2010-03-12: James is a jerk


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Summary: After being freed, Jonothon seeks out James. Robyn finds them as they talk.

Date: 03-17-2010.

Log Title James is a Jerk.

Rating: PG-13

Xavier's woods

It's soggy out thanks to pre-spring rains, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The air is crystal clear and the woodlands quiet. Whatever is being done by James out there, Jonothon really doesn't know, but he's come looking just the same. Means his footsteps can be heard as he navigates. The squelch of mud, the brush of clothing against bare branches, but no breathing. Something is moving slowly through the woods, but not all the sounds that should be are there. Then the man stops and motions a sigh. Thought he could find you, but Jono isn't a tracker. Not without using telepathy at any rate. «James?»

A short distance away, a figure hopes up onto the rock. Judging by the wave of its arm, Jono doesn't need to worry about going toe to tow with the Windigo. Instead, something about 1/10 the effectiveness crouches down and hops off the boulder and begins to walk over. In a moment, James has caught up with with man calling to him. Jono. There's no words that simplify what the creature is feeling. No questions to be asked. Just the tilt of a head then a hug, "Welcome back."

Jonothon says nothing as that rock is jumped on. He holds his ground and silently waits. Having had a shower, and a change of clothing, the man still has his face, but otherwise looks in all ways like the Jono people have been missing. While he tries to keep his features schooled of expression, he fails fairly miserably as James approaches. Worry and concern. Then he's hugged. The air grows heavy as a remnant of Sinister kicks in. Something crawls over skin, and ruffles hair, as Jono struggles with it. He's tense a moment, then as he forces himself to relax that strange feeling on skin goes away. «..Sorry.» For the affect. «And thanks.» With that he can finally hug back. Sure feels small though. Seven feet of furry Hyena, and he's just a skinny Brit.

James feels the tension in the air and pulls back a little to give you some room, "Sorry." No reason to be, obviously. But the hyena recovers from it quickly, "Just…happy to see that we're not going to be tossing trees at one another tonight." He smiles and immediately falls into a sitting position on the ground with a wet *squalch* "That is, of course, unless you want to?" A smile from the animal as his ears perk forward. He gives you a careful study, senses listening on a different level than his ears, "You back, like, totally? I mean…I figure there's gotta be a good reason you're not locked up and making more racket than you already are." He gets a little creeped out at a thought, hackles raising, "Unless, of course, everyone else is dead and I'm the last on the list." Too much? He never knows.

A guilty look for you pulling away. Doesn't know how to explain what the problem is, so doesn't. «It's not you.» Jonothon blinks in surprise as you plop down, but then relaxes. «No, I'd rather not, but thanks.» Toss trees around. Of course he doesn't even know if he still can. When asked if he's back, the man leans forward and attempts to place a hand on your head. Not to pet, but a fond, gentle gesture. He sinks into a crouch and nods. Lips do move with his words, but the voice is wholly mental. «Yes, I'm me. Addison took care of that earlier. I'm being monitored, and I can't leave the grounds, but I'm me.» There's a smile for that everyone could be dead. Finds that funny. «Wanker.»

James grins, ears sideways in a foolish sorta expression. There's the Jono he knows. With that, that last little bit of him that wants to remind him about the beating lets the hyena have enough head space to respond to the new look, "Is this you, then? You got to keep it?" He reaches out with her big, clawed paw and lets it hover there for a moment, before resting it on the side of Jono's face, the other man's hand on James' head. He sighs, happy enough that no trees will be tossed tonight.

While the air grows prickly again for being touched, Jonothon squelches that as firmly as possible, and the air soon clears. «I think so.» Getting to keep the face. He nods, cheek moving against paw. «Still missing most the rest..» Free hand motioning to his well covered chest, but this is an improvement. «But I can't complain.» Eyes dropping, the ground is frowned at, but then Jono sinks down to sit before the Hyena. His own hand falls away, but he doesn't remove that paw. Close enough to where legs are touching. «Sorry for it all, James.»

James waves that hand that was touching his friend and looks away, "Ehh…we're okay." Little shot of a look back, "Us, you and I." Cause talking in third person would be crazy. The beast shrugs those wide shoulders of his and props himself up so he's sitting on the balls of his feet, toes pressed into the mud. "I seems to recall me doing this to you and about 98-percent of the rest of the school just last month," the teen says with a look of understanding, "I wouldn't be much of a friend if I held it against you." He smiles, but the words say more. No 'sir,' no official title. After recent events, the respect now runs a little deeper.

We're okay? The auburn head bows and Jonothon rubs at his new face. The gesture is a weary one. Put to rights, he's still suffering. Both physically and emotionally. Finally the man shakes his head. «Then you understand why.» Why he's saying he's sorry. The hand drops, and the Brit slumps there. Looks so very tired, and much in need of that hug he got earlier. Stupid Sinister programming that ruined it. He's sitting in the mud, not caring, legs folded before him tailor fashion. Can clean his pants later. Doesn't even notice the lack of sir. «You going to be okay, James?» The head lifts and he eyes the Hyena. «I took out a lot on you, and I know it.»

James mimics a little, letting his back butt up against a sapling behind him. It shakes, he doesn't notice. In a moment, he's sitting in the wet dirt as well. However, being a farm boy and a creature of strange habits, he looks more at home in the mud. Or rolling around inside a giraffe. There's another shrug, another look away, "Eh! I've had worse," he lies, "I'll be fine." His eyes focus on Jono's chest 'not' the other man's eyes, knowing that the answer he gave just isn't going to cut it. "I think I'm coming to terms with life here," he says with a glance up, "Until I can get back to norma…human…this is it. I go out, I get beat on. I come home, rest. It's…what being the good guy is about. Right?"

Jonothon doesn't buy that for a moment. Fine? «Mate, you're as bollocked as I am.» Messed up? Hell yes! Doesn't notice that his chest is being watched, and there's little there to watch. The Brit is covered in black to nearly his jawline. The costume material is still there, it's merely been altered to cover differently. Hiding away the psy-fire as it has been for months now. Shifting somewhat, he wraps arms loosely around knees. It's not at all a huddled position however. More relaxed than that. «Normal's relative. Guess it depends on what you want as normal.» Motions a sigh. "But yeah, that's what it seems to be to me. The gaps between trouble used to be longer though.»

James nods, giving that a thought, "Do you get used to it? Missing the quiet?" He snorts a little, "I honestly thought I was coming here to learn how to change back and take some classes. Not sitting out in the mud with someone I tried to kill last week." He frowns a little, which qualifies as mostly giving an unhappy look, "Again…sorry about that…I sorta lost it." He crosses his arms and raises a hand, "I know, I know…but it was my turn to apologize. I haven't today, so there's my good deed."

A dismissive motion of a hand about being sorry. Been there, done that. Let's move on. «No.» Jonothon doesn't get used to it, and he looks away. «I was twelve.» Said quietly, eyes focused on memory. «The world hasn't been quiet since I was twelve.» A shrug and he looks back. «It's like anything else bad, you deal with it or go mad. James, would you really prefer only learning to change back and taking classes?» There's more to this, but he pauses briefly, leaning back somewhat and looking up. Fingers are laced before him, knees tucked against inner elbows. «I've spent my whole life hating it, but there are good points. Problem has been I haven't been able to accept that. I need to start. Like without this mess of telepathy I have I'd never have know what your world was like. Wouldn't trade that.»

James listens, shaking his head about the learning part, "No. I had a taste that night I snuck off to the zoo. And, you know what? Everything aside, it was…well…kinda fun." He smiles, looking up, "And at the coffee place that got trashed. Taking charge? Everyone listened, and if just for a moment, I have to wonder how it would have ended if no one else had. It felt good." He nods off to the distance, nothing to say about Jono's past. The hyena has seen it, felt it. And today isn't the day to bring it up. So instead, he shrugs, "Pity you weren't here earlier. I was tracking a moose."

There's a great deal more to Jonothon's past than his telekinesis manifesting, but he spares that. Not asking means it isn't told. If there's one thing he's great at, it's not telling about things. «I don't remember anything about a zoo.» Eyeing warily. There's humor in it though, for the Brit is wondering if he has to give you detention again. «When the bollocks hits people want direction.» A shrug for it. Surprise is shown for the moose though. Jono's expression shifts and he stares at you a moment. «Moose?» No, he can't quite believe that. «Down here?» Aren't those like, in Canada? No, he's no clue.

James nods, keeping his body amazingly for his hyper kinetic self, "Yeah…after the possession thing I ran off to the zoo and helped fight a bunch of demons. SOme guy names Nastywretch or something." He snorts a little, "Seems so much longer than a month ago…" He nods off to the way he came, "Yeah. Moose. They're around. Things are HUGE! We didn't have animals that big in Indy." He shrugs, changing the subject a little, "So…you remember the other night with the food?"

On the other side Jonothon has no trouble keeping still. It's quite natural to ignore his own body for long periods of time. Is also quite surprised about the running off to the Zoo. «Christ. Talk about the worst possible time to run off, mate.» It takes real effort, but the man doesn't chide you. A month ago, and obviously no lasting damage came of it. Still, Jono worries now. He's thinking about this and thus misses the moose reply. It's only when asked of the food that he jerks his attention back. Hair lifts and hovers around his head as he feels discomfort. «Yes.» Shame there. All the hateful words. «I remember all of it, James. Including all the things I shouldn't have shown you.» For which he's very sorry.

James falls quiet for a long moment, watching a worm peak out of the mud for a moment. It's a welcome distraction from the topic at hand. And an obvious attempt to ignore it. "I try not to think about it," he eventually says. He starts to say something else, but words to explain it all come hard. Instead he keeps his eyes on the newly dug worm hole, as if the tiny dot offered refuge for someone so big. "After the possession stuff I remembered it all to. The people, the mall. The guy who owned that truck." He sighs and crosses his arms over his knees. Laying his head on his arms he looks off to the right, "All that stuff. It's march, I've been here under 3 months and I've already got post traumatic stress or something. Life has become no more than a controlled fall. Just gotta make sure I don't land on anyone and things work out."

Jonothon has been through this before. Not exactly in this manner, but he's had to work it out in the past, and that helps now. This is the only real reason that he isn't broken and sobbing in some corner. (Well, he does that too, but in private.) As the Hyena withdraws somewhat, the Brit shifts. Unworried about the mud on his clothes he knees so that he can more easily reach James. Allow and a hand settles to shoulder. «I know it feels like freefall, but you've been doing great.» Jono assures.

«Tell me. You're holding things back.» His touch has that strange prickly sensation moving over skin and fur, but he's entirely unaware of that currently. Sinister freed his restraints, and Jono lacks the means to put the demon entirely back in the bag. «Doesn't matter if it seems stupid. It's what you feel. Tell me?»

James's has no intentions of stopping Jono. The mans one of maybe three individuals that usually isn't in danger of loosing his fingers if he gets too near. But the touch does illicit a small reaction judging by the hyena's ears going sideways, "I…dunno." He shrugs, "It was so much easier telling you no before this last week. Now…well…" he looks up at Jono, big black alien eyes focusing in his, "It's a lot to take in." He cups his hands, "I mean…holy hell…I saw a lot. I mean…a lot. And I'm not talking about out fights. I'm talking about you. Your life. Part of me is like…holy fuck! And another part of me wants get mad. Another part really wants me to talk to you about it because I 'know' you need it as much as I do. And another part just wants me to curl up into a ball and check out forever." He snaps his jaw closed, "It's just…a lot to deal with."

His expression could be called heart ache. If he had been in his right mind, Jonothon would have never shared that. His pains aren't things he gives to others, for they tend to be fairly horrible. The man settles back on his heals, but that hand remains. Auburn head bowing, Jono can't reply immediately. Can't meet those eyes, but not because they are alien. No, it's because he hurt them. «The only comfort I have is that I didn't share the worst of it.» And yes, he's quite serious about that. «I can't undo this, and for that I'm sorry.»

Fingers tighten against shoulder, pulling gently at fur. The Tk feel is still aimless. It touches shoulders and upper back, sometimes working over head. Seems concentrated in a way. More around Jono's own hand, then truly random. «My life.. Christ. I've made such a mess of it. I only hope I can help you avoid making some of the same mistakes. I was telling Rashmi earlier that I've made such a bollocks of my life that I've literally nothing. No goals, no job, no family, no friends, no girl.. You guys are all I have.» Yeah, Jono's more than a little lost too. «Trying to help.. helps.»

James shrugs, hackles raising a bit under the TK movement, small bits of him twitching. It takes him a moment to realize he's not being attacked by an spastic tarantula, but afterwards he puts his paw on your hand. "Hey..if nothing else you can help me by being a worse example than me." He smiles, poking a little fun, "I mean, at this point if I wanna catch up I need to work over time. Be easier just to be nice." The other hand come up and rests on your arm, "It wasn't you that did this to me. And I won't hold it against you. And no matter what, you're back with your friends. I'll trade a few bad memories for that any day."

No, certainly not an attack. Hackles rise and it has Jonothon's expression changing. What's happening? Paw over hand and then it hits him. «Christ!» He's doing it! The effect dims immediately, and Jono looks apologetic, even as you make jokes. «Don't you dare try.» To be worse than he was. «I can tie you down and issue a few years of detention.» Don't think he won't! Looking uncomfortable as he kneels before James, a hand to the Hyena's shoulder, the Brit shakes his head. «I'm glad you don't, but you already know, it's not easy.» If anyone would understand, it's James. «Don't be afraid to ask questions either. I dumped a lot in your head. Sometimes it's hard to know what is mine or yours.» His hair is still moving though.

James, wearing his usual garb is sitting rather unapologetically in the mud. With Jono in front of him, the hyena has a hand on the man's arm, his other on the hand at his shoulder, "I will. Promise." He shrugs, "Just not today. But soon when I've had a chance to sort it all out." He shrugs, "Anything to be a hero, right?" He smiles half-heartedly, "Thought I was coming here to learn, not trade bruises with my buddies. The school brochure needs updated."

Walking back out to the woods with his hands shoved in his pockets, Robyn is feeing an odd mix of emotions. Happiness and sadness at the same time. Jono's back but he's still feeling down about Jordan. At least he knows that it's possible for them to come back. "Whose trying to be a hero?" He asks as he only hears part of the conversation. "Sorry, I didn't mean to over hear, I was just out here when I heard familiar voices."

Jonothon accepts that answer with a nod, and a smile. A proper smile to boot. Of all the students he's been worried about James the most. «Wanker.» His tone is extremely fond though, and that isn't meant as a proper insult. James, you are making him laugh, you jerk. As Robyn asks, the man looks over, and he allows his hand to fall from James' shoulder. Whether James lets go is another matter. «Heh. This idiot.» Motions to James. Trying to be a hero. «It's okay, Robyn. You aren't interrupting.» They already got the painful stuff out of the way. «Kind of a messy spot, but you're welcome to join.»

James smiles at Robyn, eye twitching for a breif second. The reason is unseen and unheard. And only Jono may be close enough to see. "Hey Robyn," the hyena says with a friendly enough greeting that is followed by, "We're just hanging out. It's cool." He looks back at the Brit, "He and I also talked about stuff a couple days ago. So, everything's cool." Everything's not so cool; the phantom smell of the near-hunt of Robyn the cause for the nervous tick.

Robyn smiles and walks over but stays standing for the moment. He's not going to plop down in the mud…yet. "Sorry, if I'm interrupting. How've you been James?" He says giving Jono a big smile. "I'm so happy your back Jono, I really am. Sorry if I didn't show it earlier but…you really do mean a lot to me and I'm glad to see that you're not…like that anymore."

As contact between the two stop, Jonothon's telekinesis calms. Touching anyone is a problem at the moment. The man's auburn hair finally settles down against his skull. Hands on knees he eyes James for that tick. Oh yes, he knows what it means, and doesn't have to be a telepath to do so. He felt what James did that day. There's a pointed look to James, but dark eyes soon shift to Robyn. «Mate, you're still missing someone. This isn't over for you. Don't go apologizing to me for that.» The smile he shares says it really is okay. «Really, I'm glad I'm back too.» He's only admitted it to James, but he remembers everything that happened while he was Jon. «What are you doing out here?»

James smiles at Robyn, "You're not. We're just hanging out." He twitches an ear idly as a bug trues to land on it. He gives a soft shrug at the other boy, "I'm fine now that we have one of our own back." He swings his head at Jono, "Jordan can't be far behind." Mr. Sensitive at work. At least he believes it, even if it was something better not mentioned.

Robyn nods at the two of them and doesn't say anything. He's been trying not to think too much about it. "Just..trying to think. Hasn't been helping but I just keep hoping it does. I hate not being able to sculpt anything." He got a tree stump done yesterday but he doesn't know what to do with it. "Did…you see him at all when you were….with Sinister? Jordan that is."

Thinking Robyn has been suppressing things rather too much, the man doesn't call the other on it. No, this isn't the place for such things. Slowly Jonothon nods, worried for Robyn. Jordan won't be far behind. Asked of seeing the other, he shrugs. «We didn't talk, I'm sorry, Robyn. I was the first one freed, and I stayed away as much as possible.» Until Sinister pulled him back for that punishment. The night he talked to James. «I saw Sklyer briefly, but that's all.» And not since the beginning. There's a glance to James, and he reaches over to try and tweak that ear. Very carefully, but playfully just the same. There's a purpose behind it. This no touch is so not beating him. Grr.

James lets the two talk. He's aware of what the missing student means to Robyn. He was willing to break lockdown on the idea that Jordon (and Jono) could be tracked. So he remains quiet for the moment. James tilts his head and grins at Jono, showing off his front teeth, "Hey…I'm not doin' nothing." He assumes he's in trouble for the previous thought, smell. For all he knows Jono can hear everything, a thought James needs to get used to; even though it's hardly true.

Robyn eventually sits down letting himself get dirty. He just nods at Jono and pulls his knees up to his chest. He's good at that, holding his emotions in. "You know I tried to stick up for you last night but for some reason Jade thinks your this horrible person, James." He says grinning at his friend as he nudges against him. "So do you think this is all gonna be over soon, now that we got you back, Jono?"

«I always assume you're thinking about making trouble.» And no, Jonothon almost never reads minds, so he's not now, but he sure can tease James about it. Spent enough time in James' head to have an idea. Hand drops from ear and there's a smile as Robyn speaks of Jade. «That's because he is a jerk to her.» Which he thinks is bad. «You really shouldn't have said that to her, mate.» During the picnic. Then it's back to serious. «That depends. They are wisely not telling me anything, and they shouldn't.» They being the other X-men. «Right now I'm in the same situation the students are. Confined to school grounds, and monitored.» Shows that comm beneath his jacket. Always monitored. «Wish I could tell you, but you might even know more than I do about their plans.»

James makes a noise at the mention of Jade, eye looking over to Jono. Robyn was spared James' speech to one of Jono's charges, but the teacher wasn't. "She's…" Another look. THe hyena isn't gong to press his luck with the snake's squad leader after what he just said, "Interesting." His ears lower at the thought of Jono — of James for that matter — being monitored. That's what you do to non-trustworthy people. Not your own. And, of course, James himself. Why ever would he deserved to be tracked?

"I don't think any of us have heard much." Robyn says, in regards to the students as he just kind of looks over at the trees. "I don't really know her, but I dunno. And James was a jerk to someone? I have a hard time believing that." He says grinning a bit as he teases his friend lightly. "I'm glad to see you up and about James, it was nice the other night." Him, James and Rashmi just spending time together.

«Yeah, he's been a right arse to the poor gel. She's a sweet girl too.» Jonothon leans back as James claims that Jade is interesting. It has him smiling. «Oh, ho.. what kind of interesting is this, mate? Girlfriend kind of interesting?» He REALLY hopes it isn't light snack kind of interesting, but he keeps that to himself. More fun to gently tease James about a girlfriend. «You know, it's a lot easier to spend time with a girl when you don't insult them.» And he should know. He's driven off every girl he's been interested in for eight years. Yes, he's been horrible. Mostly thanks to hating himself.

James nods, raising his nose to give Robyn a look down over it. It's actually a lot friendlier than it sounds, "We need to do a movie night." As for the jerk part, "Yeah…I was. She'll get over it. Probably just in time for me to do it again." He hmphs, crossing his arms, eyes narrowing at the girlfriend part, "She's too high maintenance. And..yeesh!" James tosses up his arms, "I was only being honest. She can't deal with that. Well, fine! See if I push the right button the next time she's in the same elevator." Feh!

Robyn can't help but grin as James speaks and Jono teases him. "Wait, Jade? You have a crush on Jade?" After all he didn't deny it he seemingly did the 'girls are icky' distraction thing. "I'd think you'd be a great boyfriend James. And great to snuggle with. And yes, what movie do you think we should do and when? I say the sooner the better."

There's actually laughter from the Brit as James claims Jade is high maintenance. For that brief moment it gives a glimpse of what he's feeling. Still hurting, but feeling good. For the first time in many years. Jonothon reaches out and playfully shoves at James' head. The gesture is of friends rough housing, and shows absolutely no fear of those big teeth. «Girls are suppose to be high maintenance!» He's laughing as he says it though. «And they don't want you to be honest either, mate. Especially not that way. While /I/ appreciate what you were doing, you hurt her. That was pretty low.» Bad James. Here, have a movie night. The man doesn't ask to join, for it sounds like a student thing.

James growls a little, no longer getting the joke, "I don't like her. She's a b…" He cuts short, suddenly shoved. Good timing on Jono's part. Probably save the hyena a few hours of detention for language. There's a look at Jono, "I don't care. She's a spazz." He shrugs, recrossing his arms, "I'm not interested in being anyone boyfriend. Just not worth the trouble."

"Sorry James." Robyn says noticing the growl. "But yeah, girls are high maintenance. And you're right about not being worth the trouble." Robyn agrees but probably for entirely different reasons. "So any ideas for a movie for a movie night?" Yup it's a change of topic but he feels a bit bad about teasing James to the point of growling.

Okay, the growl says it's too much, and Jonothon lets his hand drop back to his knee. The look he gives James is both understanding and apologetic. «Sorry, mate. I only meant to tease.» There's a frown at Robyn, «That was uncalled for. Is Rashmi not worth the trouble?» Knowing that Rashmi is their friend. There's nothing wrong in not wanting to date, so he lets that go. Not like he's any good advice about it. Talk shifts to movies, and the Brit carefully levers himself to his feet. The ground around him ripples gently outwards as his thoughts think to push upwards. «You should apologize to her, James.» Yet, at the same time he tries to touch the Hyena's shoulder in an apologetic manner.

James tightens those arms he's got crossed and looks away, "No." It's simple, concise, exact statement. And unwilling unmoveable. He leaves it at that. Jono does get his hand there, but the hyena is a little more tense that earlier. He's got nothing more to add to that. So just sits there giving a sprouting tree a baleful gaze that it's sure to pass on to it's future saplings.

"Rashmi…I love her as a friend but if I was straight and dating here…I don't know if I could deal with it." Robyn says with a bit of an embarrassed shrug. He doesn't even ask what James did to Jade, if they're not going to say, it's not his place to ask. It's just how he is. "But then dealing with Jordan changing once every other month isn't easy either. Mabye being with a rock would be just easier on myself." He doesn't mean it as he does love Jordan and wouldn't give up what he has with him.

Jonothon tries something new for that stubborn No. Looking down at his friend, the Brit tries to every so carefully touch that ear again. (The more he touches, the easier it gets. That and he's pretty sure it may help James too. Being a Hyena is okay. Nothing to be scared of.) «Please?» No threats, no chiding, just an earnest plea. Jono won't press the issue after that, and instead shakes his head at Robyn. «Don't discount her just because of that. We're talking about people here.» Even if the boys are pretty clueless about how girls act.

James hmphs, looking the other way, ear twitching a little, "Hmmmmm….." He's clammed up for now. And if nothing else, this one os very very stubborn. But even mountains are worn to sand eventually. "Maybe," he adds, "But I ain't taking anyone on a date. She can kiss my fuzzy butt."

Robyn is a bit lost but he just looks between Jono and James. "Noone saying you have to take anyone on a date James." He pushes some of his hair back out of his face and just looks up at the sky for a bit. It's hard to say something when you feel like you don't know half the converation.

Hmm! There's something to this. Maybe he will press. «For me?» Yes, he's being a right stinker about this. «I'm only asking for an apology. No dating involved.» Jonothon promises. Ear left alone, he lets that arm drop to his side. Hair and clothing is tugged by unfelt breezes as he shakes his head at both of you. There really isn't a half conversation going on here, and if there is, Jono doesn't know it either. There is a good deal between him and James thanks to what Jon did, but they haven't opened that can of worms yet. «Asking for apologies is as far as it goes.» Said with a little smile. «You date who you want, when you want. Certainly don't need my permission or supervision.»

James shakes his head 'no,' but doesn't say any…yeah he does, "Why should I apologize for being honest? If she'd just listened to me instead of getting all offended you might have gotten out of that room sooner." He frowns, unimpressed as things begin to go downhill a bit, "Lets drop it, okay? 'Supposed to be a happy moment. We know we can get our friends back. Lets concentrate on that, not some reptile's hurt feelings."

Robyn reaches over and puts a hand on James's shoulder and squeezes gently. "Sorry, sure, happier stuff is fine by me." It means putting the negative stuff on the back burner to be forgotten, what's wrong with that? "I've also noticed things have been fairly quiet, I haven't heard of any attacks since the whole…Pheonix thing. Three days, that's gotta be a record right now."

«Why?» Hair flows back from his face, for there's a frown growing. Disapproval, and not anger. «Because you purposely hurt her, James. You coldly used her, and then told her that she was only a tool. Of course she got offended.» Sorry, not letting it drop. «How could you feel if I'd said you didn't matter to me? That I used you only to save others when I attacked? Would we be here now if I hadn't apologized?» He did it, why can't James? «You went and hid after that attack for it hurt you deeply. I used you. I hurt you. It isn't okay if you hurt, but it is when it's someone else? James…» Chiding disappointment. «You aren't five.»

No more touches now. Jono looks to Robyn with that same disapproval, but his words are for James. «I can't make you, but think about it?» Motioning a sigh he can't actually make, the man looks off. «Enjoy your movie night, mates.» Thinking he's not invited. «I think I'm going inside.» Happier topics indeed.

James passes a look between you both, stands, shakes out his clothes and starts walking down that path he usedwhen Jono appeared, "I got homework." It's all he says, but he's walking in the wrong direction for anything scholastic oriented, "Enjoy your night." He gives Robyn a passing nod, ears shifting backwards as he ambles down what will be a game trail in a few months.

At the disapproving look, Robyn pushes himself up and just looks at the two. He feels like he's being made to feel guilty for wanting to focus on something good but he doesn't say anything. "I'm..I'm gonna go. You guys have a good night. Find me when you want to do a movie night." He says walking off, not towards the school, but away from it.

Left there to stand on the rain sodden earth, Jonothon tucks hands into pockets as people escape. No, no attempt to stop anyway, but he does watch both go. Will have to try and talk to both once heads have cooled a little. Siiigh. Thoughts shift to the last week, and he can't really be surprised that asking didn't go over well. Hard to be level headed when everyone is hurting. After a moment, he heads for the school as well.

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