2009-12-30: Interesting New Student


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Summary: Mikhail is nervous around other kids and startles Dallas, Owen and Robyn.

Date: Decebmer 30, 2009

Log Title Interesting New Student

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs are placed up here for students to relax. Its a quite place up here that allows the fresh air in through sky vents in the summer and is well heated in the winter.

Last night Robyn became himself again, and it was great. He spent all day at home with his family and did the whole late Christmas thing. Now he's back at the school and up in the Observation Deck lying on the floor on his stomach. He's wearing a pair of black jeans, a pair of black boots is on the floor not to far from him and the sleeves of his black hoodie are pushed up. He's definately got an emokid look to him. In front of him, he's working on molding a small clay sculpture, with a picture of the orginal five XMen next to the tray.

Dallas is dressed in jeans, sneakers and a dark blue t-shirt bearing his old high-school's logo, a stylized Thracian helm on the breast with the words, 'Go Tell It To The Spartans!' both in bright yellow. He has a jacket in one hand, as though expecting he may go out at some point. His expression is a bit on the stoic side. He doesn't see Robyn at first, as he's looking up and out the windows almost as soon as enters. As he's about to throw himself moodily into a seat, he notices the person he thinks is a stranger. His glance is cautious and gives the sculpture a look. After a moment he says, "Sorry, I didn't know anybody was up here."

Robyn looks up, his hands covered in water and grey clay. "Oh hey Dallas, I tend to blend in, like a ninja…or something." He says greating him like they know eachother. He rolls over and shifts to a sitting position. "I'm so happy to finally be able to sculpt again, I've had this idea itching in the back of my head for a while so I can make Jordan something for Christmas. I'll finally be able to give him the rest of his present." He says looking around for something to clean his hands off on and finds his small towel. "And you know what the best thing is Dallas, I'm no longer a frog!"

Dallas blinks as the stranger says his name and there is a suddenly wrathful expression on his face. A flash of anger that seems wildly out of place. He takes a step towards Robyn, saying "Stay the he…." He cuts off at the word 'frog' and his expression goes surprised and embarrassed. "Robyn? Is that you?"

"Yeah it's me." Robyn says like it should be obvious and then it dawns on him. "Oh sorry, I forgot, you only knew me as a frog. This is what I really look like. Last night was crazy, we were able to rescue Robin's sister Megan and get her to stop all of it. It turns out she's a crazy powerful mutant." He sits on the floor and starts to pack up a clay sculpture he was working on in a plastic ziplock bag, sealing it tight with a bit of water inside to keep the clay mosit. "And I won't be going inside your mind like that, I might be all mental based with my powers, but I can't read minds."

Dallas listens to that explanation and just sits down in one of the chairs, shaking his head. "This is a weird, weird town. And school. And yea, I know you can't read minds. One of the new guys can. And does. And has a big mouth." He waves that off with a 'whatever' gesture and leans forward a little. "You made that? The, um, figurine thing?"

With a cloud of DarkForce and a little 'oof', Owen Folger lands on a chair and lounges. He's in his fuzzy form, dressed in jeans and a hoodie and is carrying a few magazines. The fuzzy mutant starts to open one when he notices he's not ported into an empty room. "Uhh…howdy," he greets. "Good tah see ya not so green an' slimey, Robyn. How ya'll doin'?" he asks, a little awkwardly.

"Which guys is this that can read minds…wait…I think I met him, he poked me." Robyn says shaking his head. "He thought I was a halucination or something, as a frog. "Yeah I made it, I missed sculpting so much…Owen!" He says as the dark force user Teleports in. "Hey, yeah, I'm back to me again! It's great." He's in a great mood now that he's himself again. Not much would ruin it. "And yeah Dallas, I sculpt a lot, I'm making Jordan the rest of his Christmas gift now that I can."

Dallas blinks as Owen appears, pre-lounge configured. Even in a foul mood, that's amusing, apparently, as Dallas cracks a faint smile. "Owen. Hey." He looks back at Robyn and says, "John." He doesn't say anything else but the word is solidly packed with loathing right this moment. He snorts and shakes off whatever he's thinking there and then continues, "And that's cool. I wish I had some kind of art talent."

Dallas blinks as Owen appears, pre-lounge configured. Even in a foul mood, that's amusing, apparently, as Dallas cracks a faint smile. "Owen. Hey." He looks back at Robyn and says, "Topher." He doesn't say anything else but the word is solidly packed with loathing right this moment. He snorts and shakes off whatever he's thinking there and then continues, "And that's cool. I wish I had some kind of art talent."

Owen blinks. "Topher?" he asks, confused. Flipping around in the chair, Owen offered a fanged grin. "Lucky guy, that Jordan," he remarks, reaching over to ruffle the mental mutant's hair gently. "We all can' have art talent…'course it could also be ya'll jus' haven' found the right art."

Mikhail is wandering thoughout the strange new world he now lives in, he is dressed in grey Xavier Institute sweats that he was given when he joined the school, he enjoys wearing clothes as they make him feel like everyone else also they cover up his tattoos, but isn't wearing shoes as he cannot understand the point of them, also he cant figure out laces, he begins to walk towards the Observation Deck and catches the scent of people, he crouches down on all fours and approches the room carefully and quietly, since he left the circus everyone has been so nice to him and after so long he doesn't understand why, but his instincts are telling him to go with it, but he's still cautious. He observes the people in the room his black eyes scanning for a threat.

"I've been into sculpting ever since I was little, my Mother couldn't keep me away from clay. But then she's an artist and I think it kind of rubbed off on me." Robyn says as he chuckles as Owen ruffles his hair. "Owen, I didn't say thanks for the Christmas Present, sorry I didn't get you anything, I didn't really get many people anything." He just doesn't have a lot of money. "I can sculpt you anything you want, Owen, just let me know. And Dallas, if you ever want me to show you how to do this, let me know." He hasn't noticed Mikhail lurking in the shadows yet.

Dallas snorts at Owen. "Tell that to the art teachers I made cry over the years. And he's some psychic guy. Mind-scanning scumbag and telekinetic." He looks at Robyn and shakes his head, "Nah. I have a feeling I'd end up making modern art by mistake." Ensconced in a chair facing into the room and exactly the most observant guy in the world, he doesn't notice the fourth person in the room just yet.

Owen waves the apology away, smiling. "Don' worry about it. Wasn' expectin' anythin'," he says. "Ah got ya it cause you're mah friend and that's that," he says. "Hmm. If Ah come up with something, Ah'll let ya know," he says, interested in getting a sculpture from Robyn. He's not noticed Mikhail yet either, focusing on Robyn and Dallas. "Don' worry. Ah'm terrible at art too."

As the group continue to talk, Mikhail begins to stalk forwards, from the fur he regesters Owen as an animal and doesn't mind crossing his gaze, he stops again behind Dallas' chair.

"That's something I never did, make an art teacher cry, my mother, that's another story." Robyn says laughing as there were a few times when he did make her cry with happiness that he has an art talent. "Yeah, I feel bad when I accidentally just absorb people's psychic energy, and I don't even like possesing people so I can't imagine invading someone's thoughts." He says as it just seems like an invasion to him. "And as for modern art, I never got it. I feel like people find brilliance out of mundane stuff…and.." He catches the movement of Mikhail out of the corner of his eye. "Did either of you see that?"

Dallas grins at Robyn and says, "So did I. But usually for finding out the hard way that flushing my little sister's Hello Kitty stuff down the toilet was bad for her. And the septic tank." He frowns deeply and says, "I don't even want to talk about it. He did it, it's over. And if he does it again, I'll kill …. see what?" He looks around, left and right and then stands to look behind him. "What now?"

Owen stays nice and quiet on the issue of crying mothers. He's got some family issues at the moment but isn't going to burden his friends with them. He sits up as things click in his head. "Are ya'll sayin' that someone invaded your mind against your will?" he asks. "An' his name's Topher?" he asks. "Alright…" he trails off, making a few mental notes. He was about to ask the same thing Robyn does, keeping quiet. Getting up, the fuzzy teen starts to walk over to the other side of Dallas' chair.

Mikhail ignores Owen's movements as he still believes him to be an animal, he also doesn't quite know enough English to realise that they know he's there, he does however prepare to either fight or run should Owen attack.

Robyn nods and drops the subject as Dallas says to. "WAit..flushing your sister's Hello Kitty stuff, that's really amusing. I wish I had a brother or sister." He says before pointing where he saw Mikhail. "I saw something move, right over there." He says standing up like Dallas and Owen. "Whose there?" He asks as this isn't the first time he's seen or heard mystery things up here.

Dallas's shadow flows up around him for a flickering second as he nervously looks into the darkness concealing Mikhail. He peers and says, "Ok, if this place is haunted, I'm officially having the worst day ever and going home." He takes a step closer as Owen moves towards the patch of darkness because, well, you don't let friends go after scary stuff alone.

Owen frowns when he sees Mikhail. His powers allow him to see in the dark a lot easier than most. He offers a smile after a moment. "Howdy," hw greets. "What ya'll doin' hidin' there?" he asks, approaching Mikhail slowly and offering a hand.

Mikhail sees the offered hand as a form of attack from this strange animal, he growls and bares his fangs at him in an attempt to scare it away.

Robyn walks up behind Owen and gets down on his knees to be closer to the student's height in his crouched posistion. "Heya, I'm Robyn, you don't need to hide from us, we're pretty friendly." At least Robyn thinks so. He's a bit weirded out by the fangs and growling but he's not about to let it show, at least not right now.

Dallas stiffens at that growl and the flash of fangs. He calls his shadow deliberately this time. As his form is sheathed in that inky shell, his eyes glow and flare like tiny twin eclipses of light around darkness and he hefts the chair he was sitting in one handed, holding it overhead rather like a flyswatter or rolled-up newspaper. Apparently he's a bit on edge right now. He starts to warn Robyn away but just settles for adding, "Unless you bite somebody. Glass roof. Guy who can kick you to Brooklyn. You do the math."

Owen doesn't seem all that phased by the growling or fangs. He's got his own fangs right now after all. He holds up a hand towards Dallas in a 'calm down' gesture. Slowly, fur melts away, glowing eyes return to human eyes, and fangs become normal. He's returned to human form. "Are ya'll lost, buddy?" he asks. "We can help ya out."

Mikhail repeats Robyn's "Heya", not in his own Romainian accent but in Robyn's, when Dallas picks up the chair he jumps back pulling Robyn with him, his animal instincts are telling him to get away from Dallas and his human one are to try and protect the stranger as well, he stares at Owen in confusion when he returns to human form, "You not animal" he says this time in his own accent.

Robyn lets out a little yelp, not very brave or masculine sounding, as he's pulled back by Mikhail. He doesn't move for a bit as he looks up at Dallas and Owen with an expression that almost says 'help me'. "Umm…no…he's Owen…and I'm Robyn…and that's Dallas…we're…also students." He says desperatly trying to pinpoint Mikhail's accent.

Dallas jumps a little when the beast boy drags Robyn back and obviously gets ready to do some major league swatting when Mikhail speaks. He pauses uncertainly and then lowers the chair, setting it down and letting his shadow flow away back to whatever it does when he doesn't need it. He says, quietly, "I think he's, um, one of us." Obvious, but apparently he's just figuring it out. "And maybe a little, um, 'special'. I guess you shouldn't scare him." When his name is mentioned, he gives Mikhail a nod and a tight smile that is supposed to be friendly.

Owen doesn't seem all that worried even when Robyn gets grabbed. Apparently he thinks they can all handle it easy. "Nope. Like mah friend there says, Ah'm Owen. What's your name?" he asks. "Mind lettin' Robyn go?" he adds.

Mikhail looks to Robyn as he introduces everyone, he still treats Dallas with suspision even though he has put down the chair, at Owen's question he stands up and puts a hand on his chest, "Mikhail", he looks to Robyn, "one of us" he says in Dallas' accent, he means it as a question but as he's mimicing Dallas it sounds like a statment.

Robyn moves a bit so he's sitting a few feet away from Mikhail. "Yeah, we're all mutants here. Nice to meet you Mikhail." He says as he look up at the two still standing and then back down at Mikhail. "Did you just get here recently?"

Dallas blinks as Mikhail's mimicry, looking surprised, but he just listens now, given that the other two seem to have a bit more empathy with the stranger.

Owen just keeps smiling. "Nice tah meet you, Mikhail. Welcome tah the school," he says. "How about ya join us? Relax an' han' out?"

In responce to Robyn's question Mikhail points east, "sun", he's trying to say he got there that morning, he is just getting used to English so is confused by Owen's accent, "How about ya join us? Relax an' han' out?", he says using Owen's accent.

Robyn nods. "Sun." He looks up at Owen and Dallas, shrugging. "I have no clue what that means. Well besides the obvious." He says brushing the hair from out of his face. "I wonder which country Mikhail comes from." He says not meaning to talk like he's not even there.

Dallas sits back down, since the chair is facing towards this little group now and leans forward as though just looking at the new kid will give him a clue. "Well, that's a German or Russian or something, you know, European name, right?" He pauses and says, "He /seems/ friendly enough. Then again, you haven't tried to get away yet."

Owen blinks. "Interestin' little trick," he says. He looks to the east when it's pointed to, the sun not there at all right now. It takes him a moment but he eventually gets an idea. "Ah thin' he's sayin' he got here in the mornin'. Dunno if he means this morning or just one in general though…"

Mikhail just stands there listening as they talk about him, all the while regestering words he's heard before, and trying to make sense of the ones he hasn't.

Robyn nods and then smiles to Mikhail. "It was nice meeting you Mikhail." Robyn says as he stands up slowly. "I have to get going downstairs for a bit. Make sure I get that to the art room before it dries up too much." He says pointing at his sculpture. "I…uh…hope everything goes well." He feels bad leaving the two in a lurch but he has to head down there.

Dallas nods to Robyn. "Later, man. Glad to, um, meet you in flesh, I guess." Rather than in the frog, as it were. He gives Mikhail a look and then shrugs, deciding to take things at the most basic level first. "Did you get anything to eat today? Um, food." He mimes eating a burger and rubs his tummy and then says to Owen, softly, "I hope we don't have to find a doggy bowl or something."

Owen pats Robyn on the shoulder as he goes. "See ya'll later, Robyn," he says. He chuckles softly at Dallas and then shakes his head. "Don' worry, Dallas," he says. "If ya'll need some food, Mikhail, Ah can take ya tah get some," he offers.

Mikhail watches as Robyn leaves the room, "La revedere, mi pare bine de cunostinta", which roughly translated means "goodbye, nice to meet you", when Dallas mimes eating and uses the word "food" Mikhail smiles, "Mikhail eat pizza", he then holds up two fingers.

Dallas blinks and says, "You put away two pizzas? Rock on, little cave guy." He shrugs at Owen and says, "I guess he's ok. Though you'd think they would have given the poor guy a guide."

Owen laughs a bit. "Pizza is good," he agrees. THe DarkForce user nods to Dallas and then looks Mikhail over. "Who gave you the pizza?" he asks, trying to figure out which teacher to talk to.

Dallas nods and says, "Yea, that's one thing everybody can agree on." He pauses a moment and looks sideways to Owen and then says, "Ok, I should probably head back to my room, I guess they aren't throwing me out tonight." He looks back at Mikhail and says, "Um, good meeting you, Mikhail. Maybe less sneaking up on people, though? Living at Mutant High makes people jumpy."

Owen smiles and nods. "Yeah, it was nice meetin' ya Mikhail," he says. "Ah gotta go see Mr. Summers," he says.

Mikhail nods "La revedere, mi pare bine de cunostinta", then goes to stand in front of the window, and looks out at the grounds.

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