Jared Stone
Jared Stone
Portrayed By Trent Ford
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 12, 1993
Age 15
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Jer,
Place of Birth San Deigo, CA
Current Location Salem Center, New York
Occupation Runaway, Student
Known Relatives Janice Mayfair (Grand-Mother), David Mayfair (Grand-Father), Jerica Mayfair (Aunt), Jet Mayfair (Uncle), Jordan Mayfair (Another Ungle), Andrea Stone (Mother, Desceased), Jericho Parker-Mayfair (Father), Christopher Parker-Mayfair (Father's Husband), Edward Parker-Mayfair (Brother)
Significant Other Daisuke (Boyfriend)
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Life Sense, Healing, Enhanced Physical Abilities
First Appearance Are you my Daddy?


Life never happens the way one expects it too. There are always those surprises that come with life that change everything. For instance, a single night with a handsome young man named Jericho changed the life of Andrea Stone forever. A promising young medical student preparing to start her residency Andrea found she was pregnant. The father of her child was still a teenager, and Andrea did not want to burden him with a child, so she chose to take her residency with a hospital in San Diego California. Head strong, and defiant to the last she made the choice to raise her child alone, and not to tell his father about his existence.

Jared Stone was born at midnight on a new moon. Childbirth is a difficult, and painful, process for most mothers but Jared's birth was different. Strangely fast and almost free of pain he came into the world a perfectly healthy baby boy. Jared had an almost normal life, the only child of a single mother he was on his own often and at a young age showed a certain aptitude for physical activities. When it came to development of motor skills, and balance Jared was ahead of the curve, enough so that as soon as he was old enough his mother placed him in gymnastics classes.

Jared was always at the top of his game, and from an early age was at the top range when it came to physical abilities for anyone his age. His coaches both in school, and the activities his mother enrolled him in outside of school so he did not spend too much time alone at home while she worked all agreed that if he focused he could end up on the Olympic team for any sport he choose, and of course he choose Gymnastics. Not because he really liked the sport, or even was that much better at it than anything else, but because that is where he was able to see the one real friend he had.

Leonardo Osborne was happy, bright, blond, and an almost exact opposite of the moody dark haired Jared but at the same time was the one person he called a friend. The two met for the first time because of Gymnastics, and had made plans to both be on the US team by the year 2012. In the last year Jared had been getting periodic headaches, which he hid from his mother afraid she would run him in for huge numbers of tests and force him to give up on his Olympic dream. Every time he went to his Gymnastic practices he would start to get a strange feeling around Leo, as if there was something different about him, that left him extremely distracted right up until Christmas break when his friend simply disappeared, sent off to some strange private school for seemingly no reason.

His headaches, the first real pain Jared had ever felt since he has gone his life without breaking a bone or ever getting sick a day in his life, had made Jared more and more moody and easy to anger. With the added disappearance of his only friend has made him more likely to yell and scream out every frustration, especially when dealing with his mother, leading to what would be the worst day of his life. February 2nd 2009 started like many days, Jared awoke early working on homework he should have done the night before, his mother running late, and an inevitable argument about Jared's grades and his mother never being there. At school Jared had a pop quiz in math he failed spectacularly, an argument with an over muscled jock that turned into a fight, and finally a suspension because he let his anger out and injured the star quarter back the day of a major game. Jared was more than ready to pour every bit of anger and frustration into his gymnastics practice that afternoon, but never had the chance when he was met at his coaches by a police officer and one of his mother's coworkers.

Only a few hours earlier a gang fight had lead to several people being taken into the ER where Jared's mother worked with gunshot wounds. There several members of rival gangs ran into one another again, and a second fight started that day leading to the severe injury of a nurse, the deaths of several gang members, and a doctor that was trying to get innocent bystanders out of danger. Andrea Stone was the only family that Jared had, and between her death and the guilt over his last words to her the young man simply lost consciousness. At least, that’s what the people that witnessed it thought. In reality, the stress of the day helped to trigger Jared's latent mutation, and the sudden ability to sense the life force of everyone near him overwhelmed the boy.

Jared awoke, emotionally numb and unsure of himself, to a new world. Gymnastics meant nothing to him anymore, he had no family no friends and was being placed into foster care while the authorities tried to find some next of kin he has never met. Allowed to get things from his home he found his mother's diary, and in it a secret he had never known…his father was still alive and it was his mother that left him. Jared read about his father, what little his mother knew while she was still keeping tabs on him, and why she choose not to tell him that he had a son. He did not know if he would really want to live with his biological father, or if he would even want to know him. All Jared knew is that he wanted to meet his father, to know who he was before the 'Authorities' just dumped him on the man. For that reason he has spent weeks preparing, learning what he could, and tracking down every person named Jericho Mayfair in the New York area.

The sudden appearance of the strange dome over the city of Los Angeles gave Jared the distraction he needed to escape from his keepers, and start the long trip to New York. It has taken him time, and a great deal of effort to stay undetected while making his way across the country. His trip has made things clear to him, the first of course being that he is a mutant. After being shot in Reno Nevada, stabbed by a trucker in Kansas, and even hit by a bus in Ohio Jared has learned that he his powers not only heal injured people around him, but heal him as well. Despite the frightening stories being told about the invasion in New York he fears the reaction of his father more than being attacked by rogue super beings.



  • "Bite Me!"
  • "I have been stabbed, shot, and hit by a bus, and that was just in the last month. You know what really gets me steamed? Two of the three were because I used my powers to help someone!"


  • Jared loves Cranberrys, and always laughed at how much his mother hated them.
  • Jared is left-handed, but right eye dominent.
  • Jared knows his biological father lives in New York state, and is currently looking for him.
  • Jared has no loving realtive on his mother's side, and wants to actually meet his father before he drops the news that he has a kid.
  • Jared is a near Olympic level Gymnast that had a shot at the 2012 games.
  • Jared is secretly a superhero fan boy.


Life Sense: Jared has the ability to sense living things within about 30 feet of him. He is still learning just how he can use this power, but has learned a couple of things about it since he first experienced it. With his power Jared can tell the difference between different living things, he can literally sense the differences between normal humans, mutants, and even people with latent mutant genes. While he has yet to meet any, it is even possible for him to tell the difference between mutates, and different alien species. Given time and familiarity he can even learn to identify the way certain people feel. Along with telling the difference between different types of life forms, Jared is learning his ability to sense life also allows him to tell when people are injured or sick. In close proximity to people, within 5 feet or so, he can sense where a person’s health problems are located and in time might be able to refine his skill enough to be able to diagnose medical problems.


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