2009-04-22: It's Never Quiet


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Summary: After meeting in the Music Room, Eddie, Daisuke, and July go to visit Pallaton in the Med Bay. Things get loud.

Date: April 22, 2009

Log Title: It's Never Quiet

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Music Room and Medical Bay

Since his class for this time is currently canceled for one reason or another, Eddie's made his way up to the music room to deal with a familiar urge. Dressed in jeans and an Avengers t-shirt with his New Mutants uniform likely on under it again, he's singing now that he doesn't think anyone's listening. "Evil knockin' at your door. You're fed up, you won't take it no more. Your mind is sharp and your will is tough. They're coming again but you've had enough," a beat. "All for one and one for all. Never stop until they faaaaall!" he sings, starting to pick up the pace as the song gets faster and a bit louder. "The time has come to make a stand with all the power at your hand! You are strong and you will see your victory! Never fear, you're the best. Standing here for the rest. Never fear! You're the best of the best of the best…" he sings on, oblivious to if anyone enters the room or not.

July was passing by the music room when she hears someone inside playing and… singing? Or at least trying to. Curiosity takes the best of her, and she heads toward the room, stopping at the door as she sees Eddie in there, playing and singing. She lightly chuckles, not loud enough to make herself known, and she leans against the doorway, watching him.

Since he's already graduated and there aren't any students that need tutuoring at the moment, Daisuke has decided to get in some drumming practice. Carrying a large bottle of water, his mp3 player and two pairs of drumsticks (one is fairly beat up) and he plans to just play for a few hours and just keep his mind off of things. He's wearing a short sleeved button down shirt with a tie over a pair of jeans. Unfortunately for July though, she's leaning against it when Daisuke opens the door.

Eddie's not playing, the radio behind him covering that. But he is singing, and he's very good. Not noticing July ot the door opening, he just keeps singing on. "Adreneline racing through your veins! You're comin' in like a hurricane! The game is on and the future the prize. They're seeing thunder when they look in your eyes! X-men gonna make your play. X-men gonna take 'em today. All for one and one for all. Never stop until they faaaaall! The time has come to make a stand with all the power at your hand! You are strong and you will see your victory! Never fear, you're the best. Standing here for the rest. Never fear! You're the best of the best of the best!" of course this is when he finally looks up to see that he's not alone and the door's opening, squeaking and managing to fall onto his backside as he's startled.

July smiles while watching Eddie sing, and so she doesn't notice the footsteps of someone approaching the room. When Daisuke enters, the door swings open, and July has barely enough time to let out a loud gasp as the door opens and swings to hit her, flattening her against the wall with a loud 'splat'-like sound.

Feeling the door hit someone then hearing the 'splat' Daisuke's face turns to one of horror. He doesn't even see Eddie on his backside as he just looks around the door. "Oh man I'm so sorry I didn't mean to do that, are you okay?" The water and drum sticks are dropped to the ground as he tries to see if there is anyway he can help the rubber girl.

Eddie just stares, eyes wide. His cringes at the 'SPLAT', jaw slightly dropped. "July?" he manages to find his voice. Getting up and moving over quickly, he's just hoping they don't have to find a bucket to carry the rubber girl to the med bay in.

As the door is pulled back there's a slightly July-shaped splat on the wall, that cringes and twitches, "Y-yeah…" says the dazed girl, before slowly starting to peel herself off the wall, reforming herself into her normal body. "Ow…" she says, chuckling softly, smiling lightly.

Daisuke hates hurting people, even if by accident so he feels horrible right now. "I'm really sorry July I didn't know you were there." And he really didn't open the door with much force. "Really are you okay, and I really am sorry. It was an accident, I was just coming in here to practice for a bit." He has such a look of guilt on his face right now.

Eddie lets out a breath of relief as July reforms, leaning against Daisuke slightly. "Need any help getting off the wall?" he asks, still concerned.

July manages to peel herself off and reform her body without much trouble "Nah, I'm ok, thanks." She just shakes her head a bit to shake the cobwebs off, and then she smiles to Daisuke. "I'm fine, don't worry." She says, shifting her shoulders a bit. "It didn't really hurt, but it did scare me." She giggles softly.

Daisuke looks a little relieved that she says she's okay and he bends over, resting his hands on his knees. "Thank goodness. I really thought I hurt you." He says sighing a sigh of relief. "I'm really happy that you're okay but sorry I scared you."

Eddie reaches over to put a hand on Daisuke's shoulder for a moment before smiling. "I'm glad you're not hurt too, July," he says with a nod.

July smiles, "I'm ok, really." she says softly, "Like I haven't been smashed flat before." she giggles a bit, before looking down at Daisuke as he bends over, the girl blinking a bit, "Um.. you're alright?"

Daisuke nods. "Yeah I just don't like hurting people or scaring people unless it's necesscary, well the hurting part, I don't like scaring people either. I'm just relieved you're okay. And I'm not even sure we've met or not." There's just been a lot of new faces around the school lately. "I'm Daisuke, or just Dai."

Eddie smiles and shakes his head. He gives Dai a quick pat on the shoulder before heading over to turn off the radio while Dai and July introduce themselves.

July smiles, and nods, before bowing some to Daisuke. "Nice to meet you. I'm July. July Lanford." she says, giggling softly, "Student and rubbergirl wallpaper extraordinaire." she says, joking.

A pang of guilt hits Dai as she says 'wallpaper extraordinaire and he makes a face. "Sorry." He smiles as Eddie gives him a pat on the shoulder. "I was just coming in her to practice my drumming for a bit since I don't have much else to do today. I do have a danger room session later though, with your Dad. I don't know if that's going to be weird or not, your Dad being our team leader."

Eddie chuckles a but. "Well…when are things not weird for us, Dai?" he asks, joking a bit. "I'm sure you'll do fine," he says.
"Just…might wanna prepare for the inevitable argument that's gonna happen," he advises, frowning a little as he remembers last night.

July giggles softly, smiling and then she wraps one arm around Daisuke's neck, and her arm stretches longer a bit to wrap around his chest as well, "Hey, relax, man. I was just teasing. I told you it didn't hurt, just surprised me. A hundred tons block could fall on me and it wouldn't hurt." she giggles again.

Daisuke tries to ponder Eddie's question and it takes a bit. "When..um…we're…I don't know." He's trying to think of a time when things were normal for him and Eddie and it's tough. "When one of us is crying on the other's shoulder?" He offers with a chuckle but jumps slightly when July wraps her arm around him. "Sorry, I'm just strange."

Eddie flicks off the radio and picks up the microphone stand he knocked over before turning on smile on his best friend and his teammate. "You're not strange, Dai. You're perfectly normal," he concludes. "Right, July? We're all perfectly normal."

July pfffts at Daisuke's apology, smiling, "If everyone was 'normal' the world would be a pretty boring place." She says, giggling, her arm squeezing Daisuke a bit before releasing him, "That's one of the perks of my powers. I can give some nice hugs." She says, grinning, and looking at Daisuke, "Or being a nice wall ornament."

"Now you're just toying with the fact that I'm feeling guilty easy." Daisuke says to July as he still feels bad about it. "I'm far from normal." He says with a chuckle. "I don't think I could ever be perfectly normal Eddie, I scream and I break stuff and with my metabolism…" He says with a grin finally starting to calm down a bit.

Eddie shrugs. "Who's to say what's normal or who's normal?" he asks. "I glow in the dark and fought a supervillain the other day."

July chuckles softly, shrugging, "And I'm a girl that has to keep focus every single moment to keep her body solid or else I melt." she says, giggling a bit, "And yes, Dai, I'll tease you. Because you're making a too big a deal out of it. I told you it didn't hurt."

"Yeah, speaking of fighting the supervillian, I haven't seen Pallaton, did he get badly hurt or something?" Daisuke asks knowing the two got into a fight together. Eddie just hasn't told him whose falt it was Eddie got injured. "Yeah, well I'm easy to tease so it's not like it's some winning acomplishment." He jokes back.

Eddie's expression becomes a worried one. "I haven't seen him. He took a shatterrang pretty close range and got stabbed with a few razorrangs but he didn't seem too hurt…" he trails off, worried. "I hope he's okay," the mutant says this quietly.

July smiles and pats Daisuke's head gently, "Relax. It was nothing." she says, nodding to him, before looking back at Eddie, blinking, "Well… now that you've seen him, haven't seen Furball around at all, too… Is he in the infirmary?"

"I don't know, that's why I was asking. I hope he's okay." Daisuke and Pallaton have had their ups and downs but he considers him a good friend. "I know he's also having trouble with nightmares but I know Eddie and I aren't strangers to that." He walks over to find a chair to sit down in and lean back. "Sorry I haven't been around much lately Eddie, I know I've been spending too much time with Jared."

Eddie moves to sit next to Dai. "Maybe we should go check down there later…" he trails off. "Jared's mad at him," Eddie murmurs. "You're not spending too much time with him, Dai," he says, smiling now.

July sighs softly as she heads that Jared's mad at Pallaton, "Well…" she says, crossing her arms a bit as she sighs again, "I guess this school has a lot of students mad at each other…" She says, recalling last night's altercation between Vladimir and Julian.

"What's Jared mad at him for?" Daisuke asks as he finally gets up to pick up the drum sticks he dropped earlier. "It happens July, a bunch of kids living together under one roof, stuff happens. I don't like people being mad at me and such but it happens. It's like having a sibling but then Shu and I didn't really get mad at eachother much."

Eddie winces, kicking himself mentally for bringing it up as he's guessing what might happen. "Well…umm…he didn't do it on purpose and already apologized way too much but its um…well, I got only got hurt after Pallaton threw Boomerang…and me…without warning me so I kinda ended up on the bottom of a dogpile…" he mutters, wincing.

July blinks softly, then she winces at the mention of the dogpile, "Ow… that must have hurt a bit…" she says, rubbing her left arm as she says that, "But… what prompted this 'boomerang' guy to attack you?"

"Probabally nothing, just Eddie's and my luck. We have a habit of attracting bad luck, and running into trouble, with our without eachother." Daisuke says knowing that Eddie probably just stumbled into trouble. Dai winces at Eddie's story and shakes his head. "He has to be more careful but I'm not the one to tell him that. We all make mistakes I think I almost hit you with my sonics before?"

Eddie lets out a nervous little chuckle. "Well…he's a supervillain and was robbing an armored car so…" he just trails off. Dai can probably fill in the blank as to what Eddie did. "No…that was the bad guy's fault, not yours, Dai. And I got out of the way," he remarks. "Getting dragged along the street hurt more than the dogpile but getting thrown into that car hurt the worst."

July nods, smiling a bit, before looking at Daisuke, "So, Dai, may I ask you something?" she asks, moving to sit down as well with the group. "What's your powers? I'm curious."

"Huh? Oh, I thought you were going to ask something more serious. My powers, I have sonics, I can detect weaknesses and I have a super powered metabolism, I know, it makes no sense but that's the way I am." Daisuke says with a shrug as he leans back to stretch. "Why don't we go visit Pallaton in the Medbay, see how he's doing?"

Eddie shrugs. "No one said mutant powers had to make sense," he comments. At Dai's suggestion, Eddie nods. "Yeah…we should make sure he's okay."

July giggles softly, "Not at all." she says, smiling, "Mine is having a very very soft and malleable body." she nods, leaning onto her seat, "Useful in many situations, annoying for many others."

"I noticed, like some jerk slaming a door into you and making you splat into a wall." Daisuke says finally being able to joke about it. "Okay since I don't think I'm going to get any drumming practice in, shall we go to visit Pallaton?"

Pallaton is still in the MedBay, even this long after his fight with Boomerang, and naturally hasn't been in classes since. He's moping around in the bed given to him, but even to the untrained eye, there seems to be some fresh cuts on his body, more like claw-marks than blade wounds. Rumor has it he's been turning down painkillers for some reason.

Eddie comes into the medbay in jeans and an Avengers t-shirt, his New Mutant uniform likely on under it. "I'm just glad I haven't gotten stuck in the elevator or anything like that," he can be heard commenting over his shoulder as he enters the room. Looking around, he frowns in concern when he sees Pallaton. "There you are…"

Since July said she had to run to her room first, Eddie and Dai told her they'd meet her down there. "Heya Pallaton! I heard you and Eddie fough…what's going on?" He says as he notices the 'claw' marks as he gets closer. He wasn't mad at Pallaton at all for getting Eddie hurt but this, he doesn't look happy.

Pallaton looks over to the door and, seeing Eddie, he seems to be unable to even look at him, turning his head away and his ears drooping. And even as Daisuke comes, his head droops low. He stays quiet, though, seemingly ashamed of either the claw marks or Eddie. Though as people approach, they can probably notice the little flecks of red on his claws.

Eddie frowns as he gets closer and sees the marks. He looks up at Pallaton and then at the marks again, checking them over. "Pallaton?"
It's something that really bother's Dai, the fact that Pallaton's injuring himself, and he can't resist but reach over and grab one of Pallaton's hands/paws. "What is this Pallaton? You're hurting yourself?!" Now he sounds angry and upset as Dai just shakes his head and clenches his jaw. "Why are you sitting here hurting yourself Pallaton?"

Pallaton screws his eyes shut, but otherwise doesn't move. When he speaks, his voice is a bit shaky. "It's the punishment I deserve for hurting Eddie." he says, albeit wobbly. "It's only right I be in pain for doing that to him."

Eddie takes a deep breath after he hears this. The teen stares for a moment, slowly looking at Dai and then looking down. He reaches up to rub the bridge of his nose. "Pallaton. Look at me."

Right now a part of Daisuke wants to smack the hell out of Pallaton but he's just not the type to do that, yet… "Pallaton…" His voice is a bit shakey from anger and he decides it's best to just let Eddie handle it. He's trying to not explode on his friend right now.

Pallaton shakes his head at first, but then slowly turns his head towards Eddie, opening his eyes, which seem to have watered. It does seem he's trying hard to fight the instinct to look away. Plus he may be looking, but he's not making eye contact.

Eddie takes another deep breath before opening his eyes. His anger faulters for just a moment at the sight of the watering but it comes back full force pretty quickly. "You big dummy!" he exclaims. "Hurting yourself because I got banged up. That's the stupidest thing I ever heard. I wasn't even hurt all that badly and Jared already healed me up. See? I'm fine!" he starts ranting. "Why would you think hurting yourself would make anything at all better? IT DOESN'T! It just makes me worried about you and pretty mad! Pretty sure Dai's mad too!" he starts to stalk around to the other side of the bed now, unable to stand still right now. "You said it's punishment?! That's just…just…aaah!" he lets out a little yell. "You're not the one that's supposed to do that. If you were gonna get any punishment at all it would come from Mr. Summers or my Dad cause he's your squad leader! And don't even start to say this is some kind of way to try making it up to me because hurting yourself is not any way to make any kind of attonement! AHH!" he continues to rant and pace but seems to be pausing to breathe.

Daisuke looks at Eddie and doesn't say anything, just lets him rant. Something seems to be bothering Daisuke and it's quite sometime before he actually does say something. It's quiet and even but there's a lot of anger behind his voice. "If you want to sit here and hurt yourself and try to kill yourself Pallaton, be my guest, but you're hurting more than just yourself doing that." He blinks a few times and his body is tense, fists clentched. He's just trying not to explode.

Pallaton recoils from the words Eddie shouts, sniffing and screwing his eyes shut. It's as if he doesn't want to break into tears over this, but he's close to it. "I…" He sniffs again. "But it's only right, isn't it? I caused you pain, regardless of how much or little it was, so I deserve the same back to me…"

"NO!" Eddie just about jumps as he yells this, throwing his arms up into the air. "By the Hulk's indestructable purple pants, Pallaton! STOP HURTING YOURSELF!" he says. "If you wanna make it up to me, work harder. Train harder. Heal, get better and learn from the mistake. Hurting yourself and trying to kill yourself only hurts your friends even more!"

Surprisingly Daisuke actually yells. "No! It's not right you idiot!" He's pissed and when he yells things actually break from the increase in his volume A few syringes and glass doors on medicine cabinets shatter. Thus why Daisuke usually tries to keep his tempter. "Don't you even think Pallaton?! You're not just hurting yourself but hurting your friends. What if you did something beyond stupid and cut yourself too deep and coudln't stop the bleeding? You, you, you…." Daisuke just shakes his head and tries not to cry. "Fuck you Pallaton." He just spits out as a few tears finally start to run down his face. His brother committied suicide and this is too close to comfort for him even if it is just cutting. Who knows how far Pallaton would go.

July sighs as she rubs her right ear, while making her way to the med bay to meet with Daisuke and Eddie visiting Pallaton. "Damn… mom sure talks a lot…" she shakes her head and sighs softly, but then she blinks and stops a few feet from the medbay's door as she hears the yelling, "What.. the.. heck?" She mutters to herself, and sighs again, "Can't I go anywhere without finding people yelling and arguing?" she sighs to herself before entering the medbay, "Ok… what the heck is going on here?" she frowns, not happy at all.

Pallaton winces entirely from Daisuke's shouting. What with the sensitive ears and all, it's probably about the same as a punch in the face. "I'm not trying to kill myself!" he shouts. "I know these wounds, they're superficial. They only hurt and keep me here…" He sniffs again. "I'd never kill myself… Not when I have a destiny to fulfil." He pauses, his head drooping. "I don't want to hurt you all, but I have to do this…" He lifts his claws, looking at them.

Eddie winces as well, jumping and looking around at all the glass. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he makes a note to leave an apology note for Dr. Reyes but for now he's all 'grrr'. "No you don't!" he continues to rant on. "No one ever said you had to and it's not doing anything in the least bit helpful! SO STOP IT!" he exclaims. "Hello, July!" he didn't mean to yell that part.

"It's just as bad Pallaton." Daisuke says, his voice now back to that quiet, monotone voice he was using early that is obvious he's angry. "No, they're not superficial and you're. hurting. yourself. What are you trying to prove that you can hurt your friends not just physically in the battle field but also emotionally once it's all over and you're forgiven? You don't have to do anything Pallaton, you choose to do it. And until you choose to stop…" He looks over at July and his face is a mix of angry and upset with a few tears. "Sorry July, it's just Pallaton's being an idiot."

July sighs softly, "Seems everyday someone is." she says in reply to Daisuke as she pinches the bridge of her nose as she enters the Medbay. "What is going…?" she asks, but then she cuts and slashes, and she blinks, "Wow. Pallaton, you look worse than I thought." she says, smiling a bit, "You're alright?" She heard the yells, but didn't pay attention to them, so she doesn't know that some of the cuts are self-inflicted.

Pallaton looks to July, tearing up a bit. Then his head just droops. It seems he's thinking again, remaining silent as Eddie and Daisuke probably explain the situation to July, every passing second seeming like another he's closer to breaking down into tears.

Eddie doesn't seem to be able to form whole words right now. He's just mumbling and ranting and pacing back and forth. Occasionally he looks up at Pallaton before starting right back up again.

"No he's not alright, he's an idiot. He's been down here cutting himself cause he feels bad for hurting Eddie. Well you know what Pallaton, that's not the fucking way you apologize to someone." And it's known that Daisuke's really upset, he's swearing. He doesn't normally swear. "You don't get to cry Pallaton, not when you're doing this to yourself."

July sighs softly at that, and then she moves to sit down on Pallaton's bed, sitting at the edge, "So, you've been cutting yourself in a form of atonement for hurting Eddie?" she asks, smiling a bit to him, before turning to look at Eddie, "Eddie? Please, do me a favor. Pass me the scalpel that's on the tray over there? Trust me, please?" She asks, smiling calmly still.

Pallaton slumps as the words of everyone around him gets to him. He seems to be following what Daisuke says, trying not to burst into tears. After all, he caused most of the damage to his own body. But what he and Eddie said about hurting friends is getting to him, it seems…

Eddie jumps when spoken to, blinking a few times. He picks the scalpel up, careful to avoid the broken glass on the tray too. "Here," he says, walking over to give July the knife.

Daisuke knows he can't keep his cool any longer and he just can't stick around. "Sorry, I gotta go before.." He loses it again and breaks more stuff. He gives Pallaton a look that's filled with anger but also worry. He gives an apologetic look to July and Eddie. "Sorry." He says before heading out of the medbay.

July nods to Daisuke, smiling, "Alright, Dai. Hope you feel better." she says, and then she picks up the scalpel, carefully, "So, Pallaton…" She says, as she looks at the small blade of the instrument in her hand. "You say that you're hurting yourself because you hurt Eddie." She says softly, hmm'ing a bit while shifting the blade slowly, letting the light reflect the light, before looking back at Pallaton. "And you think that's atonement. But… what would you think, if I started cutting myself right now, with this, saying that it's my fault it happened because I wasn't there to help you guys?" She asks, smiling, though she's making no move to cut herself.

Pallaton looks over to July with a start and opens his muzzle to speak, but it seems he got the hint right there. His head droops again, before he speaks with a shaky voice. "Eddie…" He sniffs before continuing. "Hit me."

Eddie stares at July for a moment after nodding to Dai. He blinks a few times, wondering what she was up to. "But…" he's cut off by Pallaton. "What? Why?"

July sighs softly, smiling. She made him understand half of it, at least. "Pallaton?" she asks, reaching to lightly prod his shoulder with one hand, while her other arm stretches to place the scalpel where it was. "Hit me." she says with a smile once she has his attention. "For the same reason you're asking Eddie to hit you."

Pallaton blinks, sniffing. "I want you to knock some sense into me. I've been a selfish idiot. There's been so much going on in my head, I couldn't think straight, and now I've hurt you all because of it. First with the apparent memories, then Mutant Town, Fenrir and now hurting you… Antonio is right. I'm not a wolf like this. I'm nothing but a mangy dog. And it's about time I became the wolf he sees me as, the proud, stalwart companions that wolves are. That's why I want you to hit me." He doesn't even look to July, just sitting there drooped down.

Eddie listens then lets out a sign. "I'm not going to hit you, Pallaton," he says simply. "First of all, I'd probably just end up hurting myself. Second, I don't want to hurt my friend."

July drops the scalpel back in place as she smiles, "See?" she asks as she looks to Pallaton, "You don't have to hurt yourself like that, Pallaton. Accidents happen, and, if you don't want them to happen again, get some training. Better yourself. Flailing at yourself like that won't help any." she shakes her head softly.

Pallaton reaches up to rub at his watery eyes, sniffing loudly It's hard to tell if the fuzzy lump is crying with those hands in his eyes most of the time, but when he lies back on the bed, the fur around his eyes is all matted. "I want to be alone for a while, to reflect…" he asks. It seems like he's not going to start hurting himself again, though.

Eddie sighs. "Alright…c'mon, July," he says. "I'll see you later, Pallaton," he says. He moves to give Pallaton a quick hug before heading for the door and hoping Pallaton follows.

July slips off Pallaton's bed, and then she gently hugs him, "Get well soon, furball." she says, before kissing his cheek and letting go, waving to Pallaton while walking toward Eddie.

Pallaton nods. He does seem rather quiet, but he gives the two a wave as he sits there, thinking over what he's done to everyone, mentally kicking himself. But the mutant does have a lot on his mind…

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