2010-07-30: Invertebrate Pool Party


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Summary: July and Jill find their mutations are alike. Eerily alike.

Date: July 30, 2010

Log Title: Invertebrate Pool Party

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Quad

// There is a square side walk of pavement with a nice grassy area in the middle with a few stone benches and trees along the corners. The pavement leads to the paths to the grounds of the school, the Dining Hall in Xavier's and the Ramsey Dormitories. It's not particularly large but it's a nice place for students and teachers to relax and enjoy the outdoors. //

The weather on this Friday afternoon couldn't be more perfect. Sun shines, birds chirp merrily, and the normally busy atmosphere of the school is reduced to a pleasant idyll. Stretching out on one of the stone benches beneath the shade of a tree, a girl in a tie-dyed tank top and flared jeans lies on her stomach with her feet in the air. A bottle of water rests on the ground next to her, still cold enough to perspire. Kicking her sandaled feet idly, Jill pokes away at what's really holding her attention amongst the glory of nature, the pink Nintendo DS in her hands.

July comes out from the dining room, and notices a girl made of a blue substance, and she can't help but smile, remembering her early days with her powers coming active, and then decides to approach the girl. "Hey." the brunette says softly, moving to kneel close to the girl. "I'm July. You're new to the school?" she asks softly, smiling.

The blue girl's head jerks up in surprise, so engrossed in her game that she didn't notice the arrival until the silence was broken. "Uh?" She pushes herself up on her elbows. "Oh, hi there," Jill pipes up, polite to the older girl but still sounding a bit off guard. "Yeah, I am. Just a few weeks now." One of her sandals dangles loosely from her toes, a slight wiggle of the blue girl's leg making it tap against the sole of her foot. "Nice to meet you. My name's Jill."

July smiles to Jill and nods, "Nice meeting you, Jill." she giggles some, "How are you enjoying the school?" she asks softly, shifting her legs to bring her to a sitting position, her legs tucked at her side as she relaxes.

Jill was about to shift her own position to sit up properly, but with July sitting on the ground this leaves them almost eye to eye anyway. "It's…" A pause where her attention drifts back to the video game for a moment. "It's interesting." She is quick to add, "Don't get me wrong, it's great and all." Her crystal blue eyes flick to meet July's grey ones, seeing if there's mutual understanding. "You didn't bat an eyelash when you saw me, so that kind of says it all, doesn't it? I mean, nobody really does."

July smiles and nods, "Somehow, I doubt that your only power is to be blue and see-through, no offense." she giggles some, and nods again, gently, "So, what's all you can do? I really don't want to assume anything."

"Well, no," Jill considers, already familiar with the 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' ritual of mutant powers. "But that's kind of a big part of it." At last she shifts to sit properly, folding her legs Indian-style and snapping the DS closed. "I guess you could say I'm a liquid. Here, hold out your hands, I'll show you." Wrapping a lock of her hair around one finger, Jill gives it a gentle pull. It stretches like a cheap sticky hand toys from a supermarket vending machine before snapping soundlessly off.

July holds out her hands for Jill, smiling softly. She watches the hair stretching and then snapping off with a soft smile, as if what she's seeing isn't really news, but she remains silent, until your demonstration is done. "That's nice." she smiles softly, "We're kinda the same, then." she giggles softly.

Dangling the lock of blue 'hair' like a gummy worm, Jill drops it into July's hands. It doesn't feel slimy, at least not at first, but as seconds tick by the hair begins to lose definition. It spreads like melting ice, pooling into a viscous blue liquid about as thick as shampoo. "Pretty much like that, but-" She makes a vague gesture that encompasses her entire body. "All over." Jill gives the older girl a dubious look. July is most definitely not made of blue slime. "What do you mean, 'the same'? Oh, and I'll need that back eventually."

July giggles softly, and nods, before handing the slime puddle on her hand back, "Well, do you want the longer, better explanation, or the faster, fun demonstration?" she asks, grinning widely at that, her eyes glinting with some mischievousness. She winks, and giggles a bit madly before controlling herself to just a soft smile.

The returned bit of slime seeps back into Jill's hands as if she were a sponge, and at some point the missing lock of hair has restored itself. Jill decides in about as much time as it takes for her to reach down and pick up her water bottle. "The fun one," she replies with indulgent grin, unscrewing the cap.

July smirks at that, "No screaming, please." she grins as she stands up, "I'll be right back." she dashes back inside, and a few minutes later she returns with a meat chopping cleaver. "Again, no screaming." she winks, as she rests her forearm on the ground, and raises the cleaver. She then brings the cleaver down, hard, on her forearm, and literally chops her arm in half. She doesn't show any reaction, still smiling, as she lifts her stump of an arm, no blood coming out, and it looks like her arm is just one solid block of flesh.

To her credit, Jill does not scream. She begins by looking alarmed at the sight of the cleaver, worried when July puts her arm down on a makeshift chopping block, and only emits of a soft squeak of terror while covering her face when the cleaver finally comes down. "Oh! Oh! Oh…?" Covering ones eyes does little when one's hands are themselves translucent. "Oh my God. You…" Speechless, the blue kid just stares at the arm, then up into July's face with something like wonder. "You *are* like me."

July giggles softly, as she wiggles her stump, and then she focuses a bit and her arm starts regrowing from her stump, and then she flexes her new hand, "Yep. The only difference is that I'm not blue. Kinda a bummer, really. I like blue." she giggles at that as she touches her chopped off arm, and it melts as she reabsorbs it.

"That's just… wow. I'd be *way* too scared to do it that way." Still, the younger girl has stars in her eyes at having found a kindred spirit. In the physiology department, not the self-amputation one. "So, you… wow." Jill gives a short, relieved laugh. "Just wow. Sorry. This is so weird, in a good way," she's quick to remind.

July giggles softly, "Oh, I was too scared to try this by myself." she smiles as she cleans the cleaver, "But, fortunately, or unfortunately, the choice was took from my hands by a bad guy with a sword." she chuckles softly. "Quite the shock the first time, I tell you."

A sword? Really? Jill isn't sure what to say to that, not counting what she's heard some other students saying about what might or has happened to them. "Umm, this is gonna sound like an odd question, but," Jill begins, fidgeting in her seat. "Umm… do you stay like that? Two arms and two legs and everything. Even when you go to sleep?" It's apparent from the shy way she asks that it's a question that's been nagging her for personal reasons.

July smiles softly, "The first time my powers appeared, I melted into a puddle of liquid flesh, and couldn't get myself together." she explains, nodding, "I spent two weeks as a puddle before learning to get myself together. And even then, I could only remain 'solid' for a few minutes, as the strain of remaining solid was too high."

Understanding is written all over Jill's face as she nods vigorously at the story. It all sounds startlingly familiar. "Yeah," she breathes softly in appreciation. "Yeah, it was the same for me too!" Something akin to awe has lit up her features. Without realizing it, Jill has started to lean forward with intense interest. "But now, you're okay? You've, like, figured it all out?" Something subtle plays through in Jill's tone of voice, a tense eagerness.

July smiles to the girl's interest. "It was like exercising." she says softly, explaining. "Slowly I was being able to keep a solid form longer throughout the day. At nights, I would still melt. But, today… keeping my shape like this is like breathing. Almost a reflex." she smiles. "I don't melt in my sleep, unless I'm dead tired." she giggles.

Jill's fingers snap, like she's just heard exactly what she wanted to. It's not relief on her face but a kind of self-satisfaction. "I knew it!" she crows and balls a fist triumphantly. "So it's just a matter of time before I can too. No more sleeping in a fish tank!" Not content to just ball one fist, she does the other too, a static victory dance.

July giggles as that, and she smiles, "I don't know about a fish tank, but… sleeping as a puddle can be extremely relaxing, y'know?" she smiles softly, nodding gently. "So, aside from melting, anything else you can do?"

"Erm, well," Jill waffles, not wanting to let go of her momentary victory but feeling compelled to be honest. "It… it is kind of nice. Like floating in a pool without having to worry about drowning or anything." Her folded hands dive down into the little pocket of her lap like she's ashamed to admit it. "Not that I know of. I can still move around if I'm melted, and I'm pretty sure liquids aren't supposed to do that. And this," she shrugs with great exaggeration, just to convey the fact that she *has* shoulders. "This is a pretty good trick for a puddle, right?"

July giggles softly, and nods, "Yep. I say we puddles have to stick together." she grins softly at that and winks, before sitting with her legs crossed as well, "So, tell me: what else can your body do?' she smiles.

One sip of her water later, Jill relaxes her posture. "Well, I don't think I can wear leather anymore. I have this necklace I like, and it has a rawhide string. I don't remember how long I was wearing it for, a few days or maybe a week, but the string broke." A pause. "Cause I wore a hole in it. Ate it, I think. The back of my neck did."

July nods softly, "Relax." she says, smiling, "Sooner or later, you'll have all your abilities controlled. Check this out." she says, smiling, lifting a hand and extending a finger forward, letting it dangle downwards a bit. Then, at the bottom of the tip, a small droplet of liquid flesh forms, and drips down onto her other hand, resting one foot below the first, receiving and absorbing the drip.

Jill watches the dripping calmly, like it's only a water clock and not somebody's finger. "It's only been about three months since it happened. One of the teachers here said I've already made really good progress for somebody so… uh… 'fresh'. And that chances are I'll always be blue." Jill does her own little visual trick, lacing her fingers tightly together and squeezing. When she draws them apart, a little webwork of slimy strings links them, like a cat's cradle. "Before that all I had to worry about was passing algebra class."

July giggles softly, "I wouldn't say that's all you can do, Jill." she smiles and nods gently. "At first, I never thought I'd be able to stay solid all the time, or even be able to do this:" she grins, and focuses, and her clothes shift. From a blue shirt and white shorts, her clothes seem to shift around like they're made of goo, and they reform into a cerulean blue strappy sundress, down to her knees as she closes her legs, "See?"

Jill breathes another impressed, "Wow." She holds out a hand, index finger pointed down, and twirls it around, indicating that July should give a full catwalk spin to show off the new dress. "That is *so much* better than what I can do. It just looks like somebody spraypainted a swimsuit on me so I don't have to… you know…" An embarrassed pause. "My clothes don't melt with me, so if I leave them behind… you know. It's naked o'clock." A hazy ribbon of darker blue flushes across Jill's cheeks.

July giggles softly as she stands up and parades for you, winking, before sitting down as well. "Oh, same for me." she says, brushing a hand over her dress gently, "I was giving this after graduating. It's a special suit that changes with me." she nods softly, "Shape changes with me, and melts with me. So no more naked July." she grins softly at that. "Also, I've learned to change only a little bit of myself, so I can make the outfit look like pretty much anything." she says, smiling, and her outfit changes again, slowly becoming a white one-piece swimsuit, and then she remakes it into a cerulean shirt and white shorts.

"That's really impressive," says the blue slime girl, and she means it. Watching the impromptu fashion show, it takes Jill's brain (or what passes for it) a moment to catch something that was said. Then it clicks. "You've… already graduated?" she asks in a disappointed tone, a little frown bowing the corners of her blue lips downward. And just when she thought she'd found someone she could really relate to.

July smiles and nods, "Yeah. Last year. I still come here a lot, though." she explains as she looks around, "This place became something akin to a second home. Plus I can use my powers here without fearing being hunted." she says, and then she notices the disappointed tone, and smiles, "Don't worry. I'm here almost every day, when I’m not studying." she nods.

Though visibly relieved, a petulant expression is still on Jill's face at her anxiety being so obvious. She masks it by going for her water again. "So you liked it here? It really helped? If everybody's different-… well, except for us, but even then. If everybody's different, how *can* they help?"

July smiles, "They are smart and intelligent." she says softly, "They help you figure out your powers, and how to improve yourself." she says softly, and grins a bit. "I'm the proof they can help us. I owe them a lot." she winks.

Jill leans back, holding the bottle of water in her lap and letting her gaze drift up to the canopy of leaves shadowing the pair from overhead. "I guess… I guess that's all anybody can ask for," she thinks aloud. "I'm definitely no worse off than I was before. Just shut up in my room and too afraid to go out." She snaps from her reverie with a shake of her head to clear out the cobwebs, forcing a smile that grows more genuine with time. "So," she starts more conversationally. "Where are you from?"

July giggles softly, "Well, if you want, the two of us can go out. I'd love to hang around with you, some day." she says, shrugging gently as she smiles. When asked where she's from, she nods, "I'm from Washington D.C.. My parents still live there."

"Really? You mean it?" Again, Jill's undisguised eagerness bubbles up in a surprisingly honest manner. She really does seem straightforward with her feelings. "Aww, that's great. I was gonna ask Cloud but I think he got grounded." That brings up an annoyed pout, but one which quickly fades. "I'm from the Bay Area. Right around San Francisco? Well, not born there, but that's where I've lived for the past 10 years or so."

July smiles and nods, "Well, here's where most of us meet, really. I'm thinking of returning to the school either as a teacher, or as an assistant." she giggles, "Can't really get away, I think." she grins a bit, and looks at the main building.

Jill follows July's gaze and nods, understanding. "Seems like a lot of people here are returning students, I guess you'd call them. Hangers on if you wanted to be blunt." She chuckles and gives 'no offense' smile. "We could start a club. No skeletal structures allowed. It really lends itself to puns. Gutless, spineless, brainless, heartless," she lists, ticking them off on her fingers.

July laughs gently at the club's name. "You forgot spleen-less. That's important." she grins softly, and giggles again, "Yeah. I know. Anyways. You'll learn a lot about yourself here. Things you didn't think possible, perhaps." she says, and then she looks up to the tree branches above her, and then she lifts an arm, and it stretches toward one of the branches, the arm stretching several feet before the hand finally grabs a branch.

Indicating the raised arm with a single pointed finger, Jill whistles appreciatively. "Okay yeah, I don't think I can do that one." She amends, "Not yet, at least." She exhales noisily and gives it a try anyway, stretching her arm up as high as it will go. Reaching, reaching… but it's still the same length it was when she started. "You know," she says to shift the subject away from her failure. "I could have sworn I had about a million questions to ask once I found somebody I thought could answer them. But now they're just all gone."

July retracts her arm and she crosses her arms behind her head as she lays down on the grass, next to you, "Gone?" she asks, smiling, "'Gone', as in, forgotten, or 'gone', as in, answered and now useless?" she asks softly.

Jill has to pause to consider that. "A bit of both, actually," she concludes with a bob of her head. "I think I was kind of doing a 'woe is me' thing for a while but that's not going to get me anywhere." She stretches out too, lying on her side on the stone bench with her feet dangling off the edge and her sandals about to fall off. "I'm sure I'll come up with some more, if you want me to bother you with them later."

July giggles softly at that, "You're welcome to pepper me with questions, I love answering them." she smiles up to Jill, "I enjoy helping my friends, especially if it helps understand their powers." she nods gently, and she then offers her hand to you, apparently for a handshake.

Jill leans off the side of the bench to reach for July's hand. The blue hand that takes July's doesn't feel slimy, or even damp, and is just slightly cool to the touch. Further still, her hand doesn't squish softly when grasped. If July's eyes were closed, it might be hard to tell there's anything different about Jill at all. "Thanks. I really appreciate that. Sounds cheesy, but it means a lot to me. You know, just to have someone I can ask that sort of stuff. Someone else said my advisor is some kind of super-strict ogre, so I dunno about asking him…"

July smiles as she shakes Jill's hand, and giggles, "Super-strict ogre, hm? Who's that, if I can ask?" she asks with a soft smile, gazing into Jill's eyes as she nods softly.

"Scott Summers?" Jill asks as if testing the waters. "We all get divvied up into little groups, but you probably knew that already, and he's in charge of the one I'm on. I haven't really met him since the first day, and he *seemed* alright, but one of the other girls…" Jill hesitates, not yet naming names.

July blinks at the name, and then she has to giggle softly, "Other girls? What's wrong? People making fun of you?" she asks, still smiling, but her smile seems a bit somber now.

"No, no, nothing like that." Jill shakes her head emphatically, whipping herself in the face with a bouncy strand of blue hair. "Honest. Everybody's been way nice. Nicer than any school I've ever been at. Heck, they even gave me a new cell phone. For free." She rolls onto her back on the bench and pillows her arms beneath her head to look up at the sky through the tiny gaps through the tree's leaves.

July smiles and nods, "Please don't be like me and completely forget to press the panic button in case you get in trouble, ok?" she giggles softly, and she smiles, "So, if no one's bothering you, what's this girl about?"

Shaking her head dismissively, Jill says, "Oh, it's nothing. Maybe she was joking, trying to make me nervous about Mr. Summers. I don't know. She was talking so fast I could barely keep up anyway." She pauses, chewing at her bottom lip. "Now you come to mention it, I don't really think *anything* is bothering me all that much. And that by itself is kinda weird, don't you think?" Jill tilts her head to the side so she can look down at July, raising one eyebrow in melodramatic mock suspicion.

July giggles softly at that realization. "Nothing is wrong, so something is wrong?" she asks, giggling again, smiling up at Jill. "Yeah, I know what you mean. But, don't worry, this place is all kinds of fun. Especially the pool. Gods, I remember when I used to think I'd melt away in the pool." she giggles.

"Ooh, I know. I was so worried about that too. But with the drain in the bathtub." Jill rocks her weight back and forth to make sitting up easier, which she does with a soft grunt. "But that's probably not real likely. I don't wash away in the shower, so the pool can't really hurt. I brought my swimsuit and everything." She pauses to stretch out her arms and admire their color. "But I might be kind of hard to see in the pool."

July laughs gently, and she nods, "Well, I can see your swimsuit." she grins softly, as she sits up as well, "Feel like heading to the pool a bit, or want to hang here for a bit longer?" she offers, smiling at her friend.

"What? Right now?" Jill asks, somehow surprised by the offer. She blinks twice, visibly realizing that there is literally nothing stopping her. The pool is open and she's totally allowed to go there any time she wants. "Sure!" Snatching up her DS and her water bottle, Jill springs to her feet. "I'll go get changed. And… and grab some towels! You don't need a swimsuit, do you? No. Of course you don't." Jill is already jogging up to the school's main entrance, nearly losing a sandal. "And don't forget the knife!"

July laughs gently as Jill already takes the lead and goes into the buildings, and July nods, "Yeah, I know. Don't worry." she says softly, as she grabs the cleaver, "I'll go wash it, then I'll meet you at the pool." she says, nodding softly as she heads inside as well, but heads to the kitchen instead of the pool.

Xavier Mansion - Pool

// A large Olympic size pool sits outside at the edge of the property over looking Breakstone Lake. The pool, always heated to the right temperature, starts at a depth of 4 feet at the shallowest end, and gradually reaches a depth of 20ft. A diving board sits at the far end of the pool. Off to the side of the shallow end, a hot tub is built into the ground for those wanting to relax. Pool chairs and tables sit along the side of the pool for those just wanting to enjoy the sunshine. //

Having ditched her tie-dyed shirt and faded jeans for a navy blue, one-piece swimsuit, Jill totters out from the school wrapped in one large towel and carrying another. Her sandals have that annoying habit of making a loud slap against the soles of her feet as she heads out to the pool. On a warm day like this, a nice cool swim sounds like just the thing. She drops the towels onto pool chairs and carefully sits down at the lip of the pool, dangling her feet in. She's *almost* the same color as the water.

July arrives a few minutes later, smiling and dusting her hands, "There. All clean." she asks, her clothes shifting as she walks to form a white one-piece outfit, "Hey, Jill. Ready to get inside?" she asks, while removing her shoes before approaching the pool.

"Haven't actually been swimming since I got like this," Jill says, kicking her feet with little splashes. She pulls off her sandals and tosses them in the general direction of the towels. "Here goes." Even going so far as to pinch her nose, Jill shifts off the lip of the pool and slips into the water, completely without incident. She surfaces a moment later, her hair not plastered to her head as it probably ought to be. Instead, droplets roll off it like oiled cloth. "Well… that didn't kill me or anything. So bonus points for that."

July laughs gently at the comment of not killing her, and she grins, "I suggest you take cover!" she warns, before breaking into a run toward the pool and jumping from the edge. While in the air, she curls up in a ball, and her body changes into a perfect big ball of flesh, the girl giving a literal cannonball into the pool, splashing water everywhere before resurfacing, her ball form floating and bobbing a bit on the surface, before she changes back to her usual self and one-piece, grinning and giggling.

"Showoff," Jill snorts without any real resentment. The blue one takes a deep breath (where *are* her lungs, anyway?) and dives underwater. Through the rippling surface, she gets harder and harder to see, except for the moving swimsuit-colored object that marks her location. She emerges, floating on her back with her arms and legs spread, just buoyant enough to keep from sinking. She lets out a long, satisfied "Ahhhhhh" as if a weight has been lifted and seems content to just bob there.

July giggles at being called a 'showoff'. "Damn right. I learned we shouldn't hide what we are. Life is too short to wait." she smiles softly, watching as Jill dives in, and July then just lets herself float on her back, sighing softly and smiling, until Jill resurfaces and copies her. "I kinda like the water, y'know?"

"There's something soothing about it," Jill agrees, windmilling her arms slowly to propel herself toward the edge of the pool. "More than it just being a way to cool off on a warm day. It's…" She pauses, pursing her lips in her search for the right word. "Comforting. You think that's just us? Some kind of psychological thing?"

July smiles, and she shrugs gently at that, "Who knows? Perhaps." she giggles softly, and closes her eyes, "Although I do feel like melting and spreading out through the whole pool." she giggles again, and her eyes open, "Not doing that, though. The headmasters may not exactly like that." she laughs softly, and then she flips to stand in the water now, watching as her friend floats toward the edge of the pool.

Jill kicks, splashing the water and diving under the water. She stays down there quite a while, the dark blue blob of her swimsuit staying at the bottom of the pool, perfectly still. Perfectly still for far, far too long. She's… she's not coming up for air, is she?

July watches as you sink, and she smiles, figuring you don't need to breathe, being what you are, so she just remains standing, and reaches a foot to lightly rub at Jill's belly as the brunette giggles lightly.

But no, it's all a clever ruse! The swimsuit July puts her foot on drifts lazily, completely empty. "Raaar!" Jill's voice suddenly roars from *behind* July. The blue kid looks subtly but noticeably different than before, the darker color of her hair now the same uniform blue as the rest of her. Without the shading, her features look less defined and her hair is runny, actually merging with her shoulders as she rises up from the water like Godzilla. "I totally got you!" the even slimier-looking Jill says.

July blinks as her foot touches a limp outfit, and she blinks again, "Jill?" she asks, lifting the swimsuit with her foot just as her friend emerges from the water in a jump behind her, and July gasps, "Ah!" she says, getting a scare, and then she turns around to look at Jill with an eyebrow cocked, an amused smile on her lips, "Nice trick." she says, shaking her head gently and she hugs Jill gently, smiling, "Nice trick indeed. You look like one of those slime girls you see in computer pics." she giggles. But then she blinks as she realizes something, and she whispers in her friend's ear. "Are you naked now, then?" she chuckles lightly.

This Jill is definitely a different viscosity than before. She actually squishes a little under the hug and some of the blue material clings to July's hand. The gloating grin on Jill's face ratchets down by several notches at the whisper in her ear. "Umm," the blue girl chokes a bit, like this was a part of the plan she hadn't fully considered. "Actually… yes. I'm gonna do something about that. Right now." She slips out of the hug expertly, running over and through July's arms and back down into the water. She disappears from view briefly until the discard swimsuit moves and surfaces with a Jill inside it again. Back to her old self, the dark blue of her hair returns as does a very prominent darkening of her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose. So embarrassed right now.

July can't help but laugh at Jill's reaction at her whisper, even as the girl slips away from her embrace and then watching as the swimsuit moves, and then Jill resurfacing. She reaches and hugs Jill again, "Heheh, don't worry, dear, it'll stay between us." she smiles softly and nods. "It was a nice prank, though. I didn't expect you actually appearing behind me."

Still visibly embarrassed, Jill has the good sense to laugh at herself for it. "Okay, so I won't do that when there's any boys at the pool. But… it worked, at least." She does a lazy breaststroke to the edge of the pool and hauls herself up to sit on the tiled edge, brushing water from her skin like other people would brush off dust. "It's nice here," she observes, apropos of nothing, kicking her feet slowly to make long, deep ripples on the pool's surface. "I can see why you'd want to stay."

July chuckles softly. "Yeah, this is pretty nice, too." Then, after Jill hauls herself off the pool, July smiles, waddling toward the edge, and then she melts into a fleshy puddle and flows up the edge to pool on the ground, next to Jill, and then reforming into her usual self, swimsuit included. "This way is easier. You'll see it when you learn it." she grins.

"It's just not second nature yet, I guess." Jill shrugs, kicking her feet lazily. "Live 15 years having arms and legs, you just get used to doing things that way." She cranes her neck to look up to the sky, bracing her hands behind her. Wordlessly she stands up and pads over to the pool chairs where she threw the towels, wrapping herself in one. She's not very wet and doesn't need it all that much anyway. "That's… probably gonna be the hard part. Trying to think outside the box, I mean." She holds out the other towel for July.

July smiles as she nods, standing up and accepting the offered towel. "Thinking outside the box is hard. I still struggle with it many times, but other times… when you just find out how FUN certain things can be, it kinda helps get used to them." she grins softly.

"I'll just have to find out what those things are, then." Jill tucks her towel so it will stay up without having to hold it and finds her discarded sandals. Her hair really does look the same, wet or dry. Aside from the suit itself absorbing water, she might never have been in the pool at all. "C'mon. I'm gonna go get changed before dinner," she explains, leading the way back to the school proper. True, she didn't spend much time in the pool, but it *was* fun. So that's one thing, at the very least.

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