2010-04-09: It's Academic


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Summary: Theo serves detention, but Hank offers him more than just physics to chew on.

Date: April 9, 2010.

Log Title It's Academic…

Rating: PG

Xavier's Mansion - Classroom One

The classroom is set up for a variety of different classes to be held here at different times. The standard desks sit in rows, with a teachers desk in front and a white board in the front of the class. No particular teacher has a set classroom; they rotate the classrooms as classes are necessary.

The classes are over for the day, but one student remains. Theo had skipped a couple of days ago, and so he is supposed to stay. Straight A student, rarely if ever misses a question. Completes his homework ahead of time more often than not. At least, until the other day. He no-showed. When approached by the headmaster, he told straight that he didn't feel like going.
So here he sits, as everyone else has left. His thin hands are folded in front of him. He doesn't make a sound, but there is a smoldering look on his face. He's not happy to be here, and he doesn't think he should have to be.

Hank is a little mystified as to the sudden behavior shift, so when he enters to find Theo already present, he offers the young man a friendly enough smile. "Good evening, Mister Fegenbush. I trust you're prepared to do a little schoolwork thise evening, Physics. as I recall." Sitting down at the teacher's desk, Hank sets his briefcase next to him, and then dons some reading glasses as he rummages through the thing. "Ah, here we are, the lecture you missed was on newtonian motion." Some papers are set in front of him. And then he removes the glasses, and looks to Theo. "However, before we begin, do you have anything you'd like to say to me?"

"You're welcome?" Theo answers, now looking up to make eye contact, being a smart alec. He knows he's smart, and likes to flaunt it. "I didn't skip detention." His face doesn't smile at his own quip, rather it keeps the dark expression. "It's not like I was going to fail anything." His thumbs roll over each other once, and he looks off to the side.
"I'm welcome? I see." Hank steepls his fingers before him, studying Theo a few moments. "So you are assuming that this make up session is of benefit to me in some way? That my own experiments, research and other pursuits are of such trivial import that an hour or two out of my day are things I should be glad to part with? Interesting theories you suggest. As to not failing, no, the only thing you are presently failing is in basic courtesy. Really, Mister Fegenbush, why don't we speak of what is really bothering you. You went from early and working ahead, to surly and cutting class. Is there some underlying reason?"

Theo's answer is quick and snaps, "Because I don't get anything out of it anymore," he tells the good doctor. "The school doesn't declare ranks, hell, is it even accredited? I worked this far, and this hard, because I wanted to win. I wanted an MIT grant, but all I can hope for now is a handout after school." He takes a deep breath. There's quite a bit of resentment in his voice. His hands unfold, and grip the edges of his desk, and sets his jaw.
"Well, if the difficulty of the curriculum is insufficient I am quite certain that I can some up with more challenging material for you, Mister Fegenbush." Hank offers a tight little smile. "And yes, the Xavier Institute is fully accredited and has in fact received awards for academic excellence. There's no reason that if you apply yourself that you could not realize your MIT dream, young man. And sans handout, unless earning an Academic Scholarship, or Scholastic Grant are beneath your dignity of course." This said with a dry tone and a faint smile. He's not mocking, quite the opposite, he's trying to lighten the mood. "Believe me, I know what it is like to be ahead of the curve and surrounded by less than challenging situations."

Hank seems to also be succeeding. Theo was trying to escalate the situation, but Hank's patient words seem to disarm him. He frowns, a bit harder than a casual frown, and his chin dimples. He takes a deep breath. "I believe you know what it's like to be ahead of the curve," he starts.
"But you don't know what this is like," he says. He doesn't elaborate, but he came to the school a little unconventionally. He actually found Xavier's, rather than the other way around, but he's not revealed anything of his life before.
"Mister Fegenbush, trust me when I say I have seen quite a bit more than you are giving me credit for. I am a very seasoned superhero, a world renown scientist, a much sought after speaker at any number of institutions of higher learning, as well as both an X-Man and a reserve Avenger. I do not want to seem like your problems and concerns are trivial, but to say that I have no idea about what you're going through is probably a bit innacurate." A smile then, and he hops over the desk and turns a student seat around and sits facing Theo. "So…let us dispense with Mister Newton's work for the moment. Tell me, what -does- interest you?"

Theo is taken by surprise, not because of his movement, but because of his question. He knits his brow, but doesn't seem to have an answer. His eyes drift down to an unspecific target.
A long moment passes, but he's without an answer still. "I don't know anymore," he says, looking back to Hank. "I just want to win, but I don't even know what the game is anymore."
"Then I think we're done here for the moment." Hank grips one of Theo's shoulders, his hand massive, and the strength of it very evident and very much under the blue furred genius' control. "I'm going to give you a week's pass, you are excused from all your academic classes. Your assignment is to get a grip on what it is you want to study, what really interests you, at the end of that week we'll meet again in my office and discuss what you would like to do." A kind smile is offered. "And if you haven't found anything that piques your curiousity by then we can work it out together, agreed?"

Theo sits quietly. "Yeah," he says. He stands up. "How did you figure out what you wanted?" he asks. "I mean," he indicates to Hank's appearance. "Most people would have gone to the circus, or something." His tone isn't as sensitive as Hank's, but he seems genuinely curious. "But you're like a brainiac scientist. You know more than most people dream. Why'd you want it?"

"That's just it, Mister Fegenbush…what I wanted has changed over time as I studied more, experienced more…" Hank indicates his exotic appearance. "…evolved, by my own hand on more than one occasion." A nod. "When I was your age I looked essentially human, my limbs were longer, but that's about it. He takes out his wallet, and shows a piture of a rather beefy young man, dark hair and eyes, long limbs — in a football uniform. "But I always hungered to learn, and I really wanted to be a pro ball player. That didn't work out, of course. I got involved in an altercation with a super villain, and met Professor X, recruited to be one of the founding X-Men."
Hank's quiet a few, a fond smile and distant eyes, before he turns back to Theo. "I always wanted to learn, everything and anything, though I found by trial and error my greatest loves in the academic arenas were physics, biology and chemistry. But that's the thing — I had to give them all a try, and sometimes I failed. I am absolutely abysmal at knitting, for example, though I am a fair tailor in other regards. I was always driven to explore, to seek, to learn…and that can be a painful road to travel."
Another broad smile. "I found I enjoy helping people, and I confess to a wild side — I am quite the adrenaline lover, an adventurer at heart. And so I used my training, my natural and augmented talents to fight crime and help those in need. I wish I could tell you where to look, but the answers you seek aren't in /me/." He taps Theo's chest. "They're there, things YOU will have to find." A warm chuckle. "And if you need my help, well, then I'll be glad to offer it."

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