2012-12-03: Injuries Abound


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Summary: The medbay is full from the previous night.

Date: December 3, 2012

Log Title: Injuries Abound

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

It seems the only restful night's sleep Nicholas gets lately is when he's in the medbay and the pain killers make him drowsy. They make him to tired to remember the nightmares. Right now he's up and awake, his chest bandaged and a crutch resting against the wall next to his bed. He can't believe how full the medbay is with close to a dozen injured in here. Nick's sitting up eating his hospital dinner, more poking at the gravy covered meat and mashed potatoes, corn, roll and pudding dessert. He keeps looking over at the others, hoping that they're not to bad off.

Nigel staggers into the medbay, his eyes bloodshot, his clothing in tatters and his body black and blue from the bruises showing through the gaps in his clothes. He looks around to see if there's an empty bed and says offhandedly "Somone remind me never to do that again…"

From one of the other beds comes a series of fuzzy, muttered grumbles; half unintelligible, the other half unprintable. The covers are pushed back, revealing a stringy mop of pink hair, with the roots just beginning to show a hint of mouse-brown, still speaking between clenched teeth. "—son of an ass-bagel munching cock-snorting gonoherpasyphillitic *whore!*" At which point she notices that other people are in the room, awake and conscious, and bites off the rest of what was likely to be a long and torturous litany. "….I mean, what?"

Warlock unlike Shane stays buried under the covers cause his head hurts and the light is the enemy, the only sign that there is a human underneith is and arm that slips out and points in the direction of Nigel's voice, "Never do that thing that you did again".

Nicholas looks up at Nigel and gives him a half hearted wave. "Glad to see you didn't permanently disappear." Then his face lights up at the sound of Shane's voice. He looks over and smiles. "You're up, are you feeling okay? I've been worried about you." Force one he's glad to hear the string of swears that spew from her mouth. At least her spirit isn't destroyed. "Warlock, how you holding up?"

Nigel groans and cracks his neck.. "Far as I can figure out.. with that Dampening field going Wildcard didn't have enough energy to reform. So I almost didn't come back. Thankfully I guess a few bits were thrown far enough away in the blast that he got out of range of the field and reformed about oh… fifty miles or so away. Then was forced to turn back into me.. who was left about thirty feet in the air and I took a nose-dive through the roof of a foreclosed house. Thank you crappy housing market…"

"….Christ," Shane says, voice tight, as Nigel's story winds down, "'n I thought a fucked hip was bad…" THere's the unmistakable electric whrrrr of a bed being raised to resemble a seated position. "'Less this magic alien shit'll speed it up, prolly I'll be stuck here f'r awhile. PT f'r dislocated hips takes forfuckingever, an' it hurts like a bastard."

Warlock pulls his arm back into what he's seriously considering making his permanent residence and opens a small gap in the covers so his voice can be heard more clearly, "Is there still a metal rebar sticking outta my torso? if not, I'm all kinds of good", the arm makes a reappearance to give a thumbs up, "what's happening with you guys?, and as much detail as possible Nigel you're either skipping stuff or I've lost IQ points".

"Well I hope you're okay Nigel. As soon as those Sentinels were all down, they dampening field vanished." Nick looks over to Shane and frowns. "Man that sucks Shane. We can be physical therapy buddies once you're up walking again. Wait, what Warlock? Are you okay?" He sounds quite worried at hearing that. "No…I don't see metal rebar sticking out of your torso. YOu're going to be okay, right Lock?" He forgets to answer what's up with him as he's too worried about Lock.

Nigel looks to Warlock "No.. no rebar that I can see. When the sentinels attacked I tried to knock out the ones generating the power jamming field by having Nick TK wildcard into the air and having Wildcard blow himself up." He looks to Nicholas "Tell me I at least got a couple of them with that stunt and that I didn't just do somthing completely stupid with no payoff."

"Didn't take'm out," Shane says after a moment, fumbling for a glass of water. Reaching for things beside and slightly behind you is *difficult* to do, after all, when you can't move your hips without pain. "Gotta say thanks, though… fucked a bunch of'm up enough I survived givin' one a good ol' nutcracker."

"Assume so, like I said no rebar, all good", Lock gives a clap, "Nice one Nigel, playing them at their game, one of the bastard's exploded at me when I took him down", he rolls over preparing to leave his dark little zone, "Are you guys all in one piece? no lasting damage?".

"It only stunned a few of them for a bit, it was just weird cause you could tell they were once people. I just hope they volunteered for it and we just didn't beat on some kidnapped people forced into whatever they did to them." Nicholas looks over to Shane and uses his telekinesis to help her get the glass of water. "Somedays I love my powers. You did really good Shane. I think we all did pretty good, 'cept I think you should give Theo a good old nutcracker." He nods to Warlock. "Good, cause I gotta look out for you Lock." He says smiling at the other teen. "I'm okay for the most part, bruises, some cracked ribs in the front and back so I just can't move for a bit and I refractured my leg, but Dr. Reyes just told me it means going back to the crutch for a week, so nothing too major."

Nigel sighs and sits on an empty bed "Figures… Wildcard's power don't work very well on living matter. Was at a severe disadvantage against those things. Dammit why couldn't it have been the big ones? I'd been running sims against those for over 2 weeks. The danger room didn't have any files on damn Sentinel Cyborgs…" He looks to Warlock "Well I have no idea if I reformed completely.. need a med scan to make sure I'm not missing a Kidney or somthing, and as an added bonus I can't change.. powers have shorted out. Not even hearing wildcard in my head anymore. No idea what that means…"

"Big ones'd've flattened us," Shane grouses, setting the water aside. "'Sides, prolly th'only ones they got're watchin' Mutant Town. 'N yeah, 'f I coulda moved I'd've given Theo a black eye 'r three. 'F y'r missin' anythin' Nigel, prolly it ain't all that important. Since, y'know. Ain't coughin' blood. Connor 'parently knows somethin' about powers fuckups, ask him when you're outta here."

Warlock pulls his covers off his face finally and putting a hand on his bandaged stomach, winces as he pulls himself into a sitting position, the only injuries he seems to have sustained other than the more serious hole though his stomach is some light burns and bruses to the left side of his bady and face, grinning at Nick he nods, "If you're gonna be looking out for me I had better keep an eye out for you, otherwise you're gonna start walking into things", he looks to Nigel, "Shane's right, anything serious missing and you wouldn't be all up and about".

"Deal." Nicholas says to Warlock. "What Shane said Nigel, you might want to talk to Connor. He's had experience with it. He takes a bit to get used to but Connor's a good guy. And honestly, I don't know why it had to be those ones Nigel. I heard the last one say the name Bastion, that mean anything to anyone?" He doesn't think he's heard it in any of the mutant history lessons he's taken. "I just feel like this is never going to end."

Nigel shakes his head "Nope name doesn't ring a bell.. course I'm not up on my whos who in hating mutants." He flops back on the bed "Phone was fragged when I reformed and crashed through the roof, couldn't call for a ride. I was a wreck.. didn't want to risk flagging somone down, hell didn't even know if the school was still under out control. Had to walk back.. feel like I've been hit by a damn truck."

"Nah," Shane says to Nicholas, waving a hand. "That was a total miniboss fight. Just be glad it wasn't onea those scripted-loss bullshit momen—ow." Shifting her shoulders, she lets silence reign for a moment, as she attempts to get a little more comfortable. "I mean, there ain't no way they could keep this out the news. Suin' th'school f'r excludin's one thing, but fuck, this's worse than what m'old school was afraid was *gonna* happen with me in it. Fucking boarding school fulla kids got *bombed,* Nick. You can't keep that shit quiet." Another sip of water is taken, and she raises an eyebrow at Nigel. "Yeah, someone oughta call Dr. Reyes 'n get you squared away. Just in case y'tore somethin', 'f you didn't *lose* nothin."

Taylor starts to stir, sitting up suddenly and then wincing and going right back down, staring at the roof blankly for a few moments. "Fuck. Ow." The feline student's ears perk up and they say, "I think I broke something. Kinda nice moment to realize I'm still alive here." The teen sits up, more slowly and carefully now. "Is… everyone alright? I kind of checked out of the whole fight thing…"

Warlock shakes his head, "Nope doesn't ring a bell but I'm willing to bet the teachers know who it is, I mean they knew the attack was coming", he raises an eyebrow at Shane, "If that was the mini-boss we've got some serious leveling up to do before the real thing". Hearing Taylor he looks over in that direction, "Nothing like 'ouch' to point out you're still kicking, you ok?"

"I wasn't exactly talking about this whole mutant registration and the attacks on mutants Shane." Nicholas says quietly. "She's right Nigel, you should get yourself checked out as soon as possible. At least your home now." He adjusts his position to try to sit more comfortably. "I think I share the hit by a truck feeling, at least my back and chest. Hey there Taylor. How you feeling?" He saw Taylor take quite a beating last night.

Nigel nods and looks for a call button.. "Yeah.. least I'll be able to get some sleep without having to worry about Wildcard running loose while I'm unconcious…"

"…..THat's somethin' I guess we c'n *all* be happy bout," Shane says after a moment, snorting. "No offense, but Wildcard's about as good f'r a night's sleep as a meth bender with a coke finish. Anyway…" Shaking her head, she looks at Nicholas, raising an eyebrow. "…So what d'you mean?" "Yeah you checked out, Taylor… right about when they tried t'mob you," Shane answers the stirring feline. "Glad t'see I wasn't too late."

"I feel like I've been hit by a truck too, my everything hurts. Looks like I'm covered in bandages, so… I'm guessing I broke some bones or something? Shiiiit." Taylor blinks a few times slowly and glances around, "I feel a bit cloudy in the head, too." The teen licks their lips and says, "And I'm hungry, I just want to kill something and lap up its bl-" Pause. "I want some meat." The teen then looks towards Shane and nods, "I think I saw for a moment, thanks for making sure I wasn't made into Chinese food."

Warlock yawns and leans back, "I think those f*ers broke my skateboard", he punches the side of the bed, "Now I'm f*ing annoyed".

"Hey that's one of the best parts about being injured, the drugs that help you sleep. Painkillers knock me out, it's wonderful." Nicholas shrugs and runs a hand through his hair. "Just, feeling like I've got this target on me Shane. Even if we beat these guys, I feel like there's still gonna be someone else, then someone else." He shakes his head. "I got scared for bit there Taylor, glad Shane was able to get there. I swear everytime I got on my feet I got knocked back down." His balance isn't that great with his injured leg. "Warlock, first your goggles and now your skateboard?!"

Nigel stretchs, then gives a wince and sound of pain. "Yeah.. gonna be feeling this for awhile. So we won at least.. gotta be glad for that. Probably have just enough time to repair the school and get ready for round two."

Shane falls silent for a long time, eyes moving back and forth, as Warlock realizes he may have lost a prize posession. "…..Think I'm'a have a lotta work t'do, when it's all built again," she says, softly. The bed begins to whirr again, as she sets it back flat, and just stares quietly at the ceiling.

"Yeah, me too. I guess my powers aren't really that well suited to fighting horrible people robots either, I'm not that tough," says Taylor, nodding towards Nicholas. There's a pause and the felinoid says softly, "Wait… were… were the dorms damaged?"

Already yawning Lock rolls over and lays his head on his arm, "Yep, half convinced the Purifiers' goal is just to reck my stuff", he yawns again, "I'm tired so that may not have been clear but I'm kidding".

"I haven't heard much about what was damaged and what wasn't. I keep getting the 'sssh, relax, you need your rest, don't think about it rightnow' answer." Nicholas says. "Seeing that the Quad got pretty trashed, I wouldn't be surprised if there was some damage. As long as the Stables and Orion are fine, I can deal." He looks over at the Ocelot and sighs. "Taylor, it's not about being that tough. It's just…you have to learn how to defend yourself. I'm still learning, I'm not that great at it." He smiles over at Warlock and shakes his head. "They're just out to destroy your life."

Nigel lays back, one of the medical staff responding to the call as the bed he's on is wheeled to another room for the medical scan. "You guys have a good night.. be back in a few."

Shane doesn't seem to have anything else to say, for the moment, staring at the ceiling and chewing on the inside of her cheek. Much of the desire to chat, it seems, has left with the news of the Dorms possibly being ruined.

Taylor's ears splay at the news of the possibility of the dorms having been destroyed. "All of my dolls…" The teen sighs softly and pulls their blanket up closer. "I know, I've been doing the Danger Room exercises and going to all the defense classes I can, but really, my superpower is being fuzzy. Superstrong robots can beat the crap outta me any day of the week. I guess I just didn't expect those things to show up…"

"Guess so", is murmered by a now almost asleep Lock, fights and meds can really make you sleepy, it doesn't help that the bed feels really comfy.

"It's okay Lock, if you're tired, rest. When this is all over we'll go goggle and skateboard shopping for you. I'm really happy you're going to be alright." Nicholas says before frowning a bit. "Shane…at least you're alive. If you lost anything….it sucks, believe me I know it does. Crap on a cracker, I don't know what to say. This whole thing sucks."

It's not the most appropo line to walk in on, but the door of the medical bay slides open and Emma Frost enters the crowded ward. Unlike most days, she is not in fact dressed up in her white UM suit. Instead she's in a spaghetti string top that looks like it's carrying some creases in it, and a pair of white denim pants that have a stain along one leg that is either coffee or mud. Despite the cold weather and the relative cool of the bay, she's wearing sandals. Her first stop is over to the patient computer, looking at everyone's remote vitals, though she says in greeting, "Yes, this whole thing does in fact…" A pause, "As you say."

"Hi, Ms. Frost," Shane murmurs, wiping her eyes with the back of her arm and tilting her head in the Headmistress' direction. "…Sorry 'bout not listenin'." Whether she is, or isn't, the apology must at least be made for form's sake, though at the moment her mind is more on her closet — and what might remain — than the battle from last night.

"Um," says Taylor, scratching their neck lightly upon the appearance of Emma Frost, "Yeah, uh, same… I guess that wasn't real smart or anything…" The ocelot student scootches under the covers a little bit further and wonders, "I think I want more painkillers, though. Unless I'm grounded from painkillers now… shit."

Nicholas isn't about to apologize for anything since he knows he'd run back out there and try to fight them again if he could. "Is everyone okay? Did anyone get severely injured or worse?" His voice is nervous, as if he doesn't want to know the answer if it's bad. It's the first time he's seen Ms. Frost since he's been back and Nicholas doesn't really know how to feel about it.

Emma puts up a finger to forestall things for a moment and then steps back outside, returning with about four unmarked bags, and settles them inside the door, "Mostly moderate injuries, no students were killed, and most of your classmates were safe in the underground zones during the attack. However… something must be address." Looking around at the student defenders present, she meets each of their eyes, and says, "Thank you. The damage estimate would have been far worse had you not diverted that squadron from the main quad. If it was not for that, we would have lost the entire dormitory. Which I am sad to say took much damage."

"…Figured," Shane says, though without much sullenness or real angst, for all that the compliment has her looking away, flushing. "…So how bad is it?"

Kaylee was… somewhere, stashed away, during the assault by the sentinels on the school. Not exactly where she might have wanted to be, but on the other hand the lizard mutant isn't really that strong of a fighter, persay. She has, of course, been relatively worried about the people who WEREN'T, and figured (since everything is over) that the medbay would be the best place to start searching. Nevermind that the clothes she's wearing on her back (her favorite hoody and some jeans) are pretty much the only thing she owns at this point. Still, she doesn't make a huge fuss upon entering, looking more relieved to see those in the room actually alive.

Taylor blinks a few times and says, "Ah, I guess… you're welcome? Didn't do all that much I guess…" The ocelot student headshakes and then says, "Wait, the dorms took damage then? Shit… I… how bad is it? All my stuff is in there…"

Now the fear is starting to sink in, he didn't want to believe how badly damaged the dorms might be but if Emma is here and has those unmarked bags, Nicholas doesn't think it's going to be good news. He telekinetically pulls over a glass of water from the side table and takes a few sips, really wishing he could have something alcoholic right now. "Hey there Kaylee." He gives a half-hearted wave when she walks in the room. "We did what we can to fight back Ms. Frost." The fact that a part of why Nick was there was for revenge is probably obvious.

Digging into the bags first, Emma Frost comes up with a set of what looks like Zippo Lighters, however they don't have the hinge. One is handed to Shane, then Nick, and then Taylor, "Before things happened, I had Forge sweep all devices on campus, remotely activate them, and flash download all data. These are drives that have your smartphone data, your school computer data, and any of your register personal machine's data on them. Any games, special settings, downloads… all of it." Going back over to her bags once more, she begins pulling a few more things out, "Which I know is a touch of an invasion of privacy… but most of you are well aware that I am much more of an apologize after kind of person." The next things that come are out… game systems!

Each student in the medical bay, the 'defenders' receiving them first, receives a PS Vita, with a hundred dollar card taped to the outside, completely new in the box, "Until everything is settled, I know you all will need something to help pass the time. Consider this an early Christmas present… from a grateful school that you have stayed with us… and from me personally. As an apology. You should be safe here, and once more I have let you down."

Shane takes the flash drive offered to her, turning it over in her hands, her eyes troubled. More motion has her looking up, brow furrowing as she takes the game-system box, eyes wide for a second… turning to something like annoyance as Emma mentions an apology. "…Okay y'know what, 'f I gotta give this back after I say this, then fuckit, fine. But that's bullshit, Ms. Frost. 'F this's what y'call failin', then I guess Japan's got a whole shitload of apologizin' t'do f'r gettin' nukes dropped on it." Glancing from Taylor, to Nicholas, to the sleeping Warlock, and finally to Cale, nodding once, she lifts a shoulder. "Seriously, we were expectin' this soon as we got th'boys back, 'n the walls went up in th'City." THe drive is lifted up, eyebrows rising. "'Preciate this, though."

Taylor eyes the device curiously, looking around quickly to try and locate their reading glasses, putting the little spectacles on which makes the feline look all kinds of adorable but more able to read any information on the items. "Oh. That's pretty cool. And… all my data's on this drive? Wow. And yea, I mean… I don't feel like I got failed. I just… wanted to defend my home and stuff."

Kaylee rubs the back of her neck, "The dorms are… pretty bad," she shakes her head, peering at the drive. At least that's good. "Stuff can be replaced though, I'm just glad nobody's dead… I hope? That is… you guys okay?" she pauses, "Anyway. I've got a lot of shopping to do, though…" she sinks back against the wall for a moment. She gives a small wave to Nicholas. "My room's completely smashed and burned… I dunno what happened, but it looks like a bomb literally went off in there."

Nicholas looks at the Vita for a bit, the confusion on his face quickly grows to an expression of anger. "This is supposed to make up for everything? I don't want it." He telekinetically places it at the foot of his bed. He still hangs onto the flash drive though, knowing there isn't a whole tone of information on it but it's something. "After everything that's happened, after everything I've been through I get a PSVita….I guess I'll just smile and forget everything is messed up because I have a hand held gaming system." It just rubs him the wrong way. "Thanks for the computer backup." His anger dies a bit at Kaylee's words. "I'm sorry Kaylee, that must be awful."

"No, Nicholas… these are not a bribe, or a hollow apology." And for once, the Headmistress shows a rather powerful note of irritation in her eyes as she looks back at the others, taking a deep breath to obviously calm herself, "Speaking from personal… VERY… personal experience… nothing can make up for the violation of having your safety, and your security taken from you. Nothing can. These are something I would hope would help you keep yourselves entertained and not going into a state of cabin fever down here. My own quarters are in the same state as the rest of yours. My office is gone. My room was crashed into, and a Sentinel detonated in it." Her teeth almost grit, "I lost some very precious things there. Things that were given to me… things that I came to treasure for the memories they came with."

Shane closes her eyes, staying silent throughout the exchange between Nick and Emma, turning her head to stare at the wall. "Hey," she says after a moment, her voice just barely loud enough to be heard, "Ms. Frost… The Art Room still up?"

Taylor nods a few times slowly and says, "Okay, yea… I… understand…" The teen puts the device aside for the moment, grimacing, pushing up their spectacles slightly and commenting, "I guess if the dorms are toast then my dolls might be… well… I guess it doesn't matter that much on the grand scale…" Still, Taylor seems rather worried by that.

Kaylee just shrugs, "Awful? I dunno… I just feel… numb. There was stuff my parents gave me in that room. I already lost them… it's just another step further away." she shrugs again, "At least my pictures and stuff survived though," she smiles weakly, glancing over at Taylor, "I didn't get to go inside, but the entire building isn't destroyed. I think your end looked okay, Tay."

Emma closes her eyes a moment, "I do not know yet, Shane… that end of the school grounds looked undamaged, so we can only hope for the best. I have not had time to look at the full damage assessment. I have been trying to find a construction company willing to work with us to do the repair. With what is happening in the world at this moment my… credibility… is very strained. Even Char-… Professor Xavier's old contacts are hesitant to have open dealings with us." As she continues to distribute to the students here, leaving everyone with the new systems, the Headmistress adds after a moment, "Our first priority was the dormitories and the exterior buildings. Nicholas… before I arrived, I had Orion moved for you. He is safe in a makeshift stall in the Blackbird hangar. Along with his saddle and tack."

Nicholas leaves the PSVita where it is on the end of the bed for now. "I know what it's like to lose everything Ms. Frost." He doesn't say anymore but curls up on his side, pulls one of his pillows into his arms to bury his face in as he tries to let the drowsiness from pain medication into sleepyland. "Thanks." He mutters into the pillow, barely audible. With how close he is to losing it, he figures just hiding it and going to sleep is a better option.

Shane waits until she can be reasonably certain Nick has gone to sleep for the day, then shakes her head. "…Please don't be too pissed, Ms. Frost… 'S just, that court bullshit's had y'tied up all through him'n'th'others comin' back. So he was kinda a dick there… but 's hard t'blame'm… Specially when I ain't got room to." Squeezing her eyes shut again, she draws in a deep breath. "Actually… 'F y'don't mind… can I ask y'f'r somethin'…?"

Taylor looks over towards Nicholas and then says, "G'night…" The feline student sits back up and says, "I guess I'll have time to talk to whatever doctors around here about some shit too now that I'm stuck in here for awhile… That's an upside…" The teen tries to raise their other arm to rub their neck, but it doesn't work. "Hm…" The teen looks towards Emma and says, "Sorry to hear about all the crap this school is being dragged through…"

"Night Nick," Kaylee trails off, giving him a wave and looking towards Taylor with a raised eyebrow, "That's an upside, I suppose." She glances over towards Shane for a moment, curious. She'll track Nick down later and talk to him most likely - but for now she seems content with observing the goings on here. Well, not exactly content - but it keeps her mind off of all her possessions simply being gone, and how annoying it's going to be to replace them all.

Shaking her head in Taylor's direction, Emma replies softly, "No need to be sorry… quite frankly, if not for the warnings of the girl who came to us, as well as your timely interventions in the Quad… as I said… it could be much worse." Looking to Shane however, the Headmistress replies, "I do not blame him… if I have to bear the brunt of his anger from this, then I will… however… as to you, you earned that respect a while ago, Miss Morgenstern. So please… what can I do for you?"

Shane clears her throat, turning her head to look at the Headmistress fully. "'S just… Dunno how bad my room got, but… with Nick, 'n y'r office… 'N if the Art Room's still okay… I figure I better get started replacin' what I know I can, soon's I can sit right. So… after all the fixin's done… Could I maybe make out a shopping list?"

Taylor glances over towards Shane and the feline says, "At this point, I just want to get some more morphine and just nap it up some more, I think…" The teen sighs softly and remarks, "If… any of my dolls were damaged… I'll just have to build new ones I guess…" The feline shrugs and then starts closing their eyes. "My eyes are tired… give me a moment…" Taylor is going to take more than a moment.

"It'll be okay," Kaylee nods, slinking over and laying a hand on Taylor's shoulder. "You've probably earned some sleep, yanno?" she turns to the other two remaining in the room. "Is there… I dunno, something I could be doing? I feel so useless lately in all of this. And then this happens. Now I don't even have a place to sit around and be useless /in./ It'd help take my mind off things if I had something to do," she looks to Shane for a moment.

There's not even a hestitation from Emma Frost once the quiet returns, "Of course. I not only encourage it, but I would like you to tell others to do the same. I want to know what people want, so I can see what we are able to provide." Moving back towards the bags, she rifles through, and then takes out a stack of notepads and some pens, passing them over to Shane, "Here… distribute these to your friends and fellows when you're able, Miss Morgenstern. And to let you know, the Vitas all have Facebook, Twitter, and email capacity, and oddly enough, we still have our wireless capacity. So, you can contact your parents, or friends and ensure them you are allright."

"….Uh," Shane observes, reaching up to take the stack, clearly bemused at suddenly being in charge of requisitions, even if only briefly. "…Okay, yeah. Sure I'll, uh… get right on that, thanks…" The Vita is given a second look, the teen clearly trying to measure whether or not they feel up to an unboxing this soon.

From the bed off in the corner, behind a screen, there comes a soft, generally unhappy groan. Tabitha's armor and trenchcoat have been exchanged for a hospital gown, and her firearms have of course been secured somewhere well away from where students can get at them (though one might wonder how much that really matters when the students are quite capable of wreaking far greater devestation on their own). The rat girl pats her chest, verifying that the gaping holes she finished up with the previous day are, in fact, gone… though it seems that after going down while under the damping effect from the Sentinels, she does have pretty ragged scars under her fur. "…Where am I?" she gasps at last.

Kaylee just kind of blinks back and forth between Shane and Emma for a moment, falling silent. "That sounds familiar…" she responds, glancing over at the rat girl for now. "That's a pretty good question…" she answers, "You're not dead, that's for sure. You're at our school. And safe. Though…" she ponders momentarily, "Safe for now."

"…in trouble, young lady." Is Emma's response as she moves over to fold up two of the now-empty bags, and carefully packs them inside their brethren, "Because I have to explained to the Director of the Barnes Academy why I have one of his students here in my medical bay, to say nothing of the fact that you were driving around with not one, but two civilian illegal weapons… which are under our care and will be returned to you when you go to face your people." And on that note, the Headmistress turns to depart, "I have more items to disperse, and I will return soon enough. Until then, try to get along… I know it is not easy, but we will do our best for you. But in the meantime…" And just as she enters, she's left.

"Dafuq?" Shane says, pushing her head up to peer across the way at the new voice. "…Patches, that you? The fuck're you doin' here? ….Hang on." A button is pushed, and the head of the bed starts to rise, putting Shane back more or less in a seated position.

"Fuckin' hero's welcome indeed," comes Tabitha's expressive snort after the dressing down from Emma. The curtain is whisked aside, revealing the rat girl, before she climbs back into bed and pulls the blanket up around her neck. "Civilian illegal weapons… good thing I am not a civillian then, innit?" She reaches up to clasp her hands behind her head, as her features smooth out. "Yeah, Kiloton, it's me. And hi, Kaylee." She pauses, and glashes a grin. "I'd ask how you both are, but you're both in this hospital digs with me, so I assume that means you're crappy."

"I'm just here visitin," Kaylee grins just a little, "So I'm mostly okay. My room got totally vaped during the fight, seems like," she shakes her head, hopping up onto a bed next to Tabitha. "So what's up, rat-girl?" she asks, flicking her tongue playfully a little. "You seem to be feelin pretty good compared to everyone else involved in this," she gestures around the room.

Kaylee's exuberance seems to be scraping Shane's last nerve raw, by the way her face slowly gets more and more thunderous. "'Bout half th'fuckin' livin' side of the school got toasted," she says after a moment's sullen silence. "Optimism sez I'm'a be here f'r a couple weeks, 'n in physical therapy a couple more, 'cos my leg got popped back out it's fuckin' socket. 'Bout th'only thing that helps me feel any better's I got t'kick onea them fuckers in the balls. *Then* 'sploded my foot."

Tabitha ahhs softly. "Sorry Shane," she replies, dropping the grin. "I hope they can figure a way to fix you up a bit faster. If there's anything I can do, lemme know, right? You've got my cell… but…" She trails off. "Actually don't use it, it's probably tapped." She sighs softly. "I'm here 'cause I've been speaking with one of your teachers a lot lately and he cancelled out on me, so I checked by to see if there was a problem, and… there was. So I helped fight off Sentinels. …With a .50 Cal Sniper Rifle. It was *great*." She glances at Cale, and hunhs softly. "I hope nobody got killed," she murmurs. "Shane, when I get out, y'want me to bring you anything?"

Kaylee just frowns a little… "I'm sorry, Shane… I didn't mean it like that; I'm just trying to stay away from the edge. You know, I think about it too much in addition to everything else and…" she trails off, kicking a bare foot against the bottom of the cot she's sitting on. "With a sniper rifle? Really? I don't… wha?" she stares at Tabitha for a moment; more astonished at the complete relishing of the violence. "I don't think anybody got killed. I've been checking around. Most of us managed to take shelter in the danger room or elsewhere…" she nods, looking rather guilty about it.

"No… no…", comes from Lock's bed before a sudden, "Don't trust the frogs!", and he's awake and sitting up, "Ow, f***!", he puts a hand to his stomach and realising where he is and potting other people goes bright red.

"….Y'know, Patches," Shane says after a moment, "that *was* kinda seriously fuckin' creepy, there." Shaking her head, she makes a quelling motion Kaylee's way as if to say it's all right, don't listen to her. "Mornin', 'Lock. Yeah, th'bar's still not there anymore, don't worry."

Tabitha hunhs softly. "Sorry. Didn't mean to come off all creepy-violent like. But I *did* get a certain amount of satisfaction out of fighting off the bad guys, even if I did end up with lethal wounds in the process. …Again." She sits up a little, patting along the side of the bed until she can work out how to crank it into a sitting position. "Hey, you were there," she comments, tiling her gaze towards Warlock. "You made it. That's a relief. How're you feelin'?"

"Yeah, I'm just… not that much of a fighter, that's all," Kaylee murmurs; it's hard for her to imagine anyway having fun doing stuff like that, for the most part. "I mean, outside of video games. But video games are a completely different thing, you know? Anyway," she relaxes just a little bit. "I mean, does this mean it's over? Are we fighting back now? Or…" she trails off.

"Hey Shane and other people, sorry about that and good to hear barwise", Lock looks over at the gun toting teleporter, "More or less good thanks, you got me into the lobby right? you ok?", he looks to Shane, "What I miss?"

Shane shrugs. "Ms. Frost stopped by. PS Vita 'n a hundred bucks in th' PSN store f'r every student, so we don't lose our shit gettin' all cabin-fevery. Also 'f someone wanna grab a notebook 'n pen off my bed here, she says she wants everyone t'write out a shoppin' list f'r replacin' what they can. Other'n that?" Shane shrugs, glancing at Tabitha and shaking her head. "Neh. I'll be fine. This ain't th'first time I hadda camp out inna hospital bed. Least there's company, here." Drawing in a breath, she lets it out in a puff. "Far's I care, Kaylee, fight's done. THey fucked up th'house, we gave'm a stompin', let someone else handle the real shit."

"Well, I'll be getting out of here in the morning." Tabitha perks an eyebrow upwards. "I've got work to do. It'll be good to know you all are safe, though. I doubt they'll be trying to pick on you all here again in a hurry." She reaches up to rub lightly at her forehead. "You can call me Tabitha if you want to, Shane," she murmurs. "But it's up to you. I *like* Patches. Kinda wish more people'd call me that." She chuckles softly. "Dude, you missed about as much as I missed, just maybe slightly more. An' Kaylee? Not everyone's gotta be a fighter."

"Patches? Yeah I suppose… it's just… people are always sticking for me," Kaylee shrugs, smiling just very faintly. "But you know, whatever. I guess. I'm not saying I'm not thankful… just wish I could do more to help," she eyes the notepads that Emma gave Shane for a moment.

"Don't need to write anything down, everything I've lost is sentimental, my folks can replace anything else if I even want any stuff back", Lock shrugs, "Thanks for the help…", he'll go with the one she said she likes, "…Patches". "You may not wanna be a fighter but you've got to at least be ready to, up until a couple of months ago I was non-violent, first guy I hit was a Pasicfier and I spent the better part of the other night stabsploding cyborgs".

"Lucky you," Shane mutters sourly, shaking her head at Tabitha's breezy statement of leaving. "Meh. Well, goin' t'sleep here soon, so, later I guess, Patches." The bed begins to whirr once more, as she eases herself back down. "Kaylee… Drop a pad 'n pen on people's beds 'fore y'leave? That'll help lots."

Tabitha sighs softly. "Sorry, Shane. …I'm probably gettin' kicked out anyway. You heard your fearless leader." She sighs softly, as she lowers her own bed back down. "Wish I could stick around here for longer. …Anyway. You all sleep well, yeah? I'm going to be getting some of that myself. I'm wiped."

"Sure," Kaylee nods, heading past Shane and picking up a few of the notebooks - which are quietly distributed around to sleeping students.

Warlock leans back again and watches Kaylee hand out the notebooks, "Gotta wonder if this is what it's going to be like, constantly fighting and rebuilding then just waiting for the next attack, can we keep up with that?"

"No idea," Shane says, stretching out her neck and shoving at the pillows under her head. "Right now, don't give a fuck, neither. Ain't gonna be outta here f'r awhile. Someone else c'n flatten 'em next time… 'Night, Lock. Play with y'r game, 'f you get bored, yeah?"

"Night Shane, not sure when I'm getting outta here but if I'm out before ya, I'll get someone to point out those DVDs you watch and bring them down, anyone up for kicking a sentinel cyborg in the nads deserves the time to chill", Lock stops talking to give the girl a chance to sleep.

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