2013-02-07: Impromptu Pizza Night


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Summary: Nicholas surprises Shane with Pizza and Taylor joins the party!

Date: February 7, 2013

Log Title: Impromptu Pizza Night

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Art Room

The Art Room has pictures of classic artists and small sculptures of famous pieces of art around the room. Any art supply you need may be found in this room, a large variety of paints, charcoals, markers, pencils, clays, canvases, easels, paper, and much more are accessible for the students. A large kelm is in one of the far corners of the room as well. On one side of the art room are a few sewing machines with a large variety of fabrics and sewing supplies for the students as well.

Mid-evening, and in the sewing corner of the Art Room, a great deal of noise is being made. Headphones on, head bopping to something likely extremely loud with all volume considerations aside, Shane threads a swatch of thin black fabric under a pumping needle, pausing now and again to tuck a bit of blue-green hair out of her way.

Even if Shane can't hear Nick enter the room, she might be able to smell the pizza he's carrying into the room. He places the large white box, paper plaes and napkins resting on top, on one of the tables then sets down a two liter bottle of Dr. Pepper with two plastic cups over the top. He doesn't go over to Shane right away, instead Nick takes out his cellphone and texts Shane. "I got pizza, with bacon."

Shane blinks, the sewing machine chattering to a halt as she digs her cell phone out of her back pocket. Poking at it once, she raises an eyebrow. "…I read bacon," she says before pulling her headphones off. Before she can pause her music, a brief blast of We are the damned of all the world! With sadness in our hearts! The wounded of the wars, we've been hung out to dry! pumps from the speakers, growling guitars cutting off as she pokes the pause icon. "What's th' occasion, Nick?"

"I dunno if there is an occasion." Nicholas says to Shane, flipping open the pizza box. "Just didn't feel like being alone tonight and figured, sometimes, I gotta take the time to appreciate the friends I have. Also you're one of the few people I don't feel on edge around." He says giving a hint of a smile.

Shane snorts, pulling the fabric out from under the needle, snipping and knotting the thread. "Man I know that feelin'," she says as she drops the half-finished project on top of what appears to be the rest of it. Rising from the chair, she pauses to stretch her back, to the tune of rapid-fire pops in her spine. "Jesus how long I been here…?" Shaking her head, she moves to hop on the table on the other side of the pizza. "Anyway… thanks, Nick. Seriously. Hearin' shit like that's still new enough t'make me all fuzzy."

"I dunno, what time did you start?" Nicholas asks. He puts two slices of pizza on each plate then pours two glasses of Dr. Pepper. "And who cares how long you're in here, you're doing what you love. I spent the last few hours in the stables with Orion, but part of that was making sure everything's good for the snow storm tomorrow." He takes a bite of the pizza and looks curiously at the fabric in Shane's hands. "So whatcha making?"

"Just 'bout alla my costumes got blown up, right?" Shane says, shrugging as she picks up a piece of pizza. "Been makin' 'em all up fom scratch. That's th'top t' th' Vincent one, workin' on now. Gauntlet 'n shit's gonna be a pain, but easier 'n th'first time, since I been practicin'." Her nose wrinkles at the mention of the snow storm, and she takes a bite of pizza to cover what she'd like to say about it. Once done, she glances out the window. "Any idea how long it's gonna be snowin'?"

"Most of tomorrow, that's all I know." Nicholas says between bites of his food. "I also bet you've found new techniques to make things too, faster, better, stronger….I messed that up." He tries to remember the right way to say the Daft Punk song but shakes his head as it seems to escape him. "So the other night I was talking to one of the staffers here I'd never met, Dani Moonstar. She seemed pretty cool. Would you believe that she actually has a Pegasus?"

Shane pauses, mid-bite, at the revelation of a staffer with a magical winged horse. And even in the dark recesses of the tattooed, dyed-hair, punk-metal-listening sullen, snappy mutants soul, a visible glimmer of Lisa Frank stirs… and then is gone. "Man, this point I'd believe it 'f I heard onea th' teachers had a pet fuckin' dragon. Cool, huh? Sounds like heavy-talk stuff."

Sitting at one of the tables dining on bacon topped pizza and Dr. Pepper, Shane and Nicholas seem to be enjoying a mid-evening dinner. "Doesn't one of the teachers have a pet Dragon? Or is that just one of those rumors to screw with the new kids that a year later I'm still buying into? But yeah, she's got a Pegasus and we were talking and stuff. It was just nice to hear someone else here thinks some things are messed up staff-wise."

"Pretty sure most of'm do," Shane says with a shrug. "Just, shit gets spread 'round thick enough t'bury everyone at least a little, y'know? But, s'good hearin' you found a staffer t'talk to. Friends're good, but sometimes y'jus' need 'n adult y'*get,* yeah?"

Taylor peeks in from the hallway, glancing about, before creeping in despite likely being easily spotted by both Nicholas and Shane. The felinoid sniffs the air lightly and then says, "I think one of the teachers /do/ have a pet dragon. Sorry. I hear like everything. But I usually ignore it… I don't eavesdrop usually or anything. Uh. Not on purpose… Dragons freak me out ever since Dash got taken. What's up?" Taylor starts towards the fabrics.

"I don't think they'd allow a dangerous dragon around…would they?" Nicholas says as Taylor walks into the room. He has some opinions on things in the school, but letting in dangerous creatures intentionally isn't something he thinks they'd do. "It did feel good, just hope it's not a one time thing, ya know. But it's what I've been needing someone older to talk to. Anyway, hey Taylor. Dunno if you can eat any of this but it's bacon pizza if you want a slice." He doubts she will with the cheese and all.

"….Okay I guess I was wrong. I *am* havin' a hard time believin' it," Shane mutters after a moment, mudging the pizza box closer to Taylor. "Might wanna swap out thread 'f y'r gonna start sewin', was workin' on a project 'fore th'bacon rolled in." Picking up a cup, she tips it toward Nicholas. "'F it is a one-time thing, guess I'm'a hafta start bombin' th' staff lounge till it ain't no more. Y'soundin a hell of a lot better, Nick."

"Bacon pizza?" says Taylor, considering the question, "Bacon pizza… I'm gonna have to think about that one a bit. I still find every part of that delicious, but… well, cheese is gonna wreck my digestion. Are there any onions on that, or in it?" The teen then nods towards Shane and says, "Alright, I'll rethread it. Thanks for the warning. And… I guess it's a friendly dragon? I dunno. Still freaky."

Nicholas fills up Shane's cup then tops off his own. After placing the cap back on he shrugs a shoulder. "I dunno, I think it's because it's just us? I don't have to have a guard up around you and…." He actually gets a bit pink in the cheeks with embarrassment and doesn't finish his sentence before stuffing a large bit of pizza in his mouth. "It's nothing. And no, there's no onions. Just pizza dough, sauce, cheese and bacon. They don't make pizza like this back home, this is just so much better."

"Fuckin' A," Shane says after a slug of soda, raising a blue-green eyebrow in Nick's direction at the flushed cheeks. Letting it go at that, she looks at Taylor. "…Could take th'cheese off? Ain't half as weird as somea th' shit I seen people call pizza back in LA. Fuckin' artichoke hearts…"

"I'm not gonna ruin a perfectly good pizza just 'cause it's gonna feel really bad later. I'll chalk it up to 'future me' problems…" says Taylor, taking one of the slices of pizza, eyeing it for a moment, and then takes a bite. "This tastes amazing," states the felinoid. Future Taylor is gonna have problems.

"What?" Nicholas asks Shane as she swears, he's not entirely sure if he gets the look she's giving him. "What's an artichoke heart? I don't think I've ever eaten an artichoke, let alone it's heart." He takes a deep breath and looks away from the two. "Just..I needed a hug okay?" He mutters quickly and quietly. "Don't make yourself sick Taylor, well actually, you don't have a roommate so that works in your favour."

"Yup, no roommate. It's amazing," says Taylor, nodding a couple of times, "Every cloud's got a silver lining and all that space to myself is mine!" The teen then shrugs and says, "And… I dunno. I'll have one piece. I should be fine with just one piece. Well like. 'Not horrible' might be more accurate."

Shane rolls her eyes, taking the last slice of pizza on her plate and brushing all the bacony goodness off. Then a second slice gets taken from the box, its bacon picked off, and the cheese stripped. Stuffing the layer of greasy dairy product in her mouth, she scoops up all the harvested bacon, liberally coating the mushy, saucy bread with them, folds up the pizza slice, and shoves it at Taylor's nose with a muffled grunt. Apparently, no will not be a satisfactory reply. And once done, she glances at Nick, eyebrow twitching upward as she swallows. "…That was it? Fuck, even *I* need a hug sometimes. 'N I *hate* hugs."

"Yeah but you're a girl. It's okay if a girl says something touchy feely like that." Nicholas says defensively. "Guys don't like to admit crap like that." At least he doesn't. Then his discomfort is gone when Shane removes the cheese for Taylor and shoves it at Taylor's mouth. He can't help himself and just starts laughing.

"Guys can admit whatever, it's not a huge deal, is it?" says Taylor, raising an eyebrow slightly. The teen blinks a few times after Shane shoves the bacon sauce crust towards them. "Oh. Uh, thanks. I could have this," says Taylor, taking the plate and glancing a bit awkwardly off, "I mean, it was nice just to taste the cheese from the first slice at least. I like the taste, just not the results. It's like ice cream when you're lactose intolerant. Which I am now, I guess. Ice cream is still amazing."

Her task done, Shane nods once, then looks at Nick like he's grown a second head. "….Back it up there, Cupcake. ….Did you just say *I,* biggest, surliest pile of fuck you I know 'cept maybe for Theo but whatever, can admit to wantin' hugs I don't even *like* most of th'time just because I got *tits?!*" Pulling out the collar of her shit, she looks down, brow furrowing. "…An' barely *even* that t'boot? Sweet fucking shitball sandwiches, Nick, that's some kinda stupid."

"Thanks." Nicholas says to Shane with a none to amused expression. "It's not about being surly or whatever, okay? Guys don't hug, unless it's like winning the superbowl or something significant. I should know by now when to keep my mouth shut."

"Oh. You know. Like. Your tits are alright," says Taylor, scratching the back of their neck and shrugging a shoulder. The teen finishes the actual pizza, and then looks towards the bacon bread boat of Shane's design. "And, uh, I'm just saying that guys should be allowed to hug when hugs are wanted. Don't mean anything by it."

"What she said," Shane says, gesturing with a slice of baconless pizza to Taylor. "Also? Nick. You're sayin' 'guys shouldn't want hugs' to a girl who's pretty sure her dad sucks dick. ….Aaaaaaand is sorry she said it. Anyway. Point remains."

Nicholas actually chokes on his pizza and starts coughing as Shane says that. He has to spit the remaining pizza in his mouth into his napkin so he can catch his breath from choking. After a bit of coughing, watering eyes, pats on his chest and sips of soda, he's able to talk a bit again. "Damn it Shane, I don't need the visual of that. I want to eat my pizza, not inhale it."

"Oh, man, uh… wow. Parent sex is just not something that I ever really think about in any context at all," says Taylor, headshaking at that and taking a bite of the piece of cheeseless pizza.

"Yeah well it's *my* dad an' *I* know his husband's face, so fuck you both I'm payin' for it too," Shane grumbles, scrubbing an eye with the back of her wrist. "Point is, feelin' ashamed f'r wantin' hugs just cos you're a guy's stupid. An' 'f we c'n call Ahmed 'r Q out when they're actin' dumb, you c'n take it too. Y'needed a hug. Y'got a hug. Y'feel better. End 'a story, good on you, have another slice."

"You just don't get it." Nicholas says sounding frustrated. "Just because I don't have the same view point as you means I'm acting dumb." Quite a bit of the good mood he had before seems to be vanishing quickly and he pushes aside his plate with a half eaten slice on it. "I try to be myself around you guys but I can't half the time cause I get told I'm doing something dumb or stupid. Sorry but that's just the way I grew up, the way I was raised. I'm sorry it doesn't fit into your California ideal of what's stupid and what isn't."

"I'm not telling you that you're being dumb or stupid," says Taylor, blinking a few times, "I just… I guess I dunno, I don't really give a shit what boys are supposed to do or what girls are supposed to do. Just do what makes you happy, but I guess it's like, you have different experiences and values than me, I get that, but I'm just throwing out my opinion. I disagree. And that's fine. That's all." The teen shrugs lightly and then takes another bite.

Shane leans back on the table, peering at Nick as she rests her weight on her hands. "…Okay, Nick, y'know what? S'fine. Just tryin' t'point out that if it worked, ain't a deal for sayin' it worked. But if you ain't happy 'less you're the dudeliest dudebro that ever duded 'cross th'school, s'fine. Just might wanna look at changin' y'name. Rock Steakfist, mebbe?"

Nicholas gives Shane a none to amused look. "Look, back in North Dakota it was different, really different. They're not as liberal as you all are here and it is taking me a bit to get used to, but I am getting used to other peoples choices. If I want to act like some stupid Rock Steakfist, then that's my choice. It's who I am, quit ragging on me for it okay?" He looks over at Taylor and shrugs. "That's find that you disagree, you don't have to choose to act all girly or manly, but I'm a guy and I choose to act like a guy. It's who I am and I don't think either of you have to act how other people think you should act."

"Rock Steakfist is like… a fucking amazing name, though," comments Taylor, seeming amused by it, ears perked up a bit. The feline then nods towards Nicholas and says, "Yeah. I mean, exactly. I don't think anyone should have to act how other people think they should act. I guess that's what I meant, like, if you were feeling all uncomfortable about hugs then yeah, fuck hugs! But if you want a hug, then it's probably fine unless you don't think it is. 'cause I can't tell you how you're gonna be." The teen scratches the back of their neck and says, "I think the more I try to explain myself, the deeper I'm gonna dig a hole."

Shane snorts, lifting a shoulder. "Just sayin', ain't no reason t'get all embarrassed 'f it *helped you feel better.* I mean it ain't like you were chompin' puppies 'r breakin' windows… whatever." Blowing out a breath, she sits back up, snatching the bottle of Dr. Pepper and pouring herself another cup. "So anyway."

Nicholas goes back to eating his discarded slice of pizza and after a few bites he shrugs. "Just not easy for me to admit is all." He mutters. "So anyway." He echoes Shane. "I'm thinking I need a movie night filled with dumb comedies like Super Troopers, Beerfest, Hot Tub Time Machine and all those ridiculous films. I need to laugh."

Taylor nods a few times and says, "I haven't really seen any of those shows. I mean, I sometimes had movie nights with my parents, but they were more the romantic comedy type. Well. My mom was. Uh. And I guess I was alright with it…" The teen scratches the back of their head and says, "I feel a bit bad for my dad… I wouldn't mind seeing those though."

"Cap it off with Hot Fuzz, an' you got a deal," Shane says, nodding once.

"You ain't never seen Bad Boys Two?" Nicholas says in a horrible British accent, it's almost painful it's so bad. "I know what you mean Tay, in our house it was usually two, sometimes three, guys against one. Mom usually got stuck watching a lot of Westerns and actions films. Usually it was David or Bodie watching stuff like The Hangover with me. Mom liked those touchy feely films. I remember she got me to watch Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken by saying it as a horse movie. She was kind of right, but still."

Taylor nods and says, "I guess in a way neither of my parents were really outnumbered. My mom just had a kind of more forceful personality, and my dad was a stay at home dad. I mean. I guess with me gone, I don't know what he does to occupy his time anymore. Having me around was kind of a big job with, like, the doctor visits and stuff…" The feline falls silent for a moment, considering that.

Shane looks sort of uncomfortable, paying most of her attention to her drink at the moment and leaving the conversation to Nick and Taylor.

Nicholas looks over at Taylor. "Have you talked to your parents at all recently? I mean with everything that's happened, I dunno if you've been in contact with the." He knows it's a bit of a rough subject with Tay but he's a bit curious. Shane gets a look with raised eyebrows as if to say 'why so quiet?'

"Oh. No… not really. I talked to them to sign some medical releases a little while ago, 'cause of their being my parents, and I'm still under eighteen… I need them to sign releases 'cause I can't make my own medical decisions," says Taylor, shrugging a shoulder lightly. "They're still adjusting, though, we talked a little. They'll come around."

Shane returns the raised eyebrow with a shrug, shaking her head a bit. "Sucks, Taylor… Wish I knew what t'tell ya, but, dunno 'f you're technically American enough f'r anything I could think of."

Nicholas reaches over and squeezes Taylor's shoulder and nods. He really does hope her parents come around. "Sorry, didn't mean to drag the mood down. Though I know I'm a master at it." Nick says it more to lighten the mood teasing himself. "So yeah, I think comedy night is definitely needed. Though I'd really be curious to see Ahmed's face if we show him a movie like Hot Fuzz. Heck even Shaun of the Dead and make it a Simon Pegg night."

"Oh, no, the mood's fine," says Taylor, nodding a couple of times, "I'm still pretty sure they just need time. It's been awhile, but it's not every day that your only child turns fuzzy." The spotted teen then says to Shane, chuckling, "You don't think I'm American enough?"

"S'just hard keepin' track 'o where everyone's from is all," Shane mutters sourly. "Thought you were from Canada. Also, shut up."

Nicholas gets a look of contemplation on his face before he looks at Taylor. "Where are you from, I honestly can't remember. I just know I told your ex-boyfriend off almost exactly a year ago. Valentines Day, we were both depressed about our exes, speaking of which, what do I get Jill for Valentines Day. Take her out for a nice dinner at a blood bank…"

"Oh. No, my dad's from Russia and my mom's English… That's what I thought you were talking about. I don't really know who knows that my parents are immigrants," says Taylor, shrugging a shoulder, "My dad's accent is amazing." The feline then nods towards Nicholas and says, "I guess we'll be in relationships come Valentine's Day. I mean, most likely…"

"Oh," Shane says quietly. "Well like I said… 'f it don't get better, there's filin' for 'mancipation. Heard some kids talkin' 'bout it back in LA, one day."

"I had no clue. My Grandfather, my Dad's Dad, was from Germany, he had an amazing accent too." Nicholas says chuckling. "All my family is of German-decent though. And I'm sure it won't come to that Taylor." Nicholas is trying to be positive for Taylor's sake even though he's not so sure. "Do you miss LA Shane, not the people or your school but the city?"

Taylor nods a couple of times and says, "Yeah, German accents are pretty great. I can do a pretty excellent Russian accent myself, and I can speak a couple words of it, but I'm not conversational… And… I dunno, I'd rather not do the emancipation thing. My parents are still signing my releases how I want them to so… there's that…"

Shane nods to Taylor, falling silent for a moment as she considers the question. "….Dunno," she says finally, turning her cup in her hands. "Too fuckin' hot, too fuckin' polluted, too fuckin' crowded, half th'people onna street'r workin' some kinda angle, the other half're just wannabes… Never started havin' real friends till… shit," she says with a quiet laugh, "'til I came here 'n got strung out, 'n turned into some asshole's fuckin' attack dog. I mean Mason, yeah… he was a better friend near th'end there 'n I gave 'm credit for… Iunno. 'S where I grew up, y'know? Kinda do."

"I would figure if their taking enough interest to sign your releases than that's something?" Nicholas says. "I wonder if maybe sending your folks an email or something saying hi and just what's been up with your life will help." He shrugs before nodding to Shane with a faint smile. "I could tell. CAuse you talk about LA quite often, the way I talk about Sheridan County. But Mason, that guy just gets under my skin."

"Oh. I've sent them kind of updates a few times so that they know what's going on with me. I mean. It's not like I'm dead or anything, so I figure they might want to know…" says Taylor, brushing their hair back. "And I generally send the releases to them to get signed, or they're on like conference calls with my doctors or whatever, but we don't really shoot the shit so much when that's going on. I'm sure the little brief exposures, you know, it's probably good for 'em."

Shane shrugs, wrinkling her nose. "Nick, I ain't been around allat long, 'n even then all I know is where th'Fabric District is. Know th'school grounds better, 'cos I don't really feel much like goin' out, 'specially after…" Trailing off, she shrugs again. "LA's pretty much where I learned all I know, yeah?" Clearing her throat, she finishes off her soda, nodding at Taylor. "Prolly, yeh."

"Hey you've been here longer than Tay and I. To me, you're the veteran here." Nicholas says grabbing another slice of pizza. "I know what you mean about not really going out, I haven't really felt comfortable leaving the school grounds since…you know as well. That's why I asked one of the teachers to pick up this pizza."

"Yeah, that's true. I think you were both here longer than me. I kinda made an idiot of myself when I first showed up," says Taylor, scratching the back of their neck, "And… I've gone out a couple of times, but I definitely feel like I watch over my shoulder a lot more. I definitely don't leave without using my image inducer…"

Shane grunts, setting her cup aside. "Yeah… which means I'm'a be th' first t'go," she murmurs. "…An' I still ain't gotta clue what I'm'a be doin' when I do…"

"I wasn't here that long before you Taylor, but yeah, I've been here just a bit longer. I think we were part of the same 'new kid' bunch along with Ahmed." Nicholas looks over at Shane with a furrowed brow. "Doesn't mean you'll be the first to go, it's more how old you are verses how long you've been here right? I mean I'm seventeen, so I've got a little over a year left…" His voice trails off after that. "Then I'm screwed. Don't have anywhere to really go after school, my future is pretty much fucked."

Taylor crosses their arms and says, "Well… I am a couple years away from graduation myself, but… I kind of worry about my own future. Like. I mean… I wish the world was less fucked up, I guess, but it's kinda not…" The teen shrugs a shoulder and then glances away for a moment, ears flicking lightly, "Encouraging. We'll see though."

"Yeah uh," Shane says after a moment, "I'm'a be *nineteen* next month. Still in school, 'cos I missed a whole shitload 'a days, yeah? Which means June, I gotta figure out what'm doin'. …'N what I *can* do. Cos, y'know. Like Taylor said."

Nicholas looks down at the table and lets out sigh. "I was gonna run the stables. You know, work with my parents until they retired and then Silver Crest was gonna get passed down to me, like my Grandparents did with my Mom. That's what I wanted, not just some forced inherit the family business. Just now, seems like my future is pretty much doomed. Most people in this country know my face as a mutant and even though I was cleared of being a mutant terrorist, I know people are gonna hold that against me." Nicholas looks over at Shane. "Really? You're a seamstress who loves to make costumes, why not try to go into theatre or something, as a costumer. Isn't Broadway not to far away?"

"Broadway is a pretty big deal. I could get a role in Cats. If it was like. Still running," says Taylor, shrugging one shoulder and then lightly licking the back of their hand idly. The teen only realizes what's being done when the hand is raised up to rub behind an ear, at which point Taylor immediately folds both hands together. "But really, I'm not an actor, that's just a joke…"

Shane stares at Nick for a moment, mouth falling slightly open, then she closes her eyes and takes a breath. "Why? Think 'bout what you *just said,* Nick. Almost pretty much applies t'me too. Mebbe people don't know my name, but, I'm on camera blowin' up in a fuckin' mall. TSA tried t'give me shit onna way back from home, y'know… good thing m'dad walked me up. Just… Iunno. Mebbe get into fashion, but… dunno 'f I wanna ruin doin' what I love cos it's *work,* y'know?"

"Never seen a Broadway show." And Nicholas really doesn't have any desire to. "Sorry Shane, didn't really think about it. Part of is, I wasn't really around for half the stuff that went down I was…you know." His voice is just above a whisper. "It's….how the hell do go on after something like that?" The rhetoric question is filled with frustration. "How do you just move on and have a normal life after..after….everything. You can't."

Taylor just glances off at Nick's question, shrugging their shoulders silently and looking out the window, hands still folded together.

Shane falls silent for a while, lowering her head. "…Wish I knew, Nick," she says softly. "Just… Told you about th'Mindbender thing, right? When this asshole'n'his wife, fuckin' *supervillains,* made me think I was all by m'self, nothin' but crystal all around? After… was askin' m'self that a lot. Broke me pretty hard. After while… jus'… kinda figured that was enough, y'know? 'F I can't have what I want… Figger out what'll help a little, 'n go f'r that. So…" Shane shrugs. "Now I got friends. So I guess somethin' was right, there. Prolly wouldn't'a done it, 'f it wasn't f'r shit gettin' bad enough I either moved 'r died, y'know?"

Nicholas shakes his head. "Sorry, I'm trying not to think about this stuff just…I need to, I don't know what I need to do except I have to stop being such a miserable bastard." He nods to Shane. "Yeah you told me, at least you weren't responsible for that crap you did. I just can't get this stuff out of my head, little things just cause me to panic, I don't just have nightmares at night but it happens during the day." He shudders. "They tortured us for no reason, just because it was fun to them. I told the other guys at one point, if it meant one of us getting left behind, let it be me. There are times where I just wish I either died with my parents, back in that cell or in Giant's Stadium." He looks back over to Shane and gives her a small smile. "You're stronger than I am Shane. I wish I had your strength, you're…you're just tougher than I am. Emotionally. You've been so through so much and you're not falling apart at the seems."

Taylor continues to look out the window for a few moments longer before their eyes turn towards Shane and Nicholas and the feline mumbles, "Sorry you guys had to go through all of that…"

Shane grunts, shaking her head. "S'fine. Ain't your fault." Closing her eyes, she lets out a long, slow sigh. "Y'know why I ain't falling apart, Nick…? Cos I already did that. Spent most 'o m'life fallin' apart a little atta time. Pretendin' everything's okay, when it ain't an' it ain't ever gonna be, but y'don't want people feelin' sorry for you, or thinkin' you're too weak t'handle y'r own shit. Or even worse… people bein' *right.* An' every year, got a little worse, 'n a little worse… 'n then I end up inna hospital, an' shit *still* manages t'get worse. An' then I end up hooked on drugs I *still* catch m'self wantin' t'score a piece of, now'n again. But it don't stop gettin' worse, until there ain't nothin' left but 'Wake up, Shane. Run for your life, Shane. Break this thing that wants to kill you, Shane.'" Looking up at Nick, she lifts one corner of her mouth in a wry, sad smile. "Kinda hard t'go anywhere but up then, yeah… 'F I hadda say anythin' like advice, it's just… Don't wait till it gets that bad, Nick. Find somethin' worth shootin' for, an' go for it. Fuck everything else."

Nicholas looks over at Taylor and gives a smile, even if it's a forced smile, he's trying. He then reaches out a finger and pokes the feline on the nose. "Thanks. Again, sorry for being a Debbie downer…Donald downer..what's it called when it's a guy whose being a sad sack?" He looks at Shane and gives her the same forced smile he gave Taylor, but there's more sadness in his eyes. "I appreciate the words Shane but…." He shakes his head. "You make it sound so much easier than it is."

The felinoid seems a bit surprised at being touched on the nose, flinching a bit in surprise. Cat noses are sensitive! Taylor listens to Shane and Nick and then says, "I dunno. It sounds… pretty hard to me."

"An' he's right," Shane says heavily, nodding to Taylor. "It's a helluvalot easier t'say it. So, y'know…" Shrugging a bit, she eyes the last piece of pizza. "…We gona hafta fight f'r that?"

"It's tiring you know? And I don't think it's just the lack of sleep. Well maybe that has a part of it but there's this constant feeling that weighs on me." Nicholas says shaking his head. "All yours Shane, after all I've still got a half a piece here. I know not everything is crap, cause I've got you two as friends, Ahmed, Q, Cale as well, and a girlfriend, Jill. Even if things are really weird with dating a Vampire."

"I think we've all got good things going on," says Taylor, nodding a couple of times slowly, "I mean, I guess it's kind've a matter of focusing on it or whatever. I guess I'm not super good at that either. I'm kinda negative, I know, but… Yeah."

"Meh," Shane says around the last of the pizza, snapped up the moment Nick gave the all-clear. Swallowing, she shrugs. "Welcome t'th'club, Taylor. Like I said b'fore; bein' a ray 'a sunshine 'round here's practically a job title, cos it don't seem like more'n one person atta time c'n manage it. Maybe two, onna summer day. Oughta paint th'school black, callit Mopetopia 'r somethin."

"If you guys met me before I came here, I was a regular ray of sunshine." Nicholas says. "Then again I was a fairly spoiled only brat. I get moments where the old Nick is back then…this." He looks out at the window and takes a deep breath. "I really want to go back home, just to see."

Taylor nods a few times and says, "Yeah. I kinda had a little bit of only child syndrome. I was showered with attention for all sortsa reasons, but… I didn't really develop many friendships outside of my family. It's kind of funny that it's a bit opposite now."

"Me too," Shane says. "'N m'parents were prety much th'only people who tried t'support me, y'know? But yeah… Figure it was prbably a good idea t'come out here… Told Mom that, even after th'terrorist bullshit. Wasn't gonna happen, back West."

"I was friends with everyone in my class, all nine of them." Nicholas says knowing it sounds silly. "Anyway I think I'm gonna go toss this garbage now that we've devoured this pizza then head to my room and take a nice long shower to relax. Good luck with finishing up your Vincent costume Shane, and Tay good luck with your stomach later from eating that pizza. Thanks a lot for just, being there." He says picking up the pizza box and garbage, but leaving the Dr. Pepper for the two.

"Have a good night Nick, and, uh, thanks for the well-wishes to my stomach. Future Taylor thanks you," says Taylor, glancing down a moment. But cheese really does taste good!

"Later, Nick," Shane says, voice slightly tired as the boy makes his way out of the art room. "….Oi," she groans, raking a hand through her hair. "Sorry 'bout that, Taylor."

Taylor's eyes turn towards Shane for a moment and the felinoid student creeps a bit closer in curiosity, "Sorry about what? I mean, it's alright, talking about stuff… if that's what you're apologizing for, don't wory about it, it's good…"

Shane shrugs. "Just, doubt you came in here lookin' t'deal with th'seriously heavy shit, is all."

Taylor shrugs and says, "Nah, no, probably not. I mean, I'm dealing with some of my own stuff and it's all complicated, but it's like… I dunno. Just stuff I gotta take care of I guess. Listening to other people's problems reminds me that I should be able to get through it all."

Shane shrugs. "'Mazin' what y'c'n get used to, when it gets worse," she mutters. "But yeh. Prolly, stuff'll turn out okay sooner or later."

"Sooner or later, yeah…" says Taylor, nodding a couple of times slowly, "Well, I should be getting off to bed as well. Maybe get some nap before my stomach starts feeling a bit off… you have a good night, Shane."

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