2009-07-27: Impish Trouble


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Summary: Roy and Siegfried find out who has claim on their souls.

Date: July 27, 2009

Log Title Impish Trouble

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Hell's Kitchen

/The rough neighborhood in Midtown West New York known as Hell's Kitchen almost has a darker tone to it. Once you step into this neighborhood the city takes on a different feel, the buildings are shorter but everything feels darker. There is real grit to this part of town where many of the New York City criminals see to make their home.//

After finding a little German resturant in Hells Kitchen, Siegfried went to drag Roy out for dinner. After all Roy is his only friend in New York City. "The resturant is not far from here, a bit past the Church." He says pointing to Holy Ghost Church, though Siegfried was never relgious. He speaks only in German to Roy as he's much more comfortable speaking his native tounge than English. "How has life been going for you Roy?"

Looking at the Church, Roy pauses. After all, he has ideas. "Perhaps we should ask a priest if he can help. It cannot hurt us." He offers, shaking it off as he shrugs. "It's been. Never as good as it was with the circus, but it's been alright. I've survived."

"That, might help, talking to a Priest, I just do not know any." Siegfried hasn't even been in a church before. "I know what you mean, I miss the circus, the family. We should preform together in the park, it will be fun." And a bit of needed nostalgia.

Siegfried doesn't notice it but Roy might catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of his eye, something small, like a child, following them. It's hard to tell cause it looks like it's staying in the shadows.

Being Romany has its advantages. Like watching people to know who to con…erm… exchange services with. Roy has noticed, but isn't saying anything at all at the moment. "We could go into the church here. And ask. Priests turn no one away, from what I've heard. Though, being cursed as we are, I've never… tried."

"I don't know Roy I just think anything right now is an option since ve have none." Siegfried says brushing his short blond hair back. "I've been trying to read a few books but I have no idea where to start."

The childsized being, definately humaniod in shape, keeps on following them and where there was just the one, it seems to be gathering friends? There's definately that feeling of being followed and both Roy and Siegfried would start to feel that slight impending doom feeling.

"Alright." Roy says suddenly, spinning in the direction of the child-like creature. "What do you want? I know you're there and you've been following us." He says, pushing a little of his power into it, to make sure that his voice is heard, no matter the language.

Siegfried gets the feeling just as Roy says something, he turns with Roy to see what's behind them. "I don't like this." He says as he drops the duffle he's carring and starts to get ready for anything that's going to happen, after all his danger sense says, something's wrong as well.

Three little creatures, they look like all black humaniod children, slightly shadowesque, enter. One from an alley, another form behind a car and the last from behind a garbage can, the pedistrians walking down the street don't seem to notice them though Roy gets an odd look from his outburst. All three start laughing and speak together. "Our master will be coming for you soon."

Locking their sizes and looks into his mind, Roy nods. "And who would your master be?" He asks, cracking his neck. He starts looking around for anything he sees that may be useful, especially in a place like this. He begins moving slowly in the direction of the church. After all, anything demonic shouldn't be able to get near it, right?

Siegfried looks around for something that he can use as a support, he's not exactly a fighter, he's a preformer, but he does have super human ablities. "I think we might finally be able to get answers." He says looking around for something he can grab as a weapon, and finds…a hubcap.

There's a group of laughter from the three as Roy asks who they're master is. "You're master soon enough." They says as two seem to produce some sort of flame in their hands and the last puts out his hands and a barrier of fire erupts behind the two of them, between them and the church.

"Down." Roy says simply, as he begins running low towards one of the creatures, trying his best to avoid anything that may be coming from above. "Don't let pain fool you." he says cryptically. He doesn't know why, but he's sure that something's not right about this 'fire'. "And who IS your master? Give me a name. Give me a chance to take him down."

Using his skill of accuracy, Siegfried flings the hubcap, aiming at the head, of one of the 'creatures' before ducking. It's part from Roy's advice and part from that danger sense going 'move out of the way!' He curses in German and looks up at Roy. "We have to get into that church!" Figuring it's the best of plans.

"You can try to take our master down but you're no match for Mephisto!" And all three always speak at once in the same voice. One guy throws a ball of fire at Roy and it goes over his head just as he ducks, hitting a car and the fire ball dissovles into nothing, the car isn't burn. Siegfried ducks out of the way just in time as well as the ball of fire does the same thing as it hits the side of a building.

"Good call. Ignore the pain." Roy says simply as he begins a quick run towards the church door. "We'll be safe in there. And now we have a name." he says with a bit of a grin. Sure, it's hell out here, but they have SOMEwhere to start now.

Siegfried is about to follow Roy through the fire when his danger sense goes off and he stops. "Roy!" He shouts as he won't go past the fire, not yet at least. Right now the only thing he had as a weapon is gone and he just has his danger sense to keep him safe.

As soon as Roy hits the fire it burns in a way like he wouldn't expect, it burns his soul as he just ran through Hell Fire. All three laugh as Roy runs through and another two balls of the hell fire get thrown at Siegfried.

As he makes it through, Roy screams in pain, but does his best to keep his body in motion towards the door. He's got to make it. Determination is his friend. "Come…" He calls weakly towards Siegfried. "It hurts… inside, but no physical damage." That's the only way to describe it. He's unharmed… physically. The creatures are an annoyance to him, but he's not sure what to do at the moment. Though, he will ask the priest inside to bless some water for him to carry. Or… if he can get in and get the blessed water…

He trust's Roy so intstead of listening to his danger sense he listens to Roy and dives through because just as he dives, he moves his body so that the two balls of hell fire thrown at him miss. Where he'd normally land in a roll, he lands awkwardly on his hands and chest with a scream of pain. "What was that?" He asks in German as he pushes himself up to follow Roy.

The wall of hellfire vanishes as Roy and Siegfried get through and the three run after the two as they run towards the church. Lucky for the two former Circus Stars that the three imps can't get into the church.

Darting into the church, Roy grabs whatever he can find to scoop up some of the blessed water from within the font at the entrance. He runs back as quickly as he can to fling some of it at the three, if he has the chance. "Forgive us." He asks of the church, not checking to see if the priest is there watching them or not.

Following behind Roy, Siegfried gets the same idea as his friend as he scoops up the holy water, unfortunately for Siegfried, Roy grabed the only thing that was around, a small cup. "It looks as though they can't follow us in here." He says sounding grateful as he continues to look around to see if he can find something, maybe inside the church.

Outside the three imps seem to be waiting for the two to come out, they can wait as long as they like. They can't touch the steps but they're as close as they can be to holy ground. They all seem to be ready with hellfire.

What Roy grabs up, he throws out at the imps, to see if it works. If so, great. Holy Water. Who knows? "We're safe here, for now, at least." He says, hoping that any priest here will actually understand their need.

"Ja, it looks like it, you're okay Roy?" Siegfried asks as his soul still hurts and burns. As he rounds the bend though he runs into a Priest and seems to be dumbstruck with what to say to him for the moment.

The holy water works like a charm for Roy and the first imp it hits screams and melts into a mist going back to the hell it was sent from. "Mephisto will claim what's his when the time comes." The two remaining say.

"Tell him we will not go easily. Tell him that we were children and were not able to make our own decisions and were coerced. We WILL find a way out of this." Roy says to the demons, glaring as he comes back inside with a soft sigh. Seeing the priest, he stops. "Apologies for the using of the holy water. We… were in danger."

Once Roy comes back in, Siegfried moves to put an arm around his friend's shoulder. "So is that the name of the one we made the deal with?" He asks as he's hoping that it's over, for now. "Ve, are sorry." He says to the priest switing to English. "Ve didn't mean carry harm to your Chruch ve, like Roy said, vere in danger."

The priest nods to the two and holds up a finger. "One moment." He says as he steps out side and takes out two vials of holy water to throw at the last two imps and send them back. "Now I am curious as to why you two brought hell's evils to God's door step, come in and let us talk for a bit." He says leading them into the Sanctuary.

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