2011-06-09: Is Something There


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Summary: Follows: Cannonball Fever. After what happened at the pool the teens talk about that and where do they go from there.

Date: June 9, 2011

Log Title: Is Something there

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion- Dorm

With everyone having run off for one reason or another that left Kieran and Tyler standing next to a lounge chair hand in hand looking off towards the school. "Do you want to go back to the room and talk or hit the hot tub and well, talk?" Tyler can easily pile up their stuff onto the chair or carry it back to the dorm.

"Well let's hit the room and talk." Kieran says seriously, as he has a feeling that this is one of those discussions that belongs in private,rather than where any idiot would be able to walk up and harass them.

Tyler nods then frees up his hand to reach for his iPod. Kieran can keep the towel as Tyler never got into the pool nor was splashed by the series of cannonballs. "At least we can cut across the grounds from here instead of having to go the long way." If you would like his hand back he offers it for the short walk over to the dorm. Once at the room the iPod is placed on his desk then he sits down on the bed putting his back to the wall. At least here it wasn't likely that a circus would roll through making talking more difficult than it already would be.

"Yeah." Kieran says laughing a bit and once they're in the room he sits on his own bed facing Tyler,"So… I guess we need to talk?" He asks sounding very unsure of himself for once. He doesn't have anywhere near the normal level of confidence that he exudes when he interacts with people at the moment, and even seems a little bit nervous. "So… err… where do we start?" He asks the nervousness clear in his voice.

At least they both appear to be on equal footing as Tyler is noticeably nervous as well. "Yeah, we kinda do." There's a hint of a smile so hopefully it takes the edge off the seriousness of the upcoming conversation. "I guess we start with the obvious even though I can kinda guess from what happened at the pool that you're probably interested in me." That last bit sounded more like a question than a statement of fact so Tyler isn't as certain as he would like to be. "That's of course fine an'all. I was just a bit surprised."

"Well kind of I guess…" Kieran says blushing a bit,"Mostly it was a joke but then it kind of felt nice… Which is a little bit unusual for me." He says seriously,"I didn't really think you'd be interested though. Figured you had a girlfriend back home and just thought it'd be funny and you'd either push me out of your lap laughing or what have you. I honestly didn't expect you to do what you did. Not that I'm complaining mind you…"

Tyler blushes in turn. "Well that could have gone all sorts of wrong. Thankfully it didn't but yeah it kinda points out a few things. I'm not angry about it and neither are you which is a good thing." Reaches up to run fingers through his hair then shakes his head so that his bangs get out of his eyes. "If you hadn't guessed when I didn't de-lap you, or the arm around you, or the whole hand holding thing, I don't have a girl back home. Nor do I have a guy either but…" sighs here. "I am gay. I should have told you earlier but I honestly hadn't thought about bringing it up."

"Ummm… well it didn't rule out the possibility of you have a girl back home. Just that you were sort of interested in me, which kind of surprised me given how good looking a lot of the guys around here are." Kieran says laughing a little bit weakly,"And it's cool. As you may have guessed from the lack of reaction to it, not really so much with the caring about whether someone is gay, straight, bi or in love with themselves, well ok. The last one I have issues with." He says laughing a bit more.

Tyler shakes his head, "Your turn to be selling yourself short? You're a great guy all the way around, a complete package; You know what I mean? Smart, funny, amazing eyes…" Let's that sink in for a bit as he shifts around on his bed to lay on his side with his head propped up on a hand. "Well there are certainly people around that are in love with themselves. I'm kinda glad that you're that chill about things. Ohio is an unfriendly atmosphere for gay people. I keep hoping my parents will get sick of it and move somewhere more tolerant but they're not the type to pick up where they've lived forever just because people can be idiots. So the real question, or questions, is what we want to do about this unexpected revelation."

"It all depends. I mean Ohio has one of the largest gay communities in the US afterall. It's just that it's up in Columbus instead of Cincinnati. Cincinnati's pretty much stuck in the past." Kieran says shrugging a little bit,"I mean I know I'm not bad looking, because I mean I've had girlfriends in the past. We usually ended up breaking up because well… Can you imagine trying to date someone who has like four hours a week free for you if they're lucky?" He says laughing a bit,"I guess it's the person who attracts me rather than the gender. I mean you're cute, much hotter than I am if we're being honest. You're a talented painter, and you're a really great guy to just be around." He says smiling a bit,"It's all on where you go."

"That's true but the state government continues to deny motions to allow civil unions, marriage, recognition etc so people can't officially be together or get medical benefits and stuff like that." It's a sad state of affairs in general for the state. "Cincinnati is a mess in places but living there you do get a feel for where you dont want to be for sure." Knowing your past before coming here with all the course work and after school activities he can understand how that killed your social life before it even got off the ground. The compliments have Tyler blushing yet again. Ack! How does one stop doing that? "Thank you," is replied softly. "I've never been attracted to girls. Great to hang around but yeah it didn't work for me." Shrugs a hand to say go-figure. "If we both find each other to be cool, and there's sorta something there; do you want to maybe see where it goes?"

"Well that's changing slowly. The last time it was checked, the vote was close enough that they expect it to change fully within the next year or so." Kieran says shrugging a little bit,"And it all depends on where you live I think. Where I am, there were a number of gay couples that bought homes." He adds,"And most folks don't seem to really care. The farther from the downtown area, the more accepting people seem to get." He pauses for a moment as he considers that,"What, it's true. You could probably pull off looks I can't dream of doing. But anyway, it depends. Do you want to see where things go, or just let it be what it is now?"

Tyler hadn't known the last vote had been that close, "That would be great!" A whole lot of people's lives would change for the better if the vote finally went the right way. "That's true. Downtown is a hot mess. The area where we live isn't so bad but if you go over a couple of streets you run into people that have various hate-on's for one thing or another." Pull off looks? There's some confusion there though he doesn't bother asking for a clarification as he's thinking about your question. "I ask you then you ask me back. That's not quite how it's supposed to work, Ki." He laughs then supposes he might as well go out on a limb. "I like you. I think we get along great and I wouldn't mind trying the dating thing out. It's not as if I don't know how busy you are and you know I'll get hyperfocused on my art so no worries about all that. Let the chips fall where they may. If you want to sit in my lap or not, cool. Want to go catch a movie? Sweet. Hold hands? That was nice. You know….I'm alright with all that."

"Well you know me, I don't do things the way they're supposed to be done, right?" Kieran says flashing a little weak smile,"Well I'll tell you what. I have more free time here than I used to have. I don't focus quite as much on my studies as I used to and there aren't as many clubs and organizations to be involved in, so my time got massively freed up." He says grinning a little bit,"Well the thing with laps is that me sitting in your lap would work a lot better than you sitting in mine given you're so much taller than me. So if you want to try the dating thing with me, or if you'd rather try it with Kevin who's a little more available, that's good too."

"Wait come again?" Tyler sits up radiating confusion. "Kevin is gay? Maybe my gaydar is off for some reason or another…never mind that. Why in the world would you suggest him? This is me showing interest in you and vice versa. I'm /so/ not into Kevin. Not that there's anything wrong with the guy but he's not the guy I'm interested in."

"I think he might be gay." Kieran says before looking down a little bit,"Sorry. I don't know… I do this to myself whenever I get involved with someone. I think they'd be happier with someone who is better than me. I know I seem pretty together but I have my own share of messyness in this head of mine." He says laughing a little bit,"And he's a nice boy, who deserves someone to make him happy, and you're such a good guy…"

Tyler understands now and slips off his bed to stand in between the two beds and holds out his hands for Kieran to take if he will. "I don't know what I can do to help clean up the mess other than to understand and show you that you're enough." There's a soft smile that accompanies his words as he seeks to reassure you that his interest is in you and not about to waiver to someone else here at the campus. "Someone will come along for Kevin and I'll be happy for him but you see I'm not that guy. I'm thinking I can make you happy and you can do the same for me because you're definitely amazing."

"Did you have anyone back in Cincinnati? Or were you in the closet to everyone?" Kieran asks curiously and moving to take the other teen's hands and stand in front of him looking up towards the boy's face,"Now, there's one condition that I have to insist on. The /only/ brother we tell is Brian. Sean is ugh. Tim will probably just give a list of pros and cons to the relationship." He says rolling his eyes a bit,"So can you handle that?"

Tyler holds Kieran's hands in the space between them. "No, I didn't have anyone back in the Natti. I looked of course but I never really cared to persue anything. I'm sure people knew but no one ever asked so I never bothered to say anything. I wasn't really hiding anything just not flailing about advertising you know?" Thumbs rub against your fingers lightly in an affectionate manner. "Wouldn't Brian tell the others? TIm could list all he wanted I wouldn't care but Sean would be less than thrilled yeah? I wouldn't want to cause grief between you and your brothers."

"Nah. Brian can keep secrets. He just doesn't like leaving me alone." Kieran says laughing a little bit at that question,"Tim's big on logic. I think he's borderline aspergers sometimes. As I said, he reads and doesn't really connect with people. Sean… I don't know. He and I weren't get along very well when I was last home because of the whole being a mutant thing I think. He acted like it was no big deal but it was always there in his eyes." He says casually,"I didn't guess so it couldn't have been that bad." He adds with a bit of a laugh, his fingers are a little calloused from his guitar.

Tyler nods, "If you want to let only Brian know that's fine. Just let me know if you ever change your mind and want to tell the rest of them. It'll be fine." He thinks for a moment while glancing down to watch his fingers move against Kieran's. "I don't think there's anything on my end that is worrisome. My parents are cool. I think you'll love them even thought my father is a bit stuffy sometimes. The cat may hate on you for awhile but she's a cat it's what they do. At least we live close enough that we can go back and forth easily and there's a lot of stuff we can do around town."

"Yeah. It's just that I know Brian's not going to care. My parents… well it's best to give them one shock at a time." Kieran says laughing a little bit,"And cats are like that. We have one. Big black beast of a cat that is my brother Brian's. He's really intimidating looking but is a huge fraidy cat." He says with a soft laugh,"Well your dad can't be as bad as mine." He says smirking a little bit,"Did you want to try… you know… kissing?"

"I hope Sean comes around. Maybe he just needs time to sort out what he thinks about your Sithyness. You're still his brother that'll count for a lot." Tyler sounds hopeful and has no reason not to be in this case. The cat sounds a bit like the Diva though she's not afraid of a thing other than not getting her gourmet kitty food on time. "Naw, my father isn't so bad. He worries about my grades and does the best he can but he's the bookish type whereas Daddy is a total spazz." The offer to see how kissing might go has Tylers ears tinging pink. "Yeah, I think that would be a great idea actually." Slipping one hand free Tyler touches fingertips to your cheek then tips his head to the side before touching his lips to Kieran's in a soft kiss.

Touching his lips to Tyler's Kieran feels an electricity that runs through his body that has nothing to do with his powers for once. He doesn't say anything else about Sean but there'll be time to discuss all that later. Sides they'll be up in New York before the end of term anyway. He absently moves a hand to touch the other boy's chest about where the heart is as he closes his eyes and just lets things go at that.

There is a series of gentle kisses that leaves Tyler resting his forehead to Kierans. A bit breathless he smiles while rubbing small half circles against the nape of Kieran's neck. "Well that totally didn't suck," he giggles happily. The hand still holding onto one of the other teens gives a squeeze."Want to /practice/ a bit then we can get to homework then dinner? Not that I want to do homework and I really like kissing you. Shutting up now."

"I think we should do our homework now or we're going to practice that for a long time and forget to do the homework." Kieran says smiling at the other teen,"And yeah. It /totally/ didn't suck. I rather thought it awesome." He says smiling a bit like he's won the lottery,"And I don't want to be responsible for you not getting your homework done." He says laughing softly,"And then dinner is REALLY necessary."

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