2009-02-20: Invasions Cause Anger


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Summary: Eddie tells Pallaton and Kenta of the impending invasion.

Date: February 20, 2009

Log Title Invasions cause Anger.

Rating: PG-13 (language)

Xavier Mansion - Music Room

The music room has four levels of tiers that each sit one row in a semi circle. On the floor in the semi circle is grand piano. There is a large closet on either side of the room, one filled with string instruments and the other filled with various wind and brass instruments. There are a few guitars in the back of the room next to a large variety of percussion instruments. All the instruments here are for the students to use provided they take care of them and clean any necessary parts after they use it. The room is sound proof, so once the door is closed, the music being played will not interrupt the other classrooms.

At the moment Kenta is in between classes and his son at his parents house so he's in the music room with his acoustic guitar on his lap, tuning it a bit before getting ready to play for a bit. He's wearing a simple white t-shirt over a pair of jeans and the black dark force markings on his arms are quite visible along with the fact that his eyes are solid black. Once he's satisfied tuning his guitar he starts to play a soft song.

Done with classes and finally chased out of the weight room, Eddie's wandering up to the music room. Dressed in jeans and an Alpha Flight t-shirt, the scarred teen jumps when he sees someone else is in the room. "Mr. Glitpatrick! I mean Kenta-sir…" he trails off, wishing he knew where Leo was right now.

Pallaton seems to have cooled down after being buzzed yesterday and was heading down to his room after class, but the sound of the music caught his attention. He stops, poking his head in the door, before hearing Eddie inside, so he follows as well, watching Kenta play his guitar with a tilted head, not unlike a dog would if you made strange noises to it. Of course, he realizes his rudeness a bit after the event and shakes his head, looking away and finding an Eddie. "Oh, hello Eddie. How're you?" Yay distraction!

Kenta just looks up at Eddie and Pallaton and gives them a nod as he continues to play. Eddie does get a wink though when he changes it from Mr. Gilpatrick to just Kenta. "Hey Eddie, how are you today, and just Kenta, no Sir." He doesn't like feeling old. The new student is also given a smile but Kenta doesn't stop playing, it's a kind of ambient tune that Kenta just let's form as his fingers move. "Hello there, I'm Kenta, the music teacher here."

Eddie jumps again as Pallaton walks in. "Hey, Pallaton…" he trails off. Since he's asked how he's doing by both other mutants, Eddie just offers a helpless smile. "Worried, stressed, kinda panicing…how about you guys?" he asks.

Pallaton tilts his head to Eddie, now. "Why? Is it because of yesterday?" he asks, dodging the question aimed at him.

Kenta looks at Pallaton and stops playing. "Well usually it's considered nice to introduce yourself back when someone introduces themselves but I'll just gather your name is Pallaton." Kenta says with a sort of snarky smile. "And that's an interesting mix of emotions there, everything okay? And what happened yesterday?"

Eddie takes a deep breath. "No, it's not cause of the thing with Leo but…you should apologize to him, Pallaton," he says. "Leo's a new student here who I believe has a connection to the Living Light and really needs to meet you, Kenta-sir…I mean Kenta…but that's not what's got me worried…" he trails off. "Just…something big might be about to happen and it's got me really on edge…those domes…"

Pallaton tilts his head. Somebody hasn't been reading the news lately. "Domes?" he asks. "What domes? Is there something I missed?"

Kenta takes out a pack of cigarettes and starts to pack them as he listens to the two. He's not about to light up inside where there really isn't any windows. "Living light? Can't say I know much about it but sure, I'll try to meet this Leo kid." Kenta says giving a smile. "And yeah, they've been all over the news Wolfy, big domes in Memphis and LA, a few X-men went and checked 'em out. So what's this something big that might be happening?"

Eddie's expression goes a bit grim. "There are people in the domes. Ones that…once those domes open…are gonna come out and attack. For some reason they want revenge on us…"

Pallaton looks over to Kenta a bit surprised. Wolfy? He hopes that one doesn't stick. But Eddie's words cause him to droop a bit, tail, ears and all. Looks like that hit a sore spot with him. "Oh… because we couldn't save them from it, I guess…" Emo wolf-man is emo…

Kenta stands up and lets out a sigh at Eddie's words. "Ah fuck." He mutters. "Let's just hope it's nothing like the last fucking time something decided to attack earth en-mass. Mother fucker." He says shaking his head. Kenta grew up in New York City, fuck makes up a significant part of his vocabulary. "And save who from what, this shit could be just something deciding that it wants to just take over or something."

Pallaton looks to Kenta. "I meant saving the people from this. We couldn't do it, so they should be angry, right?"

Eddie shakes his head. "No, Pallaton," he says. "This isn't anyone we didn't save…" he shivers. "I'm…not entirely sure but all signs point to this being an invasion from an alternate universe."

"Fuck!" Kenta yells at Eddie's words and turns around to slam a fist in the wall. "Fucking alternate universes should just fucking stay away from ours. Find another fucking damn universe to invade!" He sounds pissed but after a while he takes a few deep breaths and calms down. "Where did you find this information out and did you talk to Summers?" Kenta asks feeling bad about getting so pissed infront of the kids.

Pallaton just looks surprised by Kenta's change from music teacher to master of the cluster F-bomb. He blinks a few times, but keeps that muzzle shut, letting Eddie and Kenta talk for now.

Eddie jumps, squeaks, and falls onto his backside. Blinking a few times, he looks up at Pallaton and then Kenta. Amazing how fast this kid goes from 'grim bringer of bad news' to 'squeaky'. "Yessir," he says. "I told Mr. Summers as soon as I got back last night and he said he'll be gathering the X-men for a meeting…I think it already happened. I sent warning to the Avengers too and I e-mailed the Fantastic Four but I dunno if they'll take me seriously…" he trails off. "I found out cause two people got out of the dome and came to warn people."

Kenta sits back down and pushes his hair back with both hands. "At least we got a warning this time. Sorry for the reaction I've just had experience with alien invaders from another dimension and it wasn't pretty." Kenta says looking at the number that's still on his arm. "Good job Eddie, and I'll probably go talk to Summers myself, I just want to make sure I don't lose anyone else to another invasion."

Pallaton nods as Kenta quiets down before mustering up the courage (strange for the stereotypical giant wolf-man image…) to speak. "So, uuh, this has happened before? How did that go? Is it even the same dimension?" Obvious answer is obvious.

Eddie frowns deeply. "Invasions have happened before, yeah. I doubt it's the same place though…" he trails off. He manages a small smile to Kenta. "Th-thanks…" he trails off. "They…they said that an alternate universe me is with the people that are gonna be attacking…" he adds quietly. That's something worrying him a lot.

Kenta nods and takes out a cigarette, putting it in his mouth, but doesn't light. He really could use one right now. "Yeah it happened before, I don't really know exactly how it went here, just that we were able to stop it but not before me and a couple of friend got abducted by them." He says taking the cigarette and putting it behind his ear. "No, I don't think it is from what Eddie says about their being another him. There could be another of any of us then."

Pallaton nods, but what Eddie says seems to get to him. "Another Eddie… do you suppose there would be another me?" He shifts nervously, as if wondering just what the other him would be like.

Eddie looks up, rather worried expression on his face. "I don't know but it seems like they're gonna be different versions of everyone in this universe…" he trails off. "THis is not good…"

Kenta nods and shakes his head. "I wonder how many there are gonna be." He says not liking this one bit. "Fuck." He mutters again. "And Wolfy, there might be. Who knows who else there is a twin of out there gettin' ready to attak our asses. Just gotta be prepared and like hell am I gonna let another invastion do what they did to me before, or let it happen to someone else."

Pallaton nods, but looks worried. "I see… I don't know if I could beat myself… I wasn't even sure we would beat those we did, with Eddie, Daisuke and Hellion…" Yup, that's going to worry him now.

Eddie swallows, scars lighting up for a moment. "Fighting isn't the only solution. It's gonna be something complicated. But don't worry about it, Pallaton," he says, finally getting up. "We'll get through it…"

"It's not a good idea to go up against yourself. In my cause I'm immune to Darkforce, what could me do against me? But lets say you went up against alternate me and I went up against alternate you, we don't know each others weaknesses." Kenta says as he's done the 'fight your counterparts' danger room drill before. "Hey got got a warning this time Eddie, that counts for something."

Pallaton nods, but still looks worried. He takes a seat, on the floor notably, thinking things over. "I'm not even sure what my weakness is." he confesses. "But if this other world is attacking and there is another me, what choice do we have but to fight?"

Eddie nods, taking a deep breath. "Alternate me…I just hope he's not…" he trails off, worried about the theory Scott discussed with him. "THere's almost always more options than fighting, Pallaton. For one…most of the people that'll be attacking are being controlled by someone named Shadow. And the others are just fooled…" he trails off.

Kenta just doesn't care anymore and his nicotine addiction gets the better of him and he lights up a cigarette. He'll be spraying the down with libral amounts of febreeze later. "Sorry, I just need one bad. Wolfy, you don't know what's going on yet, just wait to hear from Summers before jumping to conclusions. I know I'm not a great example, fuck I shouldn't be a good example for anything, but I've just had bad experiences is all. Just try to take it day by day, be on guard but don't let it rule your everyday life."

Pallaton nods, but that still gnaws at the back of his mind. That other him… He tries to shake it off and just sits, thinking. It's all he ever seems to do, though it is a recent thing, what with that bombshell and all…

Eddie takes another deep breath. "Yeah. Be on guard and ready," he says. "But remember that we still have to live our lives," he pauses. "Pallaton, how about after I finish up my homework, I run down to Coldstone, grab us up some ice cream and then we hang out upstairs?" he offers a distraction.

Kenta takes a long drag on his cigarette and nods. "That sounds like a good idea Eddie, relax, maybe the two of you watch a movie tonight just anything to just take the edge off. Don't worry about, it's not like this world isn't full of people in spandex who are willing to fight crime at the drop of a dime."

Distraction successful! Pallaton looks up. "Ice-cream… I haven't had ice-cream yet. It'd be good to try it." He stands up, looking interested in that. Of course, then his manners hit him and he bows his head apologetically to Kenta. "Um, sorry, sir, I forgot to introduce myself. My name's Pallaton. It was good meeting you."

Eddie smiles. "Right, Kenta-sir…I mena Kenta," he says. "Yeah. C'mon, Pallaton. Let's go work on our homework then I'll run up there," he says, reaching for the wolf-man's hand.

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