Izzy "Nightshade" Hazion
Izzy Hazion
Portrayed By Jean-Luc Bilodeau
Gender Male
Date of Birth 06/20/1993
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Gemeni
Aliases Nightshade
Place of Birth Seattle, Washington/Unknown Planet, Deep Space
Current Location New York City
Occupation Force of Chaos
Known Relatives All Dead
Significant Other None
Identity Secret…kinda
Known Abilities Super Strength, Super Agility, Super Durability, Webbing, Shapeshifting, Symbiote Suit, Danger Sense, Wallcrawling, Regeneration, Art Skills
First Appearance Original Character

Nightshade will BREAK the bad guys!


Izzy was born in Washington State. Sadly, his mother died due to complications involving blood loss. Three days later, his father shot himself in the throat after being overcome with grief. This left poor baby Izzy all alone. The state foster care system took him in and then placed him in the care of two scientists living in Southern California. Izzy always questioned his relationship with his foster parents but he came to the conclusion that they weren't his parents long before even learning that they were only his foster parents. The news didn't have much of an effect on Izzy, nor did the news that both of his real parents were dead. He never had any connection with them and didn't see any need to feel bad about losing them.

These particular scientists were working on teleportation and 'gateway' technology for someone with a lot of money. It was never revealed to Izzy who the one supplying the cash wasbut he'd recognize their logo if he saw it again. Left mostly to his own devices once was old enough to not need constant supervision, Izzy became a lonely youth. He was home schooled, not getting to see other kids all that often. Most of Izzy's free time was spent in front of the TV or with his nose in comic books.
While he was occasionally asked to come watch demonstrations of his foster parents' latest breakthroughs, Izzy had little interest in it. He was excited at first when hearing that the experiments might let him go to other planets just by stepping through a doorway. Excitement died after several failed attempts. As such, when his ecstatic foster mother pulled him away from his comics for the latest demonstration he was not pleased.

This test seemed different than the others. There were more machines and a new power source. And it succeeded! The 'Gateway' opened. Izzy and his foster family were treated to a view of a world so very unlike their own. Plants, animals, and a sky that were never seen anywhere on Earth were right before their eyes. A strange, purple life form crawled into view quickly. Immediately afterwards, a roar split the air. A massive, wolf-like beast that appeared to be made of stone clamored into view and attempted to capture the purple life form.

Izzy's foster father revealed that they'd seen the wolf-beast during previous tests and had determined it to be one of the planet's natural predators. The purple life-form was unidentified. Izzy was just about set to go back to his comics, having no desire to see something eaten. Alarms went off. The reason being was that the purple life form was heading for the gateway! It made its way through before the machines could be shut down. Before the lab could even initiate decontamination, an overload occurred as the wolf-beast attempted to follow its prey. Such a large mass forcing its way through the gateway sent things into chaos.

Presented with humans for the first time in known history, the wolf-like beast decided they were its new prey. Izzy's foster father was the first victim of the beast. His foster mother tried to run but was caught in an explosion from a console. Izzy soon became the target of the creature's assault but it was distracted upon seeing its initial prey. Unable to decide between the two, the wolf-beast started to attack at random. As a terrified Izzy cried out for something to help him, the purple-life form saw an opportunity for survival. It rushed Izzy and leapt onto the boy. And something amazing happed.

Two creatures became one. Utilizing knowledge from Izzy's subconscious as well as human genetic code, the creature created several abilities as the symbiosis began. Flooding with information, energy, and power, the combined being went on the attack. Far outmatching the wolf-beast, the new being forced it back into the rift. A second overload began and the whole lab started to explode.

Thankfully, Izzy and his new head-mate managed to make it outside but collapsed from using all that energy so soon after bonding. The symbiotic alien managed to shape-shift into normal clothing for Izzy before both passed out.
When he woke up in the hospital Izzy was quite surprised when he had his new 'friend' in his head. For several months, during which Izzy went to live with a new foster family, the two explored their newfound combination. After an argument over cleaning the new home with the foster family, a decision was reached by the human and symbiotic alien. Because the foster family did not seem to care for Izzy and he had no attachment to them, Izzy and his new friend set out on their own to live life their own way wherever they chose.

Taking on the name 'Nightshade' for themselves, the pair set their sights on New York City. Why? There were super heroes and interesting people there from what they'd both learned. Hitching rides a top trains and anything else that was moving, they eventually reached swinging-distance of NYC and hope to have some fun in the Big Apple.



  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "I said it!"


  • Nightshade lives above a certain White Castle in NYC but the company denies he exists even if the employees love the little guy.
  • Izzy has repressed most of the memories of his life before bonding with the symbiote
  • Nightshade would like to meet Spider-Man very much
  • Chocolate is very good for Nightshade
  • Nightshade's existence is known to the NYPD and department of family services. They know he's superhuman and acts like a little kid, but they don't know who's 'under the mask' or where he lives. The general opinion on him is that as long as he's being good they'll leave him alone and don't really talk about him.


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