2011-05-19: "It's A Cop Out"


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Summary: Various interesting and unrelated things are discussed and Kai makes some progress.

Date: May 19, 2011

Log Title: "It's a cop out"

Rating: G

NYC - Brooklyn

Brooklyn is located on the western most tip of Long Island. Brooklyn has a lot of cultural diversity, an independent art scene, distinct neighborhoods and a unique architectural heritage. Along the shore are a bunch of abandoned warehouses that people rent out to hold concerts, parties, and other various events. Row houses can be found through out the most the borough built in the 19th century architectural style.

It is a surprisingly warm an sunny day as the last few days have been dreary and rainy in New York City. Taking this opportunity to take a break from the Avengers and his own studies, Vance Astrovik, the Avenger known as Justice, exits the subway and makes around the borough of Brooklyn. He Dressed in jeans and a dark blue t-shirt, the brown-haired mutant thinks to himself how he has been all over the planet, hell even to other planets and dimensions and yet there are still parts of New York that he hasn't been too. So, he opts to explore some of the restaurants and spots that people his age hang out at in Williamsburg. He walks on a relatively empty street as his stomach rumbles a bit. He pats his stomach, "Time to eat. But where" He asks himself aloud.

Having finished classes for the day Kai has just dropped his school books off at home and is heading off to look into a resent lead he spotted in the paper the other day, he's dressed in a yellow t-shirt, dark blue jeans and red converse and has his school bag over his shoulder, quickly crossing the road he's heading in Vance's direction.

Not noticing the youngster coming in his direction. Vance's stomach continues to rumble a bit as he grimaces and lets out a silent burp, "Damn. That's the last time I drink Jolt cola." He looks around the unfamiliar area pondering where is a good and relatively inexpensive place to grab a bite to eat. As he scans his vicinity, he finally notes Kai coming this way. He smiles and waves, "Excuse, know any good spots around here to eat?" He asks affably to Kai.

Stopping when Vance speaks to him Kai runs a hand though his hair, "Errm, sorry i don't actually know, i've never been out to eat round here" or at all "oh, wait a sec", he pulls his phone out of his pocket, "I've got an app", he's leart this is a very important part of blending in, "Ok, according to this thing theres a pretty good place over that way if this star rating thing is accurate, doesn't seem to work with movies, want me to show you the way?"

"Well, that is a nifty app." Vance smirks, "Technology. Gotta love it. It's like they have applications for nearly everything." He ponders creating an application that can detect evil-doers and villains. It would definitely make his job a lot easier. He reminds himself to bring up the idea to Tony Stark when he sees him. When Kai points out there is one nearby, Vance smiles, "Wow. That would be really nice of you. Thank you." Moving closer to the youngster, "I'm Vance. I appreciate this. I'm very hungry."

Kai nods, "Tech is what makes this society work, even if it is sorta lazy, come on then", he makes a note of of the street name and starts off in that direction, "Just a quick question though, why do they have half stars in the ratings, you never find half a star in real life, it would collapse in on itself, it should either be on star less or a full star, someone should tell them that".

Blinking a moment as he follows Kai and then registers what he says about the current systems of stars used to rate different things, "You know I don't think I have ever thought about it. And actually, I don't think anyone else has either. That is a really good point. There are no half-stars out there." Vance stops a moment, "Well, not that I have ever seen anyway. I suppose anything is possible, but you are probably right. What is a"half star" anyway. It's like that can't really decide if it is really good or really bad, so they just use the half star as a cop out."

"People always do it, no one ever gives a straight answer, you always have to give yourself some wiggle room, a way to get out of what your saying, unless you're just plain lying of course", Kai quickly looks left and right before leading the way across the road, "What brings you to Brooklyn?"

"Well, it's finally a nice day after all that rain we have had the past few days, I thought I would go out exploring since I have a day off." He looks up at the sun in the sky, "I've been in New York most of my life, but I tend to stick to just Manhattan. So I figured I would explore and just went to the subway, picked a random train and a random stop and here I am. Though, now I'm hungry." Vance smiles, "I didn't catch your name."

"My name?, Kai, i'm Kai Oaken, what about you?", turning a corner Kai stops outside the food astablishment the app had directed him to, "Here we go, while not sure if the star system is accurate, half star or not this place should deal with the hunger issue.

"Kai Oaken. Nice to meet you. I'm Vance. Vance Astrovik." He bows his head and as they make spot their destination. Vance looks it over, "It'll do." He then notes the White Castle across the street. "And just in case the rating system is not accurate, then I can always go there. I'll pull a Harold and Kumar." He laughs as he turns and extends his hand to shake Kai's, "Thanks again, Kai. If you are hungry, please join me."

Vance Astrovik?, hmm where has Kai heard that name before…, Avenger?, yes thats it!, Vance Astrovik is the civilian name of the mutant Avenger known as Justice, hmm looks like Kai just found a new lead, "I think i will, might aswell find out if the star system is trustworthy or not", about to walk inside he stops, "Whats a Harold and Kumar?"

Smiling, Vance leads the way into the restaurant that Kai's app found for them. "Kai. Kai. Kai. I have much to teach you. You have never the great cinematic experience that is Harold and Kumar go to White Castle." He starts to laugh as they enter the restaurant. Before sitting down, Vance asks for a menu to peruse and while waiting for it he continues, "It's a movie about to two stoners who are hungry and go through extreme lengths to get to a 24 hour White Castle. It was pretty funny, but the sequel was horrible."

"Errm, a stoner is someone who uses illegal drugs right?", Kai is pretty sure theres a group of them at his school, sitting down aswell he looks around, hmm so this is a resteraunt, much better than the school cafeteria, "I don't watch a lot of movies, i watch all the disney films when i was young though".

Nodding his head to the question regarding stoners, "Yes, it typically refers to people who se marijuana. If you are into screwball comedy than I suggest you watch it." Vance finishes looking over the menu an then sits down at the table across from Kai as he waitress comes up with an offering of bread. Vance smiles, "I'll have a chicken panino and an iced mocha latte." He then looks to Kai, "Get whatever you like."

Kai looks over the menu that was handed to him, playing it safe he just asks for a salad and water, it's the healthiest thing on the menu, which is important when keeping his powers at their best, "I'll look it up, should be on the internet somewhere, everything is".

Smiling at the waitress takes their orders and leaves, Vance then takes a bread and starts buttering it, "Well, hopefully you like it. But I won't give it any type of star rating." Vance laughs as he bites into the bread, "So Kai, what school do you go to? What grade are you in?"

"I'm a junior at Forest Hills High, i transphered there a couple of months ago, what about you, you in collage?", Kai expected an Avenger to be more formal and grown up, Vance is so… normal, "You don't look that much older than me".

"Wow. High school. That seems like so long ago for me." Vance laughs a bit, "I take some classes at ESU. Got my BA and take some classes part-time. No real time to go to school full-time nowadays." The waiittress brings them their orders and Vance is quick to sip his iced mocha latte, "Where did you transfer from? Are you from the city?"

"Long time ago?, how old are you?", Kai takes a few bites of his salad, not the tastiest food but good for you, "What keeps you so busy that you can't go to school?", he takes a sip of water and shakes his head, "No i'm not from the city, i'm from Ithaca and i used to go to the very imagintively named Ithaca high".

Laughing a bit, "Well not that long ago. Though sometimes I feel older than I really am. I'm 23. But from high school age to your 20s, you kinda grow up faster than usually. Or at least I did. Oh. I'm an Avenger." Vance says the last part matter-of-factly. "Ithaca. Oh I know Ithaca. Kinda cold up there. It's upstate kinda near Saugerties, but not really." He takes a bite out of his panino, "Not bad. "

"You're an Avenger?, wow thats soooo cool what can you do?", Kai takes another few bites of his salad, the Avengers are the enemy but that doesn't mean he can't be impressed aswell, "If you're in the Avengers i can trust you right?, you're one of the good guys?"

Grinning, admittedly Vance never gets tired of that reaction, "Yes. I am an Avenger." When asked about what he can do Vance looks around the restaurant and then lifts the plates of food and cups rearranges them putting the salad in front of him and the panino in front of Kai. He laughs, "I'm a telekinetic." He does the trick again returning the proper food to the proper place. "And yes you an trust me. Is something the matter?"

Kai watches as the plates and cups rearrange themselves and back again, now that is impressive, "Wow, that is brilliant", looking either side of them to check no one's looking he places a finger on his glass of water, "i can do something too", his eyes turn ice blue and the water freezes.

"Ah. A cryokinetic?" Vance asks with a raised eyebrow as he looks over Kai curiously and ponders if the boy is a mutant. Power displays are a dime a dozen to this Avenger. "That was also impressive." Vance then smiles a bit.

"Is that what i'm called?, a cyrokinetic?" Kai grins when called impressive, shame he can't show Vance what he can really do, "Thanks, but it worries me, i'm not sure about my control, i'm worried about hurting someone, the human body contains anywhere from 55% to 78% water depending on body size, how quickly would i freeze someone if i lost control?"

Sighing a moment, "That is always a concern. Even I have that concern and I have been doing this for some time now. I got my powers when I was very young. One always has to worry about that. I didn't have the benefit of going to a school. I had to learn on my own. Quietly and in secret. It wasn't until I met others like me when I was able to use them publicly, but even still. Anyone with any type of power, whether a mutant or mutate. You always need to be careful." Vance offers a smile, "You did well with the glass of water. They took a modicum of control. How long have you had the powers? How did you get them? Are you a mutant?"

Kai shrugs, "I dunno, i guess i've had them for about a year and a half, i'm not sure how i got them, i was just sitting in my room one day and i leaned against the wall to get up and ice just spread across the wall, just kind of happened", he looks over at the glass, "I don't know if i'm a mutant, how do you find that out?, what does going to a school have to do with control?"

"Well typically mutants are born that way. I was born with my abilities. If the powers just kinda happened without any type of accident or anything, than you may be a mutant. There are some people who may be better suited to help you. But." Vance pulls out business card and then putters around his pockets and pulls out a card, "How can I get in touch with you?"

Kai pulls out his phone, "I've always got this on me so it's the best way if you wanted to get in touch with me, the number's 212-113-6330 or if you'd prefur i have an e-mail address?", he reaches out a hand for the offered card.

Handing the card to Kai, Vance looks over to the waitress. "May I have a piece of paper and pen?" She nods and then Vance telekinetically reaches for the pad and pencil from her smock pocket. They fly to him and telekinetically without looking at the pad or pen begins to write the number as he finishes his panino sandwich. A sheet is torn from the pad and the pa and pen are telekinetically returned to the waitress, "Thank you. You'll get a nice tip." He winks to her.

Kai slips the card and his phone back into his bag, when he spots the trick with the pen and paper he grins, "Show off", thinking for a second he pulls the phone back out of his bag, "Do you mind if i take a picture? not everyday i meet an Avenger".

Running his hand through his hair. "Sure." Vance has always been one to hero worship, so while Kai is not worshiping him. It is nice to, at least in his own mind, think he has a fan. Vance sits up straight and smiles widely.

While yeah Kai is not partaking in hero worship, he does actually like Vance, shame he's the enemy, he takes the picture and slips the phone back into his bag, "have you been practicing having your photo taken?, you seem to have your pose ready", he grins to show he's kidding, sort of.

Grinning, "I guess." Vance realizes that Kai is joking. Suddenly there is a ringing or buzzing coming from Vance as he grimaces and realizes that his Avengers Card is going off. "Damn." He offers Kai an apologetic look and then pulls out enough money to cover the food and a large tip. "I have to get going. Work calls." He grimaces and exits the restaurant and takes off into the sky.

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