January 2010 Logs

Total Number of Logs for January 2010 - 151

January 01 Which is Which? Aestuo, Bullet, Elastica, Faith, Instinct, Kalindi, Primal, Silent Image, and Wave R
January 01 Guilt Topher, Trey, Owen and Dallas PG-13 (violence)
January 02 Midnight Mentoring Julian and Dallas PG
January 02 So You Got Something New Robin and Robyn PG
January 02 Three Girls and a Guy Annalisa, July, Kenta and Rashmi PG
January 03 Difference of Opinion Dallas, Rashmi and Robyn PG
January 03 Magic Is Not Just Fantasy Dante and Ethan PG
January 03 That's the Problem Leo and Nathaniel R
January 03 Making Waves Robyn, Mikhail, Lucas and Dallas PG-13 (violence, language)
January 03 Fire Bad Mikhail and Robyn PG
January 04 With Great Power Jeremy and Maxwell PG
January 04 Weight Room Chatter Dallas and Robyn PG
January 04 Return from Vacation Daisuke, Eddie and Jared PG
January 04 Snack Talk and Smack Talk Dallas, Rashmi and Trey PG
January 05 First Impressions Kaden and Ethan PG
January 05 Too Friendly Maxwell, Pudge, and Stephen G
January 05 Asking For Help Rob and Robyn PG
January 05 Trans-gender Student Union? Leighton and Skyler R
January 05 Caress of Water Drew and Ethan R
January 05 This Speaks Volumes Rashmi, Lucas, Aleksey and Dallas PG-13
January 05 I Can Has Chaperone? Kael and Owen G
January 05 Best Friends United Daisuke and Skyler PG
January 06 Exposing Tattoos Mikhail and Robyn PG
January 06 Heat in the Kitchen Leighton, Lucas, Mikhail and Dallas PG
January 06 Know Your Role Rashmi, Coyote and Dallas PG
January 07 Table for Three Robyn, Jordan and Dallas PG
January 07 Book Exchange Lucas and Rashmi PG
January 07 Meeting in a New Light Gabriel and Jeremy PG
January 07 It's No Big Deal Dallas and Robyn PG
January 07 Tea for Two Xane and Ethan PG
January 07 Hi Neighbor Zack, James, and Dallas PG
January 08 Language Differences Aleksey and Zack PG
January 08 Heya Roomie Robyn and Zack PG
January 08 Smell of People Daisuke and Mikhail PG
January 08 Making The Scene Ben and Jean-Paul PG
January 08 Being Teenagers Dallas. Lucas, Rashmi and Robyn PG
January 08 Mental Mishaps Leighton and Topher R (language)
January 09 Breakfast of Champions Lucas and Rashmi PG
January 09 Battle of Batroc The Leaper Coyote, Dallas, Leighton, Robyn and Zack R (Violence)
January 09 Apologies Ethan and Kaden PG
January 09 Country Song In The Making Julio and Jean-Paul PG
January 10 Fired Up Lucas and Scout PG
January 10 All's Fair... Lucas, Rashmi, Robyn and Dallas PG
January 10 2010-01-10 S.H.I.E.L.D or S.W.O.R.D. Keld PG
January 10 Old School Cyclops and Dallas PG
January 11 A Hero Reborn Ben, Jean-Paul and Dante PG-13
January 11 Pointed Conversation Kenta, Jean-Paul and Julio PG
January 12 Confusion to the Enemy Dallas, Lucas and Rashmi PG-13
January 12 Family Reunion Christopher, Jericho and Jet PG
January 12 Playing in the Park Jeremy and Jet PG
January 12 New Words Leighton, Mikhail, and Zack PG
January 13 Intro to Danger Part 1 Brian and Dallas PG
January 13 Overflow Robyn, Lucas and Dallas R
January 13 Spillover Rashmi, Lucas and Dallas PG
January 14 Rocky Starts Rashmi and Robyn PG
January 14 More Confusion Lucas and Dallas PG-13
January 14 Investigation July PG
January 14 To Protect Christopher PG
January 14 To Belong James PG
January 14 To be Rid of Fear Lucas PG
January 14 To be Understood Nathaniel PG
January 14 To Balance the Scales Topher PG
January 15 Inferno Ignited Alessia,Pudge, Stephen, Maxwell and Ethan R
January 15 Empathic Puppetry Addison, Jonothon, Nathaniel, Rashmi, and Zack R
January 15 Things in Common Addison and Jonothon PG
January 15 The Chaos Begins Dallas, Mikhail, Robyn and Trey PG-13
January 15 The Stars Against the Demon DJ and Kenta PG-13
January 15 Gremilins Keld and Nathaniel PG
January 15 Interlude With Yoghurt Max, Kael and Dallas PG
January 16 The Text Message Jono, Mikhail, Rashmi and Robin R
January 16 Meet Me At the Gershwin Lucas, Instinct, Nathaniel, Summoner and Psyche R
January 16 A Thread of Faith Rashmi and Lucas PG-13
January 17 Breakout Jordan, Lucas, Mikhail, Rashmi, and Robyn R
January 17 The Ride Home Dallas, John, Mikhail, Rashmi, Robyn and Zack PG-13
January 17 Troubles With Dealing Dallas, Jonothon, Mikhail, Rashmi, Robyn and Zack R
January 17 Healing and Truths Dallas, Leo and Robyn R
January 17 Pure, Cleansing Light Leo and Nathaniel R
January 18 Promise of Hope Rashmi and Jonothon PG
January 18 Back Together Rashmi and Lucas PG
January 18 Truth and Consequences Mikhail and Dallas PG-13
January 18 Weights and Measures Robyn and Dallas PG
January 18 A Day Later Leo and Nathaniel PG
January 19 I Can Help You Forget Addison and Robyn PG-13
January 19 Forgiven Rashmi and Nathaniel PG
January 19 Hello! My Name is "MIKE" Mike, Aleksey, Jonothon, and Leo G
January 19 Being Human Mikhail and Robyn PG-13
January 19 Not Quite Forgiven Nathaniel and Robyn R
January 19 Clearing Your Thoughts Addison and Dallas PG
January 19 Overwhelming Addison and Julian PG
January 19 Mauled James Quinn Rashmi and Jono PG-13
January 19 Robyn Redux Mike, Richard and Dallas PG
January 20 Field Test Jeremy, Keld, Trey, Mikhail and Dallas R
January 20 Wasting Time Robyn and Dallas PG
January 20 Markings Rashmi, Jono, Mike and Skyler PG
January 20 To Save A Demon? Rashmi, Lucas, Skyler, Jono, Zack and Mike PG-13
January 21 The Powder Keg Has Been Lit Mike, Mikhail, Rashmi and Robyn PG-13
January 22 Freaky Friday Robyn, Dallas, Richard and Skyler PG
January 22 Coming to Grips Robyn, Dallas, and Rashmi PG
January 22 Getting A Grip Mike and Jono PG-13
January 22 Accepting Ben and Jean-Paul R
January 22 Cleaning Wounds Mikhail and Dallas PG
January 22 I Said No Mayo James and Quinn R
January 23 Not the Man I Married Christopher and Jericho R
January 23 Kindred Spirits Mike, Cloud and Dallas PG
January 23 Just a Normal Saturday Cloud, Trey, Mike, Rashmi, Jono, Zack and Robyn PG
January 23 Later, the Same Day Daisuke, Nathaniel, Rashmi, Evan, and Mike PG
January 24 Cleansing of the Spirits Tsunami, Primal, and Wildfire R
January 24 Waiting Things Out Robin, and Robyn PG-13
January 24 Film at 11 James PG-13
January 25 Twins or Aliens Richard, and Robyn PG
January 25 Regrouping Ethan, and Kaden PG
January 25 Raising Spirits Ethan, and Xane PG
January 25 Gain vs. Loss Hank, Jonothon, Lucas, Rashmi, Scott, Trey, Van, and Zack R for death
January 25 Coincidental Gatherings Chezlie, Skyler, Heather, and Mike G
January 25 Altering The Deal Siegfried R
January 26 Breaking Stuff Jonothon and Robyn PG
January 26 Things Destroyed Dallas and Robyn PG-13
January 26 From Nowhere Jennifer, Najji, Quintessa, Scout, and Shiro. PG
January 27 Too Tired? Addison and Jonothon PG
January 27 Breaking Barriers Dallas and Jericho PG
January 27 Fetching the Runaway Jonothon, Robyn and Van PG
January 27 Forgiveness and the Lack Thereof Lucas, Robyn and Dallas PG
January 27 Car Talk Mikhail, Mike and Rashmi G
January 27 Seeking Shelter Van and Jet PG
January 27 A Green Visitor Jennifer, Jonothon, Chezlie, Zack, and Leighton PG
January 27 Meet Miss Eep Magneto, Rashmi and Mike G
January 28 Silly Silly Girl Pietro and Quintessa PG
January 28 Olive Branch Dallas and Robyn PG
January 28 Epistolary Exchange Dallas and Wyatt PG
January 28 A-Science and Battery Dallas and Wyatt PG-13
January 28 She Came From Another World Jennifer and Quintessa PG-13
January 28 Spiritual Gathering Dmitri, Drew, Ethan and Kaden PG
January 28 Oversharing Mike, Lucas and Rashmi PG-13
January 29 Rogue's Challenge Shiro and Siegfried PG
January 29 Putting It All On The Table Dallas and Rashmi PG
January 29 You Have A Choice Mikhail and Robyn PG
January 29 Kitchen Surprises Annalisa, Jonothon, Jordan, July, Rashmi and Robyn PG
January 29 Zoo Rumble Bullett, Kazhurr, Northstar, Quicksilver, Tooth, and Pete Wisdom R
January 30 Medbay Reunion Jordan and Robyn PG
January 30 Megachiroptera Umbragenix Owen, Jared, Mike, and Rashmi PG-13
January 30 a fugue on fitting in Dallas, Owen, Jonothon, Mike, and Mikhail PG
January 30 Driving Lessons? Mike and Mikhail G
January 30 Crash and Burn Leo, Nathaniel, and Owen R (for language) and sub-rated A for MASSIVE ANGST
January 30 The New Doctor Doc, Hank, James, Jono, Rashmi, Rogue, and Van PG-13
January 30 Not Quite Family Magneto, and Pietro Pg-13
January 31 AWOL Adam, Trey PG-13
January 31 Plains Talk Eddie, Dallas PG
January 31 TV Is Not A Mentor Mikhail, Robyn and Dallas PG-13
January 31 Seeking Balance Ben, Julio and Jean-Paul PG
January 31 Gas on the Fire Mikhail, Lucas, Rashmi, Jonothon and Doc PG-13
January 31 Getting a Bite James, Quinn and Rashmi PG-13
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