2011-06-27: In Passing


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Summary: While painting goes on in the evening a few people happen through the Quad, and go their seperate ways.

Date: June 27, 2011

Log Title: In Passing

Rating: PG

Westchester Xavier Mansion Quad

There is a square side walk of pavement with a nice grassy area in the middle with a few stone benches and trees along the corners. The pavement leads to the paths to the grounds of the school, the Dining Hall in Xavier's and the Ramsey Dormitories. It's not particularly large but it's a nice place for students and teachers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Early in the evening there are not many students left milling about the grounds. Most of the schools population had left the campus due to summer break but those that remained behind could be found wandering around the estate. Out in the quad upon the grass an overly large blanket has been tossed out. At each corner there was an item holding the blanket down. At one end a back pack, another an art toolbox, another a stack of blank canvas, and the last corner a small picnic basket of goodies. In the center of the enormous blanket with a paintbrush in hand, and a canvas propped up in front of him is Tyler whose bare feet are idly grabbing at blades of grass as he hums a tune playing on his iPod.

A second student appears not to have gone home for the holidays. Sophie DeCosta emerges from the dormitories, and guides herself with the tap of her cane towards a spot she's fond of, where there is a stone bench near a tree. She settles herself on the bench, and collapses her cane into itself before flipping open the leather-bound book she carries. Finding the ribbon that bookmarks it, she opens it to about the middle, and her fingers brush across the braille as she reads.

Tyler continues to work on his painting for a time until there is the sound of a person approaching from nearby. Peering up from his canvas he notices Sophie as she seats herself on the bench nearby with a book. Uncertain as to whether he should interrupt her or not he continues to paint for a few moments before setting his brush down into a container near his thigh. Resting back on his hands he calls out, "Hey, Sophie! Good evening and such!"

Sophie's fingers pause, keeping her spot on the page as she looks up. A smile turns her lips upwards, and she bobs her head in greeting. "Hello, Tyler," she replies. "You are very quiet this evening, si? I did not hear you there. Are you out on the grass?"

"Yup, Sophie. I'm across from you on the lawn with a buncha stuff so I can paint." Tyler takes a look around at his collection of things and starts moving things around as he talks. "You're more than welcome to come over here if you want. I've got a pretty big blanket down and some picnic type things in a pic-i-nic basket." Finding the lid to his water container he closes up the used water and clears the middle of the blanket just in case Sophie accepts.

Yes, it was nice and quiet. Hosea can fix that. It's really easy. Just bump into Theo's pet robot and get mistaken for a hostile enemy. The door to the dorms bursts open, and the large Nigerian solidly jumps down, skipping the steps and lands with a thud on the concrete with a roll that finishes him facing the other direction. He stays in a crouching stance facing the door as it slowly starts to drift shut. That's when Proto bursts forward and down the steps, lunging for Hosea. There is a ticking sound of a tazer that emits from the little bot, and Hosea catches the quadraped robot in his arms, deflecting him to the side. Proto rolls and recovers, then fires the range on the tazer at Hosea. It passes through him, but there is a sudden arch of the African's back as the connection is complete for a moment.
There is a snort from Hosea, and he teleports behind the little robot, and picks it up. Immediately, he teleports out of sight, and then back into sight, minus one obnoxious little robot. He is slightly short of breath, and mutters, "Da school needs to keep deir toys put away when dey are not in da Danger Room."

The blind girl giggles softly. "Painting? Where are you painting?" She slips the ribbon between the pages, and snaps out her cane as she rises. "I always used to like paintings, when I could still see. I—" And then there's a commotion and a bit of a fracas between a certain Nigerian and a particular robot. Sophie flicks her cane around herself, until she finds the nearby tree, which she draws herself up close to, until it seems to be over. "Hosea! Are you alright?"

"Where or what?" Tyler asks Sophie while cleaning up. Once he's done the teen pushes up off the blanket to walk over towards Sophie to offer to guide her over to his spot. Before he can get there the commotion happens with someone Tyler doesn't know bursting out of the dorms being chased by an angry robot type thing. Looking over at Hosea a moment, "Dude, you alright?"

The 6'8" Nigerian flexes his muscles in response to the recent brush with electricity, trying to shake the feeling. "I am fine. Dat little robot, it fights hard for such a small ting! It is gone now, maybe it will stay away." He laughs. "It is always an adventure at dis place, yes?" he asks with a laugh. "Sophia! It is good to see you," he announces, quickly closing the distance between himself and the tree she is next to. He reaches out to give her a large hug. "And who is dis? A painting man, yes? You are an artist?"

The blind Spaniard steps forwards just as she hears Hosea getting close, and wraps her arms around his middle as he hugs her. "Good to hear you too, Hosea! …But of course it is always good, si?" She crooks her book under her arm as she steps back again, and gestures with her cane in Tyler's general direction. "This is Tyler; he tells me he has been painting. I was about to ask him what it was he was making a picture of, si? And yes, Tyler… I asked where. I only wanted you to talk a little more, so I could find my way to you."

Nodding in affirmative towards Hosea, "Ayup. I paint when I can. Haven't had much time to do so lately but it's break and all and I'm killing time before I leave town to go back home." There's a bright warm smile from the blonde haired teen as he extends his hand towards the Nigerian. "I'm Tyler Hayworth. It's a pleasure to meet you." With a toss of his hair in the direction of the large blanket he offers for them to join him and share his picnic goods. "I was painting a garden scene. It'd probably be dreadfully boring to most but that's what it is."

"And the cat's in cradle and silver spoon. Little boy blue and the man in the moon. When you comin' home dad, I don't know when. But we'll be together then yeah. We're sure to have a good time then." Kieran sings as he comes out into the quad with his ipod playing and hands in his pockets as he sort of meanders really. He's wrapped up in the song right this second. He wishes he had his guitar with him but he wasn't sure about the weather.

"I am Hosea, son of Ikbuku," the tall Nigerian answers, guiding Sophie over toward Tyler and taking his hand in a firm shake. "I do not know anything about art, you know much more den I do, I am sure it will be vedy good when you are finished. "It is always good to see you as well, Sophie," he answers with an awfully broad smile. One arm doesn't leave the girl.

One arm holding her cane, and the other holding her book, doesn't spare Sophie one to put around Hosea; so she just leans against him. "How was your trip?" She gazes up in Hosea's general direction, and flashes a smile at him. "Did you have a good time? I don't think you said where you were going… but I haven't seen you in a bit, so I'm… assuming you had to go somewhere?" She shrugs her shoulders lightly, and glances back down towards Tyler. "I don't think garden scenes are boring. It depends on the garden, and the skills of the painter, si?" She pauses, and her brow furrows. "Who is singing?"

The blanket has objects holding down the four corners but the entire middle is open for people to sit should they want to. Quite enough room there for four or five people at least. Tyler stuffs his hands into the pockets of his shorts rocking on the balls of his feet. "Thank you, for the compliments that is. It's a Japanese Garden, or will be, with a young lady peering down at the water as blossoms fall onto the water from a large cherry blossom tree that hangs overhead." Pulling the earbuds of his iPod out of his ears he hears a familiar voice singing causing his smile to widen to the point it may split his face in twain. "That's Kieran my boyfriend."

Spotting his boyfriend, Kieran heads over to Tyler with a smile on his face,"You really are a good artist Ty." Kieran says grinning as he looks at the painting,"Far better than me, that's for sure." He says laughing a little bit about the whole thing. "Hello again." He says smiling at Sophie,"How's the evening for you guys?" He asks, not really paying much attention for the moment to Hosea, before he says,"Oh Hey… Umm… Nice to meet you."

"Ahh," Hosea answers Sophie. "I did not go far. My mother was ill, and I went to care for her. She is always trying to work when she is sick! She needed someone to keep her in bed." He laughs, "But I do da same thing I think! Maybe I get it from her, yes?" At the mention of Kieran and Tyler's relationship, there is a slightly critical arch of one brow from Hosea, but he doesn't make any comment. "I am sorry dat I did not tell you more, I was vedy busy, and den had to come back and make up final examinations! It was vedy difficult." Hosea can't claim to be the best student, but that happens when you aren't in school for several years. "I am Hosea Ikbuku," he introduces himself to the much smaller teen, he says, holding out a friendly hand to shake.

"Si." Sophie nods her head solemnly. "From you, this I would believe, Hosea. I do not mind that you didn't say where you were going, I am sure you were in a hurry, and it is well that you care for your mother. I am glad that you and she have each other, hmm?" She faces forwards once more, and clasps her hands in front of herself, still holding both book and cane. "We have met before, Kieran, si? In the gym, the other day. You probably saw me fumbling about with really tiny weights, I am sure." A soft blush creeps to her features, and she hurries on to the next line of inquiry. "What does the woman look like, Tyler? In your painting. Is she beautiful?"

With a faint blush tinging his cheeks Tyler stops rocking on his feet and hugs Kieran, "Thanks." There's a mention of the Danger Room session where the two blondes were teamed up with Sophie, Tara and Cloud to take on the avatar of Professor Xorn. It wasn't particularly pleasant for any of them to experience. Asked about his painting he changes gears without a pause in conversation, "She is fairly young dressed in her robe with long flowing black hair and a mournful expression. I believe she's beautiful in general and more so with a touch of loss. Please, grab a spot and break into the food I brought out here. There's enough for a small army."

"I would like to," Hosea says, "But I am fasting today. I would go to da chapel and study da Scriptures," he answers Tyler. "It is da reason dat I came out to begin with. Miss Sophie, would you like to come with me?" he asks. "It would be a good blessing to receive if you joined me." He gives a smile to her, and starts to move. "It was good to meet da both of you," he tells the boys as he starts to move across the grass.

Sophie collapses her cane, so she can hold both it and her book in one arm, and pats the air with her other hand until she finds Hosea's bicep, which she latches on to. "Certainly, Hosea," she replies. "I was just reading my Bible anyway. I would love to go with you." She bobs her head once. "Thank you for the offer of food, Tyler. But perhaps another time? Or in the morning, if you still have some left. I am sure Hosea will be hungry by then." She giggles softly, and follows the Nigerian. "Have a good evening, both of you, si? Take care."

Tyler bows his head as the two start to take their leave to go to the chapel. He didn't even know there was such a place on the campus. "No problem, rain check. Have a good night you two." A hand pulls free from his shorts to wave goodbye to Hosea and Sophie before turning towards Kieran and the blanket covered with his art things. "Well, if you can stick around you're more than welcome to the food and I can put the paints away for awhile." Hanging out with Kieran is more important that painting ripples in a pond. So they sit down together and enjoy the rest of the evening before returning to the dorm.

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