2012-12-09: In The Enemy's Home


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Summary: Donna and Maxwell pay a visit to Matthew Risman

Date: December 9, 2012

Log Title: In The Enemy's Home

Rating: R

The home of Matthew Risman

It's been a long last few weeks for Matthew Risman. He's barely been at home, things with the Church of Humanity have been on a roll and he's had to make up for things getting messed up at Giant's Stadium. He had to suffer quite a bit for the mess up there, but things are starting to recover. Tonight he's finally getting a night at his small home outside of Albany and Risman currently sits in front of his computer working on the next promotional for SMOX News. He sips at a beer next to him seeming quite stressed.

Maxwell lurks outside the small home watching it through his nightvision Binoculars while he waits for Donna's arrival. Max has been seething ever since having the kidnap the senator and learning that her LMD was going to register her daughter. The look on the poor kids face having burned holes into the soul of the vigilante. Tonight there would be a reckoning for those actions… Risman is only the start.

"Well this looks like a party," Donna's murmured voice is heard from the shadows, behind and to the right of the Hooligan. The darkness recedes, only enough to give a vague impression of her outline, her blood-red eye burning clear and visible without shedding any light of its own. "I assume I'm invited, then?"

Maxwell nods "Wouldn't have invited you if you weren't. Need somone to watch my back while the good preacher and I have a little discussion.. far as I can tell he's got no security team, but I've learned not to underestimate the church. You up for a little interrogation?"

There is only other in the house with Matthew Risman and that is a golden lab sitting at the front door. There aren't any security systems that are visible, but there are some motion detector lights in the area. After a while Risman seems to get a phone call and he stands up, who ever he's talking to it seems the conversation gets heated quite fast and soon he's yelling at someone.

"Oh, dear Hooligan," Donna says, a slow grin spreading across her face as she moves up to Hooligan's side, "you *do* know how to show a girl a good time…" Her head snaps up as the movement registers from within, eyes narrowing. "Time to move," she says, suddenly *all* business. "Quiet or loud?"

Maxwell stands as he sees the chance to enter the house while Rismen is distracted. "Think you can deal with the dog without turning it into Roadkill? I'll breach the door once he's done on the phone so he can't sound an alarm." Removing the Halligan bar from it's sheath on his back the Hooligan moves towards the home.

The lights go on as Maxwell starts to get closer to the house and the man on the phone notices. Maybe it's because he's paranoid but he seems to say something to the person on the phone before slamming it on the receiver. He looks out the window and spots the movement of something but he doesn't look to see who or what it is. Risman just goes to the desk to pull a small firearm out of the drawer.

"Simple," Donna says, melting back into the shadows as she moves forward. Circling around the edge of the lights thrown off by the house, and moving with preternatural grace, she crouches down a short ways away from where the dog stands watch. Finally, to get the dog's attention, she clucks her tongue, loud enough for the animal to orient on it, and the moment the dog looks her way, her chain is out and singing, coiling into a pair of loops in flight to settle around neck and muzzle.

Maxwell sighs as the lights come on, so much for the element of surprise. As Donna deals with the dog he simply kicks the door open and readys his shield. Doing his best captain america and hurling the twenty pound steel and leather disk at Rismen when he spots the man.

The dog looks up at the clicking eventually and the chain circles around his muzzle and neck. The dog struggles against the chains, trying to pull away whimpering unhappily. Inside Risman barely has time to pull out the small gun and turn to face in the intruder. Unfortunately for Risman the shield hits him causing the gun to go flying out of his hand and Risman to stumble backwards a bit. "Who the fuck are you?! What do you want!"

Maxwell lunges right after the shield throw, trying to grab Rismen and hurl him into the wall. "Who am I? I suppose since I'm not a mutant I'm under your radar.. but you're going to learn who I am soon enough. For now you can just call me Karma you sonuva Bitch!"

The dog is about to be even more unhappy; keeping the chain taut as she moves forward, coiling the slack around her arm, she drops into a crouch in front of the lab, staring the animal eye to blood-colored eye. The iron-bound book at her side shivers of its own accord, the contamination of supernatural *wrongness* that infests it and its bearer coiling about the sorceress, infesting her vicinity with a darkness that has nothing to do with light, that would chill the spine of *anything* even moderately sensitive to the arcane. THe chain goes slack, just enough for the dog to escape, as Donna grins widely, eye shining bright. "*Run,*" she whispers to the dog, giving it just enough freedom to do exactly that.

The whimpering from the dog grows and he tries to get away from Donna. As soon as the chain goes slack the dog bolts away from the house, it's tail between his legs. He wouldn't even needed Donna to tell him to run. Inside the house, Risman hits the wall and falls to the ground. He pushes himself up and wipes some blood from his lip. "Mutant Lover, it's almost as bad as being a mutant. You weren't a target, shame you're about to be one though." He charges at Maxwell trying to tackle him to the ground.

Maxwell grins behind the mask, Meeting the chraging Rismen head on. As the pair collide Max's left hand comes up and jams a stun gun into Rismen's ribs, sending a few thousand volts into the man. "Oh no Mr. Rismen.. the target tonight is YOU."

As the dog bolts, Donna slowly rises to her feet, turning to saunter into Risman's home. Closing the door behind her, she leans against the splintered wood, eyebrow rising. "You really don't *do* quiet well, do you lad?" she observes, expression one of bland interest as she watches the fight, arms crossing over her chest.

The room Maxwell and Risman are fighting in appears to be set up as a living room combined with an office. A computer desk, files and papers clutter most of the room with a sofa and television placed among them. Risman doesn't get a chance to do anything else to Maxwell since the stun gun hits him making him jerk violently and scream. He falls to the floor twitching for the moment.

Maxwell grunts as Rismen falls and yanks his hands behind his back to handcuff them. "Not in the mood for Quiet tonight. Keep an eye out to make sure he didn't call for help before he hung up the phone. If any of his friends show up.. deal with them." He hauls Rismen up and drags him into another room that can't be viewed from the street, a kitchen preferably. Plopping the stunned man into a chair he removes a length of parahcute cord from one of his belt pouchs and ties the man into the chair, finishing the job by straping his ankles to the chair legs with police-grade plastic Zip-ties. "Now Mr. Rismen.. we're going to have a little chat." The modulator in his mask making those words come out as downright sinister..

Donna raises an eyebrow, glancing out the window briefly. "As you like it," she says, blowing a short breath through her nose. Turning her head back, she settles against the door to watch.

The phone is on it's cradle and it doesn't seem like anyone has been notified or alerted to what's going on in the house. On the desk where the phone is are several documents and pictures in regards to various mutants and the Church of Humanity. Risman groans from the stun gun and is easily restrained. He seems to come to when Maxwell speaks and immediately starts to struggle. He scowls up at the man. "Let me go this instant! I've done nothing to you!"

Maxwell holds up the stun gun and just lets it crackle a moment to give Rismen somthing to think about. "What you may or may not have done to me personally doesn't matter. You and the church has destroyed families, ruined lives, caused countless suffering to unknown numbers of people in your little race war, and Innocent blood is crying out for Vengance." He pauses a moment.. as though not entirely sure why he added that last part, but then shakes his head. "Sit tight for a moment.. not that you have a choice." He walks back into the living room and unfolds a mesh bag from another pouch, placing it on the desk. He looks to Donna "Keep our guest company for a moment.. before I get started I wanna take care of a few things." He opens yet another pouch and removes a portable 2 terrabyte hard drive. Hooking it up to Rismen's computer he begins copying the computer drive onto the portable. Then begins to gather up all the papers on and in the desk to put into the bag.

Donna blinks, eyebrows drawing down briefly at the mention of Vengeance. SHaking her head, she pushes off the door, locking her eyes on Risman, lips spreading in a killer's grin. "Company, mh? Why yes… company, I'm *good* at." Winking her natural eye at the restrained political figure, she steps closer, leaning down to put her face a bare breath away from Risman's. "You, my boy… You have been *quite* the bastard, haven't you?"

Risman continues to struggle against the bonds, he's not used to be the one on this end of things. "Oh stop acting so smug you bitch." He says to Donna. "Breaking into a man's house, real brave of you two. So what are you going to do? Kill me? Torture me?" He almost seems like he's trying to stall a bit. In the other room Maxwell will find he has plenty of time as it will take quite a bit of time to transfer all the data from the computer to the hard drive. A file on Rashmi is one of the ones towards the top of the pile.

Maxwell lets the computer download while he walks back into the other room after gathering the papers. "Well I had been pondering dropping you into Mutant town.. but for now I'll settle for asking you a few questions. The torture will depend on wether or not you're feeling cooperative. So let's get to business shall we? We know about the Life Model Decoys.. we know you've been replacing politicians to push your agenda through the government. Now what I want to know.. is where the real politicians are being held."

"He's stalling," Donna says, reaching up to tap the end of Risman's nose. "Which means you don't *have* to get the word out for protection, do you? Like as not you've got your own house wired, which means we'll have to be quick." Cocking her head as Hooligan opens up the interrogation, she simply grins into Risman's face, fixing her unnatural gaze on the captive, waiting for him to answer.

Fodder laughs at Donna. "Oh you silly girl, thinking you've figured it all out." He doesn't say anything to the contrary though. "But yes, you're right, my friends will be here shortly." Though he might be bluffing on that. Though Maxwell's words cause him to tense a bit. "The real politicians are being held in one of our facilities."

Maxwell snorts "Mine are already outside waiting for them.. you'd be amazed at how many mutants are still loose and looking for some payback." Matching a bluff with a bluff. "Which facility are they being held in? While I suppose I could just expose this whole thing by blowing the head off of one of your LMDs in public like say oh… Senator Gillibrand during her speech about her change of heart on registration on Live television. I'm sure having a bunch of wires and circuits spray all over the room on every major news channel would lead to some very… awkward questions."

Donna slips about behind Risman, pressing her palms against the restrained man's temples, crooking her index fingers to put them in the captive's view. A spark of electricity dances between her fingers, as her chin comes to rest on top of his head. "Speak quickly, now," she purrs, "the man has many, many questions… And you, my boy, are only alive because you can answer them. *Don't* make us find someone better."

"Then go ahead and do it if you think you're clever enough to pull it off." Risman says to Maxwell but his tone changes as soon as Donna threatens him with the electricity. "Fine, fine! Just don't kill me!" He shouts nervously. He can dish out torture but he isn't one to be able to take it. "They're all hidden away at a base in Ohio. The address is on my computer over there! There are a few dozen senators there." He says quickly.

Maxwell nods "Very good Mr. Rismen.. we're off to a fine start. Now for question number 2. Where is the main base for the Sentinels? You have to be storing and maintaining those monstrousities somewhere. As for killing you.. well I don't do that unless I have to. But I can't say the same for my companion here, though I'd reccamend she simply burn your eyes out first.. one step at a time after all."

"Oh," Donna says softly, "starting with the eyes is *always* a bad idea… They can't *see* anything you do to them, after all." Her voice drops into a low, silky murmur. "Did you know, my boy, there are fifteen bones to be found, just in the fingers alone? You can spend *minutes* breaking them all, one… by…. one. And the best part? All you need is a couple of socks, and *nobody will hear you scream.*"

Risman narrows his eyes at Donna as if he wishes to kill her. "Honestly, I don't know where the main base for the sentinels are. That's something mostly Reverend Stryker and the other guy in charge know. I swear!" He yells sounding terrified. "Bastion! His name is Bastion!"

Maxwell nods "Very good, you've been a most excellent host Mr. Rismen. Most excellent indeed. We're almost done, and this has hardly been unpleasent at all. I'll be right back." He leaves the room a moment to take a look outside with the nightvision binoculars to make sure they're not going to get any company just yet.. and checks the status on the download."

"Oh, *names,*" Donna says, fingernails drawing up the man's cheeks. "We *like* names, we do. "Where might we find these lovely chaps, then, my dear?"

"Noone knows where Bastion is!' Risman protests. "I swear, he's the one who gives Stryker all his prophecies for the future. As for Reverend Stryker, he travels from location to location. I think he's going to be in New York City next weekend, he wasn't sure yet though."

Maxwell chuckles as he returns "So the mighty reverend Stryker isn't as touched by god as he claims.. more likely he's taking his cues from the man supplying his tech. This little holy war is nothing more than ethnic cleansing covered in a thin layer of bullshit religious dogma. Anything else you care to share while we're in confession here Mr. Rismen?" He finds the largest wall in the room and begins to remove the pictures and anything else covering it. Stacking the items neatly on a nearby countertop.

"Think hard, now," Donna murmurs, pressing her cheek against his. "You've been a *marvelous* host, my lad. You'd love to *keep* that reputation, wouldn't you? We do so dearly hate walking away disappointed…"

"They're going to keep coming." Risman spits out at them. "Even if you kill me, or leave me to be killed by them, it'll be the same. They'll keep on coming. Until every mutant is suppressed or dead, we'll still be there. Those kids might have escaped death but they'll be dead soon enough."

Maxwell takes out a can of spray paint and shakes it up a bit. "Oh I don't think I can stop the church Mr. Risman. I just want to make sure the public sees the bunch of you for the hatemongers you are. So you feel the sting of being outlaws just as much as you want the Mutants to be, and don't think you're dieing tonight. Unlike you I still understand what humanity is. Thank you for your time Mr. Rismen." He walks over and pulls a black drawstring bag from his belt pouchs, placing it over Risman's head and drawing it snug. Then walks back to the wall and begins spraypainting a message on it.

"And think about this," Donna says, backing away as Hooligan puts the bag over Risman's head. "We've been *very* good guests. So good, in fact? You don't know what we're capable of. You don't know what we can *do.* But most of all… you have no idea what we could do to *you.* So! *Since* you've been such a lovely host, I'd like to point out that since you have no idea if we're watching or not… You may find it a good idea to discover you have no idea *who we are.*"

Risman yells through the hood, and most of it is random curse words and idle threats thrown towards the two of them. "We have ways of discovering who you are so don't think you're so safe!" Risman is actually quite scared and rattled. He has no clue what to do in regards to this. By the time the wall is spray painted Maxwell would see that the transfer is finished.

Maxwell finishes his little art project, stepping back to view his work. The phrase "SPREAD HATE IN THE NAME OF GOD AND THE DEVIL COMES CALLING" has been sprayed. Hooligan then reachs into another pouch and produces a syringe, carefully screwing the needle onto the end. When you spend your time bashing drug dealers you occassionally find somthing usefull.. like medical-grade tranquilizers. He gives Rismen a shot in the arm and waits until he passes out before cutting him free of the chair. "Grab the bag and the hard drive from the living room, you need a lift home or do you have your own way out?"

"Beer first, I think," Donna says, fetching the bag and drive and slinging them over her shoulder. "A lift would be lovely, in fact, cheers. So! That's it, is it? Not *quite* what I expected, given how worked up you were before. I'd expected a little more righteous pummeling, to be honest."

Maxwell hefts Risman onto his shoulder "No time for a drink, I got to deliver this little pain in the ass to somewhere more.. symbolic. I'll drop you off on the way there if you want and take a raincheck on the beer." He leaves with Risman and heads to a large black H1 hummer parked nearby, loading him in the trunk before making sure he has the hard drive and the bag secured. If Donna wants a lift he's headed back to Hell's Kitchen anyway. <continued>

Risman will wake up a few hours later laying on a bed in a Hell's Kitchen apartment building. The door open and the sound of a television in the background turned to the Daily Bugle which has a news story of an Anonymous tip leading them to Risman's home and finding the message. The handcuffs are still on him but the chain has been cut through and there are rope burns on his ankles. If he makes any sound to indicate he's awake Then Frank Harrigan appears in the doorway "Father Rismen? Oh thank god I was afraid I was going to have to call an ambulance for a moment there."

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