2009-04-16: Incoming Storm


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Summary: Storm comes home and meets some students.

Date: April 16, 2009

Log Title: Incoming Storm

Rating: PG-14

Xavier Mansion - Courtyard

A woman stands at the front gates, looking at the building for a long while before she swipes her card that opens the iron wrought fence work. She enjoyed the walk through familiar Westchester, though it's end was truly her goal. It had been a very long time since she'd been home. The hair band holding her hair from her face was dark tan, oddly going well with the white t-shirt and jeans. The duffel bag held over her shoulder as she moves up to the courtyard. She'd been gone for about a year now, ever since her best friend passed. A glance of blue eyes to the graveyard is cast before Ro carefully tucks away the deep felt sorry. She missed Jean a great deal. She smiles when she looks back up to the building proper. Setting her bag down and taking a break as she sits at one of the stone benches.

A few moments after the weather goddess sits, a cloud of inky darkness manifests close to the statue. It's followed by the sound of a body hitting the ground. "Oof!" might just be heard as the cloud begins to fade. Once it's gone, a young man in jeans and tank top can be seen on his back in the ground. And he seems to be a fuzzy one, covered in a coat of fine, red-brown fur. "Ow," he states to the sky. "Well, least Ah got outside quicker," he muses to himself, unaware that he's not alone out there.

Jared has it in mind to go for a run, something he obviously gets form his biological father along with the love of cranberrys and his height. Dressed in sweat pants, running shoes that have seen better days, and his dark grey hooded jacket the young man steps out of the front doors of the school intending to make his jog into town, when he stops suddenly with the door half closed. Shaking his head he closes the door fully and turns around to look at first Ororo and then Owen. He quickly jogs over to where Owen has landed to at least offer him a hand up. "Dude, you need to work on your landings."

Turning at the inky darkness and blinking at the sudden appearance of Owen and Jared. She chuckles softly, the lilt of accent in her voice is light, "It seems Scott has been lacking on Power training." Very word precisely pronounced. "I shall have to speak with him." Still, she lets Jared offer to help Owen to his feet before she stands from the bench to look at the two. There's warmth in her eyes, but still a very noble way how she carries herself. "Do you often come falling from the sky?" Smiling softly as she lofts a pale brow.

There is of course a rumor already flying that one of the old X-ers and teachers has come back to the school and a couple of the boy's that have a crush on the teacher lead the way, and it is from that that, if only to see what is going on, Antonio makes his appearance, dressed all in white in a fencing jacket, breeches, knee socks and a white shoes, he idly yanks off his gloves, tilting around the corner to notice Mrs. Monroe. He looks her over and then looks back at Vlad. "She is the teacher?"

Owen jumps as Jared appears, reaching up to accept the hand. He's startled once more by Ororo, turning glowing green eyes her way when she speaks. He blushes behind his fur, chuckling a little. "Thanks, Jared," he mumbles. "No, Ma'am. And mah little mishaps is no fault of Mr. Summers. Ah tripped on a ball that was on the stairs…guess Ah teleported tah save mahself," he says with a nervous little laugh.

Vladimir comes running up out of the school with Antonio only a few steps behind Antonio. He dressed in a black leather trench coat, black sleeveless shirt with silver studs around the neck and arms. Finger less leather gloves, black pants and combat boots. He smiles seeing the women and drinks in her beauty.

Jared eyebrow quirks at Ororo, and shrugs. "Not sure, I have yet to have any classes on my powers…but with the whole interdeminsional invasion and all things have been nice and odd." Jared helps Owen up and says, "Well at least it looks like you brought all your clothes iwht you this time." Antonio and Vladimir get a nod as the show up, and Jared offers a small wave to Miss Monroe. "Um, Hello, Names Jared…and your Storm right? This is awsome, actually getting to meet one of the three all time coolest X-Men…" Jared clears his throat and blushes a little. "Sorry, I am usually better at controling the fan boy thing."

Ro looks around and notes two more new arrivals and chuckles. "It would seem that my returns is being heralded. Has the school become so inactive that students are so inoccupied? I shall assume that Logan has gone on one of his trips." She smiles to Owen, "No need to apologize, we are not born with control of our powers. It is something we must hone like any other skill." She looks to the two standing off and staring, not unused to being stared at, though it is normally because she looks so different than the norm. That and the fact she is a known mutant. "Yes, I think Logan has gone on one of his adventures." Chuckling as she shakes her head some. "Yes, I am called Storm, or Ororo Munroe. It is nice to meet you all." She has the grace to blush softly at being called one of the three all time coolest X-Men. "Well, I do have the ability to cool things off." She chuckles softly. "Vladimir, it is good to see you on school grounds. I trust you are better since last Scott and I spoke to you?"

Vladimir smiles and nods to to the white hair women, "It been a while I have not seen you since you and shades came to invite me to the school. How have you been?" He does have a little redness in his cheeks as he looks at the older women. To anyone who paying any attain to him it is clean he likes her more then a teach or a member of X-men. He nods his head again, "Up and down since I join the school but more ups then downs so yah better."

Owen shrugs a little. "Classes are over for the day. Or maybe one of those nice precognative students let some gossip out," he takes a guess. "Howdy, Vlad. Antonio," he greets his fellow students. Not particularly happy to see either of them but he's not one too hold much of a grudge. "Oh, pardon mah manners…Ah'm Owen Folger. It's a pleasure tah meet ya, Ma'am," he offers a fanged smile with his introduction.

Antonio looks over at Vlad and grins a little, idly noting that there is some pre-existing history and noting the star-struck look in Vlad's eyes. He grins a little and idly moves to position his sweaty hair so that his ears are hidden. He idly draws closer, smiling and giving a wave to Owen. He then turns the wave to Ororo. "Si, sono Antonio Cosetta." he offers to the teacher before looking back to Owen, happy that he is here, by the look on his face.

Jared grins and nods at Miss MOnroe. "Not sure about precogs, I was just out for a run…although it looks like some of my borther's and boyfriends luck is rubbing off on me since every time I go out something interesting seems to happen." Although, Jared can't help but think if thier luck were really rubbing off he would be face to face with Juggernaut or the Blob and not Storm. "Probably a bit of luck for you too Owen, with me here at least you know your not gonna have any bruises."

Ororo smiles at Vlad and nods, "That is good to hear." She smiles to Owen and notes the tension between him and the two recently approaching. "Owen, it is a pleasure." She remains warm and almost motherly to the students, already she feels at home once more. "Well, perhaps the four of you can fill me in on the events since I left? I am sure there is much to speak of. Antionio, Vladimir, Owen and Jared." Committing the names and faces to memory as she looks from one student to the next. A soft sigh is almost invisible before she sits again. A hand reaching up to comb through her hair as she notes Vlad's star-struck gaze, but doesn't seem to react to it. He would not be the first student with a crush on her or Jean. "Oh? Let's start with each of you telling me your power sets. With Logan's obvious absence, I'm sure Scott will be happy to have me in power control again." Chuckling softly.

Owen chuckles a little and relaxes slightly. "Well, thanks again, Jared," he laughs quietly. When asked about his powers, Owen takes a deep breath. "Well…Ah've never met a Mr. Logan but Ah control this stuff called DarkForce. Let's me do a buncha stuff and turns me fuzzy whenever Ah use it. Jus' gotta make sure Ah don' overload or…" he frowns. "Thin's get real bad."

Vladimir nods to Owen when he greets him and smiles, "Hey this time you have clothes on." He grin some and then looks at Antonio and steps up with him and smiles at him liking how he playing with his hair and trying to hide his ears. He speaks softly, "your fine no one can see them Antonio relax. He then tries to reach down and take his hand (if he allow it). He looks back to Ororo and nods, "so if it not to rude (since when did Vlad care about being rude) can I ask where have you been?"

Antonio grunts a little at Vladimir. There are some things that transcend cultures…tact is one of them. One doesn't talk about a male being without clothes in front of a woman. Especially an authority figure. He idly coughs a little and ducks away from the hand, not big on Public Displays of Affection, especially not at the friend stage. He grunts a little and idly wipes his hand on his chest as if to play off the reason behind him not accepting the touch. "Faccio picolino." He informs before translating using his hands to gesture. "I make things…very small." he offers holding up his thumb and pointer finger as if holding something tiny between them. "Si? Capise?"

Jared shrugs a little, "Not sure about whats happened since you were last here. I have only been here a little while, tracked my biological father down, and kinda ended up a student by default since he and his husband are teachers here." Jared nods at Antonio and Vladimir as they make it to them, and gives a lingering look at the two as Antonio trys to hide his ears and Vlad reaches for his hand. Since others are talking about thier powers he might as well too, "I am a healer. I can sense life energies and apparently I produce so much of them that just being around me heals injuries and can make people healthier. I haven't met Logan, but how people talk about him I am guessing he is the X-Man known as Wolverine right?"

Owen's words has Ororo blinking, "He's been gone that long…?" Concern has her brows knit softly before the clothing comment has her smiling. She glances to Vladimir for a moment, "I am blessed with two homes in this world. Here at the mansion and in Kenya with my people." Smiling as she answers the boy. Looking to Antonio before she smiles and nods her head. "Yes, I understand. If you all do not yet know, I am also called a Weather Witch. I can control the weather around me." She informs then, perhaps redundantly. "I will talk to Scott about taking up Control as one of my classes once I settle in." She looks to Jared and nods her head, "Yes, Logan is also called Wolverine. He is one of of my closest friends on the grounds. His being missing is concerning…but he has always treasured his solitude." She smiles softly and nods, taking mental note of the powers. "I see, it is good to know such talent is within the walls."

Owen is once more embarassed but the fur thankfully hides it. "Ah don' always lose somethin' when Ah teleport, guys…" he trails off, squirming slightly for a moment. The young mutant jumps in surprise at the news from Ororo. "The weather? Like…ya could make is snow or rain jus' by wantin' it or somethin'?" he asks. Shortly after he speaks, Owen's fur fades away, his teeth shrink back to normal, and his eyes take a more human appearance. Back to normal for him.

Vladimir does not take great offense at Antonio and shrugs some not really caring about it. Nods to Jared and smiles at his friend. He nods as she explains she been with her family in Africa. There meeting was brief and he knows little of her. He blinks learning of her powers and whistles, "so you can make it a snow day in like June? Wouldn't that effect the whole worlds weather system?" Sometimes he to smart with his questions and to dumb to keep his mouth shut. He laughs and walks over to Owen and slaps his back friendly like as a way to show he not trying to be mean.

Jared grins a little and puts a hand on Owen's shoulder. "Look at it this way, its like the nurses back home. We only tease cause we like you. Well, except for Ingrid, she was just mean." Jared grins a little and nods at Ororo, "Yeah, Infirmery duty has kept me and Leo buisy during the whole invasion thing." At the questions about Storm's powers Jared grins, "You should search Youtube for Storm and X-men. There are some really cool videos in there of her in action…" Jared blushes a little as once more his fanboy nature takes control for a second. Jared's starts to beep as he is standing ther eiwth the others causing him to stop and check it. "Aw man, warning signal there. If I want to get my run in before curfew I am gonna have to go now. Sorry to greet and run, but I have been looking forward to this run all day. It was a pleasure to meet you Miss Monroe. Later guys!" Jared calls the last out as he takes off running in the direction of the front gates.

She smiles and nods, "Yes…I can call any weather effect that the skies are able to give me. Tonight it will storm like it hasn't since I've been here." The softly spoken promise is combines with a chuckle, "No, it does not effect the world's weather system since I can only effect the skies around me for so far." Explaining as she sits and enjoys the company, the fact that she's home and the rest from her walk here from the train. She smiles to them and slowly stands, "I thank you for the warm greeting, but I have been traveling for some time. You will see more of me on the grounds, I am sure. For now, though, I wish to lay down." She grabs the duffel and shoulders it as she smiles to them before making her way towards the door.

Owen blinks as everyone starts leaving. "Uhhh…" he trails off. He stumbles from the slap on the back but chuckles. "Alright, looks like Ah gotta get goin' too. See ya'll later," he offers before vanishing into a cloud of Dark Force.

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