2010-07-10: It's Gonna Be A Long Night


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Summary: Jinx and James check up on Robyn then later that night James leaves a message for Robyn.

Date: July 10, 2010

Log Title: It's Gonna Be A Long Night

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One thing about this room it screams sterilization.

It's evening and Robyn's been sleeping on and off all day. Everytime there's a new dose of pain killers, he passes out for a bit. At the moment he's awake and has his laptop on a small table over him. He's watching Clue since he needs a good humourous movie to keep his spirits up. One arm is in a cast and the other is completely bandaged, his chest is bandaged, he's in a neck brace and there's a bandage around his head. Over all he's got a broken arm, several broken ribs, internal injuries, road rash on half his body, a concussion, a head wound and an injured neck. He's hooked up to an IV and oxygen, even though he looks bad he is stable.

Jinx really, really hates hospitals. And med bays. Not only do the disinfectants and medications have a smell, but so does nearly everything else, including the bandages and the plastic in which everything is wrapped. There is a certain toasted smell of things fresh from the autoclave, and the oxygen has a crispness that makes her want to sneeze. Yet, she is here, and she edges in to see Robyn bringing some flowers she snitched from the Mansion's gardens. "Hey Robyn," she calls softly, coming to the bedside to make sure he's awake. She gives a pause when she sees his condition. "You look like shit."

Leaning in the door way no long after Jinx enters is James. He looks Robyn over with a keen predatory eyes and has to agree, "Yeah…he does." Walking in, the hyena approaches the bed, standing on the opposite of Jinx when he gets there, "What 'happened'? I mean…I head rumors….but wow." He frowns, his face scrunching up as he stands there watching the pair.

Looking up at Jinx, Robyn can't help but agree. "I feel like shit too. Everything hurts." He says as he doesn't move much just enough to slide his laptop away. "How are you Jinx?" He asks before hearing James's voice. "Umm…hey James. I..I don't remember. It's a blank. Lucas told me I was hit by a car."

Jinx eyes James as he comes in. Her fur prickles along her spine, her tail floofing out. She watches the hyena very carefully as he rounds the bed to the other side of Robyn. "You don't remember anything?" she glances down at Robyn, but only for a second before her eyes return to watching the hyena's every move. Her gaze is not well-played or shy. "Do you sleepwalk or anything Robyn? Or.. uh… sleep jump?"

James leans over the bed a little, hands on the rails these types of this almost always have installed, "A 'car?! How the hell? Did they get its number or anything?" He leaves the side and grabs the charts, poking through them, "Anyone know how to read Doctor-ese?" He moves over to Jinx, offering her the papers. "What's the last thing you remember?"

"I…I don't know. I don't sleep walk, jump, dance, boogie or anything Jinx. I just sleep..sleep." Robyn says as it scares him, a lot, that he can't remember what happened to get him so banged up. "Last thing? I was going into the woods for walk last night. Then…I woke up and Lucas was there. I was…like this and just I don't remember. It's like there's nothing there." He's tried but it just scares him more the more he focuses on it.

Jinx takes the papers, her nostrils flaring now that the hyena is so close. She peels through the chart, violating all sorts of medical rights violations in the process as she listens for the answer from Robyn and scowls at the reply. "Do you remember talking to me about Summer vacation yesterday, Robyn? Under the big oak tree out by the brook?" Jinx takes a deep inhale disguised as a sigh, checking the surrounding area (and people) for scent signatures.

James hmphs, and puts his hand under his chin, "That's not cool." The hyena smells pretty normal; freshly bathed and wearing clean clothes. He looks at Jinx, "I wonder if the accident happened close enough to the school to get it on tape? Or at least the car. I'll get with Julian and see what he knows." He offers a hopeful smile.

"Thanks James." Robyn says as he's just kind of playing along for the time being since he does remember something might be up. "Yeah Jinx, I remember talking to you about swimming and how boys don't listen." He says with a slight smile before closing his eyes. "How can someone not remember being hit by a car? Can…a head injury do that?" Since he knows he's pretty bad off.

Jinx relaxes a little, still eyeing James though more casually this time. "That'd help. Can ask when he was found, too," though the time is noted in his chart. It;s pretty late to go wandering the woods. "Hmmm. Do you need anything, Robyn? Food, drink? This really sucks and I know we're all super worried about you."

James nods, "Sure…anything to help." He looks over at Robyn, "Yah, you have my number.If you need anything, let me know. Alright?" He grins between the two. Yep! Everything seems normal here. At least until he offers, "Wonder how long after you passed me on that rock that this happened?"

Robyn looks at Jinx and gives a small smile. "Thanks, just…anything to keep away the boredom. Lucas brought down my laptop and some movies. And as for food or drink, just drink. The nurse said no solid food yet." Maybe in a few days though. Then James gets an odd look. "Huh..I passed you on a rock last night? Was it in the woods?"

Jinx's head snaps towards James's face when he mentions seeing him last night. "Robyn, do you remember anything about seeing James last night? And yeah, head injuries can cause memory lapse. It's pretty common, so says the internet. I looked up automobile injuries before I came down, just so I'd know what to expect and all. It may have just been dumb luck," she again glances at the hyena, but for now her eyes are fixed on Robyn's face. Head injuries can also cause selective memory, she learned, and a host of other symptoms."Sure, Robyn. I'll bring you some good stuff."

James offers a rather calm, plain, "Yep. I was sitting on a rock. He walked by. I surprised him." A glance over at Robyn, "You and I had a quick talk. You started up the hill shortly after." Nothing but truth to that statement. "You were pretty sure you were onto something, so were out just thinking about things." He looks over at Jinx, "Knowing Robyn he was so lost in though he walked right into traffic."

"I…I don't remember. I..what happened last night James?" Robyn asks sounding so worried and it doesn't sound like him, wanding into traffic. It's not really Robyn's style. He's not that spacy. "Yeah..mabye." He says agreeing with James but obvious he's just agreeing. "Than's Jinx, I hate being stuck down here longer than needed."

Jinx doesn't know Robyn that well, and certainly not enough to know if he'd walk into traffic or not. The story smells fishy to her, and there's a chill that ruffles down her spine at the thought of their 'chat' and being 'onto something'. Her brows press together and she feels it is vitally important to communicate this to Robyn. She looks the boy in the eye as best she can with his bandages and bruises, and leans forward to place a hand on his shoulder. Her warning and anxiety flood forth and she cants her head very slightly towards James. "I'll see you later, Robyn. Okay?"

James shrugs, somehow missing out on all that agitation that Jinx is experiencing. Or he just doesn't care. Smiling between the two, he offers, "I should be going too. If there's anything I can do to help 'push you in the right direction' just let me know." His eyes fall on Jinx, "You know, I feel somewhat responsible for this. If I'd stayed with him the whole time, maybe the hospital visit could have been avoided completely."

Robyn puts his hand over Jinx's and looks her in the eyes and the emotions are shared. "I'll see you later Jinx…and I'll be alright, okay?" He says as hopes he can convey that he wants to speak with her. James' words though send a shiver up Robyn's spine. For some reason he just feels very helpless at the moment. "Thanks James." He manages to get out but there is some unintentional fear behind the words. "I'll see you later. And thanks, both of you, for visiting." And giving Robyn more to think about.

Jinx looks to the hyena, her fur now rises along the back of her neck, primitive signals telling her to run. "I am sure it won't happen again," she murmurs to him carefully. She gives Robyn's shoulder a squeeze. "I'll see you in the morning, Robyn. I'll bring you some Instant Breakfast." She pauses. "James, let me walk you out…" She gently takes the Hyena's elbow, as if to turn him and bring him from the room.

later that night….

It's long after James and Jinx left the room when Robyn is again visited by the hyena. Entering the room with a click-clack of claws on hard floors, the large student turns down the lights and makes a bee-line straight for the hurt friend. Stopping at the foot o the bed, he leans over, resting his arms on the edge, "So bright in here. That should help you sleep a little better." A grin forms, the voice nearly a parody of the one it should belong too, "Robyn, you look uncomfortable. Anything else I can do to help?"

Robyn has been trying to sleep but if it's not his arm throbbing in pain, it's his ribs or head or something else. They seem to be playing a nice little rotation game. So when the lights get turned down he initially figures it might be one of the nurses but as soon as the weight is on his bed he opens his eyes to see James. "James?!" He says sounding startled as he lies there trying to figure out if he can move at all, at least his legs aren't too injured. "Um…thanks James, for being a good friend. I..don't think there's much you can do." He says honestly.

James pulls himself off the bed and comes over to the side. Taking a seat on the bed itself James pulls one leg over the other and puts his hands on his knees, "Are you sure? You look like you're in a lot of pain. I can take that away?" Or make it unbearably worse. "Here…let me show you." Once more he's moving. Pulling a ceiling mounted curtain around the bed, he blocks off the outside world and the cameras that might be looking in. But he has yet to 'help.'

Robyn tries to push himself further up his bed using his unbroken arm and legs to skootch up, but it's slow and painful. "They give me painkillers here, they're just wearing off. I….I can deal with it." He says stifling back and cries of pain he might have from trying to move. Lucas told him today that he doesn't think James is James and after talking, Robyn agreed. He just, is still trying to act like he doesn't know. "Once I get to sleep I'll be fine."

James raises an eye ridge and wonders back over, "Why wait for sleep when you can have it now." Retaking his head next to the boy on the bed, the heyna stretches out his arms, "Head injuries are nasty things, you know. 3 months from now you could be walking around and suddenly you're dead. Be a shame, you know." He reaches up towards the boy's head, the look turning less friendly, "I will fix this now, and then we will talk plainly."

"They have Doc here who can heal, and the alien tech stuff, I'll be fine, really James." Robyn says talking maybe a bit quicker than he realizes. As James reaches for his head, Robyn can't really move to avoid it. His head is pretty immobile due to the neck brace. "Nothing needs to be fixed James, honest." He says as the fear just seems to pour off of him and he ponders yelling for help.

The disguise slips some as the creature gets frustrated, "Your prattle isn't need. And if the Doctor and 'tech' was so good, then why are you still in this condition? Cobblers children going with out shoes again?" There's no gentleness to the big paw that grabs for Robyn's head, just the blackness of a hand that goes for the face. If allowed, James tells Robyn to 'shhhhsh' the other hand making a gesture over the first one. The paw will turn warm, the air will go stale…and after a quick sharp pain, Robyn's head will be clear…those missing memories possibly starting to creep back in.

The paw covers most of Robyn's face as much as he wants to avoid it and then then memories seep back in and the fog, the darkness in his mind clears, and he -knows- what happened. How he got hit by a car. He'd rather be alone with the pain then having James over him right now. His whole body tenses with fear and slightly shakes. He's trapped here, alone, with someone who tried to kill him. "Oh god." Is the only thing he can think to say before he speaks again. "Please, leave me alone." He begs knowing it's probably usless.

The paw is removed, "No thank you? No wonder your friend James is always in the state he's in." The creature sighs, "Well, if that's how you feel." The body stands, "Lets just remember, Robyn, 'you' started this. And as you realize now I am more than capable of ending it. Hours from now, they will want to know about your memories. You will remember something. What that something is is up to you. But, it will be enough that a psychic does not need to do a scan. If it isn't…next time I won't leave before the job in finished—and I will start with Jinx."

"No." Robyn says as 'James' threatens Jinx. "No, what do you want with me? Just..leave her alone. Please." He says as he doesn't believe he started this but he was the one who walked into the lions den and got bitten, badly. But he's not the bad guy, the one in James's body is, and that's what he thinks. "Please, do what you will with me just…not Jinx. Please." He doesn't want to see any of his friends hurt. He'd plead the same for any of them.

Standing at the foot of the bed, the hyena's form faces Robyn as those spots on his body seems to grow, the fur beginning to turn all shadowy, "It's simple Robyn. Find a way to get them off my trail. After that, I will let you know." James' body almost seems to fade into the rooms' blackness, his head still watching, smiling. "Am I clear?"

"Yes." Robyn whispers at the question but he doesn't answer if it's yes he agrees or yes he's clear, it's just a yes. He watches 'James' shift cautiously and just stares at him, as if fixed in a trance. "I won't let my friends get hurt." He says trying to look away after that last line.

"I am glad we have an understanding," The hyena says. At the other end of the room, the door opens as the nurse enters, turning the light as she appears for her check-in. Ad the light hits, James solidifies, returning to his 'normal' self. Peaking behind the curtain, the woman offers, "Hey you two, visiting hours are over. Go-to-bed." James grins, smiling at Robyn one final time, "Well…that's that then. Get well soon."

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