Jakob 'Arsenal' Kincaid
Jakob Kincaid
Portrayed By Jared Padalecki
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 24, 1990
Age 19
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases Arsenal
Place of Birth
Current Location New York
Occupation Student/Trainee and Soldier
Group Affiliation S.H.I.E.L.D. (current),, Barnes Academy (current), U.S. Army (current/past), Friends of Humanity (past)
Known Relatives Jon Jasper "J.J." Kincaid (father), Maria Abigail Paul (mother), Shane Kincaid (brother), Robert Kincaid (half-brother), Jude Paul(half-brother), Alice Kong (step-mother) Tara Kincaid (cousin and student at Xaviers), Jonathan & Michelle Kincaid (uncle & aunt) along with various cousins and extended family
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Natural physical awareness, self bio-manipulation, enhanced durability and pain threshold with an intuitive knowledge of anatomy.
First Appearance Vultures… the lot of you

Specialist Jakob Kincaid, U.S. Army Soldier and S.H.I.E.L.D. Operative Trainee

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+ History

Koby was born to a proud U.S. Army father Jon Jasper Kincaid, a man who lived seeing himself as an honorable All-American patriot. They moved a lot growing up, Koby remembers that much, life had been fine for them until somewhere along the line his kid brother Shane, still a noisy toddler began to develop 'mutant' traits. At first his father was speechless, tried to hide it and find out if it was some form of disease or harmless genetic mutation unrelated to the 'X-Gene' nothing could be found, during the search for the truth or a convincing lie the family would splinter.

Abby Paul-Kincaid, Koby's mother would soon be to blame, his father had fallen into a drunken lifestyle now on an abusive wife-beating kick, his hatred grew so much he accused her of being a mutant and wasn't all in the least bit wrong with this accusation. Her powers flared out in defense of herself and young Shane only to hospitalize her husband whom retaliated by calling his blood-hungry Friends of Humanity comrades to come and take care her and the "mutie" of a bastard. They would show too late, Abby and young Shane had already escaped.

Koby, not understanding what was transpiring refused to go with his mother and little brother, he watched quietly as his mother ran never to be seen again. At this point he is unsure what happened to them, nor is he allowed to speak of either.

His father would return from the hospital a changed, sober and angry man. He would lash out against mutants with their 'new' family the F.o.H. every chance he got even becoming a local community extremist and militia leader, going so far into it he began instructing his kid. Wasn't long after Koby would have another little brother named Robert from his fathers second wife Alice Kong. Things seemed to be returning to normal for them, relatively at least.

The change for Koby went more or less unnoticed, such a subtle power it's benefits seemed hardly noticeable at the time. He was a top athlete, excelling in any sport he applied himself to even managing to impress his forever unhappy father. A golden child he was praised, loved and of course hated. He hated back though, hated mutants, he wanted to be like his father, one day he would hunt and kill them like they deserved. He'd punish them for darkening a perfect childhood. This fostered a streak of ignorant cruelty in him.

He'd get his hands on his first mutie in his very own school, the freak had the gall to act like Koby was just like him and even go so far to touch him. A mistake, he beat the kid almost to death and was only slapped on the hand for it, time and time again he found this same kid and tormented him, life was meant to be hell for their kind and Koby reminded him of this, all of his frustrations in life seemed to be lifted as long as he had his personal punching bag around. the fighting had become more severe, more brutal… Koby was near killing his school-mate when another mutant from a neighboring school would step in, the beating switched sides. It was during one of these encounters with the 'protector mutant' that Jakob's own powers would show themselves ending with the two teenagers fighting in front of a moving bus a surge of Koby's abilities had him the accidental survivor…

A heavy and depressive shadow fell over the youth, his father of course was proud of him over the incident his son at sixteen had (unintentionally) murdered a mutant. Gregory even engineered covering the entire ordeal up. Koby on the other hand began to fall apart, became more violent and aggressive, his grades plummeted, his life had been turned inside out, he was not coping with the concept of being a murderer. Dropping out was his next best option.

Appealing to his father he was enrolled in the military at the young age of 17, a signed waiver and a slap on the back he was off… enlistment now proudly one of Uncle Sam's kids. He would prove he was his fathers son and not his mothers, not a mutant freak. Doing this would also end his career in Boxing though, something he had lost heart in anyways.

The military was hard for a kid, aside from the physical aspect he was hard pressed dealing with older soldiers. Pushed so hard he had to tap into that 'power' he'd not felt in over a year. Here and there he would use it so much so he began to display he was worthy of special recommendation, pull from his father and some friends along with his outstanding PT scores and dedication he was being nudged towards a special Black Ops unit of "mutant hunters", this was good news for him, now he could really prove his worth.

Then, the nightmare began… within the first stages of preliminary testing the truth came forward about what he was, a truth he had convinced himself wasn't what it was at all, self-conditioning had him brainwashed he wasn't a mutant, not one of those chaos causing homo-inferiors who ruined lives.

" He's a mutant. " They said calmly, cold and robot-like… his heart sunk.


These words stung his ears in violent slap, the physical ones following. He protested and soon found himself drowned in his own wails, shouting out his name, rank, serial number, screaming he wasn't one of those #@^#'d mutated freaks… this didn't help, he could only hear the truth booming from one ear to the next. " Mutie, mutant! Freak! Mutant! " Hours turned into days turned into weeks and soon over a month the next step transportation wasn't comfortable in the least, it proved only to be only more unaccommodating when the vehicle flipped, the cacophony of sounds and lights brought on a new horror. Morlocks or at least this is what they claimed… he'd see their ugly faces just before he faded. From flame to frying pan… something like that.

Morlocks, that was the name of them bouncing right out of one of H.G. Wells books they spread out around him, one even had the audacity to claim it was his little brother Shane, to say their mother died on some island named Genosha, lies… all of it of course, it had to be, mutants were liars his father had told him this much. He lashed out with abnormal might, he kicked with unbridled ferocity, struck with everything he had, and ran faster than he had in his whole life and kept running, running until it felt like his legs would break off and he'd starved himself to death. Home was not an option, friends… well, he really didn't have any, the military was after him, he was an A.W.O.L… or was he? Maybe they covered that up, who knew… nothing was left for the young man. " Private Freak reporting for duty sir! " Thats what the newspaper bin would hear before he crawled into it to sleep and hopefully wake up from this nightmare. Agony overcame him, he laid curled in a ball, his entire body was aflame with pain, his joints cried out at him, muscles felt torn and raw…

His next few weeks he traveled around like a vagabond, hunting up work where he could, living from dumpster to gutter and back again. Then the suits found him, simple instructions followed 'Go to New York, go to school and we erase you ever being a traitor to your country we'll even help cover up the fact that you're a mutant. " Pretty simple choice, Jakob went to NYC and dove into the rough hands of fate.


All of Jakob's mutant powers stem from biological manipulation, which is limited to affecting himself only. It has various uses and the limits to these he still has yet to discover in time they gradually get stronger but it has only been until recently that he even discovered them. The power was so subtle most of his life that he didn't even know he was a mutant until recently. A few of his powers work on a subconscious level while others require effort to activate.


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He was raised up with hatred and prejudice for mutants (something he still can not get past even after discovering he is one himself). The more afflicted their appearance is the more intense his feelings of animosity.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is aware of the 'murder' he committed at 16 and used this along with him being an A.W.O.L. to ensure his enrollment into Barnes Academy and ultimately transfer from the U.S. Army into S.H.I.E.L.D. Right now he is considered a trainee for being an Agent, the courses he is taking all pertain that of being an operative.

The Kincaid family has it's run of athletic excelling individuals Jakob's cousin Tara is an Olympic Gold Medal winning gymnast, Jakob himself won his Silver Gloves in the Golden Gloves Championship for the Rocky Mountain Light-Heavyweight Division in 2007 and was going to compete in the Nationals before enlisting in the military.

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