2010-01-15: Interlude With Yogurt


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Summary: Basketball, dire gossip and snacks.

Date: January 15, 2010.

Log Title Interlude With Yogurt

Rating: PG.

Xavier Mansion - Basketball Court

A full size basketball court sits outside with a tennis court on each side, making it ideal for summer recreation. Tennis rackets, tennis balls, and basket balls can be found in a small shed off to the side.

The night is hot. Amazingly hot. And a disturbing blood-red glow on the horizon betrays the strangeness going on in the city. Dallas is working off excess energy, as usual. He's alone on the court, wearing just sneakers and a pair of Xavier's shorts and practicing speed drills, weaving the basketball in an intricate set of turns and feints while dribbling, shooting at the three point line, occasionally hitting the mark, occasionally missing and then starting over again. He's been at it long enough to work up a healthy sweat and for his breathing to be somewhat labored. It makes a rasping counterpoint to the metronome steadiness of the ball being dribbled up and down the court.

With having such an active mind, you would think Max would have been more observant of the temperature outside. "It's winter…I said. It's just FINE for me to be outside…" He says, breathing a little labored. He's been out here no more than ten minutes and he is sweating generously. A side effect of his mutation, is that warm temperature to us, are hot for Max. The fellow New Mutant is somewhat smiling though, it's easy for him to see the light at the end of the tunnel. He was simply going to take a walk, but as he stops at the basketball court, he stops, looking at Dallas. "Heya!" He calls out, happy to see Dallas.

Dallas pivots, pump fakes and then does a jumper …and misses. He's fast but sometimes you just need the ball control that only long limbs and a flat trajectory on the hoop can give you. He shakes his head, grinning ruefully and turns back to Max and puffs out a low breath of air. "Max. Hey." He looks towards the lights on the horizon. "Couldn't sleep either?"

"Sleep?…what..is this sleep!" He calls out in jest. Max, wearing shorts and sneakers as well, joins up with Dallas. "What time is it?" He asks, looking to his teammate. He looks like me may be up for a little bit of playing, though he's totally wanting to just ice the whole basketball court right now.

Dallas laughs and says, "Yea, I think I'm averaging four hours a night since I got here." He sighs faintly and goes to retrieve the ball. "You play?" He asks it over his shoulder, casually. Because hey, a lot of people here don't and he doesn't want to alienate his squadmate on the apparently sensitive topic of sports.

"Well, I used to play every now again, but I've been…getting into Hockey lately." Max admits, before looking down. "But they don't like us in sports… testing and all." He's a bit saddened at that fact, well, more than a bit. It's definitely a kick below the belt. The cryokinetic looks around to the court and cracks his knuckles.
Dallas winces and nods. "Yea. I know." He doesn't mention that sports were pretty much his whole life before his mutation. No sense in whining. "I've got hockey gear in my room. I play." Along with almost every other team sport offered in his school system. "So when things settle…." He grins. "We'll get some ice time." He tosses the ball to Max. "Horse or just do some shooting?"

Max's smile gets bigger when he said that they'd get some ice time when things settle down. "Horse is cool with me." Max says, before starting to stretch out. Being as tall as Dallas, they seem to be pretty evenly matched. "Alright, you go first." He offers, still giving some labor in his breathing.
Dallas grins at Max and says, "Alright. Three pointer." He fakes left and then spins right, trying to get around Max, jumping up to take the shot from half-court, looking for an early advantage. It isn't his strong point, but hey, they /are/ pretty close in size, he might get past Max's defense.

Max himself tries to follow Dallas' movements as Dallas fakes left. He tries to steal the ball and fails, he's moving a little bit slower right now. The shot is made, now does it go in?

The ball arcs through the air and Dallas winces as he hears the distinctive *tung!* of the basketball bouncing off the rim and halfway back to them. He makes a grab for it and then hands it over to Max. "Your turn." And a pause, "Did you hear about Jordan and Robyn?" Even in a day where some of the students and part of the faculty are rumored to have run away from the school, apparently he feels that part is worth mentioning.

Max grabs the ball, the rubber slipping out of his hand, which is significantly damp from sweat. He does manage to grab it before he comes out to Dallas. "Jordan and Robyn? No." He responds, before looking to set himself up to attempt a shot, this one not being from half court, he'll go for a different approach. But he'll wait for the news before trying to go for his basket.

Dallas says, "Jordan broke his arm. Literally. Put him in the infirmary. I was down there with him until he feel asleep. He keeps saying that it wasn't Jordan's fault but … well, he apparently went wherever the rest of the crazy people went today." He shrugs, looking annoyed. "I would have expected Lucas and Topher to go darkside on us sooner or later. They were already major pains. But I thought Jordan was just …loud." He watches Max, waiting for the change in balance that will tell him that the other boy is ready to make a shot.

Max's eyes look wide as he hears the news. "Really? Just breaks his arm just like that? Wow…" He says, before he fakes right, moving left, and attempts to distract Dallas with a fake shot from the right. If he can get past Dallas' defenses, he'll attempt a layup shot.

Dallas falls for the fake shot and then grins as Max shows some unexpected athleticism and guile. Bad for one on one, great for the squad. He still tries to play catch-up and get between Max and the basket, but it's obvious that isn't going to happen before Max can take his shot. He's a little out of breath as he says, "Yea. I thought those two were tight."

A layup ensues, but the ball whips around the hoop, allowing no point to be made this round either. "Tight as in…Kael and me?" He asks, assuming Dallas already assumed they were together from the first time they met. "Hell…" Max says afterwards, the heat may be getting to him, or he's just rusty. He'll never tell.

Dallas blinks as that particular suspicion is confirmed but he just nods and says, "Yea. Like that. And Robyn's way too nice a guy to have somebody beating on him." His expression is an odd mixture of amused, resigned and perplexed for a moment before he recovers the ball, some thought or other leaving him between laughing and shaking his head. He clears his throat, looks at Max and then does a double-take and says, "Time." He pauses, analyzing the angles of how to approach the situation and then says, "Hey? Want to make it more interesting?"

"We that obvious?" Max asks, looking to Dallas, a smirk. After a little bit he pauses at the timeout. "Like, Alan Alda interesting, or that stuffy interesting like Beast?" Max says, doubting he'll be understood.

Dallas shrugs. "You were talking about going away for the weekend together. With a chaperone." And a blank look, "Alan who? Which team was he on?" Dallas goes over the X-Men rosters he's memorized for the name and shakes his head, as though saying he's coming up blank. He says, "I was going to suggest we use powers." Mostly because he's noticed that Max is uncomfortable, but he wouldn't say that. You don't, to another teammate. "But … um, I'd rather ask a question. A personal question, if you don't mind."

"Sure thing, ask away." Max offers, wiping his brow. He is a little uncomfortable, but to him this temperature is like being in a sauna for the rest of us. "Well, I could just be his best friend, and, a chaperone is needed cause we're…aww okay so it's a bit obvious."

Dallas pauses a moment, spinning the ball in his hands, carefully not looking at Max. "Ok, so this thing with you two. What's up with that? I mean, the whole …deal. You know, the, um, togetherness thing. Between you two." An uncomfortable pause and he adds, just in case it wasn't apparent, "The whole guy/guy thing. You know." His voice is careful and his expression, or what can be seen of it, given the way he's semi-facing away, is more than a little uncomfortable.

Max canters his head, looking at Dallas with his always-welcoming eyes, even if Dallas isn't looking at him. Which if Dallas was talking to any other person, might give him away. But this is Max, and Max is easily distracted and/or oblivious. As well, Max doesn't see through Dallas use, or lack thereof, of the words relationship or boyfriend. "Well, me and Kael, we're kinda…I dunno, I think he's cute and he thinks I'm cute, and he's awesome and doesn't mind me when I'm all hyper and can't stop moving or getting distracted." He honestly believes that Dallas is just asking about his setup with Kael and himself. "Is that what you're asking?" He says, a habit of making sure he's on the right track.

Dallas frowns and his expression is a bit frustrated and confused for a moment before he makes a conscious effort to smooth his features and turn back with a slightly forced smile. "Yea. Cool." He grins and says, "Okay, more ball, get in the pool or go inside and look for something cold and probably pretty bad for us?" He just doesn't have the courage to pursue the subject.

"I think that's it, really. But it's hard to describe. And it's cheesy to say 'it just happened' cause, that's like what girls say, and we're guys." Yes, a little sexist, but true to Max, if he wanted the girly stuff, he would have pursued a girl that he liked instead of Kael. "Oh please please PLEASE let's go inside." He says, looking to Dallas as a puppy would when it hears something it wants.

Dallas blinks as Max describes something he's been thinking for a while now but didn't have the words to articulate. He starts laughing at the tone and puppy dog expression. "C'mon, I think Mr. Summers keeps some frozen yoghurt behind those disgusting kelp bars that Northstar has in the freezer. He /probably/ won't blast us for raiding it." As he walks, he says carefully, "And yea, I get what you mean. But, um, did you ever try to, you know, adjust? Maybe just not … want what you want? Forget about it? Or maybe channel that into something like workouts…." He pauses as he realizes that last sentence is probably too revealing. "…or something. Whatever."

"Oh god! Kelp, seaweed's dumb and less flavorful cousin." Max giggles and is quite happy to be heading inside. "Like, did I ever try not liking Kael? Not really. Cause it's like…not good to do that. It always bugged me. Like Jenny, before she left school, I kinda had a thing for her, I told her and things didn't go so well for the fosty-kid in front of you. Before the frostyness." Believe it or not, Max isn't suspicious of Dallas at all, he's thinking that Dallas is just trying to understand it…until the workouts thing comes along. "Well, I've got enough energy to channel into workouts and stuff without having to put more in that pile. Why, is that what you do?" It may seem like Max has alluded to something…

Dallas actually flinches and misses a step at that terminal question. He flushes a deep red and takes a breath to say something, looking back towards Max with the beginnings of an angry scowl. And then he stops walking and takes a deep breath. Finally he says, quietly, "Yea. It is." And then starts walking again, shoulders set as though he's expecting either a lightning bolt or laughter, he's not sure which. As they head inside he adds, "And it's not even for eating. It's like a /face treatment/ or something. I microwaved three packages and tried everything from salt to Tabasco before I read the package." There is a quality of nervous babble to that switch of topic.

"Oh, my bad, I meant is that what you do when you don't want something like that… aww darn I'm sorry, please don't be mad." Max takes a moment during the moments when Dallas is deep red and it is as if a lightbulb goes off in his head, apparently just catching up to the situation. "Oh dude, that's cool." He says, genuinely happy still, laughing only cause he's elated, cause Max is just a happy boy. "What the heck? You put that on your face? Blech!" He offers up before sighing in relief that they are indoors.

Dallas sighs as the world doesn't end. It's the first time he's actually just come out and flatly admitted it, albeit without actually saying the words. As they wander into the kitchen he starts rummaging for bowls and spoons. He's the oldest child at home and the engrained reflex for him is to provide in the absence of an adult. He says, over his shoulder, "I knew. You know? But it didn't have a place in what I was trying to be." He shrugs, "And I wasn't going to deal with it here. But Topher kind of took it and used it and made it real. And I've been wandering around like an idiot since then." Dallas turns around and puts a pair of bowls on the table and then heads for the fridge. "But this thing. With the city and the people going crazy and all that…. I can't keep being some screw-up freshman like I was with Batroc. Too paralyzed by my own crap to step up and do my damned job." He sounds angry at that but when he turns back with the vanilla yoghurt (it's Cyclops's, /of course/ it's going to be vanilla, there is a grim little smile on his face. "So I'm learning the field. If I can't change the game, then I need to change the game plan."

"But life doesn't work how you want it to. I mean, when I found out, I ran away from home." Yes, he did, but his parent's forgave him for that. "I uhh, saw one of those Friends of Humanity rallies, bur ing dolls of Beast and Cyclops and stuff, saying that 'muties must die' and stuff like that." He takes a moment before looking back up to Dallas. "Did you ever like, think about talking to someone about it?" Max asks, probably one of the last questions he'll make of it, but at least, if anyone had to ask Dallas about it, it was one of the least intimidating people in the school. "I mean, Owen, or Addison or someone like that? Someone older?" The now sixteen year old asks.

Dallas pops the top on the container and slides a spoon over to Max. Apparently, bowls and spoons and a carton of ice cream on the table is as civilized as he gets. He waits for Max to serve himself before taking any. He shakes his head and grimaces at the mention of the anti-mutant bigots and says, "It did. Before the whole mutant thing. I never had a problem bigger than me. Just ones that looked that way before I climbed them." He pauses and taps the spoon on the table, trying to balance the truth that unlike the others he doesn't feel either sexual tension or intimidated by Max the way he does by the two mentioned. Finally he shrugs and says, "You're easier to talk to, I guess." Which is true, as far as it goes. "And Owen is …um… varsity ball. My game isn't there. Addison is … I'm not even sure he's /human/."

Max takes two big spoons of the frozen yogurt and smiles. "Thanks, Dallas." He says before passing over the carton. "You'd rather play on JV?" He says, smiling, only placing the sports metaphor in there. "Addison is…I think. He's with that guy with the funky crimson hair, Impulse they call him. Ya know, like from the entry way, that guy. I mean, he's /gotta/ be human, right? You think Cyclops would let aliens in here, so they can probe our minds and try to figure out what makes young mutants tick?" Yes, the sugar is already getting to him, but as long as Dallas is patient, Max won't get too out of hand.

Dallas grins and spoons some for himself and then takes the yoghurt back to the fridge, giving an involuntary bark of laugh at the question about junior varsity. He turns around, smiling and says, "In this case, yea. Owen's awesome. But he's awesome the way white water is awesome. It would be a great ride but if you get pulled in and bounced off the rocks, that's on you. Because the rapids are rapids and you're the guy who thought he could shoot them." His eyebrows lift as he listens to the rest of that and he makes a mental note to put sugar-free frozen yoghurt on the shopping list. After a moment, he says, still grinning, "I'm pretty sure that they have rules about that sort of thing. But Addison is half-way to being a teacher. And he's a freaking psychic overlord from an alternate earth. Going to him about personal stuff is like getting Reed Richards to untangle the 'phones for your iPod." He shakes his head.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Max says before looking back to the bowl and eating more of the creamy, frozen mass. "Still. I mean, if you ask me, if you see someone you like, go for it. DOesn't matter who they are, and if they take you for you, then it's all good." Max says, his voice a bit rushed, his mind is firing on all cylinders, good news? He'll probably crash soon. "So, I was your best bet when it came to advise then?" He asks, smiling real wide as he feels like he has done a good job.

Dallas shakes his head, still smiling and says, "It's a little harder than that. People are with people. Or worse yet, in 'open relationships'. I had to look that up. Trust me, I am /so/ not ready to go over /that/ waterfall." His hand twitches as he resists the urge to ruffle Max's hair. He's pretty sure he'd be insulted if anybody did to him but he spoons up some yoghurt to hide a grin as he says, "Yea, you're my personal guru, kid." And if he's trying not to laugh when he says it, it might be mistaken for general good humor. Or brain freeze.

"Open relationship?" Max asks, before shaking his head. He laughs at the personal guru statement. "So, I heard you want to be an X-Man." He says, opening up what he doesn't know is a can of worms possibly. "Iceman's been teaching me a whole lot since I've been here."

Dallas blinks as he realizes Max doesn't know what he was talking about and the big brother reflex kicks in automatically. "Ask me when you're older." The contradiction, given that he's pretty sure they are the same age hits him a second later and he says "Ah, you know, maybe /you/ should ask somebody. Else." And oh look, a topic change. He nods, "Yea, I do. It's logical for me. Makes sense with the powers I have. And it's doing something worthwhile. And a chance to push myself that I won't get now that sports is a no go."

"Wait, how old are…okay." He says, quietly as Dallas recommends he ask someone older and you know, not Dallas. "I dunno what I want to do. I kinda want to do something with the school still after I graduate. But I dunno." Max isn't the most decisive person most of the time.

Dallas shrugs and finishes his snack. He gestures with the spoon, a sort of back and forth waving away. "You've got plenty of time to decide. I'm focused on it now because I /need/ to be focused. And if I didn't have a goal, I think my head would explode." He grins faintly and says, "Besides, if I want Cyclops's job one of these days, I have to start working for it just as early as he did." Arrogant, yes. But in most things Dallas doesn't lack confidence. "And hey, you could be a teacher. And an X-Forcer. I've been researching what happens when you chill stuff and dude, you're like a wrecking machine. Way cooler than hitting things."

"Oh yeah, we haven't done a Danger Room yet." He says, remembering that for now. "You should see me when I'm in there. It's awesome, or…you already did." Max says before chuckling. "I'm still trying to figure out that ice slide thing. It's harder than it looks."

Dallas grins, "I'd imagine. But hey, it's a cool power all around. You can play offense, defense, even recon the field for us, since we don't have a flyer. I'd probably use you as a…." He stops and shakes his head, smiling a bit wryly. "Well, we'll see how things work out in there. /Whoever/ ends up squad leader is going to have an asset with you in the squad."

Max gives a laugh. "Oh…yeah. About squad leaders. We don't have one. Dunno if they will have one." The cryokinetic looks to Dallas. "And you bet your ass it's a /cool/ power." Max says, snickering at the end of that sentence.

Dallas blinks and says, "Wait … I thought Eddie was the squad leader?" His expression is a mixture of hopeful and wary. "And we need one. No matter /who/ it is. Also, you deserve this." Whereas he resisted the urge to ruffle Max's hair before, he does lightly whap his squadmate on the back of the head with two fingers.

"Eddie? Naa, he's not our squad leader. I don't think any of the other ones do either." Max offers up before finishing his bowl. The light whap of his head gets a chuckle. "Why did I deserve that?" He asks, still smirking.
Dallas shakes his head, "Bad puns." He pauses thoughtfully, his expression a bit distant as he starts to go into 'game' mode. The look he gives Max is suddenly serious, intense and his voice is quiet and steady as he asks, "Do you think that if somebody could organize us and /really/ show how well we could work together that they might see the need for a leader? And follow that person?" He's already mapping out strategies, both for the Danger Room and team dynamics in his head. This is his Dallas's element and he's just found out that he's not relegated to the bench by seniority. "And I can't believe he didn't step up with all that experience." That last is faintly disapproving.

A voice comes from outside of the kitchen. "What in the world are you guys talking about." Kael walks into the kitchen, still wearing street clothes. Even though it's an ungodly time of the night, the aerokinetic looks between Dallas and Max, a brow quirking a bit before he cants his head slightly. "Is that frozen yogurt."

"Maybe…as long as it was someone everyone agrees and likes to b…KAEL!" Max yells out as the aerokinetic makes his way over to the kitchen. Max hops up from his seat and runs to glomp Kael. Max himself is still shirtless, only in shorts and sneakers at the moment, the ungodly heat doesn't help any for Max. In fact his hair is now a bit frozen. Along with the sweat that was on his body, it's cold, really cold.

Dallas taps his spoon against the table as he thinks and Kael's voice causes him to look up and start to smile a bit ice rocket Max attempts to occupy the same space at the same time. He watches the two of them a faintly amused and slightly wistful expression for a moment and then takes the bowls to the sink, turning to rinse them and putting them in dishwasher for the next load while the two say their hellos. His version of giving them space and privacy apparently.

Kael lets out a grunt when he's glomped and he nearly falls over before a gust of wind catches him and pushes the two of them back verticle. "Hey, Max," says Kael, softly; clearly glad to see him before he wraps his arms around the ice rocket.

Max hugs Kael tightly, digging his face in Kael's shoulder. Giving his boyfriend a nuzzle. "So, whatdidjado? Whyis it SO hot out there? I missed you!" Max is obviously the most enthusiastic and excited one here. "Hey, are you alright?" He asks in his hurried tone, a product of his contentedness and his usual demeanor.

Dallas turns back around and leans across the counter, folding his arms across his chest and looking on with a faint smile. His expression is still a bit distant though. Wheels are turning. Plays are being mapped. There is a kind of lazy, almost distracted air of confidence that Dallas has lacked quite often since coming to Xavier's. While Kael and Max delight in being together, Dallas's quiet delight is being back in the /game/.

Kael laughs a bit, hugging tightly as he says, "I was at Keith's place. We were training, and then I got stuck there cause of what happened in the city. I only just now got home though an escort." That would explain why he's still in his street clothes. He runs a hand through Max's hair; laughing a bit at how some of it's frozen. Then he looks over at Dallas, blushing just softly as he says, "Hey, Dallas."

Max leans his head into Kael's hand as he rubs his hair. "Dallas and I played some basketball, and were talking about…squad stuff." Max obviously chooses discretion over ratting out his teammate. "He wants to be squad leader." Yes, he just blurted out what could be either a painfully obvious thing, or a blindside back to reality moment. Max takes time to sneak in a kiss on Kael's cheek, blushing a little when he does it.

Dallas grins and nods to Kael. "Hi. Glad you made it home." His eyebrows shoot up at that entirely unexpected show of tact from Max and then he actually smirks at the comment about wanting to lead and nods. "Yes. Yes, I do. We just have to see if I'm good enough to make it happen now." He stretches a little and gives the two another once over look, taking in the body language and then says, "Ah, I should probably get started on some team plays for us, based on what I know. Max when you have some time, I'd like to pick your brain about more squad stuff. Tomorrow or something." There is a subtle assumption in his bearing that it's a reasonable request. For later. "But right now, I should get lost." He starts for the exit, brushing past the two with that same faint, almost distracted smile.

Kael blinks at the kiss on his cheek, his mouth open to say something and he just clicks it shut for a second. "I… think you'd do … great." Distracted much? He looks back down at Max with a soft smile before he kisses him on the forehead; hugging him tightly, though not tight enough so that he can't respond to Dallas.

"You don't have to go, Dallas, if you don't want to." Max offers before nodding. "Just grab me sometime tomorrow I've got nothing to do." He says, before smiling to Dallas. He's distracted, yes, but not like Kael, well not completely like Kael.

Dallas snorts and shakes his head. "I'm going to get diabetes if I stay much longer." There is a low and amused tone of voice at that. "Good night guys." He turns back for a moment and says, "Ah, Max. Thanks. Really. I owe you one." And with that, he saunters off into the darkness of the post-midnight mansion, giving every impression of a young man who is, for the moment, about as satisfied as a person can get with the general state of the world.

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