2011-07-16: In Need Of A Meeting


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Summary: Talk of events, the danger room, and a new student brings two people to consider calling together the Paragons to iron out a few issues.

Date: July 16, 2011

Log Title: In Need of a Meeting

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion- Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs and couches with a few tables are placed up here for students to relax. There's a door off to one of the sides that leads up to the attic above here.

The curfew begins in less than thirty minutes. Tyler is already on campus up in the Observation Lounge observing the stars via a telescope. When he's done peering through the device at the heavens he leans an arm against the device while staring up at the stars through the glass windows. He appears to have been working out or something akin to it as he's wearing his UM clothing and has a bag sitting in a nearby chair.

Dressed in a dark purple undershirt under a light blue denim shirt that hangs open, and black skinny fit jeans. Kieran looks about curiously. This is actually one of the very few times that he's ever ventured up to here. "Heylo." He says smiling a bit and rolling his shoulders, still feels a lil tight from the recovery of the stitches. "So see anything interesting up there?" He asks curiously.

Turning about Tyler offers a smile as his arm slips off the telescope. "Pretty much, no. See something interesting right here though." Crosses the short distance between himself and Kieran to hug the other boy off his feet and spin him around in a small circle. "What brought you up here? How're you doing? Got a kiss for me?" One wonders when the questions may ever stop and the spinning; don't forget the spinning.

Leaning to try and stop the questions with a kiss for a moment so that he'll be able to answer some of those questions,"Looking for you, and I'm still recovering. Shoulders are tight but I can play guitar again and there's little to no pain. Not going to be throw a baseball or anything like that." Kieran says laughing when he finally breaks the kiss, the spinning making him a little bit dizzy.

Setting Kieran back down to his feet Tyler keeps his arms around his boyfriend in case the spinning made Kieran a bit dizzy. "Looking for me huh? Miss me?" It had been awhile since they'd been able to find some time to see each other. "Obviously. Never mind the question. If I rub your shoulders would that help out at all? Got to be something I can do to help you."

"It's all good. Just a result of the healing process. Just need to keep stretching it gently." Kieran says smiling a bit,"This place is sort of neat. What have you been up to?" He asks curiously as he looks at the taller lad.

"Not a whole lot, KI. Mostly talking to people I run into and getting to know Sage a bit better." Tyler ushers Kieran over to the chair his bag is resting in. When close enough the bag is yoinked out of the chair then dropped onto the floor nearby. "Please," waves to the now available chair near the telescope. "I'm glad you're doing better." Goes back to grasping the telescope with one hand though he faces his boyfriend seriously. "Been trying to explain to the masses that I'm not too keen on using my abilities. I don't think they're really understanding where I'm coming from. Do you have problems like that? I mean, when you know something is just wrong for you and no one else seems to get it?"

"I don't like cutting loose with my powers. I don't mind using my powers at the level of a taser when you can't reason with someone." Kieran says seriously,"The only time I don't mind cutting loose is in the danger room where there's no one that can get hurt." He says seriously,"There are a lot of people though that don't get it. They want to fight and to beat people. Winning is more important that causing minimal harm."

Tyler points a lone finger at Kieran. "That's part of it right there. So many are looking to blow things up, beat others, and such. Or you've got to have the set up to fight someone should it come to that." Shakes his head while spinning the telescope around on it's tripod for a few turns before leaving the poor device alone. "I've never faced the circumstances that seem to happen around here all of the time and even so I have very little grasp of what I can do. I wouldn't light up to throw myself into the mix. Honestly? I'm more of a liability at the moment. Would I want to stop some crazy person from hurting innocent people? Sure. I'm just not in a place to do that yet."

"The only way you can push the boundaries of your powers sometimes is to use them all out." Kieran says seriously,"That's what the danger room is for really. It's not just about damaging, it's about learning to control and push your limits." He says in that same serious voice. "My powers a little more geared towards stopping people without hurting them seriously. Sure they'll get headaches and be sore, but most can survive it easily."

"Do they ever run tests where you're not shooting at someone or something?" Tyler asks seriously. Why couldn't they attract or repulse inanimate targets or run an obstacle course of some kind? Maybe they do and he's just had the misfortune of having living targets thrown at him. "I'd offer to trade you powers so I could get a better deal but I wouldn't want you to be stuck in my position." Turning towards the telescope the teen focuses in on a particular cluster of stars and motions Kieran to take a look at them. "I hope there will be no more crazy people attacking the school. Not sure what I could do if they did." Which is a thought that doesn't sit well with him.

"I don't know. I think it's possible, but I'm not entirely sure about it." Kieran says shrugging a little bit as he looks at Tyler,"I've not been here much longer than you. I think they might give us targeting practice, or practice where we're meant to /dodge/ not attack." He says considering that,"Learning to dodge is a pretty useful thing. Sage is a pacifist to the point I think it could lead him to trouble with people. He seemed to think that there's never a reason to fight."

Tyler nods about his room mate but can understand where the boy is coming from. "He's from a very unique sheltered set up and he doesn't know what's out there. Hell, even human vs human in New York can be bad. I truly hope nothing comes anywhere near Sage for a good long while so he can get used to living here. I know that's wishful thinking but perhaps we can all look out for him." Tweak to the telescope and the stars are shown in much sharper detail than a moment before. They're pretty to look at that's for sure. "If something goes down and you're involved I'll certainly be there to help you. Maybe not blasting people but I'll be there."

"Sometimes it is more about the application of the powers in creative ways." Kieran says smiling at Tyler,"I'm sure if we thought about it, we could come up with ways for you to use your powers that wouldn't kill someone." He says casually as he looks to Tyler,"Yeah, he's sheltered. I think he's in for a pretty rude awakening about things. Apparently he thinks our powers come from some weird mystical creature."

"Maybe, not so sure about it but then I haven't had much chance to try anything." Not too concerned about this at the moment for he's certain that nothing would attack the observation lounge any time soon. Tyler rests a hand against Kieran's back and peers up at the stars through the large glass windows. "There's a lot about Sage that I like. I'm just worried for him a lot. It's going to be harsh for awhile and I'm not sure how he'll hold up."

"We should try and figure out if there's some nice nonoffensive way that you can use your powers. Sure your form would be super cold." Kieran says smiling a little bit,"I don't dislike him but I do like him a bit. He just seems dreadfully naive about things." He says casually,"I think it's hard on everyone when they first come here. It's really different here from anywhere else because of everything going on."

Tyler nods, "I'm thinking that I need to figure out how to use the environment more than how to blast things apart. Sage though? I'm not sure what's going to happen to the poor guy. He's pretty awesome but three months is not long enough for him to get used to how things roll in the States let alone in a place as chaotic as this. Maybe we could get the Paragons together and see what we can do?"

"Yes. I think we can get the paragons together and work not on trying to destroy something, but on defending something." Kieran says considering that a little bit,"I think having to survive for a period of time without actively attacking something." He says with a little smile,"What do you think?"

"It's possible. I'm sure Kevin would be on board and I think Tara's a great leader candidate so she might see what we're trying to do. If we could work together then if something happens we can all react in a way that's predictable. Makes things easier." Tyler smiles pointing out several of the stars that he finds interesting.

"Exactly. It would teach us to fight defensively, and make us think of how to use our powers not to hurt someone but to protect." Kieran says smiling a little bit more at Tyler,"THe stars are beautiful. THey look a little different than where I used to go to look at them. COurse I wasn't close to downtown Cincy."

Tyler wraps his arm fully around Kieran's shoulders, "Shouldn't be able to see them very well in the city here but upstate seems to fair better. Makes me wonder sometimes when I see them if I might one day be able to fly up there and be amongst them."

"Yeah. It would be cool to fly." Kieran says laughing a little bit,"I wonder if I could learn to fly the way Magneto does. I probably couldn't manage to fly in space like you might be able to manage, but still, if I could fly here…"

Tyler chuckles, "Hovering is pretty neat. I'm pretty sure if I learned how I could fly. I'm jazzed about that but at the same time a bit freaked out about it. Not sure I want to be dodging buildings or waving from space just yet. Definitely cool to think about though and maybe you could learn how to fly. We could maybe end up flying together some day which would be totally cool in my opinion."

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