2010-04-29: It Cannot Be Unseen


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Summary: What Chloe saw cannot be unseen!

Date: April 29, 2010

It Cannot Be Unseen

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall.

Shock horror! In a sight never before seen at Xaviers the mutant codenamed Etoile, but better known by her real name of Chloe is sitting in the cafeteria /not eating/. The plate of food, immense as it is, doesn't appear to have bugs in it or anything else which might cause the loss of appetite. Nonetheless the teenage speedster glares at it, as if willing it to vanish and never again blight her life.

Nothing like a boring math class to work up an appitite, so Robyn has a tray of the wonderful looking meatloaf and instant mashed potatoes on his tray along with a bottle of coke and his usual stack of cookies. No veggies can be seen at this time. Looking around for a place to sit, Robyn spots Chloe and and goes to sit with her. "Mind the company? And please don't tell me someone was experimenting with cooking and everything has mystery flavours?"

On the other end of things… at least the school end, Connor comes in with his usual concussed look that means that he just got out of Doctor McCoy's basic physics class again. While he has no food, he does in a moment of rebellion swipe the top cookie from Robyn's carefully constructed stack, and then flops right next to him, planting his forehead on the tabletop, mumbling, "Hey Chloe…" Then comes the crunch of the cookie, "Anyone care to put me out of my misery?"

"You think you know the meaning of misery?" Chloe asks, shaking her head with sheer woe. "The biggotry, the hatred and the danger to the poor girl I could take. But why cruel world did the mans pants vanish?" She pushes her tray away. "Connor, promise me you'll never teleport anyones pants. Ever. Or else I'll totally do that 'to the pain' thing to you."

"Sure, I'll be happy to Connor, you stole my cookies." Robyn says obviously teasing his friend. It's just, oatmeal craisin cookies happen to be his favourite, most oatmeal cookies are his favourite food. Then listening to Chloe's words, Robyn just stares at her for a bit. "What are you talking about? Whose pants vanished?"

Connor points up his hand on declaration, the cookie his symbol for the moment, bitten into a half-moon, "I dohn't… *CRUNCH*.. teleports… clothes." Bringing his head up finally he looks back and forth, before arching a brow at Chloe, "Mine is a some kind of gravitic anomaly like a wormhole… at least according to the Doctor. But.. pants? Seriously?"

Chloe twitches. "I'll consider that a promise! And if you're hungry take my food by all means, I have at least four servings of pudding going spare," she offers with a sigh. "I was out earlier, checking out the big city, long story short I walked past a Friends of Humanity rally and the guy on stages pants just vanish." She pauses theatrically, before adding. "And there was nothing beneath! It'll probably be on the news, especially the fact the guys goons were threatening a girl with a big knife."

Robyn pauses his eating, his fork kind of stuck in the meatloaf as his hand is still on it. "What? Friends of Humanity…." Robyn makes a sour face at that, he knows who they are. "What do you mean nothing beneath? He had no legs? So the guy leading the FoH rally was a superpowered menace like the rest of us?" Forget the big knife part rigth now.

Connor starts laughing rather hard, and pat Robyn on the back, "I think she means he was swinging in the breeze, free as a bird… went commando." Shaking his head as he fights the image away, "Okay… arguably funny, but still… uncool. Being pantsed is bad enough… but being teleportpantsed… that's just COLD." And at the offer of the food, he takes it, and starts looking over the offers, before turning one of her spoons and taking a bite, chasing it with some cookie, "But you shouldn't have gone out alone… especially with groups like that. One wrong twitch from you and it's torch and pitchfork time."

"The day I need a babysitter to go window shopping is the day I swim in the lake with an anvil," Chloe says, thudding her head into the table. "By the time they've worked out which end of the pitchfork you point at someone I'm snug and safe six blocks away. Plus for the record it's much less fun if you have to actually see it."

Robyn'oh's' at Connor's words before he turns a bit pink at Chole's comment and looks down at his food and stuffs his face so he can be quiet for a bit. Eventually he does speak, ever so quietly. "Well it all depends on what it looks like, and what the guy looks like." Cause for some, it might be fun seeing it. "So I take it you need a good scrubbing with brain bleach Chloe?"

Connor reaches over and around Robyn to pat Chloe on the back, "On the bright side… there are people who flash you for a hobby… so all things considered, it's not SO bad… right?" Chuckling softly, before he goes about tending to Chloe's food, "Freshmen year at my high school… first day assembly, someone suddenly yells out 'BUTTS!'… and every looks to see two guys wearing pantyhose on their heads and sneakers on their feet. Punchline… forgot the keys to their car… so while they're trying to break into their own car, mooning the crowd… the assistant principle just saunters up and politely offers between the two of them his jacket and a trip to the office."

The pile of food Chloe had claimed would happily feed three or maybe even for normal students, although it does seem she's recovered enough to grab an apple from the food pile. "Trust me Robyn you wouldn't have wanted to see it. Unless you've got a thing for pudgy guys pushing like forty?" she half asks, half teases. "Brain bleach would be nice along with maybe the ability to reset my entire day. Then I would have got myself those awesome shoes I saw."

"Well the weekend is soon, you can get yourself those awesome shoes then?" Robyn says chuckles at Connor's story. "I don't really have any interesting High School stories, and yeah, not into old chubby men. I'll take guys like Jordan or Dallas or..yeah." He says as he does like the jockish type. The Manly man. "Seriously though Chloe, that sucks that you ahd to run into that. I'm glad you okay, except for the mental scarring." Of old chubby man peen?

Connor adds in finally, "You mentioned a knife before… something else bad happen? Seriously… this is not making New York the destination to go. Keep this up, and I think I'll ask to go to Boston or Philly instead…" Leaning back and up, before taking up with Chloe's fare between the two of them with the same gusto, "So… Robyn… what's the word on the first official Bad Movie Night?"

Chloe shakes her head. "Someone got the last pair in my size and they were in the last of line section," she laments. "They were causing this random girl problems. Doubt she was even a mutant, just a suitable victim to threaten, but they sliced into her coat before the police came charging in. As if they meant to cut her clothes off or something." She shrugs. "I'm fine though, I'm just not the type of person that crowd would pick out as a victim. Plus I /can/ handle myself pretty well you know. I mean you lose one hand and everyone thinks you're made of glass!" She sticks her tongue out, then begins to devour the apple.

"I was just wondering cause you were the one banging your head on the table." Robyn says chuckling at Chloe before shaking his head. "Yeah…I just hope that someday Rashmi is able to make considerate steps with her goal and that I can be helping her." Robyn says of Rashmi wanting to fight for mutant rights. "Well we can't do Bad Movie Night this weekend, I won't be around. My Dad has a concert so I'm going home, to New York. And honestly, New York is awesome, we can go together."

Connor shrugs once, "About all I saw of New York was the Baxter building, and the streets from the car I drove up here in with Doctor McCoy… Doctor Richards didn't want me roaming around New York… just in case." And then picks up the other apple and begins to chew on it once before arching a brow at Chloe, "Hey… nothing to do with the hand… You're too hung up on that… guy can't even be a gentleman around you." Winking at Robyn towards the end.

Chloe rolls her eyes. "What on earth could I have done to mislead anyone into thinking being a gentleman around me would be a good idea?" she wonders, shaking her head. "New Yorks okay I guess, I mean the junk food isn't the same as back home, but it's not terrible. Condiment selection is a little poor though."

"I grew up in New York…well Brooklyn actually but right over the bridge. So not to far from Manhattan. That's where my father's gig is this weekend, some small club in the Bowery in Manhattan." Robyn says as he's a New Yorker, though without the crazy accent. "Who knows Chloe, and who says the Junk Food isn't the same? Where are you from anyway?" He asks not quiet sure before looking to Connor. "WEll go into the city together sometime."

Connor frowns a moment as he looks at Chloe, "She's complaining about condiments and junk food… what… Chicago, maybe?" Looking back at Robyn, before saying in reply, "Just the two of us? I dunno… I guess if I was going to go… I'd rather go in a group. Problem is… a couple people I'd like to go with need leash laws to get into the city." Giving a bit of a wince as it slips out, "Just PLEASE don't tell James I said that../"

"I'd say give the man a prize, but he's already got one. So we'll call it even," Chloe replies, nodding as Connor mentions Chicago. "And I say it isn't the same. I've been working my way through as many places as I can during my brief little city trips." Her apple already done she springs up to throw the remains away, before returning to her seat. "I keep meaning to actually go do the tourist spots, but since me and Chezlie went to some botanical garden type place I haven't had time. And it wasn't really the best time of year to go, perhaps I'll go again in Summer."

"Botanical Gardens, that's in the Bronx, that's not New York City." That's Fordham in the Bronx, a crappy area at that too. Though Robyn does smile and he looks at Connor. "WEll if we can get James to use his image inducer, it won't be a problem. But we can get a small group together. I mean, I know the city, I think I'm run into more problems here, at the school, than in Manhattan." It's actually probably a tie.

Connor finishes the apple he was digging into and then eyeballs and makes a shot to the bin, hitting it dead-on and then grinning at Chloe in reply… almost competitively, "See… me… I want to see Central Park on a Saturday, maybe hit a mall and spend a little fundage… go see a movie. I don't mean DVD on the couch… I mean go OUT." Stretching out, he stands up, and then says, "I've got a paper to write for the morning… defining quantum particles. If either of you wants to sneak into my room tonight and take me out, I'd be grateful… waking up dead I think is the only excuse I'll get for ditching on this…" Grabbing his book, he hugs around Robyn's shoulders and then gives the speedster a sibling-style push, "Lemme know when you go out next time… I haven't been off the grounds since I GOT HERE."

Chloe retaliates by giving Connor a superspeed nosetweak, followed by an expression of utter innocence as if nothing had ever happened. "You'd probably drop dead of exhaustion before reaching the front gate," she points out cheerfully. "I have been walking quite a lot of the way after all. As for the paper you could just write that quantum particles are by their very nature indefinable and then pad the wordcount out."

Robyn stands up and yawns. "Seriously Connor, anytime you wanna see the city, who better to show you around then a New York Native?" He jokes and nods. "Maybe I'll grab Chloe and we can all run out later." He says as he waves. "I'll catch you two later. I got class now. Blah." He says as he goes to get to his next class.

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