Jade Tatopolous
Portrayed By Samm Todd
Gender Female
Date of Birth
Age 16
Zodiac Sign
Aliases The Blind Girl in the shorud
Place of Birth Sacramento, CA
Current Location Xavier's
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Parents
Significant Other
Identity Focus
Known Abilities Paralytic gaze
First Appearance Tortured by James on the lawn


Jade is the daughter of latter-day hippies who met in college and had 3 children. They are loving parents, and Jade has been homeschooled, so the experience at Xavier’s academy is a novel one in more than one way. She is functionally blind since the manifestation of her powers, and is still very unsure of her un-modified appearance.


Jade is a pretty nice girl who generally thinks the best of everyone and is willing to give anyone a chance. The fact that she cannot see them at this time makes it possible for people to take advantage of her naïve state, which has made for some comic potential.


  • “I touched Jonothon’s spine!”


*Jade is not Medusa. Medusa has the snake heads, Jade has the tails ( she must have lost the coin flip)
*Jade has venom. Let her bite you to find out more!

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