2010-10-19: Incentives


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Summary: Jessica tries to be helpful to Robbie, but she could just be annoying.

Date: October 19, 2010

Log Title: Incentives

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Administrative Office

The administrative offices of the various shield agents and academic administrators as well as the small army of secretaries and clerks it takes to keep a school running smoothly are connected to this module. The central module has a large counter bisecting it with various school functionaries behind the counter at work stations or manning the desk.

With a missing agent, and a missing student, who were both reported last at Xavier's, SHEIELD has decided to stick it's noise in their business to try to see what happened to it's Agent and where he went. Jessica has been the lucky one assigned to that task, mainly because she knows about Agent Bay's double life. Sitting in front of a computer she's going through data she's managed to collect but trying to find out something, a clue, anything, but it's not working out so hot.

Robbie, himself, is carrying a stack of papers in his hands as he comes into the offices. He looks around and offers a wave to Jessica as he places the papers on a desk not far from hers. Pen in hand, he's making notations on different papers. "Never thought I'd be teaching anything. What you got going on?" He asks. He's been kept in the dark about this, pretty much. People go missing all the time with SHIELD. It's usually secret stuff, so he doesn't actually pry unless invited with their stuff. If it's something else, he probably will.

With a sigh, Jessica looks up at Robbie. "Just cause I had a friend who was a mage doesn't mean I know that much about magic." She grumbles. "Just something SHIELD wants researched involving magic. They should have really contacted Dr. Strange but I have some knowledge with magic but nothing to really find anything he wants." She grabs her bottle of water and takes a long drink. "So, teaching, how's that going for you Robbie?"

"Ew. I hate Magic. It always breaks through my defenses. Not my favorite thing in the world." Robbie says, shaking his head. "Almost as bad as interdimensional confusion." He says, shrugging. "It's… ok. I just… I hate having to fail people. But it's par for course. And they're not listening when it comes to NOT causing damage. Anything I can help with?" He offers, just trying to be polite. Avenger/Barnes solidarity, yo.

Shaking her head, Jessica turns off the computer monitor. "No, I gotta do most of this on my own. And magic isn't that bad just, it can be annoying at times." She's seen the bad and the good. "Well you're teaching children, what do you expect? The little devils to be perfectly attentive? One of the many reasons I hate teaching kids."

"No, I expect them to at least listen to what the name of the course is and try to play along. Damage Control. Not CAUSE DAMAGE. I mean, in English, I spoke english! I may not have made amazing grades, but I knew what the course was." Robbie says with an eyeroll. "Well, the offer stands. I have lots of interesting contacts that may be able to help. Joys of years of street-hero life."

There's a small smirk of a smile on Jessica's lips as she's holding back a bit of a chuckle. "Well you just have to start putting a death count up, how many lives they've taken and maybe try putting some decoys of humans around hiding in spots so when they see a decapitated dummy they might get it through their thick candy shell of a head." She's not a teacherly type so she just figures shock effect might work. "Sorry Robbie, I really can't this is one of those things were I kind of need to research. But as you might know one of the students here, Michael Drakos and a student teacher, Troy Bay, went missing."

"Hmm. I didn't have him in a class. And I don't know Troy." Robbie says with a shake of his head. "Well, they could be in another dimension. Every time I go missing, I'm in another dimension." He says, as an offer. To him, that makes perfect sense, considering his track record. "And that might work. Maybe make it something that'll even look more gruesome." He says, considering.

"Fake blood, you can get it easily now that it's Halloween." Jessica suggests as she's even a bit surprised at her maliciousness with making the kids freak out but then she is getting tired from her research and having to be around children. "I have a lot of restrictions with this one is my problem. I'll be fine though Robbie, trust me." She says with a smile.

"Oh, need to know super-secret SHIELD surprises?" Robbie asks. "If so, I do understand. They're so secretive about things. They probably log every time you go to the bathroom." He says before snickering. "Log. Bathroom. HA!"

Jessica swats Robbie with her and and gives him a face. "Oh god you're disqusting." She doesn't find it amusing at all. "And yes, super-secret SHIELD stuff. And yes, they have to be. If some things get out lives can be ruined." And more than just lives entire operations and countries possibly. "No wonder they have you teaching children, you're on the same mental maturity level."

"Oh please. Even Nick himself would have mentally chuckled at that." Robbie says, sticking out his tongue. "And it's because of my history. I worked for Damage Control. And rather than give MYSELF more work, I had to learn to hold it back when possible." He explains with a shake of his head. "Oh, I know all about secret things. We had a lot of privileged info in the Warriors. From Royal Atlantean stuff to Nova Corp info."

"Yes but I believe kids are kids and…honestly I don't even pretend to understand kids." Jessica admits. "I didn't really have a childhood that I remember so as far as I'm conserned, I never was a child or a teen." Sure she was but she was in statsis for it and doesn't remember. "I can't relate at all since I never really went through what they have. I teach the older, college age kids, powers training and such which is a smidge easier."

"I have a few of each. It all depends on their actual destructive capabilities. But then, I can be amazingly destructive if I don't control myself." Robbie offers before considering. "I'd hate to not remember my childhood. I mean, there are a lot of things I say I wish I didn't remember, but it's an exaggeration. I'd hate to not remember." He shakes his head. "But, such is life. Not everyone gets the good things or the things they want."

Jessica shrugs. "I don't mind much." It's hard to tell if it's a lie or not with Spider-Woman. "Anyone can be destructive if they don't control themselves. Part of it comes with learning how to deal with your powers. It's a good class but sometimes I think until the reality of the situation and what could happens hits, it might sink in. Maybe you can talk to someone and find a space where you can go outside of here to replicate a situation."

"True. But, it's the natural level of destructiveness. Some are moreso than others. Someone with only color alteration abilities can't really damage anything other than needing to repaint or dye something. Cheap, compared to a telekinetic who can rip a building apart." Robbie shrugs. "I'm gonna check into that. Field trip." He grins impishly.

"Give someone with color alteration a gun and they can be just as destructive." Jessica says with a smirk as even though it's powers training they do teach those of a certain age marksmenship and other skills here. "But tearing a building apart is cheap compaired to an innocent bystander losing their life. It's not just about property damage it's about civilian casulaties, as I'm sure you know."

"But my class is strictly in dealing with destructive powers. Not destructive weapons. Anybody can use one. Using it right, though." Robbie shrugs. "Never been much of a gun man myself. I'd rather fling myself." He grins. "And yes, I know. But, it's about damage in general."

"I know that Robbie but don't you think if a..teenager realizes that it's not just money that comes out of their pocket but an insurance comapnies, they're going to realize the consequence, I doubt it. They're more going to realize it once they see that they can cause damage that is irreversable, such as a life. Just trying to give you some assistance in helping those little destrucive children." Jessica says but then she's not the teacher.

"Oh, I know. I wasn't complaining. It's just some of them are going to think that it's more like a video game then. So, I have to temper it from person to person." Robbie says with a nod as he thinks. "I don't think all of our students are going to be that positive and good about things, like we wish they would be. We just train. Can't say what they'll become." He remembers what happened to some of the previous Warriors. Not pretty stuff.

"No you can't, but you can guide and hopefully the pick up your guidence instead of someone elses." Jessica says brushing some of her hair back. "When I first learned I had powers it was Hydra who found me. They were the ones who molded me, but lucky I was able to break free from them. Right now we've found these kids and we have the chance to be an influence and hope for the best." She then smiles and taps a finger to her lips. "Hrmm…here's an idea. Have an incentive. For each amount of damge they do have it cumulate over the lessons. If, at the end of let's say, ten lessons, and they've kept it under a certain cumulative number, offer an incentive."

"But what kind of incentive would work on these kids? A night of later curfew? If the school would agree to it. Maybe going to see a show? I don't know what kids like anymore. I'm only a little older, but it's a different world altogether." Robbie says with a wince. "Maybe I'll just poll them and see what would be good."

"Pizza Party, Chinese Food, a trip to Dave and Busters or Madam Tussauds? Something that they can't get regulary here. Get Barnes to foot the bill if you can, if they won't, let me talk to them." Jessica says. "And a show is a good idea, anything. Maybe start off small like a pizza party and say if they succeed three times in a row then you can take them to a show of their choice. I don't know what kids would like but I can imagine a night out away from here would seem like a reward. I mean, let's face it, we've trapped them underwater."

"Yeah. I keep forgetting they don't have OUR freedom of movement." Robbie grins. "God, I'd go stir crazy being stuck here all the time. I'd bounce and blow a hole in the place without meaning to." He chuckles and nods. "I will. I'll probably talk to Falcon about that when I see him again." He says. "Maybe today."

"There's your guide to incentive. Use what they can't have." Jessica says with a girn as she goes to shut down the computer she was using so none of the information is left behind. "Well I must be on my Robbie, good luck with your class." She says as she goes to leave the room.

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