2009-09-09: Incident In The Park


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Summary: Taskmaster has some 'friends' pay a visit, Cole and Kaden interfere.

Date: September 9, 2009

Log Title Incident In the Park

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

Taskmaster is out and about in the park today, doing God knows only what out there. He's got his image inducer set to his usual Tony Masters disguise: That of a man in his mid-thirties, brown haired, brown eyed, attractive but unassuming. He's sitting at a park bench waiting for… something.

Sometimes Kaden just feels cooped up in the penthouse so he's decided to ignore his homework and head outside for a walk. He has his hands shoved in the pockets of his kacki shorts and his red hair definately tends to stand out as it's a quite bright orange colour. He scuffs his feet along the ground as he approches the bench that Taskmaster is sitting on.

"Here ya go," a young man's voice calls rather suddenly from up in a tree. Cole Aron, dressed in civvies but with his costume hidden under them, pops out of the tree and smiles. A frisbee is tossed to some kids in the distance and Cole hops out of the tree. "Try to be more careful with that," he laughs, brushing leaves and twigs off himself as he looks around. Just a walk in the park before eventually going to visit a certain someone so he's without aim right now.

Taskmaster leans back on the bench and hangs an arm across the back, giving Kaden a look that clearly reads: "Taken."

Stopping short at the bench, Kaden notices Taskmaster's face and scowls. Kaden may have made some progress with his anger issues but he still has that quick to ignite temper. "God, not like I was planning to sit next to some creepy nut sack anyway." He mutters to noone but doesn't hide his voice from Taskmaster as he just continue walking.

Cole starts to step back onto the path, pulling a leaf out of his hair. "Man," he chuckles. Of course, he's not paying attention to anyone else so he's liable to walk right into someone…even a red-headed fire-starter.

Taskmaster just rolls his eyes at the kid's bravado. When you've taken on the entire Avengers roster one hot headed (literally) teen doesn't do much to rankle you.

Looking back at Taskmaster with a look of annoyance, Kaden doesn't notice Cole walk right into him. Refusing to admit he was the one not watching where he was going, he yells as he stumbles backwards, luckily staying on his feet. "Watch where you're going asshole, fuck, I hate this place." He grumbles.

Cole stumbles back as well, thankfully not falling or triggering shields. He starts to apologize but Kaden snaps at him first. The shield maker pauses before frowning. "Well I'm sorry bu you should watch where you're going too. New York's a crowded city and Central Park is a busy place."

Taskmaster idly glances at his watch, a look of annoyance crossing his features. The slight flash of power from Cole catches his attention, his head snapping up from his watch to watch the young man like a hawk.

"Yeah well this whole fucking city is a busy place." Kaden grumbles as he feels like the only place for peace is the penthouse, the place he doesn't want to be at the moment. The teen just sighs and shakes his head, looking around to see which way to continue his walk.

Cole shakes his head slightly and then sighs. "Well, yeah," he mutters. "Sorry," he says a bit more sincerely before stepping back out of Kaden's way. Looking around, he frowns when he notices Taskmaster watching him and quirks an eyebrow at the man.

Taskmaster is so intent on Cole, trying to puzzle out what he saw, that he almost doesn't catch the two men in business suits walking up to him. They're nearly identical, wearing the same suits and ties, save for one is large, black and the other is small and white. The large guy has a hand tucked in underneath a jacket and the small guy looks at Taskmaster. "Tony Masters?" He asks. Taskmaster quirks an eyebrow at the man and answers smoothly, "Depends on who wants to know."

Kaden mutters something to Cole in return to his apology but it's really hard to tell what he says. Though the anger in his eyes does seem to die a bit when he says that. He's about to go on his way when he notices the two men approch Taskmaster and quirks an eyebrow. "I don't know about you, but something looks strange there, like two secret service men or some shit." He mutters to Cole.

Cole's eyes go a little wide at the sight of the two men in the suits. He glances at Taskmaster before looking to the men, eyes locking on the hand in the jacket. Not good. "Yeah…something's not right here. YOu might wanna get somewhere safe, kid," he tells Kaden, keeping careful watch on the scene.

The big guy pulls out an impressive looking weapon that has an equally impressive looking silencer on it, pointing it at Taskmaster and squeezes off a few rounds, while his smaller buddy says, "Marcone sends his regards." The only problem is that Taskmaster isn't there. He moves with a speed and grace that very few people are blessed with, easily anticipating where the large thug is going to be shooting him and gets out of the way.

Kaden looks at Cole and rolls his eyes. "Oh fuck you high and mighty, you're in more danger than I am." Seeing as Kaden can't die, well he can't stay dead is more accurate. "Oh shit!" Kaden says as he sees the guy pull out a gun. Now Kaden might be an assole and might act like he doesn't give a damn about others but that's more of a front. He puts out a hand sends a blast of fire in the direction of the arm of the man with a gun, even though Taskmaster moves quickly out of the way, which does surprise the redhead quite a bit.

Cole would say something to Kaden but the gun's rather distracting. The moment those shots are fired, Cole's gone. Dashing for a cluster of trees. Once secluded from view, he changes rather quickly. Seconds later, the blue and silver-clad, goggles-wearing superhero known as Defense is running for the thugs. A momentary pause occurs at the sight of the flames but Defense shakes it off and keeps going. "Hey!" he calls, trying to get attention.

"Fuck," cries out the short guy, reaching for his gun, but he doesn't get much of a chance to use it. Taskmaster takes advantage of Kaden's rather worthy distraction of setting the large thug's gun hand on fire by catching the dropped weapon before it hits the ground, expertly shooting the small guy right between the eyes before he could even unholster his weapon all the way, and, then, spinning gracefully to do the same to the large thug. He glares both at Cole and Kaden and growls, "Great. Now that you two got involved the cops are going to get here even /faster./"

"Holy shit!" Kaden exclaims as Taskmaster kills the two guys. Kaden likes a fight and doesn't mind burning the badguys, but killing? He's tasted that and doesn't like being a killer. "No they're gonna come faster because you fucking killed them!" He says as two tonfas seem to form out of fire into his hands, and solidify, granted he can't use them well but they're his weapons.

Surprised by Taskmaster just killing the men so openly, Defense pauses for a moment. Shaking it off, he scowls and signals the police with his comm. "You've got more than the cops to worry about!" he says. "Drop the weapon! I'm with Freedom Force. Government Agent," he announces. "Get out of here, kid!" he calls back to Kaden without looking, keeping watch on Taskmaster and his gun.

Now that Kaden and Cole has brought attention to the scene, people start to scream and panic. Taskmaster looks totally unconcerned by Kaden and Cole's threats and casually just drops the weapon onto the big guy's chest. "I've got no issues with you," He says looking at the two heroes, and he starts to walk away, brushing imaginary lint off the cuff of his shirt.

Kaden glares at Taskmaster as he just walks off. "I've got issues with you." He mutters and he ponders throwing a fireball at Taskmaster's back but decides against it. "God, how can he kill so easily?" He asks to noone, or to Cole, it's hard to tell. "I guess this 'kid' will get out of here Mr. Goverment AGent." He says bitterly before going to wander off in a foul mood.

Muttering something about just trying to keep a kid from getting himself killed, Defense takes a step after Taskmaster. "Sorry, not so easy," he calls, throwing out a hand and projecting a shield to block Taskmaster's path. "You're under arrest."

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