2010-01-14: Investigation



Summary: July goes to investigate the scene of the battle, recently.

Date: January 14, 2010


Rating: PG

Two weeks after the big clash. Night. July returns, having slipped out of school to come check up on those weird trees. Did the element beast get absorbed by the trees, or merge, or escaped? Questions like those roam in the rubber girl's mind, wearing her squad uniform as she approaches the scene where the battle unfolded. "Now… which trees were those, again…?" she mutters to herself as she goes to inspect the trees, trying to recall which ones grappled with the element beast.

It's obvious which trees are which. They're cupped and cradled together. However, after all this time, there's finally been a change. One of them has begun to get a deep, hollow impression in a hole in the trunk. Moisture has collected within it, as well. And the moisture is rapidly growing, becoming a puddle.

July hmmms softly as she approaches the trees, frowning a bit, "A hole?" she mutters, and she leans closer to inspect the hole better. "And water? Where is it coming from? Is this from… that beast?" her frown deepens a bit.

The water shapes and forms, pouring out of the tree, and shaping, not into a beast, but slowly into the form of feet.

July's eyes widen as the water starts flowing out, and she quickly shapes herself into a ball and bounces backwards once, reforming several more feet away from the trees, ready for action. She might suspect from the 'pseudo-angel' granny, but that doesn't mean she's ready to trust the beast too.

Eventually, it shapes into the form of an old woman, becoming instantly flesh when she is fully formed. Her body is wrapped in a skintight suit of black with zodiac symbols on it. She falls, stopping to catch her breath before looking around. "She's gone. When is it?" She asks, not really noticing July yet.

July frowns softly. It's an old woman, the girl thinks. But looks can be deceiving. She watches as the water-turned-flesh being stumbles a bit forward, "Two weeks." she answers, keeping her distance from the other woman. "Who are you?"

"Shit." She says, looking up. "I've lost her. You. You were here that day. I'm Opal. You know Eddie. His boyfriend is my grandson." She says simply as she glares, extending her arms and apparently reaching out to feel for something with more than her hands.

July blinks at that, "Whaaat?" she asks in surprise, and then frowns again, "The other woman said that SHE was Eddie's boyfriend's grandmother. I think you owe us some explanations, don't yout think so?" July asks, remaining on ready position as the woman extends her arms.

"I don't owe you shit, little girl. I…" Opal gasps suddenly as she feels something. "You're in danger. This whole world is in danger. She's gotten all the power she needs!" Her face is a mask of fear and worry as she begins to clench her fists.

July rolls her eyes at the 'little girl' thing. "World's in danger, hm? Well, if you do want to convince me of that, you better give some explanations, lady." the rubber girl frowns, starting to walk sideways, circling the woman slowly, "Because the other woman says she's his grandmother too. Why should I believe you over her?"

"Child. It is 70 degrees. In New York. In the middle of January. That demon is summoning HELL to earth. She's linked somewhere nearby to Limbo, and she's going to bring the demons of Limbo into this world! It's going to be like what happened years ago! And we may not be able to stop them this time!" Opal says, glaring. "Whether you believe me or not, I have to go do something."

July frowns softly, "Ok. But I think you're forgetting something, here." the brunette says. "When you and her came to this world, she had a placid look, while you had the looks of a raging lion of fire, hell-bent on killing her, as far as our mind-readers could tell." She stops for a moment and frowns again. Why is she playing Devil's advocate? Well, anyways. "And since you're talking about 'heat', again I remind you that you were a lion of FIRE back then. So temperature control could VERY WELL be within your scope of powers. And, so far, it's your word against hers. And, as much as I don't like, she has the other's favors on her."

"My powers, little girl, come from the zodiac gods. Hell on earth is coming. Limbo is being joined with earth. Your friends will die before your eyes if she isn't stopped! Some of your friends may already be becoming some of hers? Have… have any of them been blessed?" Opal says, glaring. "Tell me they didn't take her blessing. Tell me they were smart enough to think that beautiful does NOT mean good?"

July sighs, "Beauty does not equal good, but knowing about someone's past does have some weight on that. And, yes, some of them got the blessing." she points out, arching one eyebrow. "Ok, why don't you start from the beginning? WHY does she want to merge our world with that… thing you said, and how did you two start fighting?"

"Do you know anyone who's been around for a while, in the New York area? Ask them. Ask them about the Inferno. Police labelled it a gas leak across the city. But it wasn't. Some people know the truth. Remember. Inferno." Opal says, rising into the air as she bursts into flame again.

July frowns as the woman starts to ascend. "Hey! Stop there! If you really are telling the truth, then you gotta head to the school with me!!" she says, stretching up toward Opal and extending an arm to wrap around her legs. Just as she bursts into flames. July screams in pain and lets go, her arm thoroughly melted as she falls back in an undignified heap.

A wave of cool (NOT COLD) water washes down across the molten form. "Go, warn them of the incoming apocalypse." Of course, Opal doesn't know what the word Apocalypse means to the mansion.

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