2010-10-26: Iron Man Is NOT Hitler!


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Summary: Rain drives a Pixie into shelter where she finds companionship and a conversation on the true nature of the Avengers.

Date: October 26, 2010

Log Title: Iron Man is NOT Hitler!

Rating: G

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.

The city is slowing down a bit for the evening. The rush hour traffic has finally ebbed and most of the shows have let out for the evening. A few people are still wandering around catching a late dinner or an early drink, but most of the movement is on the street. Eris is currently standing in the park in Mutant Town, tapping her foot impatiently. Where the hell is that contact? She hasn't exactly had an easy time moving around the city since she escaped from prison a few months back. The woman is dressed entirely in black, her red hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. She frowns up at the sky as it starts to drizzle slightly, hoping that massive storm breaks up before hitting Manhattan.

It's been a very scary month at Xavier's for those that didn't vanish, but even the mystery behind half the student body and several teachers disappearing into thin air can't keep a certain butterfly winged girl down forever. Currently dressed in a black t-shirt with 'The Zombies Are Looking For Brains! (don't worry, you're safe)' written on it in glow in the dark ink, and a pair of Hulk green pants, Megan flutters along one of the paths, her ballet flat covered feet not quite touching the ground. She bobs slightly in rhythm to the beat of the music playing over her ipod, not really paying that much attention to the people around her other than to fly a little higher or to dodge out of the way so that there aren't any collisions.
Then comes the rain and the mutant's black eyes widen slightly as she lands, running for cover under some trees in hopes that they'll provide at least some protection for her wings, "Of all the times to forget to bring an umbrella…"

Eris sighs and shakes her head as the rain starts to come down a bit harder. She holds out a hand as though she is holding something and a crystal umbrella materializes in her grip. She glances around casually as though making sure no one saw that display of power. The woman is fairly certain that the people in this part of the city wouldn't give her trouble even if they did recognize her. That is, unless one of those pseudo-mutant heroes shoes up. Eris tips her head slightly as someone else dodges into the stand of trees she is currently camped out in. "It's only rain. It's not like it can hurt you." But regardless she creates a second umbrella which she holds out to the other girl. The umbrella appears to be made of solid ruby and cannot actually be folded down. Though Eris holds the items as though they weigh nothing each umbrella weighs well over ten pounds.

"Yeah, and have you ever touched a butterfly's wing? That dust'll wash off, you know…" Megan flutters her wings as though to demonstrate and wrinkles her nose, "Takes forever to dry and it's really hard to fly after." She gives a bright smile and takes the (incredably heavy) umbrella, making a small grunting noise when she feels the weight of it, "Oh, hey! Thanks." She speaks with a quite obvious Welsh accent and tilts her head curiously to study the redheaded woman she's sharing shelter with, "Don't I know you?" She looks familiar, anyway…

Eris looks at the girl curiously as she flutters her wings. With that accent and those features it is almost believable that she is in the presence of a mythical creature rather than a mutant. Eris recalls reading something somewhere about a theory that mutants in the middle ages may have inspired certain myths and legends, but the author got a bit of flack for writing it. The woman seems to snap out of her thought process. "Me? I'm…" The woman looks around quickly, seeing only trees in the immediate area. "Willow. My name is Willow. And I don't believe we've met. I just have one of those faces." One of those faces that was in the news almost every day a few months back.

The fairy-like teenager quirks a brow at the odd way the woman intruduces herself, but shrugs it off and bounces slightly on the balls of her feet, the ruby umbrella supported against her shoulder, "A pleasure to meet you, Willow. I'm Megan." She nods slightly, pink hair falling forward over her shoulders to be tucked back behind her pointed ears so that it's out of her eyes, looking out into the rain for a moment, "I hate getting grounded…" From her age, that probably has more than one meaning, "I'd rather it were fog than rain! At least I can still fly in fog." She just can't fly very fast or high, is all.

Eris holds a hand out to feel the rain as it falls. She twirls the umbrella with one hand as though it weighs nothing to her. The one good thing about a solid umbrella is that the wind can't flip it up. "It was a little foggy this morning, but if the news was correct that big storm that wiped out Cincinati will be hitting here tomorrow sometime. This is probably just to outer edge." She shrugs slightly, "Not that I can fly, but I can see how it might be a bit of a downer to lose something like that for even a short while."

Megan nods, "It's foggy a lot of mornings back home." Megan shrugs and repositions the umbrella and her wings so that they're covered well, even if that means that the rest of her gets wet. She groans softly at the thought of a huge storm hitting tomorrow, "Well bloody hell! I guess I'll be staying inside all day, then." Sounds like that's something she really doesn't enjoy all that much, either. She looks over at 'Willow' and suddenly smiles again, "Well you do have a really cool power! Making umbrellas out of gems seems pretty neat." Even if they do weigh practically half a ton!

Eris tips her umbrella back and frowns up at the sky some more. "It looks foggy most mornings here, though that's usually just smog. And what's wrong with the rain really? Butterflies in the wild apparently don't have too many problems with the rain." She glances over at the umbrella she created and shrugs, "I can make most things out of crystal, just depends on what minerals are in the ground beneath me. And sorry, I'd make it larger for you but it would probably become a bit too heavy for you to lift."

"You don't see them flying very often in the rain either, though, do you?" Megan shakes her head, "I just don't like getting wet. The added weight makes it more of an effort to fly." It's still possible in an emergency, but why bother if she doesn't need to? "And it's really more the wind than anything else, anyway." A suitably impressed expression crosses her face at the thought of the other mutant being able to make pretty much anything out of crystal, "Wow… That's really neat!" The teenager beams brightly, "I'd imagine it could come in handy." She shrugs and giggles, "Oh, it's alright. I appreciate you letting me use this one. It's plenty big enough."

The woman is glancing around in a mildly annoyed fashion. It would appear that the man she was supposed to meet with is not going to risk getting wet tonight. Or maybe he's hanging back until Eris is alone. Either way, it looks like this night will be less productive than Eris had hoped. "I suppose I don't really look for butterflies when it's raining. I never really thought about where they went." She shrugs, "And yeah, being able to make just about anything is useful. It helps that the things are made out of something that can be sold for a nice profit." As long as the item is sold within the right time limit. The crystals break themselves down after a while.

Megan gives a satisfied little nod at having her point, basically, proven about butterflies, though she doesn't comment further on the subject. "I think that would be smashing, myself. Almost as good as flying." Which she wouldn't trade for anything. There's a soft giggle at the thought of being able to make something that can be sold and she nods, "It'd be pretty handy, I'd imagine. A dandy way to make extra cash."

Eris shrugs, "It gets a little old after a while. Being able to basically create money leaves you without needing to work, so you need to find ways to occupy your time. At first it seems great, but after a while things get a bit redundant." She shrugs again, "I suppose the same thing is true for people who work for a living." Casually, almost as an afterthought she adds, "But with all the free time it gives me the time I need to help my people."

"I suppose it might… It would still be better than having to send my mum my grades and wait for her to send me my allowance at the end of the month." Or so Megan thinks, anyway. She cocks her head to one side at the mention of helping people, perking up a little and fluttering her wings slightly at the thought, "You help people? That's smashing!" She rises off the ground by about an inch before she lands again, "I'm learning to use my powers to help people." And she's quite proud of that, though how flying with delicate looking butterfly wings can help people is a mystery.

Eris watches the girl flutter about out of the corner of her eye. Grades? Learning to help people? "Ah I see. Are you one of those students of the Avenger School? Places like that don't really help people. They just take mutants and deceive them into doing what they want. They use them as tools to oppress the free mutants of the world." Sounds a little heavy, but the woman speaks in a calm manner. "Just be careful what they tell you to do. I've seen some things that make me not so trusting of places like that."

Megan blushes and shakes her head, "No, I'm not anywhere near good enough to even talk to the Avengers. I go to school up in Westchester." She waves a hand vaguely in a random direction that, presumably, the school might be located in, "And the Avengers aren't really like that, are they? They help people and stop the bad guys from hurting anyone." Beat, "That's what I've always heard, anyway." She shrugs, "That's what I've heard, anyway: That they're heroes. Just like the X-Men." There's a hint of pride in her voice at the mention of the team of mutants that are based out of the school she lives at.

Eris quirks a brow. "The school to the North? Xavier's then?" She nods but says nothing about the school. Of course she's heard of Xavier's. Of course, she would run the school differently, but anywhere that mutant kids can go to school with their own kind in safety is alright in Eris's book. "The Avengers are tainted. Not all of them are Mutants, so they don't really understand what it's like to actually be different. A lot of them just pretend to be mutants, and all of them follow the commands of the human police force. And the police force? Not so mutant friendly."

The girl nods, licking her lips lightly at someone knowing the name of the school she goes to, "Did you go there too? I've heard that there are a lot of mutants that went to school there and that some of them are living here in New York." She wrinkles her nose at the thought of the Avengers being tainted, "But… they look out for people. They help people that are in trouble and keep them safe." She shakes her head, "If that's tainted, then maybe it's not such a bad thing to be…" Can we say naive? She shakes her head, "The Avengers are good people. Everyone knows that." Beat, "And the police are good people, too. They look out for the welfare of everyone." She shrugs, "And they don't treat mutants so bad. Not if they don't deserve it, anyway."

Eris shakes her head. "No, I have never been to Xavier's. If you know the right people in this city then the name of that school is familiar. Don't worry, I'm not someone that school needs to be concerned about. I know how important it is for that school to remain a secret." The woman frowns and twirls her umbrella a bit. "They look like heroes because of their good deeds. But there is opression hidden in their virtue. Remember, before they started killing everyone off the Nazis were police officers and soldiers."

"Oh." Well, there goes that idea, then. Megan just nods at the promise that the school's secret is safe and wrinkles her nose at the mention of the Avengers and Nazis in the same breath, shaking her head, "The Avengers couldn't be like the Nazis. Hitler was an evil man that tried to wipe out an entire race of people. The Avengers aren't like that. they protect people. Yeah, they'll fight with a mutant that's hurting people, but they don't attack mutants for no reason!" Her eyes narrow as she studies the older woman a little more closely, trying once again to place where she's seen her before.

"Hitler may have been evil, but he was first seen as a hero of the German people. Much like Iron Man and Captain America are seen as heroes today to the American people. First they'll take out the strong mutants, claiming that we are too agressive or dangerous. Then when there's no one left to fight them, they'll claim that the other mutants should be removed from society for the greater good. Trust me, without people like Magneto we'd all be in camps right now."

Megan looks more and more confused, "But they don't do that. They fight for freedom and the right of every being to be who they were born as." She can't say every American, because she's not an American citizen. She's just here on a learning visa, "They aren't the least bit like Hitler was. He just wanted to rule the whole world." That's her opinion of the evil dictator, at least, "And Magneto isn't entirely good, you know. He's a terrorist. He's attacked humans for no other reason than that they aren't as special as mutants. Humans should be kept safe just like mutants." There's the slightest of pauses, "We're all living, thinking, breathing beings, after all!"

Eris sighs and shakes her head. "Well you can believe what you want. You're still very young. When you're older you'll understand what true freedom is, what true opression is, and you'll learn to understand Magneto's actions." She shakes her head, "Humans are less evolved than mutants. They should have less rights, like dogs have less rights than they. But in this world they try to strip the rights from mutants. Perhaps Magneto is showing the humans what it's like to be opressed." Eris shrugs, "But whatever. Believe what you want. But one day when you're strapped to a table having experiments done on you, think back on what that strange lady in the park warned you about."

Megan shakes her head and hands the umbrella back to 'Willow', "Thanks for the warning, but I'm going to trust in the heroes of this country. America is supposed to be the land of the free. I'm going to believe that until it's proven differently." She pauses for a moment, "Thanks for letting me use the umbrella and for the chat. I'm going to go catch the train back home before it gets too late and I get in trouble." Even though the rain continues to fall, she's not about to take something that wasn't honestly given to her. She'll just deal with being wet on the way back to the school and hope that she dries before too long. "It was nice talking to you, Miss Willow. I hope the world isn't really as bad as you think."

Eris simply touches the umbrella rather than accepting it back. The construct makes a cracking noise and shatters into dust before falling to the ground. "Believe what you will. If a person's beliefs could be so easilly changed simply by talking to a single person, then beliefs wouldn't be worth all that much. Just be careful who you trust and what you hear, eh?" She offers the girl a quick wave and begins slowly walking toward the pub. If her contact is not going to come out in the rain she'll need to get a message to him for a different rendezvous point and time.

"Yeah, sure." Megan hunches her shoulders, looking miserable and holding her wings straight out from her back, as she steps out into the rain, "Have a good night, ma'am." With that, the girl is off, trudging down the path toward the nearest bus stop and on to the train station to head back to Westchester. Now if only all of the other students and staff would be back when she gets home…

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