2009-03-16: Into the Spider's Web


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Summary: A traitor is revealed.

Date: March 16, 2009

Log Title Into the Spider's Web

Rating: R

NYC - The Avenger Mansion (War Room)

//The War Room holds the heart of the Avengers tech. Monitoring systems, computers, networks to SHIELD and their other allies, as well as holding their various devices when not in direct use, such as comm units and so forth. //

The sounds of machines can be heard from outside of the War Room. The door is cracked, letting a small stream of light flicker through the space to reflect off of black leather. The leather shifts and moves as Natasha checks databases, streams through information, and watches the monitors. Frowning at a black screen, she taps quickly against the keys, starting a barrage of faces to suddenly start flashing in quick succession, their files and basic information gathering along the side. All of the Avenger's face slide across the screen until Tasha reaches out to pause the progression, freezing the screen on Captain America. She leans in, studying the file thoughtfully.

Tony was already working in the library and thought he heard someone rattling around the place. After looking at the time and realizing Jarvis would not be back for at least another hour, he figures he knows who it it. Cap seems to have gone AWOL and things are getting on his nerves already. Peace is apparently something reserved for the innocent he knows he's far from that. He picks up his metallic briefcase and walks over the War Room and isn't too surprised to see the leather clad form of the Widow. The line between his brows crinkle as he ponders speaking to her at all. Things did not go well last time, but still he's willing to try, especially now with Steve's absence. So he opens the door and walks in smirking "Look who's all dressed for fun….so what project are you working on now?" He can guess.

"You don't need that," Natasha assures as she watches Tony's reflection walk through the door with briefcase in hand. "You know I'd never hurt you. I've just had a great deal of stress lately. I suppose I haven't been handling it well." A vast difference from this morning in the coffee shop, Natasha turns a faint smile to Tony, eyes bright with silent apology. "It's Steve. I was just going through his nemesis list. For obvious reasons."

Tony looks at his suitcase and shrugs "Less for you and more for the possibility that someone might be trying to go after the Avengers and Steve is the first on the list." he settles the case down and looks at the computer display "You do realize that list will be a mile long, and that still isn't all the people who'd be gunning for him. Not even close…" he leans over and kisses her cheek. "Besides….when it comes to tech, you're doing it the old fashioned way….sorry." he slips on his shades with the digital display and hooks into the Avengers network and the screen begins to light up as if by it's own volition, pointing out the most probable individuals or groups with grudges against Cap. Percents are given as well as reasons, dates and any other collating information, all neatly displayed. "Anything else you need my dear?" he smirks.

Natasha smirks and leans back against the computer setup, watching as Tony walks closer. "Sometimes old fashioned is good. You have a chance to really look. Besides, you know I like to be hands on." Lashes flutter to rest on Natasha's cheeks as he gives her the peck. "And it's somewhere to start, trying to figure out where he is. The list is only about half of what we should be worried about. Don't forget about the invasion. Some of my ..ah.. snooping had turned up some rather disturbing information." She taps a few keys and brings up a recently updated file. "Their version of Captain America was murdered." As he brings up that other information, she slips a disk into the computer and starts the transfer.

Let's her make the transfer that she needs "In the end Nat, it all boils down to numbers ….statistics, but i will admit, there are some human factors no computer can fully calculate or factor in." he shrugs a bit and settles into a seat nearby. "So….are you planning on telling me what's been eating you? Cause…..you've been off your game for a bit." he won't add the fact that since the return of Bucky, things have been out of whack. "Look, you know I'm here…you can talk to me whenever you like…but it's up to you. I'm not going to prod. As for Steve…we'll find him, that's for sure…and he's not exactly a waif in the woods, he might be deep undercover checking something out. Wouldn't be the first time."

"And that's exactly why I much prefer to rely on natural skills over computers. Though they can certainly make things faster." Natasha sends a glance over her shoulder to the downloading information and then back to Tony with a small smile. "It's hard to explain. This whole thing has just been kind of tough on me. James and I.. we go back a long time. He helped make me who I am today." Natasha shakes her head. "I will try to stop it from effecting my work, I'm sorry." Natasha strides forward to straddle over Tony's lap, giving him an almost mournful look. "It's a long story. One I'd much rather forget right now."

He looks up and smiles slightly "Hey, i won't prod, it's your deep, dark secret…i'm just here if you need me." he slips off his glasses and grins "So my dear Natasha….whatever i can do to make you forget the problems of the past,….i am here at your service." he winks and reaches up to settle hands on her hips and guide her down to him. He knows the game between them, it's a fun game, and a very evasive one, but it's one they're both happy to play when it gives them relief from the world. He does adore her, even when she drives him nuts, so he can't stay angry, curse her in that tight leather!

Natasha looks relieved when it seems as though Tony has forgiven her. "You are very sweet, Tony. But I think this is something that I have to deal with on my own." She rests a hand on his cheek, head tilting as green eyes study him. "Actually though, there is one thing you could do for me?" she says, tone hopeful as she pulls his face forward for a deep, hungry kiss. It's an odd kiss, lacking her normal passion and replaced with something far more animalistic in nature. After a solid thirty seconds she pulls away, leaning past his cheek to murmur into his ear, soft Russian words sweet as the kiss. "Die?"

She sits back on his lap and uses gloved fingertips to wipe the remaining trace of poison from her lips. "Don't worry about the little tingle you're feeling right now, it's a paralytic agent that starts with the brain waves." She taps the side of her head and slides off of his lap with a laugh. "Can't have you calling for that suit of yours, Man of Iron." The Russian accent thickens as she saunters past him to grab a circular object near the console. She turns and looks back, dark eyes taking in the sight of him. "Does she know you love her?" She inquires, touching his chin for a half second. "I'll be sure to tell her before I destroy her." As 'Natasha' moves towards the console, she pops out the disk and slides it under a glove. As she does it gives him a solid view of the shield on her arm. It looks just like Captain America's, only cracked and somehow a Hammer and Sickle have been burned over the star. "To make it fun, I've made sure the poison won't kill you for a solid ten hours.”

“Surely someone will find you. It will make this /fun/."

Somehow the kiss told him something was wrong before she ever said a word, it was wrong…off, but by then it was too late. Paralytic poison he wonders, will his heart or lungs stop first? If only he could get in the armor, but that evil bitch even got him there, as his arms and legs are numb already. She has style, he'll give her that. But even as he slumps in the chair, and then to the floor, nerveless, he ponders where is the real Widow? He looks up at her and smirks and feeling his face going numb mutters. "Armor…remote….activate, defense program: Stark 4221" and that's all he gets said, as a whirring sound happens from the briefcase and the suit's torso and legs collapse in on itself, forming a squat Iron Droid and repeat his command. "Activating Defense Program 4221" the suit flies over to Tony and hovers over him protectively, unleashing a torrent or repulsor blasts at the fake Natasha, not pursuing her, but keeping her away from him." He grins from the floor at her as she's forced to flee.

Check….and mate. We'll meet again. Now…if only Jarvis will get here soon.

Green eyes blink as he manages to get out words, a slow cruel smile spreading across her lips. "Very impressive," she murmurs, giving him a sultry wink before she flips out of the way, using the shield for protection as she bounces through the room towards the door. She's faster than he might have expected, dodging out the door without a single word. She's gotten what she came for.

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