2010-11-23: Is This All A Joke


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Summary: Shane meets Robyn and asks him if the stuff she's heard is a 'new kid prank'.

Date: November 23, 2010

Log Title: Is This All A Joke?

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs and couches with a few tables are placed up here for students to relax. There's a door off to one of the sides that leads up to the attic above here.

One thing about the Observation Deck is that it has good light, so Robyn is up here using that to his advantage so he can take pictures of some of his sculptures for his portfolio. There are about eight different sculptures around that varey in size but they all have in common. They look like they should be on the set of a Tim Burton movie with that creepy feel. He has a statue in front of him that's about a foot tall and appears to be of a pumpkin monster. A carved jack-o-lantern as a head with a body of vines and leaves and it looks like it's in the middle of a roar and ready to attack.

The elevator doors open, and out steps a figure that could have been cast in one of Robyn's scenes, had a game developer not beaten him to it. With sports-car-red hair, black wire-rimmed glasses, heavy clompy boots, and a disturbingly accurate costume recreation of American McGee's Alice (complete with bloody symbols on the apron), one of the two newest Xavier's students steps out, nodding her head in time to the music on her earphones. As Robyn's project comes into view, she pauses, adjusting the laptop bag on her shoulder, staring at the statuary with raised eyebrow.

Robyn takes a picture with one of the school's digital cameras that he borrowed as the elevator opens. He stops and turns towards it with a smile and wave. "Hi, sorry, don't mind me. I'm just working on taking pictures of my stuff." Since he's gotta get applications out soon for college. "I don't think I've met you yet, I'm Robyn. And that dress is awesome." He isn't familar with American McGee's Alice being not much of a gamer but he can appricate the outfit. Then he notices the headphones and does a small sigh thinking she probably can't hear him.

The headphones come off, emitting a startlingly loud and clearly audible blast of /Inocents burn, alive on the stage! Tortured and du—/ before the iPod at her hip is paused. Robyn gets a brief once-over, then her eyes flick back to the statuary, an eyebrow raising finally. "That's good. Creepy too."

Robyn smiles and blushes a bit at her compliment. "Thanks…I like to sculpt." He states the obvious. "I like creepy, kind of…too much Tim Burton I guess." He says as he turns off the camera for now. "I'm Robyn, I don't think we've met yet." He says offering a hand. She could be new or she could have been here a month already, he's not sure since he was in that other dimension. "I don't know if you heard earlier, but I think your dress is awesome. I like the bloody runes."

Shane nods at the compliment, whether in thanks or agreement not quite clear. The hand, given a brief eyeing before she takes it. "Shane," she answers, looking over his shoulder, back at the figures. "You'd probably make a killing at the dealer's den. Ever work in resin?"

Robyn runs his hand back through his hair. "Dealers Den?" He's never been to a convention so he doesn't really know. "I've thougth about maybe someday making a cast of something and then making resin figures from there but I don't really have the equipment for that or the money to get the equipment." As it is, he leeches off of the clay in the school's art room.

"It is expensive," Shane agrees. "But probably not so much like you think. Just gotta know where to look and who to ask, really. But most people who make their own figurines can get away with charging stupid huge numbers, and the convention people almost always snap it up. Still," she says, wandering over to one of the nearby couches and dropping into place, pushing her glasses up her nose. "Save up two hundred bucks, you'll have more than enough for anything you need for months."

Robyn thinks about it. "Really, how do you know all this?" About prices and such. Robyn's never really had any 'connections' in the art world except for his mother. "Two hundred bucks, that's about four weeks of allowence so probably after Christmas." He says thinking about it. "I've thought about it but I really don't know if anyone would really been interested in what comes out of my head though. I mean the pumpkin monster is something that I actually saw."

Shane lifts a shoulder. "Online. I thought about doing some resin castings for a couple pieces on some of my costumes, and looked it up. It's not hard if you know what you're doing. I just suck too much at actually doing the sculpting, so I didn't bother after that." The pumpkin monster earns a second, deeply speculative look. "…All right let's just get this straight. I've been assuming that everyone talking about that demon dimension crap was either trying to scare the newbie or deeply out of their mind. Or more probably both. You look to be pretty bad at bullshitting, so which is it?"

Robyn takes a deep breath and sits down before explaining. "Well it's not both but it did happen along with probably most of us being deeply out of minds sometime." He's not fully being tounge and cheek about it. "Towards the begining of October something happened and we got dragged to this dimension by this demon. It was this place that was like…out of an old horror movie. No power, the school was an insane aslyum and things were just creepy there. It would have been cool if there wasn't the danger. Look…I don't want to scare you but this place sometimes is a magnet for…super powered mayhem."

The girl in the blood-spattered Alice dress listens to this tale of madness and terror, eyes slightly narrowed. Whatever else one can glean from her, it's clear she is deeply suspicious by nature, and not inclined to make excuses for it. "….O-kay. So. This magical mutant Hogwarts here comes complete with its own Voldemort factory?"

Robyn gives an uncertain look and chews on his lip for a second. "Well….maybe not as evil as Voldemort. But sometimes uglier?

Robyn gives an uncertain look and chews on his lip for a second. "Well….maybe not as evil as Voldemort. But sometimes uglier?" He tries. "I mean, it sucks sometimes but it's really not bad here. I've been here since I was a sophomore, I'm a senior now. It hasn't always been easy being a student here but I've learned control of my powers here and it's the first time I've had real friends."

Something in Shane's eyes flickers at that last statement, her frown deepening for a moment, before smoothing. Settling back against the couch, she pulls the laptop out of her bag and goes about booting it up. "…All right, Mr. Senior," she says, quietly. "You win. We'll see what happens the next year and a half, I guess."

"I win, we were having a contest over something?" Robyn says not really sure what she meant by that. "I really don't want to scare you about what happens here, I mean, sometimes it sounds a lot worse than it is. I mean, where else can a psychic vamprie fit in with a bunch of other misfits." He jokes.

"Magical mutant Hogwarts is still a high school," Shane says, half to herself. "Everyone being a mutant just means one less thing to clump up over. But what do I know," she says a touch louder and with a little humor. "All I can do is blow up."

"Yes it is still a high school but with cooler classes and powers training. And better excuses to get out of class." Robyn says as he's bad about attending class when his mind gets on an art project. "Blow up…like how so?" He says fearing that she physically blows up and that sounds like a horribly painful power. There is a bit of worry in his voice as he asks.

Shane snorts. "How'm I supposed to know? All I know is, I get really, really mad… Like the kind of mad where you start seeing red and want to tackle the jackass across the room into a dumpster… And then…. boom. Ruins my clothes, and anyone anywhere near me too."

"So you don't like physically blow up, cause that sounds like it could be really painful." Robyn only knows that Jono can blow up in some fashion as well but he doesn't know if Shane is made of psychic energy or not, he doesn't think so. "That kind of sucks about your clothes, especially if they're all as cool as that dress and anyone near you, that could be helpful in the danger room?"

Shane shrugs. "If you say so. Whatever this Danger Room thing is, anyway." A few keys on the laptop are tapped, and a program similar to Photoshop opens up. Hauling a tablet out of her backpack, she plugs it in, pulling up a couple pictures of some woman in a wool dress and setting them at the corners of the screen.

"It's this holographic kind of training rooms. Some kids love it, I think it can be helpful and it's kinda neat what it can do. I mean, you almost believe the situations you're in." Robyn says as he admires the danger room but it's not the highlight of his week like with some kids. He's about to go on about it when his phone rings. "Sorry Shane, I gotta take this. It was nice meeting you!." He says as he goes to duck into the stairway up to the attic and Shane can hear him saying "Hi Mom" as he leaves the room.

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