2009-05-19: Information Alert


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Summary: Scott gets on the phone to tell Freedom Force what's going on with the Green Meanie. A visitor from the future comes to give him more bad news.

Date: May 19, 2009

Log Title: Information Alert

Rating: PG-13

Scott's Office - Xavier Mansion

Scott's been in a foul mood as of late. With multiple students and faculty being attacked by an unknown creature. The headmaster is on the phone, talking with one of the members of the Freedom Force. "There's a green humanoid life-form, most likely alien in origin. It has attacked this school twice now. Be on alert, physical contact by skin seems to allow it to absorb and remove powers from the victim." The headmaster
says, looking out the window. "Victims include Alex Summers."

The man on the other end of the line, Cole Aron, went from being in a great mood…to horribly embarassed…to rather worried. "Yessir, green alien, steals powers via skin contact. I've got it all. I'll make sure all of Freedom Force knows about this, sir," he says. Then Scott says the A-name. "Bossman…" he can be heard whispering. "Do you want us to send someone down?" he asks.

There's a sudden, rather insistant knock on the door. It comes three times and then pauses. Then it comes twice more…this time somehow from the inside of the door.

"Negative for the moment. Though we may require assistance in the future…" He says to Cole. "So far, only minor injuries have been reported from the victims, only that their powers are gone. The life-form has the ability to use any power it has absorbed." Then the knock on the door, Scott turns around. "Not righ…" He answers, looking to the door of his office.

There's another pause from Cole. "Alright. I'll make sure we're all ready to deploy at a moment's notice," he says, writing things down on the note-pad back at Freedom Force base.

The knocking comes once more before a sigh is heard. The door suddenly turns bright blue and takes on a liquid-like form. A man, about six feet tall, wearing a black bodysuit and a white mask covered by a red + steps into the offers. "As sorry as I am for intruding, there's something you need to know."

Scott reaches for glasses that aren't there, he catches himself. "Who the hell are you?" He asks, all he needs right now is more bad news, that'll just really make his day. The X-Man's brown eyes look at that mask. He's intimidating that's for sure. Scott means business.

The man holds up his hands, white gloves in sight now. "Relax, Summers," he sighs again. "You can call me Regen. And judging by what I'm seeing and sensing," he reaches up to rub the bridge of his nose through the mask. "I'm about to make your day even worse," he says. "I'll cut to the chase. Earlier today, five of your students were involved in an incident with a villain I've been chasing and have become a bit…displaced."

Cyclops looks to Regen, wondering how the hell this guy got in here without Scott knowing. "Five students? Displaced? Displaced how?" He asks, not liking where this is going at all. "And how do you know my name?"

Regen sighes, lifting his wrist and tapping a device there. A holographic screen projects out for Scott to see. It begins showing pictures. "Julian Keller, Edward Parker-Mayfair, Jared Stone, Daisuke Sakuragi, and Jordan Ward," a picutre and some general data like height, weight, age, and power appears on screen. "They were displaced in the timestream by Dr. Sting. And as for how I know who you are…and how I got in here for that matter," he says, smirking behind that mask. "I'm from the future."

Scott makes a note of all the students involved in this. "And how do we find Dr. Sting?" THen the future bombshell. "Great. So, ten plus people here have had their abilities stolen from them, and now four students and ONE X-Force member are lost in time. Great, just great." If he were a man to drink, he'd do so right now. "Yeah? And how do you know who I am from the future?" He asks, wanting to know more about this person before taking everything he says to heart.

Regen clears the screen. displaying a profile image of Dr. Sting. "At the moment…we don't. Those kids damaged his equipment and I can't get a signal on it. I'll be able to track him once he either repairs his equipment or your students figure out how to use what they've been…stuck with," he says. "And I know because I'm an Avenger in my time period," he says simply. "And I have your profile right here on this thing," he adds, tapping the device.

The Headmaster looks to the device, and the information of a profile listed on the thing shocks him. "Okay… so you just told me that five kids are missing, and that there's nothing we can do about it until one of them figures out what they have, or this Dr. Sting fixes his equipment?" He's not a fan of this situation at all, but right now, there is nothing he can do.

Regen sighs. "Pretty much, yes. And to further complicate things…I can't go after them yet. Whatever Sting hit me with when he was fighting them drained the reserves. The jump-device is charging but it'll take atleast 26 hours," he says, not happy about this. "Don't worry…Sting's a psycho but he's smart. Been building and stealing technology for awhile. And I'm sure those kids aren't complete idiots…right?"

Cyclops gives an extended sigh. "No, they're not idiots. But…" he's got confidence they'll be alright, having training, but nothing could have prepared them for time displacement. "As soon as you can get a bead on them, I want them back." He tells this future Avenger.

Regen nods. "I want them back in this era as well. If my files on the squeaky one and Jared are correct they'll know enough to not screw up the timeline. But…" the man in the mask looks at Scott rather seriously. "Sting will be after them. They have devices he stole from IronMan's lab in the Avengers Tower in my time and he is still going to try to complete whatever twisted mission he came back for so they may be in more danger than we know," he sighs. "Are you going to notify their parents or guardians?"

Scott looks to Regen. "That's my business. It's not exactly something most parents will understand." But he will tell Jericho and Christopher. They will understand somewhat. Hell, even Scott doesn't understand fully what's going on.

Regen tilts his head to the side. "That's why its my business too. I'd stick to the parents that are also part of this organization…the civvies won't understand," he shakes his head. Reaching for his belt, Regen peels what appears to be a thin, silver card off his costume. "Here. You can use this to reach me. If you need help with the parents, notice anything that may have been changed by the meddling in the timestream, or if Sting appears here…call me by tapping the center off this card twice," he says, walking over to hand off the card.

Scott grabs the card, looking to it. "Will do." Says the X-Man. He's now got the alien, and this to take care of.

"And good luck with the…green problem…I am in the time period for that I believe," Regen idly comments, turning to walk away. "Portal," he whispers, Scott's door going blue and glowing again. "Catch ya later," Regen remarks, stepping through the portal and vanishing. The door shimmers and returns to normal a few seconds later.

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