James 'Multiple Man' Madrox
James 'Jamie' Arthur Madrox
Portrayed By Andrew Keegan
Gender Male
Date of Birth ??
Age Mid to late 20's
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Multiple Man, Madrox
Place of Birth Los Alamos, New Mexico
Current Location New York City
Occupation Adventurer, Attorney, Private Investigator, Laboratory Assistant, Farmer, Professional Gymnast(rad), Shaolin Monk (rad), Episcopalian Minister (dupe), Coroner's Assistant (rad), Actor, (rad), Magicians Assistant (rad) Lawyer (rad), & SHIELD Agent(dupe)
Known Relatives Dr. Daniel Madrox (father, deceased)Joan Madrox (mother, deceased) Sean Madrox ("son"/infant duplicate) John Maddox (duplicate) Cortex (duplicate, re-absorbed)
Significant Other ???
Identity Public
Known Abilities Kinetic Duplication
First Appearance Giant Sized Fantastic Four #4 1975


James Madrox was the only son of two researchers working at the Los Alamos Research, Center in New Mexico. In the course of their work, his parents were exposed to enough specific radiation to produce subtle alterations in their genetic material. Thus their son was born a mutant. Moments after birth, Madrox's power became evident: when the doctor spanked him, the concussive force caused him to multiply into two identical physical beings. (The second self merged with the first in a few minutes.) Shaken by the bizarre phenomenon, on the advice of Professor Charles Xavier, the Madrox family moved to a farm on Kansas where they could raise the boy in privacy. Dr. Madrox created a special suit for his son which insulated the boy from kinetic forces over the critical threshold point which caused replication, and forced the boy to wear it constantly. As Madrox grew up, he was not aware of his mutant power, but only of the strangeness of his being forced always to wear the same clothes.

Jamie was the only child of Daniel and Joan Madrox, two researchers working out Los Alamos, New Mexico. Moments after birth, Madrox power was apparent - when the doctor spanked him the concussive force made the infant multiply in two, becoming two identical beings. Shaken his parents sought out the advice of Charles Xavier, this then led to them moving to a farm in Kansas. Madrox grew up at this point, unaware of his powers yet confused on why he was always forced to wear the same clothes (A special suit that insulated his body against kinetic forces) at the age of 15 a freak tornado would kill his parents (supposedly created by a man named Damian Tryp whom claimed to be of the same 'species' as Jamie which he refers to as killcrops or changelings).

Jamie spent the next six years alone caring for the family farm. When he was 21 a malfunction in his suit caused him to release his inhibited powers. Confused, frightened and near crazy from isolation, he was drawn to New York City. There, he would encounter and go head to head with the Fantastic Four, Xavier again appearing in his life to defuse the situation. With help of Reed Richards, Madrox suit was repaired and he accompanied Xavier back to Westchester where his temporary madness was cured, declining an invite to join the X-Men he would instead travel to Muir Island and become Moira MacTaggards lab assistant.

There he would battle several threats such as Eric the Red and Proteus, in this time he would also be offered another place amongst the X-Men again declining to stay with Moira and Banshee, which ulitmately lead to getting close with Banshee's daughter; Siryn.
In this time he would only leave briefly (or at least a dupe would), once on a search for Sunspot and Warlock (two missing members of the New Mutants), then later to join a group of mutant runaways lead by Vanisher called the Fallen Angels (around this timeframe, Theresa would became a romantic interest) the true nature of the Fallen Angel group would spell it's own downfall as they were really aliens intent on curing their own stalled evolution through experiments on mutants. This dupe would return to Scotland with Siryn, yet having no desire to be reabsorbed he would somehow create a dupe of his own sending it, instead.

Jamie was one of the residents of Muir Island who came under mental control of the Shadow King during the villian's takeover. Following Shadow King's defeat (Jamie aided the X-Men in this) Madrox agreed to join Havok and Polaris in the government sponsored X-Factor team.
It would seem, the dupe who had earlier joined the Fallen Angels had now found a place amongst another team called the Nasty Boys, super-powered mercenaries employed by Mister Sinister himself. With help from Ricochet the duplicate convinced the Nasty Boys and even Madrox himself that he was the original. Madrox gave in, let the dupe absorb him - this was a ruse, Madrox himself proved to be the dominant and was able to stop Sinister.

Encounters after this he would team with Quicksilver to investigate the mutant Rhapsody, team up with X-Factor and X-Men to capture Cable's X-Force (among them was Siryn who confronted him about their relationship with the renegade dupe, he claimed he had no emotional attachment though he retained the memories).

Madrox remained a member of X-Factor for many months, until a mission in the country of Genosha had him contracting the Legacy Virus after giving CPR an infected Genoshan (having absorbed his dupe and being infected himself). Shortly after he killed Mellencamp in self defense, fought dopplegangers in the Infinity War and was taken by the Goddess along with Wolfsbane for the Infinity Crusade.
Madrox would succumb to the Legacy Virus, seemingly dying.

It would be revealed the Multiple-Man had not died, but was alive and suffering amnesia from the death of his Virus afflicted dupe.

Rediscovered working for the U.S. Government as a sort of one man terrorist army by the rest of X-Factor he returns with them, only to remain amongst their ranks until they disband learning the government was only using them spurred on even more so by the apparent death of their leader, Havok.

Following the disbanding of X-Factor, Jamie went back to Muir Island, reuniting with Moira and Wolfsbane. Subsequently he worked in Genosha for Professor X monitoring the situation there after Magneto's rise.

Following this he became staff for Banshee's paramilitary X-Corps organization. Madrox creating duplicates that function as staff with duties ranging from communication to gunship pilots. X-Corps would be later restructured after Mystiques murderous rampage, becoming X-Corporation, a global mutant search and rescue organization. After the death of Darkstar on account of Weapon XII, Madrox would move on from X-Corporation. Striking out on his own.

This would lead him back to New York City and Mutant Town where he has currently set up shop as a private detective. Having invited Wolfsbane and Strong Guy to come join him. Several of his duplicates he had in past time returning to be -reabsorbed, namely a Shaolin Monk and an Olympic Gymnast.



His power is the ability to create perfect duplicates, or "dupes", of himself, and all items on his person (clothing, weaponry, et cetera) through impact when he absorbs kinetic energy (although this sometimes has happened at will) through an unknown process. Most of the time, this is caused by him snapping his fingers, stomping his foot, being struck, or collisions. Each of the duplicates has the exact same power as Jamie himself, and has independent thought, though Madrox "Prime" is usually telepathically and emphatically linked to the dupes. His powers have, at least once, been shown to affect the actual design of the shirt he was wearing.

Jamie "Prime" can absorb a dupe, back into himself at will, which also makes him osmos the memories, knowledge, and skills of the duplicate. The dupe usually appears right beside the body it "springs" from.

Originally his limit was around forty duplicates but as over the years this number has increased. Duplicates have independent minds from the original, but are usually willing to merge back because their memories and knowledge are retained. However, there have been exceptions where duplicates have wished for independence completely, even going so far as to have malicious duplicates intending great harm to the Prime.

As a last ditch effort, Madrox's abilities can be used to deadly effect, such as when Madrox jammed his hand into Mellencamp's mouth and activated his power, creating a duplicate inside Mellencamp and exploding him from the inside out.

Madrox's duplicates can perish without long term physical harm to himself.

Madrox also uses merging with his duplicates as a form of healing. Originally, uninjured dupes "shared" the damage when they merged. If an injured Madrox or dupe merged with an uninjured version, the "new" version had an injury half as severe as the original injury. This method may depend upon the severity of the injury, such as when the M-tattooed dupe sent his scarring to the original.

As a consequence of splitting into multiple selves, Jamie has accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge and experience, along with some confusion over which Jamie did what. For example, although he says his duplicates have had active sex lives, he is not sure whether the main Jamie ever has. Because of the infinite nature of his powers, his duplicates can potentially represent a variety of aspects of his character and to varying extents.

**Previously Jamie had a max amount of dupes of 40, recently it's been confirmed to be around 50.



One of Jamie's duplicates is a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent and an acting member of Barnes Academy staff, he refers to himself as a 'Co-Original' and doesn't like being called a dupe. This one is fully independent and was sent out to study and learn espionage. In addition to Jamie's usual skills he also includes the following such as concealment, bugging, use and maintenance of spy gear, lip reading, security systems, lock-picking, shadowing and stealth, electronics, analysis and ciphers, climbing and hand to hand ('Agent' MAdrox does not have the Shao-Lin knowledge,skills or abilities nor does he have gymnastics at the same level as the original those were all re-absorbed AFTER his own 'conception').


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