James "Tooth" Palmer
James Aaron Palmer
Portrayed By Hugh G. Gnoll
Gender Male
Date of Birth 6/21/93
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases The Instigator, Spotty
Place of Birth Medora, IN
Current Location Xavier's
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Parents
Significant Other The ASPCA
Identity Tooth
Known Abilities Feral: Teeth, claws, healing, senses, healing, bite
First Appearance Just showed up at breakfast and refused to leave.

"Someday I’m hoping to close my eyes and pretend that this crumpled up paper can be perfect again."


James is the adopted son of Indiana farmers. Getting him to talk about his pre-school days is difficult, but what he has mentioned isn’t unpleasant and he has no ill words about his parents.


Although rather growly and bitey when he first arrived, James has adjusted very well to his new life at the school. Nowadays, he revels in his role as “the hyperactive, difficult one” and is infamously known for his special brand of mischief. But under the “funny guy exterior,” James has revealed himself to be a rather loyal, loving, and protective beasty that puts his friends and team above all. He's rather like an Ace Levy / Jake Busey from the first Starship Troopers movie.

X-Force Security

James is now a member of Julian's security team. While he is not an X-Force member, he does act as a first responder when there's a problem on school grounds. [OOCly: James is considered 'on call' for security issues, fights, etc. Please page when needed.]


  • "Twice in one week! What are the odds?" (where applicable)
  • "Wrong room. Down the hall, to the left, down the stairs, out the door. Walk 'till morning." (upon meeting his roommate for the first time)
  • "I'm gonna Ultimate Nullifier your mouth!" (on making friends)


  • Is usually one of the first things new students and staff are warned to avoid.
  • Has a rumored (or not) habit of sending people to the med bay over disagreements.
  • Wears broken welding goggles on his head at all times. It's his most guarded possession.
  • Almost always cooks for himself.
  • Is not a canine.

Theme Song

"The Pretender" Foo Fighters (Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace) Video Lyrics

"Crawling" Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory) Video Lyrics

Powers & More

Most of James’ powers are linked to his beast side, giving him rather predictable mutant abilities. However, aside from being a feral, James shows a surprising amount of promise in a completely separate field that has nothing to do with being a beast.


July 01, 2010 Not-James meets with Sam to discuss team things. One Step Closer
July 03, 2010 Chloe has bad news; James has a laugh. Bad News or Good News
July 04, 2010 Not-James meets with Scott to discuss team things. Head of the Class
July 04, 2010 Not-James meets with Jinx to discuss team things. One More Down
July 05, 2010 Not-James meets with Connor to discuss team things. Ironing Out Issues
July 09, 2010 The truth about Not-James hits Robyn like a speeding car. Rush Hour
July 10, 2010 Not-James finds Robyn and Jinx in the Med bay. It's Gonna Be A Long Night
July 12, 2010 Not-James sets a trap using Robyn. Visiting Hours 1
July 12, 2010 The trap is sprung, Lucas saves the day. Visiting Hours 2
July 14, 2010 Not-James and Kenta discuss body retrival. Tales of the Body Thieves
July 15, 2010 White meat vs. Dark meat. Meeting of the Minds
July 16, 2010 James returns, Robyn is rightfully unsure. Trouble Trusting
July 19, 2010 James catches up with Jinx and Lucas. Going to the Chapel
July 21, 2010 James and Not-Connor finally meet. Nine Tenths Of The Law
July 21, 2010 Robyn and James have a heart to heart. Stay off the Moors
July 22, 2010 James shows Kenta the door—a few times. Let the Door Hit You


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