Janice "Joystick" Yanizeski
Janice Olivia Yanizeski
Portrayed By Jessica Biel
Gender Female
Date of Birth ????
Age Mid 20's
Zodiac Sign ???
Aliases Joystick
Place of Birth ???
Current Location Mobile
Occupation Professional Criminal
Known Relatives ???
Significant Other N/a
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Coming Soon
First Appearance Amazing Scarlet Spider #2 (Dec, 1995)

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Janice Olivia Yanizeski's past is relatively unknown. some of what is known about her history is that father, Walter Yanizeski, was a rather heavy gambler. At the age of thirteen she discovered where her father kept his secret stash of money and later on Janice too, would end up a gambler getting herself caught up in debt. In order to pay off what she owed she had the collectors beat her father and take his stash. Janice learned this from her father; he had always tried to teach her how to keep an ace up her sleeve - to always have a plan of escape.

Sometime down the road in life Janice is a student at the University of Arizona and around the time of her sophomore year she had a life changing experience, which resulted in the apparent staged "death" of herself. The boring Janice was out the window and the new one was a daredevil, a thrill-seeker and quite the spitfire. Then as quickly as she had blossomed into "life" she would dissappear.

Three years pass and a new face reappears: Joystick. Janice had taken on a superhuman alter alias, one that suited her action junkie lifestyle, which had become even more action packed. She was now a participant in the so-called "Great Game" sponsered by a corporate head named, Chu Chi-Huan of Chi-Huan associates. As part of this game it was common place for combatants to hunt down targets assigned to them (sometimes these were sponsered enemy fighters) and by defeating them and taking their masks they would earn points. Joystick had previously defeated El Toro Negro and then attacked and the Scarlet Spider (who was estimated at being worth 1,500 points to 2,000) in what she called a warning skirmish.

This battle was interrupted by a Green Goblin (Phil Urich). Retreating before more fighting could be done she would later be tracked down by the Goblin. Finding a note meant for the Scarlet Spider to meet her in a battle at a Power Plant, Goblin shared this with the Scarlet Spider and was basically told he wanted no part in it. Going alone the Goblin sought out Joystick only to engage in a fight with her. The Scarlet Spider then appeared to back up the Green Goblin. Joystick aggressively engaged Scarlet in combat, leaving her open for the now rogue El Toro Negro who attacked and battered her savagely. Green Goblin who had been infatuated with her swept in and saved her, letting her escape with reward of a kiss.

A second fight would follow between Joystick and Ben Reilly later on, this was while he was acting as Spider-Man, Janice had no idea about this and excited thought she was battling the real Spider-Man, a melee broke out, Kaine who had been the original intended Great Game contestant became involved, the fight ended with Spider-Man (Ben) defeating Joystick.

It was revealed that El Toro Negro was killing everybody who had any form of connection to the Great Game, players and sponsers. Spider-Man had been tracking him and ended up encountering Joystick again swapping a few punches until she explains Chu Chi-Huan has gone missing before she escapes. Later on, she would aid Spider-Man in battling El Toro Negro who claims he lost intentionally against Joystick so he could kill off the sponsers, so that Justine Hammer - Johnsmeyer's backer - would move on with their interests. Spider-Man transmits this to all sponsers of the Game, ending it.

It would seem unfortunately, boredom was about to hit the life of Janice once again as the Great Game ended and she lost her job with Chi-Huan's dissappearance. Joystick was not content with this and fell in with Justine Hammer - at the time known as "Crimson Cowl" - enlisting into her version of the Masters of Evil. Joystick wanted to make up for all the lost cash after the fall of the Game. Unfortunately for her, she would be taken down by Songbird trapping her in a solid sound bubble then proceeding to rattle her off the walls. Her fellow Masters of Evil brought down by Hawkeye, Charcoal and Jolt. Left naked and humilated with the rest of her teammates as the Thunderbolts stole their costumes to infiltrate closer to Crimson Cowl (the rest were not naked, only she was since apparently she likes to go commando).

Once again the Great Game is active again and Joystick is a part of it. Recently she has been informed the Thunderbolts have reformed and each of them is worth 1,000 points. What she doesn't know is there is a hidden agenda going on behind the Game.


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