2010-10-08: Into The Mausoleum


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Summary: Cloud and Hosea investigate the mausoleum.

Date: Friday, October 8, 2010. 6:43pm

Log Title: Into the Mausoleum

Rating: PG

Tegu-Haaz - Xavier's Insane Asylum for Adolescents (Graveyard)

Crosses, angels, simple rectangles, monuments and more make up the various graves in this once sacred ground. In the center is a mausoleum that reads 'Summers' with plenty of familiar names. Frost, McCoy, Drake, Monroe, Worthington and Pryde are another one of the large monuments along with several other familiar names from McMillan, Fegenbush , Vallon, Brown, Blake, VonReginleif, Danvers, Larkin, Pervinca and Palmer and more on the smaller graves. An 'X' with a circle surrounding it can be seen at the top of several of the graves. There are no first names or dates on the grave stones, just last names. Flowers long since dried and wilted sit on top of the graves. All around the grave yard is a three foot tall wrought iron fence with pointed tops along with a small gate that serves as it's only entrance. At the end of the graveyard the burned remains of a chapel can be seen.

Due to the increasing amount of students living at the farmhouse and wanting to know more about where they are Cloud wanted to have a look at the asylem called Xaviers, he's dressed in blue jeans, red sneakers, a red and white checkered shirt and his dark roots are beginning to show though his spikey bleached blond hair. Currently he's wandering into the graveyard followed by Hosea who refused to let him wander off alone.

Hosea is wearing some rather old looking clothes now. Very time period. He had to have his other clothes washed due to the nastiness from the pumpkin fight yesterday, but he seems still unintimidated to go out. After all, he is the one that killed the pumpkin. "Dis place is of da dead," he says. "We should be respectful. Do you think dat we could find something important here?" the African asks.

Cloud sighs, "Hosea, you have your principles and I respect that, be whereever we are I don't think things count the same way here, I'm still pretty conviced we're dead anyways, and I don't know if we'll find anything, I'm just bored", he begins wandering though the graves stopping to look at one every now and then.

"We are not dead," Hosea answers. "And it is right to respect da dead wherever you ah," he answers patiently. "Look, dere has been a lot of walking heah." He looks at the graves. "I know some of dese names. I think dey are names of student heah." He walks quietly next to the graves. "And teacha names! Look at dat!" He walks up to the larger headstones.

Cloud had already noticed the graves with Xavier resident's names, but not the footsteps, "Some of these names are here with us back at the farmhouse, this is death, what other answer could there be?" While Hosea will be able to hear him, he's mostly talking to himself at this point.

"Dere is no dust on dese," Hosea answers. "Dere could be many things dat dis means." He holds up his index finger to indicate one. "Demons could be deceiving us and trying to break faith." He holds up a second finger. "God could be giving us a vision to undahstand His purpose in our lives." Three. "Dere could be an evil man who has come to take us from da school, and we are somewhere else entirely." He stands over the Summers grave. "Death, howevah, is not one of our options. When we die, we will face judgment. We will know exactly what is happening to us. You watch too many movies if you think death is like dis."

Okay, Hosea is starting to piss him off a little, "Look, I know you believe in god and yes demons are real, but you don't know what death is like anymore than I do." Cloud continues walking amoung the graves making a note of the names there.

Hosea shakes his head, but doesn't pursue the conversation. "Not all of da people heah are on dese graves. Dere are missing names, yes? We must be careful I think for da people who are mentioned heah. We do not want dem to be filling dese graves." He walks toward the mausoleum. "What do you think is down there?" he asks. He's never seen such a building before, they aren't very common in Nigeria.

"Theres no Rosen, Star isn't here", Cloud doesn't even make the connection to himself, he follows Hosea to the mausoleum, "It's like a tomb i think, i'm gonna go have a look see what is down there, there may be other names." He walks over and starts trying to open the door.

Hosea pulls as well, and the door swings open. He looks down into the dreary building. "It is dark in dere," he says. "I do not think we will be able to see much. Do you have something to light da lantern heah with?" he asks as the damp air fills his lungs.

Cloud nods and his right hand begins glowing red as it starts giving off heat energy and he holds out a finger for Hosea to put the lantern too, "No electricity here so i've been absorbing heat energy, i'm starting to get used to it now".

Hosea, not knowing about Cloud's abilities, smiles widely. "Dat is vedy impressive!" he says with a laugh. "Well come, let us go see what dere is to see in dis strange place. Maybe we can get a clue to save Kisha." He waits for Cloud to go first, since he has the light.

Cloud shrugs, "It would be better with electricity, I could have this place scoped out in a minute or so." Still he walks down the stairs into the darkness.

Tegu-Haaz - Xavier's Insane Asylum for Adolescents (Mausoleum)

The Summers Mausoleum is a run down square building with some intricate design work on the outside. The stairs lead down to a wide chamber with six marble coffins along the sides. The names on top seem like they've long since rubbed off. The center of the room is open with a packed earth floor. There are a few torches that can be lit for light. Along the back wall there is a large, faded painting of a phoenix. There always seem to be some sort of whispers going on down here that are ever so faint on the wind.

Hosea follows Cloud down the steps, and slowly does a 360 examination of the room. "It isn't vedy big, is it?" he says. He looks down at the coffins encircled on the floor. "I can't make out da names," he says, reaching out to brush the dust to the side, trying to feel the indentions. "Da names upstairs are so clear, but da ones heah, dey are faded."

Cloud walks over, lights the torches on the walls and lets go of the energy he's realizing, "Can you hear that?, I thought I heard something", maybe it's where they are just making him imagine things, "I can't make them out either".

Hosea listens carefully. "I heah it," he agrees. He spots the phoenix in the middle of the room. "Der is a bird heah on da wall. I think dat it da phoenix, yes?" He looks for the source, even putting his ear near the coffins. "I cannot figure out where da voices are coming from," he says. "Perhaps we should not be down heah."

Cloud's eyes widen at the Phoenix, "The phoenix?, do you think this has anything to do with Addison? Or Jean and Rachel Grey?" He's heard of the phoenix several times in the last few weeks, even David mentioned it the other night. "This is weird."

Hosea pulls the torch from the wall, "I think we should tell Ms. Frost about dis. She may know bettah den we do about such things. I am but a simple man." He starts to go back to the stairs. "Come, let us go tell de others about dis. It may be important to learning how we may go home."

Cloud nods steping back from the phoenix, "You're right we should go and tell someone, this… we should go", he gestures for Hosea to go back up, "You go first, I'll follow."

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