2020-06-08: Information Pays Well


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Summary: Jeri and Robyn discuss some plans, Connor comes and him and Robyn exchange information and lack of words.

Date: June 8, 2020

Information Pays Well

Rating: PG

The Future - The Underground - Mutant Base

Hidden in the maze of tunnels is the open area that the mutants have turned into their have, their home. Not wanting to risk electricity being detected down here, there are battery powered and gas powered lights leaving the place dark and damp. At least three mutants are always on guard down here at the entrance to the mutant camp and secret passwords and codes are needed to get into this room. Theres a large door with a large piece of wood barricading it as those down here dont take any chances.

Another day, another protective stance. Jericho is standing at the barricade, behind it. As he keeps his watchful eye out, he is also doing something else. On a table in front of him is a map. It's an enlargened map of the area around what used to be Xavier's School… now a mutant camp. He's staring and making notations on the grounds around it as he looks it over.

Wheeling himself over to the area where Jericho is, Robyn knows that he's looking at the map. For the last few years Robyn's almost become obsessed with finding the right pieces to the right puzzle, devoting almost all his time researching and spending time in the minds of those uptop, those who are against mutants. "This is where I usually tend to find Jordan, I've had luck so far but I'm afraid the next time, I'll have to send someone else or go as someone else. It's not easy getting out of here in this chair." LIke most mutants down here, he's ragged and dirty, his greasy hair has gotten a bit longer, it's uneven and he's taken to wearing a band under his hair and over his forhead.

Jeri is still not showing his age. Something about that mutant virus that Kevin put in him. The only real changes are a scar across a side of his face, and the fact that he wears an eyepatch to cover one eye. "I know. I could go if we have to use him again soon. He should recognize me. And I won't be too confusing for him. Since I still look almost the same." He states as he makes another notation. "I'm trying to figure out a way to take a small strikeforce to free the camp. I don't want it to be too big, since Addison can't extend his hiding that far, and it needs to be fast, so that we don't draw too much attention." He says, rubbing his forehead. "I just… don't know right now. Everything's crazy."

"Everything will always be crazy, you just have to go with it." Robyn says as it's kind of known he's been going down the obsessive path, focused on finding the connections. "Just get a strong strike team then, three or four of you, make sure you get guys that are heavy hitters like Wolverine, or Julian or even Chloe, she's fast and good at this stuff. Misha might be good with the teleporting, get you guys in and out of there quick and he's not a mutant so you might have the edge on him getting in there." Since he can't go topside and fight, Robyn spends almost all of his time planing, studying what he can on their side, and what he has on the mutant side.

Pointing to a few spots on the map, Jeri makes other notations. "If you don't mind, Jordan too. He's no stranger to fighting, and… well…" He says, with a bit of a shrug. "He'll be back anyway." Cold. A little harsh. But it's proven true, so far. Every time Jordan dies, he comes back, thinking he's escaping Sinister's lab for the first time. Marauder common practice. "Chloe is definitely a possibility. THe big problem is stopping the nullifaction field without interfering with our powers. And I don't like to talk too much. Yes, Addison vouches for everyone here, but… I still sometimes think there's a mole."

That is really not the most opportune time for someone to appear out of nowhere, but there's a familiar tug-pull in the air that both men recognize, just before a point of light appears in the air, spinning and then expanding out into a six-foot wide blue-green disc-shape. Energy like water floats there for several moments, and a figure emerges, dropping down several feet to the ground in a crouch. Adorned with enough weapons to arm a small squad, and clutching a fireproof bag in front of him, Volk stands up, and dusts himself off, the portal vanishing behind him with a strange sense of a scream.

"I know, Jordan is always good for that." Robyn says, cold in return, well, you have to do what you can to win the war. Once the war is over, than he can worry about stuff like love. "There probably is Jeri, I mean, I know they're onto me uptop, they know something's going on but they can't figure out what and until I stop getting information, I'll stop going up there." As the portal opens up, Robyn barely flinches, instead he starts to roll out of the room speaking behind him. "Volk, perfect timing, I have something for you." Knowing that the man behind the mask has been doing assinations.

Jeri nods. He knows what it's like. In the first battle of the war, he lost his own husband. He's dealt with it and gone on. As Volk appears, he shifts into a defensive stance, picking up a large metal pole on the ground. As Volk forms, he slowly lowers it. "A little warning next time would be appreciated. Or appear further away from the gates and walk forward. Not a good idea. I have an itchy trigger." He says, going back to the map, but listening to Robyn.

To the man still in the room there seems to be a brief smile under the balaklava, followed by a noncommittal shrug from the merc as Volk dusts himself off, and unslings the fireproof bag off his shoulders, looking inside. Shaking his head once he looks back up at Jericho and walks over to one of the guard tables to set it down, and then flop himself. Unloading the assault rifle slung over his back, he checks the magazine before stashing it, and replaces it with a fresh one. The strike commander is given something of a flat look that could translate from anything from 'back off' to 'nice to see you too.' Hard to say with only one eye visible.

Wheeling himself back into the room, Robyn throws a folder at Volk. "Information is in there." He looks to Jeri and lowers his voice to quietly explain to him. "I found out who one of the heads of the mutant base is, even though they've been keeping it quiet. I just gave him the information to see if he can…well…not be head of the mutant base any longer." Start taking out their guys, making chinks in the armour, it could help in getting more free. "Volk, next time you're topside, anything with chocolate, please." He knows that's something that's hard to find but he can live for the little pleasures.

"Anyone we know? Jeri asks. After all, he's seen people on both sides of this war. Even some of his students. It's not been pretty. "At least you can find chocolate sometimes. Cranberry is nigh impossible." He says with a bit of a smirk before shaking his head. He waits to see the response. "I'd go if I could. But right now, it's hard to run and tell depth like…" He points to the eyepatch. "Depth isn't what it used to be."

The goody bag is opened up for Robyn as the file is caught, and not even looked at at the moment. The first set of things to come out are newspapers. Some as old as six years ago… USA Today, New York Times, DC Herald… paper print copies that could only be garnered from places like print offices or from a library somewhere. A dozen copies of various publications are left out for the parapalegic. The next is a map of Salem. Circles and crib notes are left on it, radiuses of overlapping guard patrol zones marked with dates from about 3-4 days ago. Unfortunately no notes on who's on those patrols. Folding up the bag he passes the map to Jeri, and then writes down on a spare sheet of paper -I've been in town a week now. Decided to see the lay of the land. If you can believe it, it's safer for me in the US than it is abroad.-

"I didn't recognize the name, it's some…Dr. Martin Keeler. Doing some research, he's been doing a lot of anti-mutant publishings and how if we didn't exsist this would have never happened, blah blah blah." Robyn says as he wheels himself back against the wall so he can lean his head against it. Taking the papers, Robyn grins like he's just won the lottery. "This is perfect, and the map, holy shit Jeri." He hands the map to the Rebel and grins almost mischeviously. "I think it's the right time for your attack." He says looking through the papers. "New York City….abandoned wasteland…sounds about right." He says reading one of the headlines from a few years back.

"Just about. Maybe we'll try it next week. Don't want to go too soon. And, it's going to be a surprise. I refuse to announce when it'll happen, just in case. And believe me, I can believe it. If people from other countries know you're from America… well. Even Canada's erected the Great Wall of America to prevent people from coming over. Assholes." He says, as he reaches into his pocket. He pulls out one of the other hard to find luxuries. He's actually lighting a cigarette. Who cares about health now?

Crossing his arms once more and leaning back, Volk looks back and forth between the pair, and then exhales before sitting up and pulls his PDA out from it's armored pocket on his coat, and starts typing out a few things. Tossing it in air, it floats pristinely into Robyn's lap for the younger man to read -I'm doing everything you want. I've procuring arms. I'm running around like a fucking errand boy for Brian and your strike team leaders. I pulled myself out of a comfortable hole in Kenya because you begged and manipulated me. I've made enemies who are going to make life messy for me outside this hellhole. WHERE. THE FUCK. IS TOOTH.-

Robyn looks at the PDA, wheels himself over to Volk and drops the device back in his lap, and moves to take the folder back. "Canada isn't the asshole, cause they'd follow us into Canada and destroy their country too. Sure this sucks but we're stuck with it." No, Robyn doesn't like it one bit but he's learned to accept it and find the way to bring it all down. There's that one weakness than when you hit it write, it all comes falling down, he just -needs- to find that weakness. "Volk, The Hunter's Den is one of the few places I can't get inside. I've tried. The ones -not- fighting us, the ones sitting back and giving orders, I can get there. I can't focus on your obesssion."

Listening, Jericho nods. "Now isn't the time for obsessions. It's war. We have to take down the regime so we can live like ourselves again." He states simply as he shakes his head. "But some people can't see it that way. They want what they want. Yes, I'm driven. Yes, I'm mad as hell at the sentinels. But, I still try to do things without letting it affect me." He knows it's not always true. "I'm going back in. Someone will be out in a few minutes to cover, if you can stand… sit watch for a few moments, RObyn."

For a moment there's a predatory tenseness from the young writer-turned-mercenary… a moment when both might even think he'd pull a weapon and end it. But then it stops and Volk opens the file to start looking it over. But the look he shoots back at Robyn is unmistakable. He's aware of the manipulation, and he's playing along… for now. After a bit, he takes the scan-reader from the PDA and starts running it over the documentation to get the image and other things stored away and the file is given back, the PDA slipped away, and another look shot to the pair with the one visible eye. Anger and disappointed nakedly plain. The eyebrow that can be seen just quirks and a snort exhales through the younger man's nose.

"I've been like this for almost ten years Jeri, one little verbal slip up isn't gonna fuck me up for the day, I'll stand watch." Robyn says as he goes over to look at the map Jeri was looking at and once Jeri leaves he just looks at Volk and stares at his one eye. Robyn's never once tried to manipulate Connor, just ask for his help. When he next speaks to Volk is voice is annoyed. "When I can I've been trying to find him for you, but I'm also focused on us winning this war. I know you're hell bent on Tooth but James…he's dead to me." He says in a flat voice as if he's completely written him out of is life.

The reply given is drawing a knife, and tapping the clean blade-edge, before slipping it away once more. Robyn's eyes are not met again but this time a pad and a pencil are taken out, and Volk writes down, -Milk or Dark. And remind Captain Amazing when he comes back from his walkabout I'm not one of his X-wannabes anymore. He wants to tell me how to act, he should damn well pony up like the rest of you and pay me with intel or resources.-

Robyn just watches the knife and gives Volk a look that says 'you gonna stab me?' "Either, just anything that isn't processed from a can." Robyn says as goes back to looking at the map Connor brought back. "Tonight though I'm going back in, I'll see what I can dig up about the Hunters I just know that Tooth….he's on a higher level. He pretty much works alone. Just…you might want to let Rash or Luke know if you're going after him or if you finally kill him." He doesn't look up at Volk, just keeps looking at the map, making mental notations to add to his copies later.

One of Volk's gloved hands comes down on the map and he shakes his head. With that he begins pointing at the different circles, the different notes. The security layers he could spot, the patrol patterns that seem almost random, and the notes on an encounter with a Hunter team that teleported into his position when he was observing a supply shipment. Coming around over Robyn's shoulder he writes down -12 hours- and circles it for emphasis before motioning to the whole map of Salem.

This map is going into Robyn's personal area, with the countless other maps, articles, notes, pieces of string connecting two things and so fourth. "Got it, I think we can get some of them free, it's crowded down here but it's the only safe spot for us. I just really think that getting this Keeler guy will cause a bit of disention in their ranks. They know we're somehow getting information, they don't know how though so I know once he's dead it'll startle them, I also know they're security might get tighter and they'll be pissed. But you know what, fuck them, every single one of the deserves to die and as soon as I find out the key ones…."

Volk provides a non-committal shrug to it all and goes over to the wall where his rifle is leaning and picks it up once more, securing it on his back with a mount-point on his combat harness. Fishing into a back pocket, a piece of beef jerky is dragged out and the balaklava is partially rolled up so he can eat. Robyn can see a more recent scar there, a single knife or claw mark that goes from his lip and down his chin. He can also see 20 and half of another number on the side of Volk's neck from his position. Another note comes down. -How do you want him to die.-

"How every you want to kill him. I trust you Volk and I think you know the drill of blah blah don't get seen blah blah be careful." Robyn says and it's obvious that in his voice he's walling that fine line between personal attachments to people and just caring about 'the job'. Maybe it's how he's been dealing with losing people, with knowing he's thrown people out there to be sacraficed before. "Thanks for the supplies yesterday, I was suprised that you showed up two days in a row."

The note is flipped over and Volk writes down -Ratspam meatloaf night-, and it's hard to tell whether or not there's a real smile under his mask rolled back down as the snack is finished. Pushing up and off he turns and starts walking towards the caves entrance… though he is one for whom walking is a convenience and luxury moreso than others.

"Let me know how it goes Volk and I should have more intel for you." Robyn says as he starts to fold the map up and tuck it next to him. "I just have to take a quick nap and then figure out who I'm gonna jump inside tonight and for how long." He's got some ideas though and he figures that at night he can do a lot of file digging. "I just have one more favour to ask if you can, if not, I'll ask Chloe. She's fast."

Stopping before he moves out of view, Volk looks over his shoulder at Robyn and then shrugs once holding one hand out and making a 'come on' gesture by rolling the hand. After that he just leans against the wall, watching.

It's something he's asked him about before and gotten Volk's help with earlier. "Volk…around 4am this morning, I'll be doing a drop off at the spot." Robyn knows Volk would know what 'the spot' is. "At around 4:15am just go there and pick up the breifcase and leave it down here for me. Feel free to look around and see what I got, anything I find on Tooth will be in there for you, just…leave me the orginals." Since Robyn knows he can take copies. "I need to get something to eat and go to sleep before I go out for the night." And out for the night mean possesing someone for the evening.

Simple reply. A Thumbs-up. But then Volk stops and flashes his fingers. One, Two, Three, Four. Tilting his head at the end as if in question.

Robyn Starts to wheel himself out of the room answering while his back is turned to Volk. "Three…thanks and take care of yourself C." That's the closest he'll come to calling him Connor now adays. He's just been slowly seperating himself from anything that isn't 'the job'.

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