2010-08-29: Its Black And White


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Summary: After learning that Lucas will be on staff during the fall, Hosea becomes uncomfortable, and Robyn has to step in before things become messy.

Date: August 29, 2010.

Log Title: It's Black and White

Rating: R Note: Contains offensive language.

Westchester - Salem Center Mall

On the far end of the Food Court lays the long, wide hallway of the Mall. Oversized skylights let the sunlight pour in during the day, while the florescent bulbs light the Mall at night. This hall has a number of kiosks, selling anything from cheap jewelry to car stickers to on-the-spot portraits, along with them come a number of benches and let's not forget the store fronts calling out to the consumers with their bright lights and attention-drawing displays.

Lucas is wearing a pair of khaki cargo pants and a wife beater, and he steps out of the music store with a bag filled with guitar strings. His blonde hair is stringy and messy around his face, and he seems annoyed at having to be at the mall at all. He pauses when he walks out of the store, his eyes holding on the Cinnabon for a long moment. Finally, a look of subtle sadness washes over his eyes, and he looks away, sighing, before walking out into the main center of the mall space.

A hand grabs Lucas' shoulder from behind as there is another walking out of the music store, Robyn Larkin. "Lucas, I didn't know you where here too." He says holding a bag with a CD in it and obviously a small box. "How ya doing?" He's got a bit of a cheerful look on his face as his days of being mopey seem to be over for now. He's dressed in his usual black jeans an a grey t-shirt with a design of thorns and a skull on the lower left. "You wanna grab a bite to eat together?"

Hosea has been remarkably unimpressed by American consumerism. The mall isn't his favorite location, and not even a place that he'd normally be found. However, today is different, because he does feel the need to have a job. He had been to the office to apply as a security guard, only to find out that he has to be eighteen. He's just left the mall office, and headed toward the main court himself when he notices Lucas and Robyn. "Aha! Friends from my school," he calls out. "I did not expect to see you heah!" His voice is obnoxiously loud perhaps, resonating down the hallway. He starts to come closer, unaware of the mood that Lucas is in.

When Robyn's hand lands on Lucas' shoulder, he spins, his fist clenched and arm yanking back, cocked to throw a punch. As soon as he sees it's Robyn, he relaxes, "Christ, Robear… Scared the shit outta me…" He straightens back up, and shrugs, "Ah reckon Ah'm okay. Gettin' supplies for the semester for Kenta." He looks up then when Hosea calls out. "Great…" he mutters quietly to Robyn when he sees Hosea. He doesn't really say anything else, chewing his lip and biting his tongue.

There's a quick tensing of Robyn as he notices Lucas' fist clench but it's gone as soon as Lucas relaxes. "Sorry, well at least I don't have any plans to attack you." He says as he nods to Lucas. "I was just picking up a CD and some rosen for my bow." Then he sees Hosea and hears Lucas, there's a look given to his blond friend that kind of echos the word. "Uhh..hey Hosea." He says as he barely knows the kid and isn't really sure if 'friend' would be the right word since they barely know each other.

It is true that Hosea has a rather liberal use of the word. His bright smile can be seen even as he is a distance off. "I came to apply to protect people heah," he says. "But no. I must be older dey say. But still, I see the two of you! So it is a good trip, yes?" Though he doesn't know Robyn much, he reaches out to give him a pat on the back. He respects Lucas' space a little better, though, knowing that the relationship with Lucas is not the most comfortable one for the blond.

Lucas furrows his brow, "We aren't friends," he says, rather flatly to Hosea, trying a new tactic. He looks at Robyn, "You have a bow? Like, as in, …and arrow?" He smirks, "Are you strong enough to shoot one?" He shoves Robyn very lightly, teasing.

Robyn can't help but tense as Hosea gives him a pat on the back, he has to get to know someone before he's comfortable with any sort of physical affection. Luckily Lucas makes him chuckle before he can say anything, and he even has to take a step with the playful shove. "Cello bow, you know the instrument you said I was a goober for playing. At least I think it was a goober." It was a while back. "My rosin broke so I needed a new one." He then looks at Hosea and shrugs. "I got the new Apocalyptica CD so…I guess it's a good trip?"

"Hah," Hosea says, though with less excitement after Lucas' comment. "I can still be your friend, and dere is nothing you can do about dat. Whether you are mine is dah choice you can make." There is a slight edge of exhaustion with Lucas' attitude toward him, but the tries to keep it from being obvious. He unfortunately doesn't seem to realize that he's making Robyn uncomfortable. "You play cello?" he asks. "I have nevah seen one of those! Only heard dem on music tapes and CDs."

Lucas furrows his brow a bit at Hosea's insistance. He opens his mouth to say something, but then thinks better of it, instead looking at Robyn. "Oh. Right. My bad," he says with a smirk about the cello, something in his tone implying he knew that was the case and was just being an ass. "Apocalyptica? Ha. That doesn't surprise me."

Robyn shrugs at Lucas and smiles. "What can I say, something about heavy metal celloists amuse me, and kinda why I chose the cello when my Dad made me take an instrument." He does like to play it and thoroughly enjoys it. "It's like a really big violin that sits on the ground. You can go to the music room and see what they look like or use Google to check it out. I mean, Youtube, it's a great thing." He then looks back at Lucas. "So, are you looking forward to being staff?"

The smile suddenly fades a bit from Hosea's face at Robyn's words. "You are going to be working at dah school?" he echoes, not sounding very excited about the prospect. It's like someone just took the wind straight out of his sails.

Lucas notices Hosea's reaction, and he grins. It's a shit eating one. "Ah think Ah'm lookin' forward to it a little more each day, Rob." He gives a nice toothy grin to Hosea.

There's a face from Robyn as he's called 'Rob'. "I really don't like being called Rob. Robear, Robyn, I'm cool with those but Rob or Robbie, it's just..not me." He doesn't feel like a 'Rob'. "What's wrong with Lucas working at the school? I think he's gonna do just fine." He says before looking back at Lucas. "So you wanna grab something to eat, I thought I heard that you were a Cinnabon nut."

"Ah," Hosea says, trying to pin his smile back up. He's moderately successful. "I tink he could. I will just pray dat he will be objective." There was his chance to spill the beans, but he doesn't take it. Inwardly though, he wants to.

Lucas furrows his brow, "Hey, Ah'm objective," he says sternly. He glances at Robyn, "Sorry… Ah guess?" about the Rob thing. Then back to Hosea, "You don't like it, huh?" He shrugs, "Sorry." He looks back at Robyn, "Cinnabon was Rashmi's thing," he says, not quite truthful.

Robyn nods to Lucas and then looks at Hosea and just shakes his head. "So Lucas, I have something I gotta ask you later, I just wanna do something before the school year starts." He says and there is no further comment about Rashmi or Cinnabon at the moment.

Hosea hesitates, considering how he SHOULD respond, and how he WANTS to respond. "I will respect those God puts in authority over me," he says. It sounds more like an order to himself than anything else. "It sounds like you two would like to talk by yourselves," he says. "Maybe I should let you be."

Lucas furrows his brow, "Maybe you should say whatever you're thinkin' about me." He takes a step towards Hosea, scowling.

Robyn doesn't get in the middle of this, not yet, mainly because he doesn't think that Lucas would like him getting in the way of his argument. Though Robyn does have some strong opinions about what Hosea said right then, he's just keeping his mouth shut.

Hosea began to leave after his last comment, but with Lucas' challenge, he stops in mid stride, and turns around, with a studious frown on his face, looking straight down at Lucas. "Vedy well," he says. "I tink dat your hate of black people will make it difficult for you to be able to treat me fairly if you are a teacha." The African presses his hands together, rubbing the heels of his palms together. "I tink dat I have shown you kindness every time dat we meet, and you are so decided to hate me dat you will do whatever it takes to make sure dat I hate you back. Dat is what I tink about you."

Lucas face remains stoic, his brow just slightly furrowed. Slowly, he tilts his head to the side, and flatly asks, "How's it workin'?"

To Robyn those are some pretty big accusations and he hasn't directly seen Lucas' racism so he doesn't even know if it's really there. After all Lucas did date Rashmi whose Indian so he doesn't really believe that he has a problem with diversity. "Woah Hosea, those are some pretty big accusations to make of someone, someone you probably don't even know that well. I've seen Lucas be pretty open minded since I've known him."

Hosea's eyes shift to Robyn. "He said it to me wit his own mouth," he answers simply, before returning his gaze to Lucas. "It is not going as well as you hope," he says. "But not as poorly as I hope, either. What would it take for you to accept me? For you to look past your prejudice?" he asks, now that the box has been opened.

Lucas doesn't back down, staring at Hosea. "Don't push me…" His fists clench, but he still doesn't move.

Robyn shakes his head and looks at Hosea. "Hosea, Lucas doesn't have a problem with diversity I mean, he's friends with me and I'm not exactly you're average American. I'm gay and he's friends with people who aren't your standard White Americans. Just because he doesn't like you doesn't mean he's a racist." In Robyn's opinion, Lucas doesn't like a lot of people at first.

Hosea smiles again, though it's not the kind smile that he usually exhibits. "Oh, I am sorry," he says completely unintimidated. "It is all right for you to push me," he places a hand on his worn polo, "But it is not all right if I push you back." His finger points back at Lucas, but not close enough that it touches. "I do not know his views on different people, I only know his views on black people," he answers. "He has not denied it, either, even in your presence." His eyes do not leave Lucas, though as he speaks to Robyn.

Lucas takes a half step forward, so his chest touches Hosea's finger. "Ah done tried to warn you, monkey. Ah'll give you one more. Walk away…" His right hand moves to rest on the cuff of his left glove.

Robyn reaches out a hand to put on Lucas' shoulder as he notices his friends' hand go to his left glove. "Lucas, how about you and I go grab something to eat, my treat. Doesn't have to be here either, just…some where in Salem Center." He's trying to prevent a fight from breaking out. "Hosea..I think it'd be best if you just walked away right now. And you only know his views on you right now."

As passive as Hosea may normally be, there is an old Hosea that is fighting for attention. The fight that can't be seen by anyone other than Hosea himself is already in full swing. He doesn't answer Robyn, and he doesn't answer Lucas. He lets his finger rest on the nuclear teen's chest, allowing him to back up if he doesn't like the physical contact, staring back into the other teen's eyes.

Lucas presses a half step closer again, forcing Hosea's finger deeper into his chest. The glove slips off, the nuclear ball of fiery power humming to life as the light begins to glow and the heat eminates from it. Somewhere around them, someone screams, "Mutant! Run!" And then others begin to shout and move away from them. Lucas balls his other gloved fist, and steadies his stance, preparing to fight…

Stepping directly between Lucas and Hosea he looks between both of them. "You two knock it off right now! You're both being utter assholes to each other. Lucas, you're about to set the whole mall on fire cause you don't like someone. Hosea! You're instigating a fight cause you're being a baby about someone not liking you. I suggest you two split up and walk away from each other or I will call the school and one of the two of you -will be- getting possessed and waking up in the dressing room of Victora Secrets naked!" And he's not really joking about that threat.

Robyn's timing couldn't have been better. Just as Hosea had resolved to even give the first blow, Robyn pushing himself between them rescues the situation, at least from Hosea making the first move. For the moment. "He asked what I thought, and den challenged me. He desires to fight, not I. If I desired to fight him, he would already be on the ground. He must now walk away if he wishes to stop dis. He is dah man who has made dah challenge." The way Hosea speaks, it's almost as if he believes there are written rules about this sort of thing. His feet remain planted, even with Robyn pushing between them, so if Lucas doesn't back up, it'll be rather cozy between the three of them.

Lucas furrows his brow a bit, and finally looks at Robyn. He then looks around, seeing the crowd dispersing around them, and he pulls the glove back onto his hand. "Whatever." He turns, and starts walking away.

Robyn looks at Lucas and nods, glad that he's walking away but before he leaves he turns to Hosea. "You did want a fight and don't deny it. If you didn't, you'd just walk away. Put your pride away and realize that you're in a public place and not everyone is going to like you. Just because someone makes a challenge doesn't mean you have to answer to it. Don't lie and tell me you don't desire to fight. Grow up Hosea, we have enough issues without petty arguments getting in the way." And he turns to leave as well. Robyn then looks at direction Lucas walked away in and hesitates for a second before going to try to catch up with him.

Hosea doesn't answer, but there is a certain hurt look on his face by the accusation. He doesn't follow after the two, rather he just stands there, watching as people return to their daily shopping before heading off in his own direction.

Lucas walks towards the food court. Some little kid about 13 gets in his way and he just bumps, shoving his way past. The kid shouts, "Hey!" but Lucas ignores him, walking to the first table in the food court, and flopping down, running his gloved fingers through his hair and closing his eyes for a moment.

Robyn has been following Lucas and ends up tailing him to the food court. He sits down across from Lucas and looks at his friend for a bit, not saying anything at first but the annoyance that he displayed earlier isn't visible. "You okay Lucas?"

Lucas keeps his face buried in his hands, though Robyn can probably feel the heat from them. "Ah'm tryin' to…" He grunts, grinding his teeth a second, "…keep it in my gloves…"

"I know Lucas, I know." Robyn says as he knows Lucas has been working to control his powers. "Just relax for a bit and take a few deep breaths. You want something to drink or anything? Anything to just help you relax a bit?"

Lucas shakes his head. He just sits there a long moment, almost two minutes, before he finally sighs, and uncovers his face. He drops his hands to the table, looking at Robyn. "Ah'm… Ah'm sorta stressed out," he mutters. "…sorry…"

Robyn shakes his head and offers Lucas a small smile. "Don't worry about it Lucas, we all get stressed at times. If you wanna talk about it at all I don't mind being an ear for a bit. Don't let Hosea's accusations get you down earlier, it's easy for people to play the 'race card' when they know someone doesn't like them."

Lucas sighs, and looks off after Hosea, or at least the direction he went. "Yeah… they do that…" He rolls his eyes, "Ah just…" He sighs, "Ah'm wound tight. Ah don't wanna talk about it." He looks at his hands, body posture sort of defying his words.

Robyn nods to Lucas and doesn't push it if he doesn't want to speak. "Well, on a completely other note, I'm trying to organize a picnic..for friends. For all of us to relax. You, me, Rashmi, James, Connor and Jinx. I have you and Jinx left to talk to and so…you think you might be up for it? I mean..I think a nice day to have fun, hang out with friends and relax before school starts might be good. What do you think?"

Lucas tenses, "Ah think… Ah think maybe Ah'll sit that out." He looks over at the Hot Topic store. "You think Ah have to wear girl jeans to be a rock star?"

Robyn shakes his head and gives Lucas a small smile. "No, I don't think you do Lucas. And Connor said the same thing about sitting out but…I really want everyone to be there and I think we all need a chance to relax and have fun. I'm not taking your no as a no yet." He says determined to convince him eventually. "Though I'm gonna head back to the school now, wanna walk back with me?"

Lucas sighs, "Lemme think about it." It's better than no. He looks around again, and shakes his head, "Ah think Ah'd like to just sit here a bit, if'n that's okay." He looks off at the Cinnabon booth, then back at Robyn. "Ah'll see you at breakfast."

Robyn reaches out and puts a hand on Lucas' shoulder with a nod. "Okay, well, if you ever want to talk with someone to just listen without telling you how to live your life and give you an earful of opinions, let me know. It was nice running into you." He says as he grabs his small bag and stops at the pretzel place before heading out.

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