2010-10-01: It's All In The Act


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Summary: Jeremy finds out much about Index, 'it's classified'. Tex makes a cameo!

Date: October 1, 2010

Log Title: It's All In The Act

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Library

There are only a few thousand volumes on display here, mostly for decorative purposes, though of course they can be checked out. The actual 'Library' is almost entirely electronic, with secure link to the entire contents of the Library of Congress online as well as hook-ups to the best universities and research facilities in the free world. Students can browse the Internet or do work projects from the stations here or download materials to the next generation pad computers/e-readers that are stanadard issue to all students and staff.

As one of the very new teachers at the academy, Index has most of his curriculum for the beginning of the year filled out, but is still doing preparation for the rest. At the moment, he sits at one of the computers, looking up different plays and contemplating which one to pick for the final project for the year. He has his e-reader at ready, just in case he finds something neat, but by the way he rubs his brow this early morning, it seems that he's unsure what to choose. In his off hand, he also seems to be checking messages on his SHIELD issue phone, glancing over every once in awhile.

He may be a bit old for a Sophomore in high school but Jeremy missed a bit of school and has been catching up from the last few years. He's got on a pair of tight leather gloves as he seems to be typing out some sort of report for his Super Natural studies class. He is in the standard barnes uniform as he sits at one of the stations keeping to himself and keeping fairly quiet. The only thing that might seem off is that there is the faint scent of stale cigarette smoke coming off of him.

Tilting his head back slightly at the odour, Index kicks himself away from his station just to make sure that odour is just lingering on someone's clothes as opposed to being smoked right in the library. The wheels of the chair bring him back quite a ways. "Hey, there," he says, noticing the student. He tilts his head slightly and taps his thumb on the phone to figure out who this person is for certain. "Jeremy Inada?"

Looking up as his name is called, Jeremy looks up. "Uh..hello Sir." He says to the teacher he hasn't met yet. "Is something wrong?" He asks as he saves his document on the computer before doing anything else, after all to lose all that homework wouldn't be fun. The smell is just lingering on his clothes but it's kind of obvious it's him.

"Eh, no, I haven't met many of the students yet. I'm Index, the new drama teacher. As well as a couple of other things for college level students," says the teacher, raising his eyebrow slightly. "You into drama at all?"

"Pleasure to meet you Mr. Index." Jeremy says with a politeness to him that doesn't really fit someone who was a street rat. "No, I've never been into drama that much. I did track and played the violin back in my old High School." He says as he never really thought about acting or anything, he's too quiet for that. "I'm only taking High School classes right now, I'm a bit behind."

Index nods at Jeremy and says, "Violin? Good instrument. I'm a piano guy, myself." He kicks his chair again so that he is closer to where Jeremy is, "And that's alright. Everyone comes from a different place, yeah? So whatever. So long as you do your best now." He tilts his head back and says, "Was that teacherly enough? I'm gonna have to work on the inspirational speeches."

Jeremy subconsiously pulls his gloves a bit tighter on his hands as a nervous twitch of sorts before giving Index a small nod and smile. "I guess it sounded all right Sir. I don't know much about teacher speeches except for the long lectures they tend to go on about whatever the subject is." He says but then Jeremy came from a family that put pressure on doing well in school and such. "I didn't realize they would have drama classes at a school like this."

"I've only been a teacher since the beginning of the school year. And… yeah, I dunno, I think they were just trying to figure out something to do with me, so I'm here now," admits Index. He scratches his head lightly and says, "So we have a drama program. Though it kind've extends into everyday acting, which is useful for things other than stage."

"Everyday acting?" Jeremy asks as he tries to figure out what Index means by that. "Like just putting on a different front for people and hiding who you are?" He's actual on SHIELD's list to possibly go into detective kind of work with his powers of Post Cognition. "So what other things would it be useful for?"

"Yeah, that's pretty much it. I was involved in espionnage before my identity was blown. And I was damn good at it," says Index, furrowing her brow slightly. "Putting on a whole new persona while being undetectable can be hard, though, so I kind've do training for that too." He leans far back on his seat, "Or, y'know, you can also learn to sing and dance and act all dramatic. Whatever you take from it, really. But I do teaching disguise, improvisation, characterization and keeping from showing your true emotions. All kind've important in a wide variety of circumstances."

"I don't think I'm the singing, dancing dramatic type. But the whole putting on a new persona thing..that sounds kind of interesting." Jeremy admits as that would have been so helpful in surviving a few months ago. "That might be helpful in the kind of things SHIELD has talked about getting me involved in." He's been in a few talks as someone who can see the past of things can prove useful in a lot of areas. "So what kind of espionnage work did you do? And you can just take openly about your cover being blown and stuff?" He's actually kind of facinated with Index.

"I use an alias anyways, since my real name's supposed to be classified. I can't talk about most of my missions, also, uh, classified," says Index, shrugging, "But I could tell you a story about something that is like something I'd do, if you want. It would just be filthy lies the whole way through, though." He brushes his hand over his hair and adds, "It was interesting work. It's kind of unfortunate that it ended, but whatever, sometimes life screws you over."

"Well if it's classified, then don't ever let me touch you, even by accident." Jeremy says not trying to sound like an ass but he really doesn't need to know things that are on a 'need to know' basis. "I'm a post cognition..er? Post cog? Just…anything I touch I see the past of. I can't control it thus..the gloves." He says tugging on them a bit. "Yeah..sometimes life does screw you over."

Index nods at Jeremy and says, "Yeah, I'll keep that in mind. SHIELD would probably be some upset if you got a hold of my past. They're kind of cross about me having access to it, sometimes." He smiles idly at this and says, "So post-cognition? That a mutant ability, or magical, or did you touch a radioactive fortune machine? This power stuff is so complex. I can never keep track."

"Mutant ability. Which probably saved my life actually." But Jeremy doesn't go into details about it. "And radioactive fortune machines? I'd say you were joking but honestly, I'm not sure. And they are, my roommates got a weird set of magical powers. He's like a ghost or something? And likes to find trouble which…looking for trouble is something I try to avoid."

"Yeah, magic is all weird. I just can't wrap my head around it," says Index, spinning his chair back and forth lightly. He's pretty high energy, despite being almost fifty. "And I've seen all kinds of power origins. I could tell you about a couple weird ones, but you know… classified again. That's going to be my motto, here. 'It's classified'."

"I'm taking a super natural studies class here so I'm learning a bit more about it. It just seemed interesting." Jeremy says as that's what's up on the screen right now is his paper for the class. Something about an Other World. "I guess mutant is kind of the generic one. At least I'm not really dangerous with my powers…well physically. I've also started some new things with them too."

"Supernatural studies? That's some good stuff, I'm sure. Useful to know. There've been times in my life I wish I understood all that stuff a little better," says Index, placing his hand on his chin lightly and rubbing over the stubble, "But yeah, it's nice to have more subtle abilities, I'm sure. Not t'say it's easy or anything. I have no idea what your experience's been."

The tiniest draft can be felt by those in library, nothing bothersome a pleasant little breeze wafts through the room before the door opens seemingly by itself. Giving himself a tour of the academy and learning the lay of the land, the newest Faculty Member of the Barnes Academy walks into the Library. Looking around, Drew Daniels, dressed in standard issue SHIELD agent outfit with a few Western badges on it and a large white cowboy hat hiding some of his face, strokes his beard and his expression reveals that he in intensely studying ever detail of the academy. He sees the instructor and student and tips his hat, "Howdy."

"Apparently the teacher, Ms. Athelwyne, is from some different world and is a real fairy? I didn't even know fairies were real." But how do you tell a teacher 'you're lying' so Jeremy hesitantly just accepted it. "It's hard when you have a power that leads to no secrets." Jeremy admits since being a post cog always leads to an invasion of privacy, if it's wanted or not. Then as the new teacher comes across, Jeremy gives a nod. "Good Afternoon Sir."

"Nah, fairies are real. There are so many things that are real. /So many things/," says Index, gesturing his hands to emphasize that there really are so many things. "And yeah, I guess it's tough knowing lots of stuff. On the plus side, you can also become intimately familiar with the word 'classified'." The equally new Index turns towards the Texas Twister and gives a tip of his imaginary hat. "Hello. Texas Twister, right?" He's more familiar with the names and codenames of the other staff than the students.

Having caught the last remnants of their conversations, "well, I reckon if demons exist, then fairies do as well." He goes to shake Index's hand, "That's correct, Texas Twister, and yer, Index." He offers a big old Texas smile and then turns to Jeremy, "…And you are…" He looks off a bit trying to remember but the hints about Jeremy's power that he caught from the aforementioned conversation, "Inada….Jeremy Inada?"

Jeremy offers a gloved hand to Drew and nods. "Yes sir, I'm Jeremy." He then nods to Index. "I'm learning that, there so many…previously thought fictional things are real. And I'm also learning that I can share memories too. Anything I see I can show someone else but I know I can do it, I have done it but I can't really get it down right. It seems to want to work when it does. I have such a hard time controlling this."

Index takes Drew's hand and nods, "Yep, that's me. Nice t'meetcha." To Jeremy he says, "I'd offer to help you with that, but as we discussed earlier, probably a bad plan. It seems like it could be hard to practice. I'll think on that one."

Listening to the them, Drew offers, "Well, I'll be working with student individually on their abilities, so Jeremy. I might look into that as well, if you don't mind." He notes the monitor, "Writing a paper on magic? I might be able to assist with that too. Well not on magic, but on certain aspects of the occult, anyway." He takes his hat off and wipes his forehead a bit.

"The paper is on magin in some Other World?" Jeremy is still trying to understand this whole Otherworld that the Super Natural studies teacher talks about. "I'm a post cognitive Sir, so practicing my power just involves me touching things. I don't like practicing on people. It's not fair to the person."

"I'll bow down to your expertise on the matter, then," says Index to Drew, spinning on his chair slowly, "I'm just a drama teacher, after all." He picks up his e-reader from his computer and places it in his inventory (this just looks like the item vanishes) before turning to the others. "I should run. I've still got a bit've prep to do." He hops up off of the chair and tucks it under the desk where he found it.

"There's no such thing as 'just a drama teacher' Index. I've read up on what you can do and it is pretty neat and incredibly useful." Looking between the two, "Subtly and stealth can be more powerful and necessary then blowing a blustery and blistery twister." He smirks, "Well, I look forward to seeing some of the dramas this year. If ya need any teachers in, let me know." He stands tall and does a horrible Shakespearian accent, "To be or not to be." Drew then laughs at himself.

Jeremy watches Index's e-reader just disappear but doesn't ask about it. He's not sure what questions he can and can't ask Index, well more, which he will and won't get answers for. "It was nice meeting you Mr. Index." He before turning The Texas Twister. "So what is it that you teach Sir? Just help with powers?"

"Yeah, I was kind've just going for understatement," says Index to Drew, smiling and chuckling softly. "Thanks for the offer. I'll see how many students end up sticking with drama." To Jeremy he says, "Nice meeting you too, Jeremy Inada. Mr. Inada? Whatever. Good luck with growing your powers." With that, he pulls a sandwich from his inventory, takes a bite, and walks out of the library.

"I'll be working with the students on Powers Training, working on defense and offense. I'll be teaching some general classes and running training sessions, but then working individually with students too, once I have met everyone and learned what he and she can and can't do." He hmmmns, "Your post cognition powers should be an interesting one. We'll have to make adjustments to figure out how to best assist you, but trust me. We will." He looks towards the different computers and a small breeze eminates from the Texas Twister and the breeze sweeps through every millimeter of the room, "Ok, I think I pretty much have it." The breeeze dies down after finally opening the door, "I need to learn the rest of the Academy."

Jeremy nods to Drew. "They've already been doing a lot here but I do appricate any assistance with my powers." Then Tex says he has to leave and Jeremy gives him a second nod. "Well it was nice meeting you Sir. I have to get back to my homework anyway. Have a good day." He says as he's sure he'll be running into both teachers again for classes or practice.

Tex tips his hat to Jeremy and says, "I am sure we will." With that he heads out to meet more of the Academy students.

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