James Proudstar aka Warpath
Portrayed By Michael Greyeyes
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1985
Age 25
Aliases Warpath
Place of Birth Campe Verde
Current Location X-Mansion
Occupation X-men/Mutant/Teacher
Known Relatives John Proudstar (deceased), Maria Proudstar (deceased), Neal Proudstar (deceased)
Significant Other None current
Known Abilities Superset: Strenght, Speed, Durability, Staminia, Agility; Heightened Senses; Flight
First Appearance New Mutants #16, 1st series

"I don't want to be a killer. But I have no choice."


The life of James Proudstar was, oft times, driven by vengeance. Born an Apache, on the Camp Verde reservation, James grew up idolizing his brother John. John fought in the middle east while serving in the military and after returning, he would discover Dr. Martynec’s mistreatment of his people, including their mother. James followed his brother along in this, but later John would join up with the X-men and, through a bad choice of his own, he would die trying to stop Count Nefaria. James would not know this truth for years to come and sought vengeance against the X-men. Emma Frost would learn of this desire for vengeance and this made him a good candidate for her Hellion’s, students of her Massachusetts Academy, a team that would oft times be at odds with Xavier’s New Mutants.

Of his own accord during his stay with the Hellions, James struck out on his own to confront the X-men, and was added by then teammates Roulette, Empath, and Firestar. Donning his brothers costume, he managed to capture Banshee in his plot and when finally faced with the opportunity to kill Professor Xavier, James found he couldn’t do it. Learning the truth then, he still returned to the Hellions and eventually became their team leader. However, without his desire for vengeance, he found he had no purpose staying the Hellions and would return home to Camp Verde.

Eventually, he would meet with Cable, who offers James the chance to join the New Mutants, whom he had taken control of in recent months. While visiting with Cable to discuss the possibility of joining his team, his entire reservation was slaughtered. Upon his return, he found a soldier’s mask which made it look like the work of the Hellfire Club and the Hellions. Assuming the later, Warpath agreed to join with the New Mutants to exact revenge on his former teammates.

During his tenure with X-Force, he would develop a crush on his teammate Siryn, daughter of Banshee. Teresa was an alcoholic and co-dependent and needed James’ friendship as much as he wanted her. She knew that James wanted her for more and was confronted by Cable for leading him on, but she explained that she needed the friendship as well. Through it all, James would help Teresa with her alcoholism but nothing more would develop between them. Though, at one point James is pulled into a hell where Stryfe tries to use James soul in exchange for his so that he can return to the world of the living. While the rest of his team joins him in hell, its Teresa’s connection in the world of the living that gives him his greatest strength in Hell.

As Teresa spurs James advances, he eventually runs into Risque and the two have a hot affair, traveling across the country together. It is during this phase in his life that he gets the tattoo of a giant thunderbird on his massive back. Despite spurring him, this makes Teresa jealous, but other teammates of X-Force point out to her that she is the one who let him get away. It comes to the point that James confronts Teresa with this and his choice in staying with Risque. Though, it turns out Risque was using him to drug him and deliver him to a mutant named Sledge, a friend of the Vanisher. More aware of James’ power levels than himself, Sledge knows he’s the only mutant that can survive travelling into a strange dimension where the Vanisher is trapped. James is hurt by this betrayal and even after Risque tells him the feelings were real despite the betrayal, he can’t bring himself to be with her again.


New addition to X-men and current co-Leader of an X-Squad, the Hellions.


James is just returning from X-Corporation business in Mumbai, India.


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James's primary ability has always been his strength, it currently expresses itself at about the leaving of being able to dead lift 75 tons, but the extent of this has never been tested.


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