2020-06-19: Jail Break


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Summary: The Redeemers & Rebellion break into one of the camps to free the trapped mutants. Things do not go exactly as planned however.

Date: June 19, 2020

Log Title: Jail Break

Rating: R (LV)

The Future - Salem Center - Mutant Camp

Off in the distance, the crumbling remains of a school in ruins is stark contrast to the brilliance that once represented Xaviers dream. Now converted into a mutant camp, the surrounding area offers a humbling experience for those familiar with the grounds original purpose. Now best described as an open-air prison yard, tall walls, robot guards, and automated defenses keep depowered mutants inand yet-to-be-caught fugitives out. Oppression is heavy in the air. The sound of laughter and innocent screams replaced with something darker: A non-stop orchestral movement of roving Sentinels, anguished cries, and the shuffling of mutant feet to and from any of the many residential buildings, work sites, or sparse mess halls.


It's a clear night, the stars are visible and just the slightest of breezes. It's one of those summer nights where, if the circumstances were better, you'd just want to hang out outisde and enjoy the night air but alas, the mutant camp takes away that feeling. The word has been spread that tonight is the night. Whispers around the mutant camp talk of escape and that it should be coming soon. Plans have been made and tonight, they're going to be seen through. One thing those in the camp might notice is that there seem to be more guards than usual, in threes and fours instead of pairs and the occasional hunter is spotted. Not all together rare but enough to notice.

Robyn has been the one planning his attack to free the mutants. He's even been in talk with a few of the prisoners, glad to hear one had a plan of escape. They've collaborated and tonight Robyn knows they need every mutant they can. He's told Bruce and Connor of his plan. They were to arrive separately as Robyn was going to be possessing someone on the inside. Currently he's found one of the Hunters, a young woman in army fatigues, short hair and sleeveless top who just happens to be a mutant with the ability to generate electricity. He's currently making his way over to Jesse, whose on the other sided of the fence, to get things started.

The alien mutant within the camps is simply watching. Jesse, known lately as Red, is waiting for his moment. Over the past few weeks since he's been here, he's been using his non-mutant abilities to fill the walls… all the cracks and crevices… with his memory crystals. Hard, dense stuff. When he's given the signal, they're all going to expand rapidly and then vanish, hopefully destroying the walls. At least, that's his plan. He wants these prisoners free. He went in willingly, just to accomplish this. And… after finding friends of his own in here, he refuses to fail.

The one time bodyguard and bouncer has been waiting close by to some of the younger mutants in the main yard in case they need a hand during the escape. He is unsure of how things will play out but a golden opportunity would not be turned down no matter the outcome. Hunter leans up against the wall of a mess hall tightening the dirty wraps around his hands as he bides the time. His eyes always darting to the fenceline.

Outside the camp a cloaked figure awaits the signal, a hand wreathed in silver-and-gold clawed armor flexing slightly. Remember, the eerily modulated voice of Thought floats from the depths of the hood, to those that have accompanied the Harbinger, the goal are to get the prisoners to freedom. Anything else… *everything* else… is secondary. Turning, the Harbinger casts its gaze over the assembled fighters, and fellow Harbinger. This night we strike a great blow to the enemies of Freedom. Fight well, friends.

Among those many watching is what appears to be an old man. It's a disguise he's worked at well over the years, especially with his white hair. Marcus, or Pietro, lurks with the majority of the mutants, wondering what will happen tonight. He's very aware of the guard situation, so doesn't do a thing to bring notice to himself. Pulling his very worn jacket around himself, the man waits. He's gotten so very, very good at waiting.

The wind picks up slightly, or so it seems. A breeze that seems to only affect the earth around the camp itself. It kicks up a bit of sand and dust as it passes by, causing the sand to drift against one of the walls. Bruce is currently in sand form, awaiting the signal that will let him know that it is time to act. He cannot see or hear directly, but once action starts the soundwaves will affect his particles enough to let him know when he needs to reform.

Another heavily cloaked Harbringer stands by. It's difficult to make out anything about this one aside from some vague idea of height and weight. Hope nods solemnly at the sound of the other Harbringer's voice and begins to float slightly off of the ground. Understood, speaks Hope, We will right wrongs tonight.

That pregnant silence of something happening in the air is shattered as debris and detritus begin to shiver and shift towards a central point. Even the grass bends towards the direction of the spot behind the rubble of the wrecked statue of Jean Grey. Reality ripples as a mote of blue-green light punches through it, sending a water-like wave out in all directions, and then it begins to swirl, and expand out into a six foot tall pool of aquamarine, watery light. As the gravitic affect of the wormhole settling, the first things through the portal are grenades. A set of eight of them bounce out and suddenly burst into cacophony. For the Sentinels… chaff grenades tossing reflective metallic shards into the air to reflect targetting sensors and cameras. For the guards, flash-bangs and anti-IR smoke begin to blast and puff… all of it in a fan from the portal's point… Volk stepping back on the other side and allowing for the strike team to come in!

There's a sudden display of explosions, flashes and smoke pour out into the mutant camp and around the perimeter shortly after the blue portal appears. If the Sentinels weren't paying attention before, well the few in the area are now. Along with every guard and Hunter in the area. "They're here, just like he said!" And it appears that they were ready for an attack, like they knew that there was going to be a break out tonight. There is much panic in the mutant camp as guards start getting into position, waiting for the first thing with powers to attack.

Robyn, inside the body of the female Hunter, winces and mutters. "Well so much for being subtle ….RED!!!! NOW!" Yells the female voice. "KOWARI! GET READY!" He yells from the outside perimeter of the fence and puts out both hands to send an electrical blast at the two guards at her/his side. It seems like someone did a bit of homework.

As the explosions hit around the place, Jesse looks up. He raises his voice as high as he can to the people inside the camps. "AWAY FROM THE WALLS! NOW!" HE says as he reaches out to the crystals and fills them all with every memory he can. Forcing them to grow and expand inside the crevices of the wall. And then, suddenly, he slices a hand in the air. The crystals are destroyed. Hopefully taking large portions of the wall and of the nullification devices with it.

The small pile of sand suddenly swirls to life, picking up large amounts of dust in the area and spinning it into a massive sandstorm. It appears as though Dingo is trying to create cover for his allies, but it seems that something is keeping him away from the Hunters and Sentinels. Anyone looking closely enough will notice small devices clipped to each of the Hunters. They are apparently giving out some sort of signal that is repelling Dingo's sand. At least, that's how it appears.

From the folds of Thought's cloak is drawn a brightly shining sword, inscribed with runes and silver in color. Now, the Harbinger says, as a circle of hellish light opens up behind the cloak, loosing a swarm of lesser demons to charge down the hill and toward the ruins of the wall, Go, friends! The sword is pointed at the camp, as Thought begins to charge. This night the mutants are freed! The maddened, cackling creatures, seemingly unobstructed by the devices worn by the Hunters, and seek to pull the guards down by main force alone.

In among those panicking mutants, Pietro ducks his head and moves with them. Away from the walls. Considering the sheer number of guards, most are trying not to be pointed out as involved in this. There's nothing he can do for the moment with his powers gone. At least nothing until the nullifiers are taken out. Once those walls go down he most certainly will be doing something, but for now he sticks to the mutant 'flock'.

Startled and jumpy Kowari turns to face the direction of the initial explosions. He hears someone call out to him a moment before the next voice alerts all to move away from the walls. Between the smoke and flashes of light he finds his way over to the group of young mutants near him. When the nullifiers fall he was going to have a bit of fun with those guards.

Hope takes to the air to achieve a better view of the battlefield. The Harbringer conjures up some mystic bolts, aiming them expertly towards the enemy Hunters and guards with some mumbled words, before speaking louder, The guardians of injustice will never find lasting reward! Hope speaks more to the enemy than anyone with these words, flying forwards and charging towards the camp.

After the disorienting chaos, and the beginnings of everything else being dropped upon the place, a single figure steps through into the middle of the smoke and fire. Volk doesn't even take a moment to pause, and instead of his usual assault rifle in his hands, he's got a simple and efficient RPG. Dragged after him and behind are two large bags that he simply smacks his elbows hard on the releases to let them drop behind him. With that, he levels the weapon the first guard tower that comes into view… and there's a snap-WHOOSH as the trigger is pulled, the high-power russian explosive charge striking just below the base of it, the resulting explosion sending people, concrete, and electronics flying. The two bags he carried with him are marked… -GUNS-…

As Thought charges toward the camp, the black-cloaked Harbinger seems to grow larger, armored gauntlet tensing around the hilt of the sword. Ducking and dodging around the battles breaking out, a Sentinel is targeted, and a heave brings Thought off the ground, sword point level with the titanic guardian's chest. FOR FREEDOM! And in one inhumanly powerful stroke, the Sentinel is cleaved in two, from left shoulder to right hip. All around the melee, jabbering imps tug and pull and harry the guards and Hunters, their clawed hands ineffectual at tearing the flesh of the stronger combatants, but doing a *terrific* job of keeping several of them occupied.

Dingo feels the explosions going off and decides he might be of more use as a form that can aim. He pulls himself together into his human form. He glances around quickly to get an idea of what exactly is going on before he catches sight of Volk's weapon bags. He moves forward quickly to engage one of the Hunters, sparring with the man for a few minutes before retreating and pulling sands into himself, forming a large sand golem. The construct moves as though it intends to attck the Hunter, but the opponent fires a beam at Dingo, causing him to topple backward toward where Volk and his weapon stash are located.

*BOOOM* Is followed by rubble flying everywhere and dust clouds kicking up then another boom followed by a third and a fourth and so on as a good chunk of the walls go down. Every mutant in that wall-less area will now find their powers returning to them. Guards attack and are being attacked, the Sentinels start homing in on various mutants to attack and Hunters start going for the kill, but in return Rashmi's demons are taking out some of their numbers, mystic bolts hit Hunters causing them to fall back and even though there are great numbers there, the attack seems to be evenly matched for now…that is until the Sentinels engage.

As the nullifier goes down in his area, Jesse smiles as a loud call of "REMIX" issues from his body as he rises on a wave of sound. "To freedom!" He shouts to the ones down below, making sure he can see a few of the important ones to him. Like Darrell. As he gets up high enough, he uses a little trick he learned from the only other member of his race that he knows. He releases a blast of high-powered sound at one of the standing walls, trying to take it down. He wants this place destroyed.

Pietro's whole demeanor changes as the walls go down. He straightens, shaking off the mien of someone who's afraid, and acts. Not to attack, but to blur and then finally to disappear. For a brief time all the man does is run. It's been so very long that he nearly destroys his clothing before he realizes that he needs to actually help. Oops. Got caught up in things there. All around the camp, people begin to disappear. Mutants who aren't able to fight, those who are hurting and weak.. Pietro picks them up and gets them out of harms way. Where? Some random field well away from the mutant camp. Somewhere they can be found later on and gotten to true safety.

Kowari runs across the camp yard toward the opening in the wall. He feels a familiar ripple slipping over his body when he stands next to several other mutants looking towards the open gap. He had never wanted to have his abilities before but now he felt nearly mad with glee that his forcefield had returned. With a sinister gleam alighting his eyes he spots a piece of wall flying through the air near him. Kowari flexes his arms, his hands extend directly in front of his chest causing the rocky piece of wall to reverse direction taking out a few guards nearby.

Robyn is making his way over to Volk as and blasting people as he moves on. "Volk!" The woman cries and he stops blasting people and forms a purple psi-blade in his hand showing Volk whose body he's in. "We gotta start directing people where they need to go but….something isn't fully right." He says as even Connor would notice there are more guards and Hunters here than their should be. He/She runs in and strikes one of the guards with the psi-blade causing them to go down before rushing foward towards Volk.

It's the looming shadows that tip Volk in the middle of reloading the RPG to move. One moment he's there, and the next moment he's gone and behind Robyn's borrowed body, the next the pair of them up on one of the other walls, this time back and towards where the refugees were, in time to watch Dingo's sandform to fall and wreck the supply of Russian arms that had been set up just for this little gig. The eye under the HUD-eye winces shut in from the impact. Aiming down at the next tower, he aims and fires once more, the sound peeling off as he goes for the support structures, knocking out lights and more power around the base. Digging into his next launchable RPG rocket, he holds up a pre-written note, -Crossroads of Grimalkin and Salem.- Naming the street just down the lane and outside the camp that crosses to the main road into the town.
The flying Harbringer seems to pause for a moment when the Sentinels take action, but is only reprioritizing targets. The cloaked figure aims more mystic bolts now at the sentinels, carefully aimed to disable the hulking machines, landing on the ground to raise a mystic shielf in front of more defenseless mutants from the camp.

The sand form lands like a wave of crashing water, burrying some of Volk's weaponry before splashing back up to reform the sand golem. The construct spins and attempts to strike a few of the guards, but they appear to be too fast and avoid the golem's attack with ease. Dingo collapses the construct into a mini tsunami of sand, it appears that he is going to try to bury a few of the Hunters. He washes the sand over the Hunters, burying a few of those demon things along with them. He reconstructs himself into human form, standing on top of the pile of sand and looking for his next target.

They anticipated our arrival, Thought calls as the Hunters begin to crowd the battlefield. Another sweeping cut takes out a Sentinel's leg, the sword ripping up through the machine's chest as it falls. Cover the prisoners! Secure their escape! The Harbinger wilts slightly, feeling strength ebb as the demons claw their way free of the sandpiles, mindlessly leaping into battle at a wave of Thought's hand. Turning, the Harbinger engages a crowd of Hunters, fending them off with sword and gauntlet, blade making short work of several… and yet leaving one or two unharmed, blinking in confusion as the brainwashing is pulled away in an instant.

Suddenly there's a man standing near Volk. Maybe Volk isn't the only teleporter here… Okay, so Pietro isn't, but he's there and he plucks that message right out of Volk's hand. His jacket is in tatters, but the rest of his attire isn't too bad. If you don't mind the lack of shoes. Reads it with a frown, and then he's gone again. Robyn will find the note on her person as the speedster starts moving mutants to the agreed upon location.

Bit by bit the captured mutants are making their way towards their freedom. Kowari is busy fending off anything that is coming towards the small group he's with. When he reaches the gaping hole in the wall he stops attacking whatever is near him in favor of helping other mutants over the fallen debris. He looks about frantically from his left to his right to make sure nothing is going to come at them.

Some mutants are fighting back, others are getting the hell outta dodge and others are just are being carried away by a speedy force. One Sentinel getting hit by the mystic bolts has huge dents appearing on it's chest and a few sparks coming off of him, as second is cut down without mercy by Thought, but there appear to be two more that are in tact. That is until a group of seven mutants starts to swarm one of them and a full battle is taking place off to the side. The walls are crashing, more and more power dampeners are being turned off and for every dead mutant in this fight there are two dead guards and/or Hunters. Up above in the sky several helicopters start to appear, and one of them starts firing from a M213 .50 Cal. Machine Gun to those down below.

Despite the note being swept from his hand, rocket number three is locked and he aims once more. This time towards the form creating the energy dome to cover some of the stragglers. Shifting so that the backblast is not going to strike Robyn's current host, Volk looses off his latest right into one of the Sentinels that are firing down upon the defensive maneuver, the resulting blast staggering and damaging the machine, but not knocking it out of the fight. Reloading as fast as possible, he kneels down for the second shot, striking another inbound machine. The fourth one gone, he tosses the launcher off to one side, and his hands go outwards and pull up. Rubble and metallic shards begin to glow and pull up off the ground and then crushes down into as super-compressed matter as he can manage. Like a high-velocity shotgun it all launches into the path of the Helicoptors.

Dingo glances down as the demons begin to emerge from his sand pile. He moves off to begin to assist in the relocation of the captured mutants. He moves off to a small group of the mutants, stopping next to them and leaning in. "Look, I'm going to get you guys to safety, got it?" He surrounds the group of three with a small vortex of sand to hide them from attackers and hands them each a black device. "Here, put these in your pockets. I can't see when I'm sand and it'll prevent me from hurting you, got it?" After they have unwittingly placed tracking devices into their pockets Dingo expands his storm again, creating a path for these three so they can get closer to the strike force and be moved to safety. The Hunters he had previously buried appear to be digging themselves free now.

You cannot defeat the spirit of Hope, calls the hovering Harbringer, aiming more bolts towards the sentinels to pierce through the Sentinel armour while staying at the front lines to provide protection to the vulnerable while Pietro ushers them off to a safer place. Hope lands as a Hunter manages to draw close, the Harbringer's cloak seeming to surround the enemy for a moment and tossing him aside violently. At the sound of machine guns firing up above, the Harbringer takes to the sky, reprioritizing once again and raising mystic shields to protect Hope during the assent.

Kowari heaves the last of the mutants in his group over a large chunk of fallen wall. As he sets the mutant down he hears the gunfire coming from above. He looks about noticing that many of the mutants are scattering in one particular direction. As he's about to take off and join them the gunfire gets too close. He reacts instinctively to slow the bullets down then spin them back around in the direction they were shot from. Unfortunately his control isn't what it should be and the bullets fly off in several directions in front of him. Oy mate, he thinks to himself even as he turns and runs after those heading away from the camp.

In as much as he would love to dish out some pain, Pietro does what a hero would, and that's helping others. He does pause at one point to pounce a guard caught alone. Hard to avoid something you can't see. Beats the poor guy bloody for the sheer pleasure of it, and then steals his clothes. So at one point a guard ends up in his skivvies, bloody and unconscious, on the ground. Pietro leaves the tattered remains of his dirty rags on top of the guy, and then continues on. One issue about being a speedster is that you really never go fast enough. Too many people never enough time.

Robyn is teleported out of danger and is content to just stand back and watch with Volk…for now. "I have no clue who those two are but I'm glad they're helping." He says in regards to the Harbingers. "Alright, I guess we gotta start organizing and just getting the hell outta here. The mission was recuse and not a full destroy." Destroying the base is just an added bonus but taking away it's prisoners, well, that's the main goal.

There are certain things you can hear when Sound is your thing. Jesse hears… something very odd. He doesn't know quite what it is, but it's coming from all of the ones that have been problems for them. So, maybe it'll do something FOR him. Reaching out, Jesse begins to play that sound from his body, very loudly (not that most can hear it) and expanding it in a radius from himself. It's taking away his ability to do much else, but he's trying something… just to see. Moving as quickly as he can, the M-tattooed alien mutant moves towards the ones that are here to help them.

Flicking Robyn's current form in the middle of the forehead, Volk holds up three fingers, then thumbs out towards the road. Once more he's gone… and then in the center of Grimalkin Lane and Salem Road he is standing, eyes closed. Both hands come up, glowing profusely as the teleporter begins to ramp up the power for the show's finale. Fingers clench, and reality in front of him begins to ripple some, a growl comeing from his throat and sweat unseen under the combat garb. A couple more breaths and suddenly there's the groan of relief followed by the crashing sound of energy as a new portal resolves itself. Panting, but not done, the former merc takes out a can of orange engineer's spraypaint and does a big arrow towards the portal for all involved. Written on the cracked pavement and broken road is 'ONE WAY STREET'.

Go! Thought shouts to the stragglers among the prisoners, directing the demonic swarm toward a fresh crop of Hunter reinforcements. Vengeance is for nothing if you can't live to exact it!! A disc of light forms beneath the cloaked one's feet, pulling Thought down into hellfire… disgorging the Harbinger at the largest open space in the gates some meters away, Soulsword held aloft and blazing with eldritch light; a beacon, for those seeking escape, and a warning to those who would stop them.

Pietro puts down a woman in the midst of freaking out as that portal opens. He stops to watch Volk work a little mutant magic, taking a moment to rest. It's been years and he's pushed himself hard tonight. "Everyone through the portal!" His voice isn't as commanding as it once was. Years of neglect have it sounding rough. Not that this is a comfortable idea for all, but the speedster doesn't much care. He'll push a few towards the glowing thing as he says, "Want to go back to the camp?" WIth that the speedster moves through the portal himself, leaving a bit of blood behind from aching feet. Not used to this anymore.

An errant bullet strikes one of Dingo's 'rescued' mutants, but the rest reach a group of mutants running away from the chaos. Dingo assumes they will make it safely to the rendezvous point, which means his part of the deal will be fulfilled. His storm picks up the vibrations of one of his sound boxes, but this one seems much stronger than the others, is it malfunctioning? If Jese runs through the storm he will find that the sands avoid striking him. In fact, the storm seems to leave him a good five feet on each side to move around safely. Dingo reconstructs himself again near Jese and seems confused to see one of the captured Mutants apparently using one of his machines. He quirks a brow, "Why did my sands avoid you?" Then gunfire, "Never mind, we'll figure it out later!"

Hope spares the words, the sounds of the helicopters and guns drowning out any sounds the Harbringer could possibly make, anways. At a safe distance, the Harbringer stops floating and fires bolts to try and damage the helicopters and keep them from bringing the mutants down below to any harm with the automatic fire. Hope falls back towards the ground, carried by gravity down towards where Thought is, before turning up and landing softly to protect the mutants coming to seek escape with more shields.

Pushing through trees several mutants, including Kowari, appear before the open portal. He is out of breath but relatively unharmed. He looks down at the arrow painted on the ground and finds himself laughing for the first time in ages. As mutants stream into the portal beside him, Kowari stands just outside of it looking towards the trees in case something should pop up that shouldn't be taking the trip.

"I heard sounds coming from here and there. So, I made the same sound." Jesse says, as he flies towards the portal, moving down to pick up a running mutant with long wires of some unknown energy trailing from his hands. He's mainly just trying to get out now. He did his part.

Without his primary assault weapon, Volk goes for one of his holstered SMGs on his hip. Dropping the magazine and checking it, Volk scowls and reloads. Obviously something about the scenario makes him unhappy. Pulling the stock and dropping the foregrip on the MP7, he goes to a knee and begins to pan the area back and forth, but to anyone close there's a particular wheeze to the teleporter's breath, the shirt and the balaklava now soaked for some reason in his sweat as he reaches up to clear one eye with his sleeve before the man. In the kneeling position and to one side of the portal, he continues to motion with his head for those who are hesitant as there is no view of the other side.

The mutants are lead to the portal and are quickly ushered through, some are taken down while running but most are fighting. Many Guards and Hunter's lives are lost and there are at least three downed Sentinels. The last two are trying to keep up as are the helicopters but luck isn't on their side tonight. Anyone going through the portal will end up miles away in New York City, deep underground in one of the many forgotten secret area of Grand Central Terminal.

Dingo looks a bit concerned at Jesse's comment. This man can apparently detect the sounds emited from his machines. Worried that he might pick up the tracking frequency on his two remaining bugged mutants, Dingo decides he needs to do something about the other man. Luckily for Dingo, the flier seems to be drawing attention from some of the choppers in the area. He spins himself into another storm and follows after the man, surrounding him and slamming him into the ground near the portal. To anyone watching it would appear as though he is trying to protect Jesse and the other mutant from gunfire. Once they slam down, Dingo seems a bit dazed. Perhaps he will be unable to get the two to safety after all.

The demons are dismissed, vanishing in a puff of smoke and the stench of sulphur, as the last of the prisoners find their way to freedom. We go, Thought says to Hope, calling a stepping disc to take the cloaked Harbinger to the edge of the portal. An armor-clawed hand extends to help Jesse to his feet, the shadowed depts of the hood nodding. It is good to see so many escape, comes the eerily modulated voice. Where you go, there will be little comfort, but as much safety and rest as can be afforded you. Take heart; you are free, now. The hood tilts up to fix on Volk, a short nod given to the mute Rebel. The Harbingers thank you. All of you.

Having not a clue what is going on, Kowari looks back and forth confused until he spots a whirling mass of sand crash nearby. In its wake are a few people, one of which looks vaguely familiar to him from way back. He rushes over to the fallen just as Jesse is lifted up he extended a hand down toward Dingo. "C'mon mate, this portal ain't gonna be here much longer."

Hope jumps onto the stepping disc and nods, giving a last look around the area to make sure that all of the surviving mutant prisoners are cleared out before nodding once to agree with Thought's words, saying nothing at this time, waiting until everyone is safe before also hopping into the portal.

Now that everyone is pretty much left, Robyn takes up the rear guard and starts guiding people along. "Come on…safety is this way." He spots Kowari and grins. "Kowari! I'll meet ya at base with that MRE." He says as he makes sure that everyone is heading down to where the portal is. "Time to do something stupid." He says as he raises a hand and sends and electrical blast at one of the Sentinels to get it's attention.

Dingo shakes his head as he stands, seeming almost annoyed with Kowari's arrival. "No, mate. Get these guys to safety. I can move around easy enough without the enemy seeing me. I'll stay here and keep these guys occupied for a bit. I'll get back to the base later on." Before the other man has time to protest Dingo is gone again, having turned into another sandstorm that grows in size and intensity as it rushes toward the remaining Hunters.

( One minute left of portal integrity, and Volk recovers enough to push up on his feet and begins stalking forwards towards the maximum point that he can be away from the whirling vortex of energy. The hooded form gets a suspicious look, a slightly skeptical eyebrow and then he starts to open fire on the Hunters. With the SMG pocketed to his shoulder like it is, he can rock off accurate bursts on them, scattering incoming, and occasionally striking and knocking down some of the incoming. Swapping magazines is a smooth and practiced motion while he continues to cover the escapees. )

Hunter senses that his usefulness has reached its limit. Was that person calling to me Robyn? He will worry about that later. For now he backs his way towards the portal watching for any sign that he might be able to help. The others, the ones that have come to rescue them all, seem to have things in hand. His gaze rests ahead of him as he's swallowed up by the portal and dropped off in an unfamiliar place.

The mutant camp is in ruins, those that aren't able to get out were the ones who were either captured by hunters or those that are dead. Many bodies of guards and hunters lie on the ground and several are making strategic retreats. Close to three quarters of the mutants here have been rescued and what was once a jail is now just piles of rocks and smoke.

The sword is tucked back into the shadows of the cloak. We are done here, Thought says, nodding to those few that remain. Go. Find safety. There is much to do yet, but a great blow has been struck here. One of many more to come. Soon, perhaps, this war will be no more.

Hosea, though he be a captive, took up the opportunity to help the moment that the chaos started. He moves with an old familiarity for battle, though it has been long. He passes some of the last mutants up to those next to the portal, and makes a last scan. He searches the rubble the best he can quickly. He's covered in blood and dirt, but he isn't quite finished yet. His eyes go wide as Robyn attacks the Sentinel. He doesn't ask questions, though.
He rushes to the portal, spotting Jesse on the way. With the last of his strength, he hoists the crystal giver he remembers from earlier up onto his shoulders, and stumbles into the portal. He's done all he can do, and he knows that there will be no survivors to comfort on this side anymore.

Once the last of the escapees is through his portal, and Volk has counted the time to seconds remaining before it's collapse, he locks in his last magazine and backs through the disc, firing as he goes. Once the soldierly form is through and on the other side, he slumps a bit against the wall. Standing back up, two more bags are pulled up from a safe spot. Chemical Lights are passed to everyone after being cracked and lit, giving them some solace in the dark. After that he has several portable stretchers for the wounded made from tent cloth and thin pipes. Lastly is taken up his FAMAS rifle from it's own hiding place, checked, reloaded, and settled in his hands. Those gathered here are looked at for several moments, and then the soldierly mutant motions for the first to follow him, dropping down onto the train tunnel and beginning to trek to the steam tunnel entrance, then into the dry sewers, leading down finally into the Morlock tunnels.

If Volk will accept the aid, Pietro will offer him some help in standing. He'd waited on the other side, not wanting to leave the others. Doesn't linger, but does accept a light when offer. And once everyone is ready, the speedster follows downwards.

~ Fin ~

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