2012-10-06: Inception Of A Superteam


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Summary: Jill and Nigel meet Miwa and a plan is slowly forming. Vigilante justice is the best kind of justice.

Date: October 6, 2012

Log Title: Inception of a Superteam

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Already past dinner, the sky outside has darkened but the rec room is still lit, if not particularly lively. The TV is on like it usually is, but most students don't go in for cable news networks. A blonde girl sits cross-legged on the couch, frowning at the screen and picking at the toes of her socks. For a school of mutants, her appearance wouldn't be considered unusual. More than one person has odd-colored eyes, after all. Jill pauses in her channel surfing to sip at a white plastic cup with a lid and a straw, something thick and red inside. Maybe fruit juice or one of those seasonal Mountain Dew flavors, perhaps. Though having devoted herself to watching the news, she doesn't seem to be enjoying it.

Miwa walks in with a treat in her hand a cup of puddin. She like always is wearing her long red coat and a pair of sunglass (yes in doors at night) that look like they came right out of the new wave movement in the 80's She spoons some puddin and looks up at the TV, "what you wanting" Her English is getting better but it still rough at time."

Nigel steps into the Rec Room from the hallway, his formerly happy demeanor having long since been stripped away he seems to be muttering to himself. He hasn't been seen much around the school except for his classes and spends most of his time these days either in his room or working in the Danger Room. He takes note of Jill and her drink and gives a wave but says nothing. Miwa gets a longer look since it's the first time he's seen her but still says nothing.

Vampires, aside from being immortal blood-drinking fiends, are apparently easily startled. Or maybe it's just this one. "Wah!" Jill gives a little start, bobbling her drink from hand to hand, seizing it just before it would hit the ground. Frozen for a moment, she takes stock of the arrivals. Finally she smiles at Nigel and a little more warily at the girl she doesn't recognize. "Oh jeez, you snuck up on me," the blonde girl breathes out, one hand over her totally-not-pounding heart. Well, it pounded once, which was enough. "Uhh… news?" she answers the other girl uncertainly. That was the question, right?

Miwa tilts her head. She notice the girl look pale but does not say anything about it. she then looks at Nigel never notice him before, "Hello, I Miwa" She gives a bow to the guy. She then walks over to the couch and plops down. She eats some of her puddin and smiles, "sorry if I scared you"

Nigel gives a nod to Jill "Hey there, long time no see." He looks to Miwa and gives a wave. "I'm Nigel, nice to meet you." His gaze is taken to the TV and the recent news cast. "Same old crap.. though in a day or two there'll be somthing else to report if I've got anything to say about it. Time somone took these clowns to the cleaners."

"Oh, umm, hello… Miwa. Don't worry, it's okay. I was just, y'know…" Jill flounders for a plausible explanation. "Not payin' attention." Plausible *and* true. She offers a hand to the girl. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Jill, I've been… away. From the school…" Her hesitance to explain is obvious, as is the suspicious glance toward Nigel. "It's a long story," she adds without looking away from him, red eyes like hot coals. "I'm still catching up on what's-… what's been going on and stuff."

Miwa takes the hand and smiles, "yes pleasure" The away she could believe she tries to be nice but always seems to rub people the wrong way so most do not like her more after the whole smoke in the rac room. She looks at TV, "your news seem more um…." She shakes her, "I do not know the word. When speak you mind more then facts."

Nigel shrugs "Not much to tell, This church of Humanity has rallied both the Friends of Humanity and the Purifiers under the same banner. They've got weapons that can shut down mutant powers and they're manipulating the media, the politicians, and the general public into supporting mutant registration while systematically attacking and kidnapping certain mutants. We've lost Quenton, Nicholas, and Warlock.. they also got that guy that used to teach the self defense classes here, Connor. Oh and they have a rather unhealthy interest in this school for obvious reasons." He moves to take an empty spot on the couch. "Thankfully my Wildcard form is immune to their weapons.. so I'm going to start taking the fight to them… hard." He looks to Miwa "I think the term you're looking for is Biased Bullshit."

Jill purses her lips at the 'biased bullshit' comment, but doesn't correct it or deny it. "Yeah, it's telling certain people what they want to hear," she clarifies to Miwa, a bit more diplomatically but no less venomously. Nigel's information doesn't seem to surprise her, though her frown deepens. "Yeah, I'd… I'd heard something like that." Her head dips as she sullenly takes another drink from her cup, looking guilty.

Miwa nods, "biased bullshit" yep and now she think that is the real way to say it until someone corrects her. She listens to the situation, "We should hit them? If rival comes in and threaten us we hit them fast and hard. Make sure they learn not to over step and to bend a knee to our greater power.

Nigel shakes his head "No.. we don't hit them. I do, they have these darts that can take away mutant powers. When transformed I'm immume to them.. so far no one else has been. I don't plan to make them "Bend to a greater power" I'm just gonna make them afraid to publically stick their heads out."

"Uhh…" The vampire glances between Miwa and Nigel, unsure about the suddenly guerrilla turn that things have taken. "Well… okay, that's… that's certainly one plan. But, umm, just hear me out on this for a second…" Jill raises a finger as if she's about to make a crucial argument. "What if, instead of that, we… Umm…" She trails off helplessly, making a few vain efforts to restart her train of thought. After a few seconds longer, she falls silent and sinks back into the couch cushions.

Miwa snorts, "I have power they can not take away. We do not face them head on we pick the leadership off one by one with bombs, blades, and bullets" yep her Yakuza up bringing is showing, "we also burn down ther bases in the night make look like gas leak.

Nigel shakes his head "No killing.. we kill them we make them Martyrs. No Accidents.. no guns.. no knives. I'll handle this for now until somthing changes." He looks to Jill "If you've got a better idea I'm all ears.. I just don't intend to wait until they're marching on the School to do somthing. These people can act with total impunity.. in the Salem Center attack they had a sonic cannon on a truck, shattered every window in the Center. Yet somehow no one saw anything.. no video footage except what the Church gave the media which was doctored to edit out thier members firing weapons or having the cannon.. just use supposedly attacking with provocation."

"Well, I… no, okay, I… I don't have a plan! I'm not good at this!" The vampire girl's fangs bear down on her lower lip in frustration. "This is all way over my head and I just spent, like, *two months* learning peace and serenity and all that bullshit and it's NOT really helping me right now!" The arm holding her sippy cup cocks back as if to throw, but she chokes the urge back with an effort. "I should've been *here*. Maybe I coulda done something…" Her voice turns still and small. "… I don't know…"

Miwa frowns as her idea is turn down, "Then at lease plan drug on there base and call in a tip so the police about it so they raid and arrest them." She sighs and a puff of smoke comes out. She eeps and waves hand to disburst the the puff

Nigel shakes his head "I was at the Salem attack when Nich was taken.. there were at least two hundred of them firing weapons. Even professor Hildegarde couldn't protect them. They had some kind of teleport thing.. one second he was there.. the next he wasn't. They've got Miss Frost tied up in this legal fight, they're suing the school over some kind of discrimination crap. So for the moment the plan I have is the only one I've got." He looks to Miwa "You're not listening are you.. these guys fired a massive weapon in Salem center that caused god-knows how much destruction and no one even reported on it.. tipping the cops off about some pot wouldn't do any good. For the moment they control the cops."

Nigel sighs "At this point we might as well be fighting the government.."

Unperturbed, Jill blows out a breath at the puff of smoke to help waft it away. She's seen weirder stuff before. "Plus, I'm pretty sure we don't know where they are or something would've been done already." She glances with a raised eyebrow at Nigel for confirmation. "If they're that powerful, what're we supposed to do, anyway? Call 'em out and get shot up or arrested or whatever?" She slumps down, hand over her mouth and apparently struggling to breathe slowly and steadily.

Miwa sighs again, "still think my first plain would work take out the heads and it would fall. I used to do that all the time against rivals." She looks at the TV, "I see no reason why it would not work. If we have to we blame it on intermal fighting between the groups they brought in."

Nigel shakes his head "I don't know but for now I'm the only mutant in this school that can hit them and not risk getting caught. So for now the plan is simple, I take the fight to them. I hit them as hard and as often and as publically as I can. Everyone has a damn camera these days so sooner or later the trusth of what these guys are about has to come out. We hold the fort here where we're still safe for the moment. I'm going to talk to Theo about getting a wearable mini-cam or somthing and with any luck I can get one of them to say somthing stupid. My powers are highly destructive, but are also completely non-lethal. So I can tear things up without wracking up a body count."

"It *is* a good plan, in theory," Jill soothes Miwa, waving a hand gently like 'settle down'. "But that's… that's just not how we do things." A pause. "Most of us, anyway." Sighing as well, she chews on the straw in her cup and sips gingerly at it. Her tongue flicks out to wet her lips with the red stuff that looks remarkably like fresh blood. "Nigel, I just don't think you should be out there, vigilante-ing it up alone. Something's gonna happen and it'll all go wrong and then you-" Jill shuts up as if somebody'd flicked a switch. "You said you're the only *mutant* at the school that can't lose your powers to 'em, right?" She stresses the word significantly. "What about somebody who was a mutant… but isn't anymore? Saaaaaaay," she teases out the thought, completely unsubtle. "A vampire?"

Nigel shrugs "Couldn't say, I'm guessing these guys are focused on mutants and probably aren't expecting the supernatural. If you think you can keep the bloodlust in check and can put up with Wildcard then I don't see why you couldn't help out. You figure out the other powers yet?"

Miwa frowns, "if you attack and it's recorded woudn't that show them defending against a mutant attack? How will that help us?" She then settled down and folds her arms under her breast. She listens to what Jill said and speaks, "Vampires are not real they myth like toothfairy."

"I've, uh, got a pretty good handle on it," the vampire girl says, probably not inspiring the greatest of confidence. But she seems eager. Jill clears her throat a little at Miwa and opens her mouth wide. Yup, those are fangs alright. She even points energetically at them. "Uh?" she prompts hopefully, waggling her eyebrows a bit at Miwa. "What're those, then? This ain't cherry Kool-Aid either." She sloshes the cup from side to side. "Y'know, I understand, I didn't believe in 'em either, but trust me. They *are* real. I almost married one."

Miwa takes off her sunglasses showing golden eyes with black slits in them, "you have fangs?" She thinks this over, "really does not prove your a vampire. You a mutant with fangs like the fuzzy blue teacher." She stands, "if that's all that is required I am a dragon." She steps away from the couch into a open area and removes her red coat. She opens her large red scale wings.

Nigel sighs "Ok.." He points at Jill "Vampire" He points at Miwa "Half-Dragon mutant" He points at himself "Mutant Living Cartoon.. is everyone on the same page now?"

Sticking out her lower lip, Jill grumbles resentfully. "I'm not makin' it up, y'know." When Miwa's wings unfurl majestically, Jill's ruby red eyes blink a few times. Her mouth is still open a bit, showing off the fangs before she points at Miwa and says appreciatively, "Okay… that's pretty cool. But yeah, vam-pire," she insists, tapping herself on the chest.

Miwa nods, "okay vampire" She not going argue over that" She folds her wings around her and it looks like a cloak around her body. she smiles some, "so wings stay even with dart."

Nigel nods "Yeah but you might lose the muscle control needed to use them. Could become simply dead weight. No way to no really unless you get hit."

The blonde girl seems inordinately pleased at having 'won' the argument. "But I think 'caution' is the watch-word here," Jill pipes up then pauses to consider with a finger to her lips. "Maybe 'careful'. Ooh, or 'planning'. That's a good one too."

Nigel says, "Plan is simple.. we find them, we hurt them, we move on."

Miwa blinks, "how is that diffrent then my plan excpect mine is not done head on but sneaky like?"

Nigel says, "Becasue I'm not going to leave a body count.."

Jill chimes in. "To be fair… we could do both, y'know. Okay, hear me out, I've actually got something this time." She holds up her hands as if asking for a moment of silence. "Okay, like, they must have a leader. If we can take him out… but not, like-" She draws a finger across her throat. "Not 'take him out', maybe they'd be… confused?"

Nigel nods "The Leader is Reverend Stryker.. but I don't know where he is. The Church keeps spread out into indivigual chapters and groups. Looks I'll have a better plan soon but I need some more time and I need to talk to Theo. So for now just get some training time in and make sure you're ready for this."

Miwa nods, "we need someone who looks human they can join the group and do intel for us. They gind the heads and then" She pauses, "Jill can glamor or turn them and make them under her control and then we can have them break down the whole thing within."

"Err, uh… I… I can't do that. I don't have that kinda vampire mojo. But-" Jill fidgets, rolling her plastic cup between her palms. "This feels weird, and I kinda hate this saying now, but… I think I know a guy. Knows lots about secret organizations and spy stuff. That sorta thing." She quickly adds, "*And* I trust him. He saved me once. Tried to, anyway, and that's the important part. So, like, how secret are we? Should I ask him?"

Nigel shrugs "If he's not a mutant and you trust him sure. Set up a meeting and I'll talk to him myself and see what his take on this is." Nigel stands and stretchs "Sorry to plan and run but I need some sleep.. you two take care and stay safe alright? If you leave the school grounds watch your backs and trust no one.."

Miwa nods, "I thought all vampires could do that stuff." She shrugs and smiles, "oh well" Then she spots the cup, "um are you drinking blood out of that?"

Jill bobbles her head in a nod. "I've still got his number. I'll set somethin' up, okay? You stay safe too. I'm serious about the solo vigilante stuff. Sleep tight." Waving goodnight to Nigel, she turns back to the TV, switching channels in disgust at a right-wing diatribe against 'subversive elements from the liberal camp'. She pauses, lips on the straw. "Umm, yes? It's AB+. I don't, like, drink from people. The school gets blood bags for me."

Nigel gives a wave to the pair and heads out into the hallway.

Miwa waves to the leaving cartoon mutant. She then looks at cup and thinks it over sure it's a little creepy but as long as she does not drink from her, "That's not right vampires are suppose to have cool wine glasses to drink blood out of."

"Well, umm, that would be a little more classy, sure," Jill admits. She gestures with the plastic cup as if holding a wine goblet instead. "But it'd spill easier without a lid. And without a straw it'd get on my upper lip. Like a milk mustache but a lot more horrorshow." The girl sucks on a fang in thought. "There's a lot about vampires that's different from what movies and stuff say. I wasn't always one, anyway, so I'm kinda new at it. I used to be a mutant too."

Miwa nods and smiles, "I thought you were a mutant before you were a vampire." She then leans back against the couch and watchs you, "what was it like to be changed?"

"Well yeah, I did go to this school for like two years and everything." Jill rubs at the back of her neck, glancing briefly to the recreation room's windows. "It was, uh, not that great. Apparently I was like dead for three days. But then I got better. I *really* wouldn't recommend it." The vampire girl channel surfs some more, holding the cup of blood in her lap. "That's kinda my way of saying I'm not interested in making any more vampires, in case anybody asks."

Miwa thinks some more and wnces as you look at the window she had a hand in it getting broke in the first place. She then nods, "do you sleep? Does the sun really hurt you?" She seems more intrested in you with every question.

"I mean, yeah, I get tired and stuff. I used to sleep most of the day but then I went off and did, like, I dunno, vampire summer camp, I guess. I'm a lot better during the day now." Jill shifts in her seat a little, torn between answering people's natural curiosity and her discomfort at being the center of attention. She patiently ticks off answers on her fingers. "Yes, the sun burns. I can go out for a few minutes but that's about it. I can't, like, turn into a bat or mist or anything. The smell of raw garlic is really annoying." She stalls, racking her brain for all the common vampire myths. "Umm, I don't have a reflection. I can't go in somebody's house unless they invite me. I mean, like, a lot of it doesn't make sense, if you really think about it."

Miwa listens to you and then nods, "I see. do you still have your mutant powers? That cool as hell if you did you be like twice as power as a normal vampire. With tricks other do not."

Jill shakes her head. "No, I don't. I don't know what it would be like if I did. I wasn't at all like a normal mutant-" Here she pauses to laugh into her hand. "That sounds really stupid, doesn't it? A 'normal mutant'. Anyway, I'll have to find a picture to show you. It's hard to explain but I was kind of like… water. But alive." She smiles with a soft 'hmmph' sound. "It's a *little* more complicated than that, though."

Miwa blinks so being a vampire curses being a mutant that is strange." She looks at her wings and wonders how would it effect her" She then nods, "water like? That is weird but I bet it was refrashing on hot days. So which did you like better mutant or vampire?"

Taken aback by the question, Jill doesn't respond for a moment. There's silence before she answers hesitantly, "P-probably… mutant, I'm thinking? Or maybe it's because that's what I was used to. Though for a long time I didn't like it very much either. There was a lot of cool stuff I could do, and I miss that." The girl chews on her lower lip. "I guess if I learned anything lately, it's to be comfortable with who you are. I mean, that kinda applies to everybody though, doesn't it? Human, mutant, or vampire." Exhaling, Jill unfolds her legs to stand, holding out the remote to Miwa. "I think I'm gonna go to my room too. I've… kinda got a lot to think about, y'know?"

Miwa nods and takes the remote, "okay" She flips on the anime channle and then looks at you, "hey want to go to the mall tommrow night?"

"Umm, sure," replies Jill. "I mean, I don't see why not. They're open until 9 and the sun sets at…" The girl glances at her watch. "6:30-ish. But if we take a car the mall's all indoors anyway, so we could go earlier. Ooh, but I've gotta set up a meeting with that guy I know. *And* I dunno if going out right now is such a great idea…" Indecision shows on her face. She raises her hands in a placating gesture. "But I know how this place is sometimes, and that you probably wanna get out of the house for a while. So. Unless something big comes up, yes. I think we can go to the mall. Okay?" The vampire girl smiles, genuine and reassuring.

Miwa smiles and nods, "Sure sounds great. Well good night or what ever see you tommrow." She hopes up and walks over to you and gives you a hug, "I think I'll go for a night fly." She heads for a window opens it and hops out. once outside she opens her wings and soon is air born

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