Log Title: Illusion In The Illusion

Rating: PG

Robyn's Mind

Time has been completely lost in the white prison. Everything is white in the asylum like room except for the barefeet sticking out of a pair of white pants and Robyn's head. He lies against the wall his eyes staring blankly ahead, a good bit of a beard has grown on his face and his hair hangs in his face as it's grown a bit long and disheleved. As he sits there soft humming can be heard coming from Robyn to the tune of '99 bottles of beer on the wall'.

The oddest thing begins to happen, the sounds of scribbling begins to be heard in the air around Robyn, and suddenly the name CONNOR appears in glow blue script in the air in front of him. That word-name begins to morph and shift, lines elongating, warping, twisting until they become the outline for a shape. A human shape. And once it is complete, it resolves itself into a familiar face… familiar if you don't take the pair of blue-green flames for eyes for granted. "Found you… finally…" He says, but there's a strange echo in his words, "Don't remember you being so elusive."

Robyn stops humming and his blank expression turns icy as he stares daggers at Connor. "Wow this is low for you Mindbender. Showing up as my best friend, god I thought you had more creativity than that." He's convinced it's just another illusion and he's not going to let himself get caught out believeing it's real. "Really you must be slipping for ideas Dan, losing control of the game?"

There's a grumble from the figure as he squats down close by, saying, "Wow… I *REALLY* wish I was all the way here… this guy is one sick puppy. Sorry Robyn… but… no… better I show you." And with that, the form of Connor grabs an edge of the room, and pulls… and suddenly you're both sitting on a giant page in the middle of nothingness, and a staff-like pen appears in Connor's hands, "It's be, buddy. But I know I can't prove it to you, so you're just going to have to trust me."

It takes a bit for Robyn to adjust to the new setting and he looks around, the straight jacket still tight around his chest. He looks at Connor for a long while before exhaling a long breath. "Listen, right now I want you to be you more than anything but if it's just another game…" He shakes his head. "No, I can still take another game, he hasn't beaten me yet." He says almost talking to himself. "If you're Connor how are you here, and how are you controlling his illusions?" It's almost a challenge in the way he says it.

Connor sighs once and sits back on his butt, "Okay… first rule. Don't look into my eyes. You'll see things you're not ready for." Blinking those blazing orbs away for a moment, then casting his soft light once more, "Second… I'm still not here. I'm inside the Nexus. The place we go when I portal any of us anyplace. I'm everyplace right now. So to me this is a conversation we're having, will have, and have just had. Here…" He writes the words CAN OF DR. PEPPER WITH STRAW on the ground, and lo and behold… hid favorite beverage with a bendy-straw forms, and it's brought to your lips, "I'm borrowing the powers of another me temporarily. If you see flames at the corners of your eyes, don't worry… it's just one of Addison's friends."

Robyn eyes the can of Dr. Pepper cautiously for a bit before leaning in and drinking rapidly. Once he's done he leans back. "It's been so long since I've tasted anything with flavour." He says quitely. "Maybe you are Connor and that'd..that'd be awesome." He says before turning to look at his friend, avoiding his eyes like warned. "Addison, flames like the pheonix. You don't think I could feed off some it's been so long since I've had something that good."

"What I hated the most about being trapped? I saw everything Mind-bender did to you… and I was powerless to do nothing. Then I saw you fight it. I saw you use every little trick you knew, and then make up new ones. Man… I was so impressed with you. Really. I always knew you were strong… you just needed a way to see it for yourself. Too bad it had to be this." This time the Can shifts a bit, and becomes 'M'krann Energy Drink' And the next sip taken from it is pure psychic juice, flooding and revitalizing. Connor grins a bit more, "You know the flavor man… he couldn't duplicate this… and he sure as hell couldn't put the whammy on a Phoenix."

"Did I ever tell you when I would drain Addison with the Phoenix force..it's almost addictiong. I find myself wanting it." Robyn says with relief fron the drink. He closes his eyes leaning back against a wall that isn't there. "I had to Connor, Heather is still out there. Same with Shane and Tabitha. It's hard, really hard but I have to be strong for Heather. Figure out some way out of this because it's all a game to him. Mindbender. It's a game. With ever game there's a winner and a loser, I had to be the winner or just stop playing and make up my own rules. Whatever happened, he couldn't be the winner. He can't be. I think that's how I ended up here, I broke too many rules."

Connor chuckles, and then walks behind you, and writes the word COUCH… so your back is now on a couch, feeling the familiar soft cushions from the Rec Room. Sitting back down in front of you, he crosses his legs, and then erases the words, and thus the can, "I'm doing what I can. I'm almost back… but in the meantime… I'm giving you both every advantage I can. You see… I KNOW them both now. I've seen everything they can do. That was Upgrade's mistake. When she amped me. She didn't realize what she'd done. She thought it would just get me out of the way." He pauses then and says, "Sorry… I'm rambling. I'm pissed. But all hail me, the impotent Omnipotent. But what I -can- do? Is I can give you a shot at the man who's done all of this to you."

Robyn looks up at Connor and shakes his head. "You think you're pissed, you haven't been stuck in a labrynth of games for what feels like an eternity." If Robyn was asked he'd probably think at least four of five months have gone by at this point. Time just moves different in the world of illusions. "I hope you're back soon. I..I don't know Upgrade, she didn't interact with me much…wait both?"

Connor motions with a thumb over his shoulder, "I had to use Heather to find you… she doesn't know, but she knew. If that makes any sense. I gave her something to help hide herself from her father long enough to be able to put plans into motion… but for you? I want to do something else." The eyes seem to glimmerglow with a bit more merriment as he then reaches over and pats your shoulder once more, "That juice I gave you… it's for a purpose. When the time is right, think about the straps on your coat, and… well… sing a song. You remember 'According to Plan' from Corpse Bride?"

"Heather…I understand her now in ways people can't. I've been through what she's been through." Robyn says his eyes closing for a bit. "Her and I were together months agos in the Land of Meat. She helped me." He says a faint smile on his face. "Her father…" He says before looking up at Connor wide eyed. "Just remember this is all a game to him. It'll always be a game to him. That's what will be his downfall…I know it. Just remember that." He says almost pleading with his friend. "Yeah, I remember that song."

Connor nods once more and then stands up, looking around for a moment, "Time's running short on me… as long as you're singing 'According to Plan' he can't touch you… you'll be free of his illusions. But only for one time. Once the song's done, he can come in again. Hopefully by then I'll be here and kicking Heather's mom's teeth in. But I promise you… I am coming back, Robyn. And I've never broken a promise to you."

"Hey, this can't be forever, can it?" Robyn says and it's more a hopeful wish as one of his fears as he'll never escape and Heather's parents will win. "I've head out this long, I can go for as long as you need." He says but there is a small look of fear on his face it's obvious he's trying to hide. "Remember the game Connor and…and I'll be waiting for you."

Connor pauses as he's about to leave, and then comes back and kisses Robyn on the cheek, whispering in his ear, "This is your life… it's not a game. And I'm always going to be here…" His hand touching his best friend's heart, "You're too good for that jerk… we gotta find you a better quality of boyfriend… I'd tell you who he is but… I'm not allowed." With that finally, he begins erasing the COUCH, and then finally starts turning that end of the pen on himself, starting with his feet.

"I know. And I'll see you when this is over." Robyn says with a smile before he atches Connor erase himself and vanish. The walls of the white prison start fading into view again and he's leaning against the wall still. He looks down and breaths deep feeling a bit renewed from the endless nothing. Looking down at the ground he sees his meal of the flavourless cream of wheat like substance sitting there. Instead of eating though he takes a breath and starts to sing, "Ninehundred and ninty nine bottles of beer on the wall…."

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